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Shirley,I found your website while looinkg for a photo of a nightingale and finding your beautiful photo of the orange-billed nightingale thrush. I would love to have copyright permission to use the photo on the cover of my CD of Christmas songs which is to be titled The Christmas Nightingale . The title song is The Christmas Nightingale ( Die Weihnachtsnachtigall ) sung in English and German, and all the songs are old traditional ones sung in their original languages and accompanied variously on celtic and bray harps, recorders, and tambourine. Naturally, credit for the photo would be given on the CD cover.Debra Peterson

that it would turn him blue around the mouth.I thguoht maybe that meant a blueish color but not very noticeable.It looked like he had been sucking on an exploding ink pen. He had BRIGHT blue (like an inkpen had spilled very thickly) pretty much all over his face.It did however take care of the thrush. (I also looked like I had ink on me but luckily that was covered by a bra and a shirt.)

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