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non delivery no Trib concern

Second week in a row , NO PAPER! After the "required" 90 minute wait and no paper last week called, spoke to a young lady who , believe it or not, promised delivery within 90 minutes. NEVER GOT A PAPER. There is no paper in our entire neighborhood! I suspecdt the Trib has decided we aren't worthy.

No delivery

Called to restart delivery after extended vacation. 8 days after promised start date, no paper EVER, no action by customer service telephone line, and absolutely nothing from the delivery service. How can Tribune, Sun Times & Daily Herald hope to stay in business with such lousy delivery service??


What a scam! I signed up for a 13 week trial, only to help a young student go to college. I did not sign the part of the receipt allow them to automatically take payments from me as I did not want this and let them know this. I even called half way through the trail period and emailed them to remind them of this and low and behold what happend, THEY AUTOMATICALLY DEBITED OUR CHECKING ACCOUNT WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION! I will never do this again. No wonder why I always liked the Chicago Suntimes!

Red Plum

These guys just walk around littering all over the nieghborhood. There's shredded paper and plastic everywhere and its disgusting. Today the moron delivery guy whips one right into my glass door. Thanks a lot tribune. I'll just go throw this out for you then...

Unwilling Customer

I do not care to receive these annoying red plastic-lined Red Plum ridiculously pointless TRASH anymore. My walkway would be littered with them if I didn't care about the property value of my home. I don't read the ads, don't buy anything because of the ads so just STOP LITTERING them all over the neighborhood!

your delivery service has been terrible over the last four weeks. I have called and talked to your delivery department on four different occasions and nothing happens. I need to talk to some one in the USA. 630 681 3560

We went to take our trash out tonight and found our garbage can filled to the brim with Redplum Chicago Tribune Local Values papers still wrapped in the red plastic sleeves! I guess someone did not finish delivering them and decided my garbage can was easy access for disposal! However, when the city comes tomorrow to empty my can, they probably won't because it's overflowing with Redplum Chicago Tribune Local Values papers! I want your newspaper to see that my trash is emptied and prevent this from happening ever again. I took pictures. I'll just bet the media would love to get a hold of this story! What a waste.

I ordered a Sunday newspaper and a month later still haven't received one! Time spent on the Customer Service line is ridiculous....called on the problem two weeks ago...still no paper! Have tried to contact customer service again today and keep getting disconnected!! It is not worth taking the paper especially if you have a problem! Don't bother me with telemarketing calls!! Chicago Tribune you fail miserably with customer service!

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