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They are horrendous. I booked flights 5 months ago, and found out that they cancelled them without telling me. I can't get anyone on the phone-call centers are not US, and I was left on hold for over an hour. I will never use them again.

What a Joke!

These people cancel my flight and then tell me it's going to take 8 WEEKS to get my money back! When I call their "corporate headquarters", I get routed to customer service where I go through the minions AGAIN. Under no circumstance will I ever use these morons again!

Notified of Flight Cancellation by Travelocity- In Error

A rating of 1 is 10 to many. I'm sure I'm limited in space so I will just say I have over 9 pages documenting calls with Travelocity after a passengers confirmed booking was cancelled when the airlines changed the departure time by 21 minutes! They are now potentially stuck in South America and live in the USA. Notice I did not say Travelocity Customer Service, They have some pleasant people to talk with but not for almost 6 hours in one day. Actually a large portion of that I was on hold. Multiple that by 6 days and you see why I am at 9 pages.

Don't rent a car from them

Rented out a car one day got a price call of the next day to get a verification and was told the car that I have reserved is different than what I had ordered. This is what you get when you have a third world country taking ur reservations for you :-/


called travelocity after I couldn't get through on line where I was quoted $397 for a trip to Phoenix. When I talked to the personnel there (sounded like they were from India or another country) they raised the price to over $600. They were very rude and said if I found another fare cheaper they would reimburse me! I went directly with Alaska and found a fare for $425 with extremely pleasant help. I have been disgusted before with Travelocity-they make their come-on fares sounds so good.

Worst experience trying to plan a vacation, was on phone for 4 hours and was told no cancellation fee and after they ran my card then came back and said there was one and I had to cancel then to get refund or would be charged....when I got upset he hung up...I would NEVER, NEVER refer anyone to use this company....if I could put a zero star I would.....


I was transfered to another City for my job unexpectedly and when I called in to Travelocity to explain my situation they told me that they cannot give a refund and to call my Lawyer because I am not getting my money back. I WILL NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN

NEVER will I use this POS company again!!!! There should be a rating below "1 star." There is no customer service and they outright LIE!

Got the runaround for four hours and finally gave up and called the hotel directly. Will not use Travelocity again.

I would not recommend Travelocity to anyone for booking vacation packages or any other promotion they offer. The site did not work properly during our first encounter to book our vacation package. Travelocity tried to book my vacation package more than once making it impossible for me to book the vacation. After resolving the issue with my financial institution (credit card) to cancel the entire transaction, I requested my daughter to book it. My daughter agreed to use her sign in to book our vacation. She had recently used Travelocity to book her trip to Florida and was successful. My daughter and I sat together using Travelocity vacation package and selected Montego Bay Inlt airport and selected Rui Montego Bay hotel/resort. After reviewing the confirmation to verify total price, I did not notice the hotel listed on the confirmation was Rui Ocho Rios, Jamaica, until later. We selected to fly into Montego Bay Intl airport to stay at the Rui Montego Bay hotel/resort. According to the package presented to me on your travel site it specified the same price for Rui Montego Bay and Rui Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Contact with a phone rep and Manager Mindy (today) told me I would have to pay additional money to stay at Rui Mongego Bay, Jamaica. She said the room rates were different at the two resorts. According to the web site ocean view rooms are standard price. To deny me the price quoted on the confirmation is unjust business practice; therefore, I am requesting your company change my hotel accommodations from Rui Ocho Rios, Jamaica, to Rui Montego Bay, Jamaica,” my original request.” That is decent thing to do in situation.

I have been on the phone on and off since 8:00 pm. It is now almost 4:30 AM the next day. I was promised a call back from a supervisor which never happened. When I called to follow up (and complain) I was first told that the supervisors were busy and would get right on it when they were free and was then told a minute later that they had tried calling multiple times but that the phone was busy. I was given false information from and agent several weeks when I called to change a flight that it would be cheaper if I waited until the middle of my travel (multiple destinations). Now I am learning that not only is it not cheaper but that it is not possible to change without rebooking which does not include a refund of the flights that I will be canceling. Have requested the recorded call - zero chance of that happening.

Charged me USD instead of CAD. Will not refund difference even after sending the credit card statement with outlined charges. Manager call back is a joke. Getting VISA to dispute the charges. Customer service and professionallism is atrocious.

DO NOT USE TRAVELOCITY. Took my family to Colorado Springs for the weekend. Rented three rooms at a Days Inn central. (DO NOT STAY THERE) It was a rat hole with rats loitering outside. We switched hotels because travelocity said they would pay us back by Monday. Called Monday to find out what was going on and was told they would not reimburse us. After arguing for an hour they finally said they would pay out by Wednesday. Called on Wednesday only to be told they were not going to pay out. After arguing for over an hour they finally agreed to reimburse us by Friday. I have a feeling tomorrow when I call that their answer is going to be no. What a bunch of liars and cheats. I and my company will never use them again.

After booking the flights for my study-abroad trip to Italy, I check withe airlines a couple of weeks later to request special meals because I am celiac. I find that the first two legs of my flight have been deleted. And this begins a two-month process to fix my flights that is still not resolved. Multiple calls to Travelocity (Travel India, as stated above) have done nothing but raise blood pressure and stress. It is clear that no one in customer service documents anything as we have to start over from scratch with every call. They constantly lie to you, promising to fix the flight, emailing you a confirmation within 48 hours. It never arrives and the problem is never resolved. Asking to speak to a supervisor is a waste of time. They will not transfer you to a supervisor. They "promise" a supervisor will call you back within a given time frame. They don't if they call you at all, it is during a time you have told them you are not available. They ask you to call them back. My callback number has always been a Los Angeles number that is always busy. Travelocity is staffed by incompetents, charlatans and liars.

I can not express how horrible & stressful experience I had with Travelocity. I called your customer line on April 28th and I made a reservation for 3 tickets to Cairo. Five hours later after I was confirmed and paid for the tickets, I get an e-mail and a phone call from you stating that one of the outbound trips was cancelled, and your sales rep was trying hard to over charge me for the change. The argument took nearly an hour, I was trying to tell him it’s not my fault because I was confirmed over the phone and also I received a confirmation e-mail. Obviously he was not trained to deal with a like situation and I had to ask to speak to a supervisor which he understood the situation and found me another route on a different airlines and I don’t have to pay extra, I was somehow ok with that. Today I was checking my Bank statement and I found 16 transactions related to the reservation between debits & credits my account, and guss what? I was over charged $308.41 than the amount you were suppose to charge. I called to get some help and I faxed my bank statement for verification and No results, what a service! I will never ever use them again.

I had such a terrible experience with the customer service people. when I sent back in an email survey and comment they both came back as undeliverable. Ummm. Seems that the third party sub contractor in charge of CS doesn't really want a review.

This company needs to be shutdown from even operating. They are scams and it should be against the law what they are doing. They billed my credit card twice on 2-25-2012 and they are blaming the credit card company. I want to do something about this company. I'm going to call the news stations and complain about them. Maybe they can do something

I will NEVER EVER EVER USE OR RECCOMEND TRAVELOCITY TO ANYONE FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE!! I changed my flight from 12/22 to 12/23, from Hawaii to Atl with a layover in Seattle. I agreed to pay $105 change fee, which was a combination of Travelocity's and (The airline that i used)'s change fee. I used a separate card for the change fees than I did to book the ticket originally (original card was my aunt's, the second was my sister's) I went through hell that day. I spent my ENTIRE evening on the phone, because the woman that I initially spoke with did not inform us that a $30 hold would be placed on the card, IN ADDITION TO the $105 change fee. After about 3 hours of trying to reach a supervisor and talking to my bank, we concluded that the initial customer service worker failed to correctly do her job by not informing us about the hold. After i got off the phone, I went to check into my flight, only to find that she changed my destination from ATL to SEA. So this lead to another 3 hours on the phone, with the manager telling me that his employee documented that I agreed to only go to Seattle, and that it was my problem. Why i would leave myself stranded on the other side of the country is beyond my knowledge. Needless to say, the manager spent hours trying to convince me that I booked the flight to SEA solely on the basis of his employee's documentation. My only option was for their "team" to review the recorded conversation, and determine what was said then, which couldn't be done til the next day. I woke up to call saying that I was not on a flight to ATL again....??? AFTER all of THAT mess, here it is, two weeks later, and I got a charge on my statement of $75 on 01/03, which is the change fee for the airline I used. When I called travelocity to dispute, at first they did not see the charge, then they told my aunt that I authorized the charge, then they told me there were no supervisors that I could talk to, then I was talking to a supervisor 5 minutes later, and they never released the $30, mind you. I am still in HELL with this company, and once they give my aunt her money back, I will NEVER EVER EVER USE OR RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE!!!!!!

I have recieved my credit card statement today and found a $16.95 charge from a company called "SAVINGSACE". They tell me it was from a Travelocity booking and within that booking was a spot for REFUSE THIS OFFER. Since I did not "REFUSE TO ACCEPT". (nice) Travelocity forwarded my credit card number to this outfit, charges followed. I have cancelled this account with them and would like your take on this type of business practice. Future bookings with Travelocity will depend on your reply.

I understand people's frustration with travelocity but I believe Erika did everything possible to help us out. Unfortunately the outsourcing people in India do not have any power to change rules. Rules that tell you you cannot get a refund or perhaps if you do not show up or cancel but in my world rules are rules. We got substancial help because we cancelled before departure and still had to pay $250 for rescheduling fee. This fee and the price of the new ticket date amounted to $430 more being added to our trip. That may seem like alot buy we feared we would lose the entire $1240 we had paid. We would have lost it all if we had followed the advice of the outsource crew. My wife refuesed and cancelled the flight and called Erika in the morning. She was gracious and very eager to help. Being nice and following the rules stated at the bottom concerning no refunds will go along ways. Our experience turned out well and to our satisfaction. $430 was still alot of money to add to our flight to Bangkok but was better than losing it all. Thanks Erika for caring and working hard to get my wife back to see her family in Thailand

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