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customer service

there is no customer service

Gained a loyal customer

Things remembered in Norfolk, Va at the Nex Mall/ Naval exchange has dedeamed my faith in knowing this company cares about their customers. I was prepared to stop going to TR completely because of an issue that happened at a DIFFERENT TR at another location. in the past 3 weeks I have had the pleasure of being taken care of by Alexandra, and Veronica and I am overjoyed to know these ladies GET IT. THank you TR for making me feel valued. The Nex Mall TR is a 20-25 minute drive compared to 2 minutes from my house. However I will now drive the distance to make sure I go to only them for any future gifts I want.

In-Store Customer Service

I was treated so badly that I will NEVER again shop at Things Remembered. I was ignored, and had a "manager" argue with ME. She did not want to help me and helped other people that came in after me. I was spending $1200.00+ dollars with the store and she ignored me. Horrible experience. I tried to give it a NEGATIVE rating, so if I rated it a "1 star", it should be a minus 10.

Things Remembered

Their payment history in the past two years has been substandard,defiant,and uncooperative as a Contractor during the past 27 years. They have exhibited unprofessional and callous attitudes and demeanor's.

All Phones Disconnected?

ALL customer service lines have been disconnected. Its been TWO weeks since I ordered a package online, and it hasn't even SHIPPED yet. This was a Christmas present for an elderly man. I will NEVER EVER EVER order from Things Remembered AGAIN. I don't even know who to contact, because the store in town basically gave me the "Sucks to be you" answer when I told them my problem.

Customer Service

I placed a Review.. I wish to be contacted - roblizert#hotmail.com

Yell at by employee

I didn't even get to the register I had three items to b engraved...as I stood in line...what I thought was a line after standing there for a while I was yelled st saying I wasn't in line ok two registers two lines ..when I walked up there there wasn't a line until after I got yelled at. I understand the frustration. Her sales people never told me line to the right ...I was embassrassed and the mangerdidnt care no apologies no nothing.


Your prices to have items engraved are outrageously high. If your prices were reasonable and sometime low you will have many many more customers. For a line at a trophy place is only $10. In addition, please evaluate your employees before hiring them, almost all of them have bad attitudes.

Bad customer service

May 8th 2013 8:00 pm store location #852 at 303 memorial city mall After spending over 150$ dollars I was treated very rudely, I apologize for bothering the associates, I never should have asked them to correct a misspelling on an engravement. Needless to say I will never give my business back to Things Remembered I felt very insulted, very upsetting because its a beautiful store with great merchandise but not worth being disrespected


I went to purchase a necklace for my friend and i wasn't sure to order online or from the store. me being stupid, thinking going into the store will be better as customer service.. wasn't what i thought it would be! Online my total was $70 including a free item. but when i went in they charged me $130! i asked why was my totally so much and first they put me on their rewards program which i never agreed too, which cost me more money! then they made excuses trying to get themselves out of trouble. but no way, I'll be going back to get my FULL REFUND "Things Remembered better get their employee straighten out and stop scamming people" or else they might just get smacked with a Law suit. :)

No Star sevice

So much to say about deceitful practices.....Too bad Corporate doesn't give two hoots about satisfaction. I am Facebooking you til you close your last door!

I am saddened to hear all of the negative reviews for things remembered. I used to work for them and I loved my job and most of my co-workers. You will always get a few that try to scam you. They were obviously trying to charge u double to pocket money and that was the individual not the company. I wish I owned my own things remembered I would make sure the customers got the respect they deserved. Oh and if your bracelet tarnishes a proper things remembered will replace it engraving and all within 1 year!

I bought my Boyfriend a bracelet, real nice at first. It came with a box and if you engraved the box you got engraving for the bracelet at no cost. Or something like that. I got it back in April, and although the Rep was very helpful, and assured me, with my bf being outdoorsy the bracelet would be fine. Its a dark metal, and very shiny. Nonetheless, its now Sept, he wears it everyday. Taking it off during showers, to sleep or if he's doing something that may tarnish or damage it. And the bracelet has STILL TARNISHED. I can't ready the initials I put on it. Not even a year and its ruined. I don't even know what to do. I talked to a store rep, and she wasn't sure and gave me a business card to talk to her manager. So that's the next step.

The assistant manager at stonecrest mall, jean, should be fired. I've never seen anyone talk about their manager in such a disrepectful way. I'VE MET HER MANAGER TERY, she's a great person and very professional . This lady is not a team player at all. She spends more time talking about the what she could do and change, if she was that great She would have been the manager.I will take my business somewhere else, because i don't want to hear About all the negative stuff you, jean have to say about your manager, just sell me the product PLEASE. Also jean don't try to hand out cards for your side business at work, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.

I made a purchase on August 16. In the millcreek mall in Erie pa. for 2 glasses and a cake cutter,to be engraved. I was told it would be ready the next day. I went 2 days laters. Still hasn't been engraved. I stopped by on Thursday 7 days later. Product still hasn't arrived. The manager finally called because I said I no longer wanted the merchandise. Its has now been 10 days still no product. How long am I supposed to wait. I will go in the store today,for my refund. I WILL NEVER TELL ANYONE TO SHOP AT THAT STORE EVER. Unhappy bride to be.

FIRST OF ALL I NEED EVERYONE TO TAKE NOTICE OF THE POSITIVE REVIEWS AND HOW THEY ONLY CAME FROM EMPLOYEES , secondly this place is a monumental scam. They sell you garbage products and then rape you on the engraving. I tried to purchase dog tags that came with a set of 2 on the same chain ( not separately ) and they tried to charge me double even though it was sold as 1 item also the fact that they were trying to charge double is not posted anywhere in the store so they are criminal at this point.... Just to let things remembered know I have contacted a corporate attorney with a track record better than your sales record and he is currently filing a class action lawsuit over your gross lack of posted pricing and shady business practices. You can think this battle will be easy for you to win but we have already introduced secret shoppers at multiple locations with hidden cameras, and receipts and every last detail covered.... Things remembered is a disappointment . this is NOT a threat but it is a warning to potential customers I feel I need to make that clear since your company does not know how to do so . You are scam artist and you should be ashamed of yourselves.... So things remembered I shall see you in court, I feel I should be clear that this is drive. By the principle of the matter not the cost , I would be fine with the cost if it was posted honestly and not delivered in a false fashion, I am fortunate enough to come from a ridiculously wealthy family so don't think I am not going to be willing to throw a large sum of money exposing your scam . Thank you and have a nice day

The experience myself and my son had at Things Remembered in Cary NC was the worst customer service I have ever seen. The employee there today Aug 17th between 3-5 was rude told us our choice in product was bad because it was more boyish even though it was for a girl which we knew and liked not ever girl is girly! . We were aware that it was boyish and liked it , she then proceeded to tell me that she was very busy and could not guarantee when she would have it ready, even though I was the only person there! I said but I am the only person here and she said well you never know it could get busy and I won't be able to get to the engraving for a minimum of 2 hours! I will never go to things remembered again if this is an indication of the type of people that work there!

I had a wrose experience ever with Thingsremembered.com. I received a damaged item on May 2012. One of the representatives told me to not worry about it and they will issue a full refund. However, i was waiting and waiting till a month later, still didn't see the refund. I called again on July,19th. Another representative told me that there was no documentation saying that i called and reported the item, so, she told me to wait between 5-7 business days, and i should see the refund back to my account. As of today, i checked and i still didn't get the money back. So, i called again. The representative Senzon told me that i did not call and refund was never issued. Even the supervisor, Kellie Maurer can do nothing about it. I will never ever purchase item again from Thingsremembered.com.

I worked for things remembered for 4 years and some of the things on here are really upsetting and should not be taken out on the company. Things remembered would do anything for their loyal customers and sometimes it's misunderstanding or pure laziness. I'd ask all of you to not hold it against the company as a whole my district manager would never allow for such service

I went to things remembered in Henderson nv in the galleria mall and my experience was horrible... I bought 2 necklaces and in 1 month ey both were horrible you couldn't even read them they wouldn't replace the necklace!!!! I HIGHLY ADVISE YOU NOT TO SHOP THERE THEY ARE RUDE AND THE SATISFACTION GUARENTEE IS CRAP!!!

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