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totota seiana 2013

have been 3 times repair and replaced of parts @ elmore toyota due to some clip nuts from back trunk keep lossed and open up ,still same issues, the 4 time went back the guy say we have done anything we could..... so please going to another dealer see any better or diffen way to repair it????? is suck services


I was at Findlay Toyota in Henderson valley auto mall. getting my car fixed. It's running will now. But on my way out I took a wrong turn and found myself behind the shop! No big deal till I passed a employee smoking POT. The name I got from the tag was a John tall tan skin. But it didn't stop there. Was on lake mead and who do I see the same employee in a car smoking pot again! If this is how Toyota is hiring I don't think they will ever be back!!

Service/ Unable to repair vehicle

Toyota service is not good. Years ago it was the best. I has referred many wealthy people to Toyota. Whom change from driving Mecedes to Toyotas. I have an issue that I've been dealing with for a year now. My older 2001 Toyota is on the money. This new Toyota is something different, the worst is dealing with the service providers. I will never purchase another Toyota.

Toyota Corolla

In January 2005, I purchased a 2005 Corolla. The original battery lasted until last week. 8 years!!! The car still runs like new. I will always be a Corolla advocate. Kudos Toyota!!!!!


I need to talked to someone in Toyota head quarters about the tire it exploded on new sienna and damaged my bumper .


Wasted time on my part to find out that whiten a TOYOTA corp.they can not find a single person to answer a question about why all my indicator lights on consul stays on at all time (no tech. available) . There are no re set button ? they can't even tell me that.Although ,they suggest that I should go to the nearest dealer and pay $150 to get an answer! .Thanks for your tech.support

How to complain?

All products are subject to breakdowns and complaints--and customers should have access to a reasonable person(s) who will listen and respond to reasonable complaints. But I have called Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., and all I got was a recorded message that operators are not available and I must enter an extension number to speak to someone. Confusing--to say the least, Try it. See if you can enter a complaint about a dealer ( I hope not typical) who is dishonest and aims only to squeeze money out of customers.

Toyota Corp. Supporting Bill Matther Rant Against Washaton Redskins on Sundday Night halftime

Toyota Corp. it is my position that Bill Matther using the Toyota halftime platform to rant about the Washington Redskins football name is unacceptable. If it is truly Toyota Corp. position is that the name is wrong have some backbone and publicly state in the press or TV release by a Toyota Corp. represenative. - Please review the Owner of the Washington Redskins statement on the subject. - I express my displeasure concerning this issue with anyone who would like to discuss it.

Atitude problem

Rotator emails me to come in for my complimentary service 25000k. I told them it was over 25 k. No problem they say. I go to trouble of take the time to go etc. when I get there they say it is too many miles. I was a few miles over 26 k. Said now I have to paid them. I was only allowed to be over 26k exactly. That is very poor attitude because I will never go back there and never by a Toyota again.


well after looking at all of these complaints that aren't taken care of I think I will stay with Honda was really wanting a Toyota but I don't think so. Boy is it that they want and do sell so many cars that the customer dosent matter? not only that but we wanted certain options with our Toyota and found out we cant get those unless we buy one that has that package. What happened to getting the car you want with what you want in it? not you get what we build to sell. It is not you can get what you want in a car it is you get what we give me in the car that we build. A lot of people just want certain things in their new cars and would like to have them built their way

Terrible customer service!!!!

I recently bought a 2011 certified preowned Camry from McCord Vancouver Toyota. I'm very unsatisfied with the way they've treated me. I've been shuffled around on the phone and when I go in there's no one there to help me. The pay off amount was less than they paid so i was supposed to have a $250 credit when they received my title for my old car.I bought my car in may 2013 and its now July and the still haven't given me my money. And along with all of this they told me the wrong due date of my first payment AND had the wrong address on file so never sent me a statement. This is my first Toyota and I bought it because I heard they make good, reliable cars. This is true and I do love my car but the horrible customer service just isn't worth it.


I recently went to all star toyota in alexandria, louisiana to get a buy tacoma. They did not have a tacoma 4x4 trd on the lot so they told me to order one it would take 3 to 5 weeks to get it in. In the 2nd and 3rd week they said it was on its way wouldn't be much longer. This pass saturday marked the fifth week and still it was here so I went upthere to get my 500 dollar deposit check back and found out the truck was never ordered and they also never had made an order form and they could not find my deposit check anywhere. I was very disappointed with the service how they could treat a customer in such a way I will never deal with them again and thinking about filing a complaint against them for not giving my deposit check back. Just wanted to let ya'll know about the toyota dealership in alexandria, louisiana.


Thoroughly enjoyed my 2004 Echo (recently totaled). Wish Toyota would make this car again.

2011 Prius Design Flaw

The 2011 Prius hatchback has a major design flaw. The trunk when opened in the garage does not clear the garage door. If the garage door is opening while the trunk is opened, it will cause severe damage, in my case the spoiler rack was torn completely off.

Faulty Headliner

I just purchased a 2013 Avalon XLE. I love the car, however, I can't believe that a $36,445 flagship vehicle would have an issue such as the headliner falling down where it meets the rear window. It is not only falling down but has a bent crease in the middle at the back end as well where it meets the rear window. C'mon Toyota! You have got to be kidding me. I had to let the dealer know of the problem. The one they have on the showroom floor has the same problem. Unbelievable. How does something like this get past quality control? The problem is all over the internet and should hurt Toyota's reputation. Can I please be notified when a decision is made as to how Toyota will handle this poor situation to be in for not only anyone who buys a new car but also for someone who has spent almost a third of what my house is worth. Pretty sad.

Tacoma Rust

Bought a used 2001 Tacoma found out the frame was rusted. Called Toy Customer Service, given case # and told in would be replaced if dealer deemed it necessary. Dealer evaluated truck and concluded the frame needed replaced. Now I am getting run-around from Cust Service and a Toyota Regional Office that actually ok's the replacement of the frame. Long story short, if not remedied, I will NEVER purchase another Toyota!

customer service is bad!

i own a 02 tacoma and the leaf spring shackle weld to the frame rotted and snapped my neighbor had the the same thing and he was the 2nd owner like me and my tacoma i am the 2nd owner and before i bought my truck it had never been sent in to be sprayed and neither was my neighbor's Toyota gave him a check and bought it back from something called I S G buy back program and your service staff told me my truck was not sprayed there is nothing that toyota can do for me. but toyota bought back my neighbor's truck and his wasn't sprayed either so you guys are helping some people that have an issue and not other people that have the same issue that is very unprofessional and messed up i have a lawyer from the boston superior district court that said that i have a really good lawsuit against toyota and i will make this Global and on the news so please do the right thing and help me

poor customer service

Boch Toyota in Norwood has the worst customer service ever!!!! First they couldn't find my paperwork when I went back to finance the car. Second the front desk staff was painting their nails and I was told to take a seat when I went in to pick up my car. Third the front desk staff never told the sales associate I was there to pick up the NEW CAR. My children and I waited for 40 mins we counted 20 people walking around doing nothing never got the car. Worst of all the GM at Boch is the same way. When you have an issue they don"t care its all about their number of sales and the money not the customer. Stay clear of BOCH TOYOTA

Round Rock Toyota - Questionable Service

I have a 2005 Toyota Sienna which has 200,000+ miles on it. I have maintained my vehicle every step of the way and had NO major issues until having it serviced at Round Rock Toyota in Texas. Twice now I have taken my car for service at the Round Rock Toyota dealership for something other than a simple review and oil change and both times I had to bring it back within days for other issues never previously reported resulting in at least $1,000 each time. I honestly think this dealership should be watched. There has to be some kind of scam going on here! After 8 years of working with them, I will not be going back!!


I have owned my 2012 Venza for a year now. It has 15000 miles. The radio and panal around the climate controls has either faded, discolored and chipping. I have contacted Lakeland Toyota and corporate (Mike at Lakeland and Jeffery Moore at corporate.) I have been told since it works will not cover it under warranty. It is the lotions and finger nail polish my wife wears causing this. So everyone that owns a toyota, if you wear lotion or finger nail polish ensure you put on gloves to drive. Toyota has just lost a 12 year, 5 car customer for life. Hello Ford

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