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Bad Manger in Amarillo,Tx

The person in Amarillo, Tx office treats all his employee like they are scum and tells them if they don't make a sale everyday he will threaten to fire them.The employee's are hired to work not to be sale's person.

Wrong phone number

Since Last year they keep call our wrong phone number and now this time again.. I still getting tired of it and people look it up the phone book .. I need help Thank you

home owner

Hello, I am writing this email as I am beyond frustrated with your company. I have asked four times to have our name removed from your call list and yet you continue to call nonstop. Under Federal law "The consumer requested that you not do so, in which case they should be placed on your company-specific do-not-call list (required since 1991 by the FCC and 1995 by the FTC)." I will make sure to tell EVERYONE I know what a scam your company is. Not only do you call nonstop to sell more products and claim that you are calling to schedule a service, the service you provided did not kill any weeds. You are the worst company we have ever done business with.

Called 3x and NO RETURN CALL

I have been calling TruGreen about the service since July regarding the bugs and weeds that they are to be spraying for, they are still present! Now the cinch bug problem has started to take over our neighbors lawn too. I have left 3 messages with them for a supervisor to return my call. Policy is they return it with 24 hours. I talked with the first person who said they would have them call me on 10/2, it is now 10/8 and still have not heard from them. Will be contacting the BBB and expect to have a full refund of my upfront year paid for.


We have been with this business since April or May 2014. Beware of this company because all they do if you have a problem is come out and re-spray and they have now burnt our yard badly. They do no not want any contact with the customers it seems. They do what ever they want to and when they want to. If you love your grass, beware, stay away from them. It is now time find a LAWYER to awaken this company. The left don't know what the right hand is doing at all. Stay away!

almost customer

I phoned to start service but my conversation with Ken was so problematic that I hung up. After checking online comments it is clear this is not a company you can trust and depend on. Avoid them!!!!!!

Fraudulent company. I never had service with this company and they have taken money out of my account.

I recently had my yard treated. In so doing, the person doing the work drove his truck off my driveway into my yard doing considerable damage. After several phone calls, some one came out and attempted to repair, failing miserably. After many phone calls to the local office, I received message telling me they would call back the next day. The next day, and several after that came and went-no return calls. I am contacting local attorney to contact them as well as the BBB. Terrible customer service from fairfield ohio office


By law you have to supply MSDS with in 48 hours of the request. Its been 12 days and nothing.

Inept Management

This company has obviously hired pitiful excuses for managers. There is extremely poor customer service, and lack of communication. The technicians use "cut and paste" notes that don't even apply to some lawns and can't explain what chemicals that they are spraying and what the purpose may be. This is it, they deserve to have a letter of notice filed as to their incompetence.

Buyer Beware

horrible company. If I could give it 0 stars I would. False advertisement, poor customer service, liars, over chargers, overall rip offs. They charged me for a service that wasn't done. After calling to cancel multiple times they proceeded with charging my card for services I did not ask for.


Trugreen is the horrible. They do not honor the guarantee. I called numerous times to have someone look at my property and no one ever came. After a few months I just gave up. A few of my neighbors had similar experiences. Do not use them. The management was absolutely horrible, I believe there last names were Shrunk brothers.

Terrible Customer service and terrible service

I am a new Customer, prepaid for a year and did not hear from anyone from TrueGreen for a Month and a half before the 1st visit. No Customer service visit or analysis of my lawn.shrubbery/trees. 1st service fertilized the fescue trying to emerge through my dormant Bermuda grass. 3 Month into the contract and i am feed up and want my money back.

Horrible Service

The worst customer service ever- I paid in advance and now I keep getting phone calls (usually on a Saturday night) saying I did not pay. when trying to call corporate, they politely refuse to have me speak with a corporate representative. The local office, meanwhile, is also very disorganized even though I have proof that I paid. Horrible customer service.


I paid for 1 year in advance service to my lawn. I start getting phones calls to pay for the service. I can't tell you how many people I spoke to to try and straighten this out, to NO AVAIL! I was informed that the salesman that took my order lost my credit card number. Really? Now I just got a notice from a collection agency. Get ready IDIOTS - I won't go away quietly - Bet the bank on it!

terrible service, fraudulent

TruGreen is horrible. Service is terrible. I prepaid for a year, rarely got service, and it did not work. At the end, they said I did not pay for services, and I can't get the bill collector to stop pursuing. Stay away from this company


Your site as the first to provide me with everything I requested

bad service

They convinced me to change back to them billing horribel they are billing for a service they are not performing and billing me more every 2 weeks a new bill and not even doing the service they are billing me awesome and customer service sucks!! showed of stayed with old lawn company!!

Trugreen Greenville SC

Absolutely the worst! I've called 8 times in the last 8 weeks, I've asked to speak to the branch manager, have asked for him to call me, have asked for service to evaluate my brown spots on the lawn, nothing! They promised that they would be here today, noon and nothing! If they don't come today, I will pay them a visit tomorrow at their office. Never again with this company. Absolutely the worst!!!

Don't Stand Behind There Word

Trugreen is not a honest company! They lie to get a sell. Customer service is horrible....... Don't use this company!

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