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I think your system is broken, I called customer care and later got a call from local manager who said I had to call customer care... after doing this 3 times I gave up.

bad manger

I was at tops 213 south park and Bailey last week and in the carry out cafe a young girl was cashing customers out and had gotten a few sub orders and she had a line of customers and she asked for the mangers( of the carry out.) help and the manger got a attitude. I think thats not right idk what kind of business this lady in the carry out is doing . But I see she dont help her employees out at all. Getting a attitude for help your employees out.


I telephoned my local Tops Market on Harlem Road to inquire about the possibility of extending special sales for those affected by the storm in Erie County. I shop this particular store every week and spend more than $100 a week. This can be proved because I use my Tops card. I am under a driving ban and cannot get to the store. I was told nothing can be done about the special sales for this present week. If this is how Tops treats faithful customers, perhaps I should be shopping at Wegman's.


Tops market in Sayre,pa refused to give a refund on my (2) non food items that I purchased there 4 days ago. The manager was extremely ignorant & unprofessional.. don't believe there return policy..wegmans here I come..tops won't get another nickel from me..

Tops treats cashier's horribly. The pay is just under minimum wage, and they refuse to schedule anyone more than 20 hours a week. On top of that they take out a $15 "union fee" for the part time work. You are lucky if you have $100 a week to live on. The managers are rude and treat employees like it is slave labor. The store is so unorganized!

All the way excellent

I've been shopping at my Tops on Washington Street in Jamestown, and I LOVE IT THERE! Never go anywhere else, except an occasional trip to another branch of Tops! Excellent service, prices, quality, customer service, and some bonuses too!! My favorite place to be!!

Store Manager unproffessable

Store manager needs to work on his attitude in Rome, NY.Should be careful on comments he makes on the floor in front of customers, about his associates work performances. Thought it was really rude. I think his associates are kind and helpful ,but his young grocery managment team needs to work on their customer service skills.

One more hassle

Having had issues with workers who were bordering on scary and finally getting the "stalkers" straightened out, now have to deal with new policy. If you pay by check you have to show your driver license in addition to your bonus card each time. Response from mgmt, too many people stealing other peoples checks. Something very wrong with management . They are the only true grocery store in town so they corner the market. I'll shop elsewhere now, more travel time, but a lot more professional.

Prices are not lower

When you open the store in Rockland Vermont I thought tops will be lower or same prices as the competitors in the area I found shopping at your store You are 20 to 21% higher than all the other stores.

This is SURELY the LAST TIME I buy steak at TOPS markets. Almost 40 dollars and each time it has been as tough as an old shoe!!! and you dont know this until you sit down to eat. I will NEVER do it again. THREE STRIKES AND YOU ARE OUT!!

Crappy customer service

Went to tops last week on Washington st. in Jamestown with my 8 year old granddaughter.We checked out at the easy scan I was having a hard time scanning something after I had scanned a 12 pack of coke my granddaughter was helping me and the attend who Isaac Bailey came over and yelled at my granddaughter to lay the coke down instead of standing it straight up.I will never go to tops again they are IDIOTS!

Crappy Company

I have worked at Tops for several years, it is a terrible corporation. Not only do they treat their employees like crap, but they also are quite unprofessional and have no desire to change. I suggest that people shop somewhere else.


For the past 6 months I have shopped at Tops in Sayre and the food is either spoiled or outdated ! I just bought onions and had to throw out 3 out of the bag. I bought radishes last night and they are old and dried up ! The prices keep going up but the quality of food doesn't .

food made of gold?

wow, will not be back to Tops when i can go to wegmans and pay much less. never used to be that way. well, wegmans always did have a much better selection and a butcher shop that was open. The name should now be "BOTTOMS"

Good experience/crappy survey site

I shopped at the Cortland, NY store yesterday, and was treated very well by cashier Grace. I got good deals on most everything I bought and noted that THIS WEEK Tops' sale prices beat the local competition. I'm posting this to make it known that Grace is a keeper employee who has been the best in the Cortland store for years.


i was in the batavia store parking lot i had seen the cart person looking in to some bodys car back window. he stood there for like 20 seconds before he seen me looking at him then he had the nerve to keep doing it as he walked past other cars ag he was taking carts back into the store. i called and was told they would ask him about and look into it. mean while hope many see this and stop going there. i sure dont need anyone looking into my car as im shopping. i should had said im calling the cops and had it taken care of that way, but wasnt thinking.


This was the very last time I will shop at Tops on Grand Island they tried st Christmas to sell me stale bread and was very rude. I lekt . Today 2/7/13 I went in to get 6 items walking slow because I just had knee surgery The epsi delivery guy was rude because I could not move out of his way fast enough. Then went to purchase the fried chicken that theyhave a coupon for it was almost 11:00am and wad told it would be 7 or 8 more minutes. I could wait or they can save it for me Great but I cant drive yet and I left my cart right there and walked out. I will never go in that store again. Here I come Budweys I dont care what kind of sales tops has. I am done.!!!!!

advertised items

trying to figure out why your store on elmira st.,sayre,pa. seems to always to manage to not have advertised items that i look for week in and week out. this week on sunday 2/3/13 the item i was trying to purchase was the cajun style turkey breasts advertised at $6.99 a lb. was told by deli clerk that oh we dont carry that, i asked why was it in your ad. then . she said probably our store on keystone ave. in sayre would have it. don't understand why one store would have it and not both. kinda dumb to me . i worked in retail management fo over 25 yrs. in different stores and chains we were always required to carry all ad. items unless it was a state law . but come-on a simple item like deli meat give me a break. also every sunday in morning by 11:30 still dont have up all sale signs . like why not.

Saranac Lake

Don't shop there. Drive the 6 miles to Price Chopper in Lake Placid. Price Gouging is the name of the game in SL location. They don't care


I locked my keys in my car & went into the counter..both ladies were helpful & had a young man try the coat hanger trick. Did not work. The Manager tried his luck & that didn't work. He called AAA & sat me down with a cup of coffee. When the AAA truck came it took him about 2 1/2 minutes to get in...Guess what...the manager's shift was over at 5:30 but he stayed to make sure all was well...I would say that is exceptional service & he was pleasant to boot...Thank you, Jim Davie Manager Washington St Tops!! Merry Christmas to you & your family & employees!!

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