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The Talbot's of say 4 to 5 years ago had clothing made with much more quality. The classic look that they used to represent made it one of my favorite places to shop. Now, I can walk through the store and not see a thing I even want to try on. Their styles have changed and the quality has gone down as well. It reminds me of Casual Corner years ago. They used to be the greatest store with beautiful quality pieces. Then, their merchandise became very cheap looking but the prices did not reflect that. I didn't buy anything there after their change and within a year or two, they went out of business. Women want QUALITY made pieces for the prices that are being charged. Now, it's all very blah stuff for alot of money with alot of leftover things on huge sale racks. Bring back the old Talbot's, please!

I totally agree that Talbots has missed the mark in re-tooling its styles to attract the younger generation. Their quality and level of service has become so poor. I hate the close fitting and flimsy short tops, and miss the classic tailoring and good quality. I haven't found a thing I like in the store since 2008. As a 50-year old business professional, I need to wear classic styles to work. Talbots could have really cornered the market for business casual styles. I especially miss their lovely sweaters, t-shirts and blouses, business suits, stylish shoes, and accessories. I

It seems unanimous that Talbots is no longer the refined, quality merchant it once was and that attracted 3 generations of ladies in my family. While service in my local area is still acceptable, the quality of products is not. The decline in quality (A $250 jacket with NO lining? Wool skirts with NO lining? Fabrics & seams that hold up to only avery few cleanings? Etc...). The decline seemed to begin with a change from manufacture in Thailand, etc. to China, though I'm sure the clothes meet the standards set by Talbots, or they would not be in stores. Judging from numerous drastic sales, Talbots is hurting, but doesn't seem to know why. Two generations in my family have left. Without a drastic, immediate change the third will be gone soon. Chicos & Wht/Blk are cheering, I'm sure...

I used to be a $2-3K shopper every year. I loved the comfortable, tailored clothing, pretty sweaters and shirts. Everything was of very good quality. This summer I bought a tee shirt, and promptly put my finger nail through it because the fabric was so very thin. Ugh. I am a marketing executive at a Fortune 30 company, with over 25 years of experience. Despite this, I have no idea who Talbots is marketing their clothing to. I am down to spending maybe $200 per year at the store. I would spend more if the styles were appealing and quality was still there. I rarely even walk into a Talbots store because I have learned there is little to nothing that interests me. What a shame...a terrific brand has gone completely downhill.

I was treated rudely by Talbots. After numerous attempts to reach someone at Talbots offices I told the salesladies at my local store (where I was known on a first name basis) The saleslady called Talbots to inform them that i had closed my charge account (and what my husband called my $3,000 a year habit) and would no longer shop at any Talbots. And still no response from Talbots-- even to their own sales person. I have walk through various Talbots from time to time. I agree that Talbots is targeting a new audience. I am not sure what age group they are targeting-- my daughters are in their thirties and do not want anything to do with Talbots. The models look like starving fourteen year olds. Maybe the teen market is the target? Quality has steadily slipped in the clothing as well. I have become a devoted Chiccos shopper. I do miss the classic styles, the great sweaters, the gracious customer service My issues all began with a nasty telephone conversation with a Talbots "Customer Service Representative". Talbots should be grateful for loyal clients but it seems that Talbots no longer cares.

After reading the above reviews, I truly wonder if anyone at Talbots Hdqtrs is listening, but I will write anyway. I too have noticed a huge change in the clothing at Talbots. I have always been a regular customer, and have valued the quality of the product from Talbots. However, the past year or two, the mdse is nowhere near the quality it used to be. In fact, I rarely go there any more as the styles are very different and I can no longer even buy a nice T-shirt like you used to have in the stores. The final straw was yesterday....October 12,2011...I received a coupon in the mail with the caption "thank you for being you." It was a coupon for 25% off any merchandise in the store now through OCTOBER 10, 2011?????????????? The date received was October 12, 2011!!!!!!!!!! I no longer am a customer of Talbots!!

I too have been a loyal Talbots customer. Recently I purchased a pair of shoes online and when they arrived I found they didn't fit. I sent them back only to find out they were a final sale. The error was mine because if I had known they were a final dale I wouldn't have ordered them online I would have gone to the two Talbot stores in my area to try them on first. I explained this in a note when I sent them with my own postage back to Talbot's . Today I received a rather cold note explaining their return policy. I for one will never purchase another item again at Talbots I will donate the shoes and hope somebody can use them. Personally I feel that Talbots has become an example of a cooperate run store that neither caters to its customers or cares about them. Pretty foolish when in my town with Norstroms, and many other high end competitors that make an effort to make their customer happy with their purchases,Talbots will be the loser. I have also found that the quality of the merchandise is nowhere where it used to be, so maybe that's one of the reasons for the downfall of its reputation. I have spoken to others and the sentiment I unanimous Talbots is just a store of yesterday and not one we will shop at in the future.

Went to the Copps Hill Common store in Ridgefield, Ct. Pants were 43.99 with 50% off which comes to 21.99. Computer couldn't take off 50%, it locked at 24.99. Sales Associate went to the Manager who said she couldn't sell it for 21.99 because the computer didn't recognize it at that price. The store had five of the same pair of pants. I told the Manager to keep the pants. Poor customer service.

Is this policy a good buisness decision? Saturday, Feb.12th 2011, After a long illness, I took my wife to your store(509)in Carlsbad, Ca. to begin replacing her wardrobe. After selecting items, Stephanie replaced the saleswoman who was assisting us. She said she had no busines card and would not give her last name. A pair of pants, tags still attached, that we wanted to exchange for a smaller size from a rack full of the same pants, was denied. I understand policy but what about good customer service? We were staring at twenty pairs of the same Pant? There was no courtesy or flexability. I took my wife down a few doors to Chico's. The salesperson there helped my wife try on the clothes and we were able to purchase over $700.00 before she became too tired. Will We come back to Talbots? No, even if my wife has had a long term relationship via Community Boards she serves on and is some kind of red door customer.

I like a lot of others posted above have found Talbot's lacking of late. It seems their zeal for capturing the younger market has clouded their focus on what brought them to the dance in the first place. I am an employee of Talbot's at the moment since 2008. In the 2 years I have been here, they are quickly trying to run from the older market in an attempt to gain the following of the 35 year old woman. What they don't understand, is the 35 year old has many, many places to shop and Talbots will be but a mere addition to her vast array of choices. Also the quality is NOT there anymore. The prices have gone up and the quality of the workmanship and materials have fallen in the past two years. I have customers on a daily basis complaining to me about this very issue. They are also trying to dump the loyal employee's for the "young, energetic 30 year old" who they think can appeal to the "Talbots" consumer. It again turns off most of the customers. There is an individual at my store is overweight, but generally a dynamite salesperson and the management is constantly picking on this individual over little nit picky things. Too much this, not enough that.....on and on. I believe they are trying to wear this individual down to get them to quit. It is VERY sad. The person desperately needs their job and it is so pathetic that these so called professionals won't let them do their job and leave well enough alone. I believe it stems from the fact that they weigh more than the average Size 2 associate. It is a shame, because the Talbots woman's customer doesn't want to buy from a Size 2 associate. The Talbots Woman's customer feels intimidated and very uncomfortable conversing with someone who has never been in their shoes and doesn't understand how the Plus size customer feels. This is Marketing 101, people....listen to your customers...don't place a Size 2 associate in Women's and expect sales to be through the roof!! I am so disheartened over this whole scenario...wonder what Trudy Sullivan would do if someone told her she had to get rid of those George Burns glasses and lose 50 lbs because she doesn't appeal to the younger set. You can dish it Trudy, but you can't take it. Just think...those marketing guru's you have hired to tell you what to focus on....might start turning their radar on you. :)

I have been a Talbots customer for over 30 years. The wool suits, pants and jackets I purchased many years ago are just as pretty today. It was exciting to see a Talbot's store open nearby. However (like the wife of the gentleman building that beautiful store) I have found little to nothing there. The Talbots trend of catering to the 30 somethings is costing them legions of loyal customers. Last week I admired the sweater of a woman in her 70's. She said she had been holding onto her purchases from Talbots in years past as they offered nothing for her now. Like so many of us, she commented on what a huge market Talbots chooses to disregard. A Talbots employee whose job it is to review their catalog said she found nothing that would inspire a purchase. You offer some beautiful dresses, but they have little to no fabric allowance on the hem and cannot be lowered. Not everyone can wear their dress above their knees. Although hand washed and blocked, several of the summer tops I purchased from Talbots lost their shape in the neckline. Does anybody care about the old/loyal/valued customer? It would seem not. I am so disappointed.

this is a last resort...In the past week I have emailed through the talbots.com web site awith a question regarding a bill posting....Have not even had the courtesy of a routine acknowledgement of reception....I think my Talbot days are waning. I only wish for the courtesy of yore, even if I do not like the policy.

Forgot to mention I have sent FOUR emails

You need to change your return policy and exchange policy. Also please have a consumer contract e-mail at the Coroporat Office. So, consumer can voice their feelings. I Try to exchange a item for a differnt color and was told I couldn't do this. And was told to call your Corporate Headquarter to complaint about this. When trying to do this, I had a hard time finding someone to talk. I will not be shopping at a Talbot Store. Where the return policy and exchange policy is very bad. Signed a former Talbots Customer.

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