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Did you no all timhortons is ripping us off if you take a large coffee and an extra large they hold the same amount of liquid but they charge more for a so called XL what are they doing we need to go to court and get are money back

price gouging

The Tim Hortons Store in our town, Tecumseh, MI, is ripping people off by charging an extra ten cents per coffee. When I questioned the order taker at the drive thru speaker she said that prices had increased. They actually kept me sitting there while they sent another employee to look at the prices on the board. The first time the gave the lower price but today they were really rude about it. This has happened two consecutive days. I believe it is against the law to charge the price that is not published. I believe this is to compensate for the increase in minimum wages..

Cappaccino half full

Look out Albion NY Tim Hortons, Dunkin Donuts is coming to take all your business away! Never have I have gone to a Tim Hortons like this one in Albion that always-always fills their French Vanilla Hot Cappaccino's half full. When you mention something to the staff, you get the "rolling eyes, they don't want to get burned or its the button on the machine that fills it" excuse. You pay big money for half a cup and your talking to a room full of kids, even the manager. Terrible Customer Service, not even a prime donator for good causes anymore.

Cappaccino half full

Look out Albion NY Tim Hortons, Dunkin Donuts is coming to take all your business away! Never have I have gone to a Tim Hortons like this one in Albion that always-always fills their French Vanilla Hot Cappaccino's half full. When you mention something to the staff, you get the "rolling eyes, they don't want to get burned or its the button on the machine that fills it" excuse. You pay big money for half a cup and your talking to a room full of kids, even the manager. Terrible Customer Service, not even a prime donator for good causes anymore.


hi. love your biz as I travel around southern Ontario and Amherest , Ny too. I buy your vanilla bean latte hot. in ON it is creamy white to look at and nice smooth flavor always. in Amherest, it was black, no mill or foam, and bitter of course. I tossed the whole glass. I called them, manager who said. "we follow the recipes" I work with restaurants all over the world. no she does not follow your TH recipe. in consistency is bad for biz. hope you enjoy your convention here in Ontario soon. Helen...

employee rating

i worked at tim hortons at peguess rd calgary ab .I started about 4months first was fanastic working there but now it I am getting abused there .I talking owner what she can do.sUPERVISOR that very agressive towards me I do not KNOW what do at this point. I feel going into prison camp waiting guard set me free. do you have any solution

Dried out donuts

We don't have the luxury of getting donuts in the morning. Can't get there until two in the afternoon. Why is it that we have to have dried out donuts? This happens all the time in Marysville Michigan. I guess we won't go there any more.


Worst drive thru service I've ever had. Messed up order 3xs. Just wanted a simple steak and cheese panini. Got major attitude for associate.

drive thru Perrysburg OH

I went to the drive thru this morning on Fremont Pike In Perrysburg OH. I told them I would like a dozen mixed donuts but DID NOT want any of the yeast glazed or plain cake. Not only did I get yeast glazed and plain cake, but not one single donut was filled, they were ALL plain. Talk about saving your company money. And it was 6:30 AM, the donuts were NOT FRESH!!!! What is happening to your company??? It is sure going down hill.

Stupid game!!!!

I had 2 chill to win stamps and tried to put the numbers in the computer and all I got was survey after survey about all kinds of things I am not interested in. I realize they probably pay you for allowing them to use your site - but I never did get my numbers entered and just gave up after the 13th screen of junk. Have a little respect for the people who you do business with, please.

sneaky trick

I was at a Kitchener locaton today on kneze and webber street a woman came in while there was large line up for tassimo machines I went there at 1 oclock and was told at 130 to stand for line up there where well over 50 people or more waiting a lady came in and talked to one of the managers and left she would have been in back of line left and then came back went to side door and got machine that's not right all those people waited in line while our food and coffe got cold and all those people turned away and she comes while iam waiting for cab and got one I thought they where not supposed to hold for anyone she told the rest they where sold out so how she get hers I will think twice about going to this loctation again I want to put this on face book


I think Horton's products and service is outstanding!! The community contribution is a leader bar none. Every time I have been in anyone of Horton's shops. I been been treated with great service .Thank you. I also have seen a picture of a "cup of coffee" and it is the best I ever seen and it would look great in all of the Horton's coffee shops. it will be the perfect picture to represent your business.A women from main took the picture!

In the winter months I would give Tim Hortons 5 stars. Customer service is outstanding. I buy the large containers for meeting,and extra's. The summer months I go inside for the following reasons; 1st) Fly's takes over the donuts. Please help....We love your coffee and donuts and bagels. The donuts need to be behind glass. It was so many fly's that I forgot what I came in for.

I went to the tim hortons on cass and grosbeck in clinton twp Michigan and ordered a panini. the bread was stale so i went up to the counter to get a refund. When i asked for the refund the manager in the black suit got nasty with me. She reffered to me in front of other customers calling me an asshole and a douch bag!!! Real nice..

The Tim Hortons on grosbeck in clinton twp mi, is a nice restraunt. However the head manager(the lady in black) shoots dirty looks at everybody. I asked her for a sleeve for my coffee, she proceeded to say in a low tone "are you f***ing kiding me." Is that any way a manager should treat her customers?

I went to Tim Hortons in Oliver British Columbia, set inside having a bagel with my daughter. When I came out I was in disbelieve with what I see. A Tim Horton's employee had smudged a doughnut custard all over the window of my car. The Police came pull her out from behind the counter and made her clean the car.There was no supervisor on site to take care of the matter. What an embarrassment for her, but most of all for Tim Horton's.

I'm sure that you are aware of the birth of a baby that took place in a Windsor, ON Tim Hortons last week. It was a wonderfully uplifting story, and the employees handled the situation well, actually delivering the baby in the restroom before the ambulance could arrive. A few days later there was an article reporting that Tim Hortons had decided to celebrate this momentous occasion by giving the child free timbits for life. Seriously? Is that the best they can do? That could add up to a lot of timbits, not to mention future health concerns for the child. While they are certainly tasty, they are loaded with fat and carbohydrates, and an endless supply of them cannot be in anyone's best interest. Perhaps a better choice would have been a $500 scholarship to apply towards her education, or something in that vein. I really think that you dropped the ball on this one.

I have a daughter who worked at Tim Hortons and the owner TIM (not horton) treated her waith such disrespect that my daughter regularly came home crying. She is a single mom just trying to do her best in this world and needed her job, so she just took it and took it and took it!! Finally before she had a nervous break down I talked her into quitting. I guess any idiot can run a business these days! SHAME ON YOU!!

I am a recent employee of the Tim Horton Harper woods location in the detroit michigan area. This store was terrible, we had fake drills for when corperate would show up, hair nets and things of that nature were only wore during that time. Checks consistantly bounced, no store would cash the check if our owners name was on them because he lets them bounce and then doesn't call the store back to replace the money. (I have proof written letters from these stores) I've been working for them roughly a year and its always something. The manager has all the workers doing supervisor and manager duties at storefront pay. (Invetory, orders, truck loads, and counting drawers down.) He says its training but we've trained for months and nothings changed. Mind you, if the money is short, the employees split the ammount that is missing. Stealing has happened five times this year and yet have they put anyone away for this crime. In result, I told my manager I wasn't contributing to the stealing of anyone else and he told me if I didn't split the last ammount missing (140.00) I would be taken off the schedule. I just dont understand if there is a camera over each register, how you cant catch those who are stealing.....I mean not one person has been caught for the crimes that we've put our hard earned money back into. Corperate, there are alot of other things going on at this store. Send a spy or two in there and see how many other things go on that are not appropriate for the web.Send them unannounced because remember, we have drills for the times you appear. Thank you.....Employee

i work for a tim hortons in michigan, i have been with the company for a year, i am a supervisor, serv safe certified thru our health dept, i would never on my life eat at or drink anything from a tim hortons, at least the three locations my owners own, the sandwich board pans dont get changed out, new product just gets put in, the tea sits for almost 4 days before its made agian by then theres mold and still being sold, the machines are never cleaned un less i clean them, i have caught two employees using the dish sink as a mop bucket, they do not take the tepms every two hrs as corp reguations, they just write numbers down at the end of their shift, bagels and muffins are baked at 5am and sold all day and whats not sold is bagged and left on the table over night and sold the next day "the owners order us to do this to cut food cost"."their supposed to be rebaked every 8 hrs", i am the only person out of 5 employees that does any cleaning and i feel i run the place by my self, we have no manager, and when i bring this up to my owners they seem not to care, i work second shift by my self which i feel is very unsafe for our location, and to top it off we get 1/2 hr docked out of every day we work for a "break" we DO NOT get, how can i take a 1/2 hr break when i work by myself???? i have contacted the corp and its been a month now with no reply, apparently they do not care, i am in the proccess of going to the labor board over the docking of pay,and have a few employees and former employees going also, i have just gotten back from vacation and am just sickened by what i know im walking back into when i go back to work as i am the only one who does anything,,,and all for only 7.50 an hr!!!! thats a big slap in the face for a supervisor with cert,

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