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Tired of Outsourcing

I have a True Credit account with Transunion and I am so freaking tired of talking to people in India. I purchased my product in America and I want to talk to someone in America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horrible Outsourced CS

I can't believe it's legal to outsource such private information. I couldn't understand half of our conversation and the CS rep in India couldn't understand me. It's truly a disgrace and I hope transunion gets closed down by the US Federal government. There are so many complaints it's ridiculous!

credit report

In June 2013, Transunion decided to remove my mortgage company from my report & after numerous trys from myself & the mortagae company, it still isn't resolved. It is now Jan. 2014 & I am instiuting an federal investigation into the practices of this company. It sucks & so do the employees who speak very bad english. I'm also calling all the news stations & tell them the problem. Because of this, I can't get a loan to repair my house.

Unjustly charged for services

I attempted to cancel my monitoring services in May 2013 only to be charged June 2, 2013 for the full amount. When I called they said the refund would appear immediately - which it did not. I then had a conference call between the bank and Transunion, only to have the Transunion manager tell both myself and the bank rep that we were wrong.

just a bad agency

have a transunion account, thought it would be helpful but to no avail. have to keep calling and disputing their inaccurracies each month. with the supposedly new upgrade, (yeah right).... I cannot even see my complete report..2 months in a row I have called and each time they have said they will let tech dept. know... I do not think they even have a tech dept. if they do they are very incompetant..I have never gotten any feed back from transunion and feel like they are just telling me what they think I want to hear...


Transunion Customer Service. I called them to dispute an account that was not mine and the only thing that the representative from Transunion wanted was for me to subscribe to their monthly monitoring service. At the end I said no and when I hung up I felt that I was not going to be help with the dispute because the person sounded mad that I didn't want to subscribe to their Monitoring or whatever. At the end my credit score went up on the Equifax and Experian and for whatever reason Transunion credit score drop from 662 to 605. With nothing negative since then, everything was the same except that my credit card balances was paid. So I have less debt than the past months. What kind of business is this? Are we suppose to be on the mercy of what ever they want to do with my credit score?

I am deceased

After being listed as deceased, I sent in appropriate docs. In the same mail I received a correct copy of my report and a second letter saying I did not exist. Both items had the same file number. I forwarded it all to the Nebraska Attorney General--with a copy toTransUnion. At no time was I able to speak to a live person.

scam or incompetent?

Customer service is so incompetent, one has to suspect it is a scam. Try unsubscribing during posted business hours. The tape says the call "will be answered in approximately five minutes." Try over an hour. Does this organization not have senior management to whom custormer service reports? Does it not have a board of directors to whom senior management reports? The phone menu tells them the call is to unsubscirbe. If ethics concerns are to be allayed, a pink slip house cleaning is in order. If not: it is a scam, just as it smells.

Poor Customer Service

I tried to do an online dispute as a new user and got an error saying that I already had an account and to contact customer service. I called customer service and was told they did not have enough information to verify that I was me, even after giving them my name, SSN, address, and DOB. All I wanted was for my online password to be reset, but after being transferred to 4 different people who you obviously could barely understand since we are outsourcing all jobs overseas, I got annoyed and hung up. This is a horrible company, I would minimize your dealings with if at all possible.

I had a hard time getting anything done with the standard dispute number so I decided to call Corporate. I could not have asked for better service when I called them. My situation was delt with immediatley with great customer service! I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting the nightmare to go on and on.

If you've never had a creidt card or loan, you have no creidt history and your score is 0.You will have trouble getting a creidt card. First, because you have no history, and second, because people under 21 must now provide proof of sufficient income to qualify for a creidt card or have a parent co-sign. You will probably have to start with a secured card you pay a deposit which is held as collateral against the line of creidt. Use the card for small purchases and pay in full every month. In about a year, you should qualify for a regular card and/or convert the secured card to a regular account.

Some CSR's are rude no matter who they work for.It's very prlbbaoy that the CSR that you spoke with didn't believe you if you didn't at least file a police report about the ID theft. In fact, they really do not have to believe you unless you had filed a police report, and/or FTC complaint, and could furnish them a copy of that report.The FTC has a very good guideline for what to do when a person discovers their ID had been stolen. The 4 steps according to the FTC:Place a fraud alert on your credit reports, and review your credit reports.Close the accounts that you know, or believe, have been tampered with or opened fraudulently.File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.File a report with your local police or the police in the community where the identity theft took place.Google FTC identity theft and do some reading.Many companies have those sales pitches. They are annoying but can be and should be ignored.As for your individual questions:1. Not everyone in any company is rude, just individual people.2. If a person is not on the ex's account then they should not be held responsible (depending on the account and state law). If the person was a joint/signer on the account, not an authorized user, the person should be responsible.3. EX , EQ and TU has customer service?? I kid, kinda. Actually it is extremely difficult to get a live person with any of them. But, yes they should have good customer service.4. No, why should they. The CRA's are individual companies. Allowing everyone to get a free report once a year, along with free reports when a person is denied credit or has received adverse action, is a financial loss for them in itself.They do not receive funding from the government to pick up what they lose. If they were forced to hand out even more products for free then they prlbbaoy would go after government funding. If so, you would pay in the form of taxes.Anyway, Google and read the FTC site about ID theft.Even though the theft happened in 05, you had just recently found out about it. File the police report and the FTC complaint, follow the rest of what the FTC states you should do in this circumstance.

I read all the previous interviews. I agree completely with their India telephone service. i work for a HUUUUUGE multinational comapny who alos have emplyees in INdia and the people we deal with speak English with barely an accent and are patient and professional. whatever you do DONT LOSE YOUR PIN NUMBER!!!!!!

What a crap company. I tried to get my FREE credit report and after it came up on my screen I made the mistake of taking a phone call. Well, don't you know, the report "timed out" (no where do they tell you that there is a limited amount of time to view your report) and now, I have to PAY for my FREE credit report. I called customer service. That was a joke. I'm sure I spoke with India--they won't disclose where they are so for sure they are not in the U.S. The guy didn't know what he was talking about, barely spoke. It was like talking to a wall. Thanks Transunion! I guess I'll call the C-suite and see if I can get anyone intelligent there to help me.


If we all complain about Transunion to the FTC, The FDIC, the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and write a complaint to the Illinois attorney general....maybe someday one of our government regulators will take action against this company ....they are violating laws by not reporting our credit accurately....

I have lifelock and each time they request my credit report transunion will not send it. I plan to take all 3 companies to court and let them tell it to the judge, they have messedup big time. If you do not have income they will let you file your court case for free. I have to pay though.

I was offered a settlement months and months ago because of the class action suit. I accepted a lousy $300 settlement and still have not received anything. I can only guess that Transunion must be in financial straights. What a lousy company.

Transunion is not in my opionion a company with any code of ethics. Even though I am a victim of mass identity theft and have forwarded my police report to all of the big 3: Equifax, Experian, and Tranunion-Transunion is the only bureau that has been unwilling to remove accounts that were opened fraudently by individuals that either stole my identity or those who bought my identity. Even though Transunion can validate the report they remain steadfast in improperly and possibly illegally reporting derogatory information on my creidit report. It is not easy getting someone at TU to work with you.

I got a 736 with experian but a 655 with transunion how is that?

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