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Good service all-around what more can one ask

Good Experience at Orivs

Over the years I purchased three Orvis fly rods. All were covered by either a lifetime guarantee or 25 year guarantee. My favorite has been the ZG Helios, 6 weight, 9-foot, mid flex. I damaged the ZG Helios rod several times and sent it to Orvis for repair. Per the guarantee instructions, I call on the phone before I send anything for repair. Once they repaired and returned it. Once they sent me a new rod of the same model. The last time I damaged it, I explained to them that I needed the rod in a short time period for a family trip to Yellowstone National Park. Because the ZG Helios could not be repaired in time, they sent me a new Helios 2. After getting accustomed to the new Helios 2, I am very happy with it. From my experience, Orvis is a first rate company with world class products, and first rate service.

I have waders that are 3 years old that are leaking water through the neoprene foot. I wash and treat them with Orvis recommended water proofing product yearly. 3weeks ago they start leaking water through the feet and I treat them "again" with water proofing and 2 times out on the stream and they are leaking again! Heather Hamilton at customer service won't do an even exchange for another pair. She wants me to send them to repair for 4-6 weeks and "maybe" they can fix them, if not they want me to BUY another pair. WHAT ABOUT YOUR 100% Satisfaction Guarantee??? I am not satisfied in the least.I only wanted an even exchange! What horrible customer service!

One star is WAY TOO high...Customer service stinks... Orvis Rewards is a joke...earned them and cannot use them...tried customer "service" and nothing...I cancelled my order , unsubscribed the email, and will cancel my Orvis credit card. NO more of my money to Orvis.

Another great shopping experience at Orvis. I walked into the 5th. Ave store picked/ up a catalog. Asked a sales rep if they could show me where a shirt in the cats log was in the store. He said we don't have that shirt. I asked if I should go online to purchase the shirt. He looked at me and said We can't carry everything. I looked at him and said I understand please calm down. He then said this is a flagship store but we can't carry everything. Spoke to a few buddies, they all knew who this guy was. I walked over to J. Crew bought the same Barbour jacket for less. Nice shirts. Walked over to Brioks Brothers and spent another 1600. The Orvis experience is the worst. That store needs to change and fast. As New York says What does Orvis stand for O Really Very Intersting Stuff. !!!!

I recently placed an order for one shirt with Orvis. Not realizing that the shipping method defaults to the slowest and cheapest, (for Orvis)carrier I now have to return the item because it is a time sensitive gift which will not reach its destination in time. While Orvis advertises "Easy Tracking" apparently I am unable to track my order in real time and Orvis customer service can only tell me when delivery is expected but admitted it could take a couple extra "business days" to arrive. Now to return the shirt I would have to pay an additional $6.95 (taken from my refund), and I loose my $9.95 shipping fee. That is about $17.00 to return a $69 dollar shirt! I argued with customer service and they agreed to remove the fees, (we will see) but this experience has left me wondering if I should avoid this company in the future.

Nothing but problems.Have orvis rod that male feral is larger in some area.Than female feral.when Icontacted orvis they said it wold be ok just sand it a little Rod broke at the feral.sent it back at my expence.Along with my phone number and email.Not one call they sent rod back saying it was not covered.Even though it is a defective product.Ihave all my other orvis rod and reel up for sale.Iwill tell every one who step in to my drift boat and the people on the river how Iwas treated.

I had a rod built with a orvis blank by a great rod maker.He told me male farle was larger than female farle.He called orvis and was told it would wear in.SO i called orvis and was told and was told just sand it down.Now rod has broke at farle. And orvis wont do anything about it.I will be selling all my orvis rod and reels.Will replace with equipment from a company that knows how to treat loyal customers.

Orvis customer service is the worst I have ever experienced! I recently sent an exchange order to Orvis and it took a month and a half to receive the exchange items back. Then, because Leone, who supervises the exchange department, did not make the requested corrections to my order after promising me would do so, some of the items I received were incorrect. Consequently, I had to send those items back and this time it has taken almost two months to get the items back and once again some of them are the wrong items! In addition, Leone who runs the exchange department has repeatedly lied to me. I recently sent in a Rocky Mountain "Far and Fine" fly rod for repair but when I received the repaired rod, there were no designation markings on the blank. So, after three e-mails and four voice mail messages went unanswered, I finally managed to catch her on my fifth call. But, when I inquired as to why my rod had no markings, she told me that she had spoken to the fellows in the rod shop and they told her that they were unable to stencil the information on the unsanded blanks. However, the blank was marked when I sent it to them for repair so I simply don't believe that they are suddenly unable to stencil it now. Next, concerning my first exchange order and after waiting for an extended period, I was finally forced to make frustrated phone calls once a week to check on the status of my exchange items and once the order was finally ready for processing, Leone told me that she would send the items to me overnight and I should have them in two days. Also, she told me that she would call me and let me know that they had shipped but, she did not do either one. In fact, not only did I not get a phone call as promised, the items took a week and half to arrive via standard UPS Ground. In addition, I during my third conversation with her concerning this order%

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