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Please stop selling pesticides, herbicides, and gmo seeds. By selling these products you are just as responsible for killing the earth as the makers of these products. Take a stand and ban all monsonto products your children and grandchildren will thank you later when they still have a planet to call home! Here are some links! http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/06/13/largest-honeybee-loss-ever-recorded-in-the-united-kingdom/ http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/07/05/monsanto-roundup-effects-on-honeybees.aspx

Stop Selling Round Up

It's time to take responsibility for what you sell. I'm sure you will lose a lot of money if you remove Monsanto's Round Up from your shelves...but use it to your advantage. Create a marketing opportunity to show people what you are doing to save the bees. Do the right thing!

Home depot please do the right thing and stop selling Roundup and Beyer poisen neonicotinoids. Monsanto Roundup is soo bad. Bees are dying by the millions as a result and will destroy countless crops that rely on them.

killing bees

please pull ROUNDUP from your store shelves so I can return to shopping at your stores !!!!!!

Round up the 'Roundup' products

I love you guys. But cut it out. We need those Bees to kill the Mosquitos and Spiders and other bugs I'm more scared of. Just think about 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids'. The Bee in that movie was super helpful.

stop killing bees

Please take round up of your shelfs its killing the bees

Shop for Certfied Organic

For your gardening needs, please do not buy anything other then certified organic gardening products from Home Depot. Ask the garden clerks to help you find them if you are unable to locate them. Do not buy Roundup and synthetic fossil-fuel based products that kill insects. Instead, of spraying Roundup in cracks, dig out grasses and plant seeds like clover seeds. Clover is beneficial to the soil and for bees. Thank you.


REGARDING: ROUNDUP and other dangerous garden chemicals. Please choose other alternatives to serve your public. Please offer more organic, hydro and aeroponics merchandise. Certain products that you endorse are killing the bees, our wonderful little pollinators, and will eventually affect the food supply for humans. Your cooperation and action in this matter will be deeply appreciated.

Dear Sirs, I ask you to STOP selling Round up and all similar products. Understand that this movement will not ebb or dissipate. Learn and grow from it. Replace these toxic chemicals with products we can use to grow clean healthy gardens to feed our children and grandchildren. Become a company that DOES WHAT'S RIGHT, and in the best interest of your customers and watch what that does for your Bottom line!!! Support us and we will support you. Continue as you are and I am not alone when I tell you I WILL buy what I need elsewhere. Not just products pertaining to my yard and garden, but paint, lights, tools, wood, to name just a few of the things I have purchased in your stores this years alone. I like your store and hope to be able to do business there in the future, but mark my words, If you remain part of the problem and not the solution we WILL take our custom to someone we can trust and respect.. By the way, your stores in Calgary Alberta made a very bad name for themselves goughing the residents who needed water during the recent flood by charging $42.00 a case for $4.00 pks! what a reprehensible thing to do. Whatever happened to decency and corporate responsibilty! thank you for listening. Please change


Quit selling this deathly chemical that is killing off our nature that we need to survive. Boycott Monsanto now!

stop killing the bees

Hello,I shop Home Depot for years.Please pull all systemic neonicotinoid insecticides and herbicides like Roundup from your shelves immediately.It is killing our bees and other harmfull effects. Thank you

Unbelievable arrogance

The WORST service ever. I drove all the way to the Marina del Ray California store, but they were out of the item I wanted. Suggested I call next day. Trying ALL day to reach that department; nothing but an endless tape. Tried later; same thing. Auto transferred to operator. Asked for store manager. Got a strange male who hung up on me. Why would I waste gas and time on this arrogant outfit that is too cheap to run a decent customer phone service? Better to buy from a local store and get decent service where somebody ANSWERING THEIR PHONE!

Home Depot Credit Card

Today we received a letter re: our Home Depot Credit Card Acc. The letter we received implied we haven't used the credit card enough and our credit line will be decreased. We found this letter extremely disturbing as we have spent thousands of dollars at Home Depot over the years. We have also used numerous other credit cards for other establishments and have yet to receive a notice of this type. Hence forth our further purchases will be made at your competitors. Sincerely, The Staffords

Home Depot is awful at customer service and does not know how to accommodate cutsomers as they as they buy things! I went to go get change the other day and he gave me the wrong color, and will not return it because it's a specialty paint that I had no idea about , then I called the manager at the lysine that he didn't even have a high school diploma! I will never got back to the Home Depot and Parkville Maryland because it is awful we had a wait forever and are horrible people!

A man by the name of Ryan Babcock one of your employees (drives an 18 wheeler Home Depot's) in our neighborhood and parks it in our neighborhood and we have called and complained and no one called us back.In the State of Texas 545.307. OVERNIGHT PARKING OF COMMERCIAL MOTOR VEHICLE IN RESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISION. (a) In this section: (1) "Commercial motor vehicle" means: (A) a commercial motor vehicle, as defined by Section 522.003, and includes a vehicle meeting that definition regardless of whether the vehicle is used for a commercial purpose; or (B) a road tractor, truck tractor, pole trailer, or semitrailer, as those terms are defined by Section 541.201. (2) "Residential subdivision" means a subdivision in a county with a population greater than 220,000: (A) for which a plat is recorded in the county real property records; and (B) in which the majority of lots are subject to deed restrictions limiting the lots to residential use. (b) After 10 p.m. and before 6 a.m., a person may not park a commercial motor vehicle or leave the vehicle parked on a street of a residential subdivision for which signs are posted as provided by Subsection (c) unless the commercial motor vehicle: we will contact DOT and provide this information to. There isn't enough clearance for an emergency vehicle to get past this 18 wheeler (our streets are very narrow). We were trying to notify you to let you know we are going to have the 18 wheeler towed and Home Depot is the owner then you will be responsible for the tow)plus we are contacting the Texas Department of Public Safty. Neuse Management US DOT 139110 20934 Walder Ct It is against our deed retriction and putting peoples lives in danger. This is our last message, please respond in 24 hours and have your employee stop bringing it to our communtiy or be ready to pay out big bucks after it is towed. Thank you, The Board of Directors Lakeville Community

two weeks ago I went to the Home Depot on Olden Avenue in Trenton, NJ and purchased quite a few small items as I was redoing my kitchen and dining room. When I was checking out the cashier was putting everything back in the cart without putting them in bag(s). I told her I needed everything to be put in bag(s) so items did not get lost and was told SHE DIDN'T HAVE ANY. So I told her to ask the next cashier. She then replied THE WHOLE STORE DOESN'T HAVE ANY BAGS!!! How could a store run out of bags and if that did happen why didn't they call another store and get some bags. As it happened two of the light switches that I bought were lost in transferring the small items from the cart to my car and then from the car to the house. Then I went again today as something I bought needed to be replaced as it was defective. When I was checking out I asked the cashier to please put the item in a bag and she said she didn't have one big enough. The only size bag she had was a little smaller than the bag you get in the grocery store when you buy food. Is this any way to run a business???? It pays to deal with a smaller hardware store if you can find one.

This is to thank Ed Gordon of the Fort Pierce, FL store. I had bought tile (all that was in stock). Went to pick up more but were out. Looked on computer for more at other stores could not find. Mr. Gordon went above and beyond to take care of the situation. He located the tile from another store and had them shipped to his location in less than 24 hours. He did not have to do this but it was greatly appreciated. I want to thank Mr. Gordon again for his help and consideration.

Well I used to think Home Depot was a wise choice (had my garage doors replaced by you, shelving in my garage, rear and front doors replaced) but when it came time to order the pieces for the up-dates on the main bathroom, just about everything possible has gone wrong. I paid $1700.00 for a vanity cabinet and granite top. When the units arrived I found they did not include a side splash guard (although we drew on a grid that the vanity would be placed against a wall) and did not include a spacer for the wood cabinet (although we drew on a grid that the vanity would be placed against a wall). When I called to order these parts while the spacer was $25.00 I was told that as I failed to order the granite splashguard with the initial order it would not cost $20.00 but $40.00! Oh, did I mention that when the vanity was delivered the Home Depot delivery guy left two truck pallets in my driveway as he was instructed to return with an empty truck! When I called to complain to the Clifton Store, "Luz" returned my call (still have the voice mail msg.on my phone) telling me my town will remove the pallets. HELLO, I am a town official, and MY TOWN DOES NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES TO REMOVE TRUCK PALLETS BELONGING TO HOME DEPOT. "Luz" later told me that Home Depot would gladly remove the truck pallets but I would need to pay for the the truck pick up! "Liv" at Home Depot's Alanta office called Allan Power at the Clifton, Home Depot, and a truck was dispatched immediately....no charge to me! Today, having ordered the mirror (not available at the store) on December 13, 2011 to go over the vanity, I called On-Line Customer Service to inquire when the mirror was expected to be delivered (I had an order confirmation number that had been e-mailed to me back on December 13, 2011). I learned the mirror was rec'd broken in transit and that FedEx had returned it to the mfg. in Eatontown, Ga. "Stephan" told me I would need to order a new mirror. He also said that Home Depot would refund my $168.00 in about 5 - 7 days. He said it wasn't Home Depot's fault it would take 5 to 7 days it was Master Cards' fault (with Home Depot it is always someone else's fault). I ordered another mirror and was charged $106.00 for the new order (sans shipping). "Stephan" could not explain why no one had called to tell me the mirror had to be re-ordered, he suggested FedEx should have called. We both looked at the Fed-Ex tracking history and found that the mirror had been rec'd broken by Home Depot's Dover Store on December 21st and returned on December 23, 2011. Did I mention today is JANUARY 4, 2012? So, once again, it apparently is MY OWN FAULT for not checking the status of the mirror delivery sooner. Now I don't know if the mirror will be available at the time of the bathroom refurbishing, meaning the lighting fixture can't be installed. Funny, I was going to order the light fixture and faucet at Home Depot (could have carried out as they were both in the store) but right about now I don't think I want to stroll into a Home Depot again for a very long time. It really is a shame too as Home Depot as I'd gotten to trust Home Depot. I mean, I had looked at the cabinets at Lowes and (like the garage doors) felt Home Depot's products were superior (I also looked at specialty stores and Home Depot's products were a lot less expensive too). But you get what you pay for. Seriously, your cabinet guy (the one who we drew the bathroom placement on a grid with) could not advise if the cabinets came with hardware, in fact he didn't know if there were pre-drilled holes! The cabinets do not come with hardware, but they are pre-drilled (I opened the box to look when I was hoping to find a spacer!). Kerry, North Arlington, N.J.

I am a former employee of Home Depot in Coon Rapids, MN I cannot work any longer due to health reason and I still bleed orange to this day. Lately I have been very CONCERNED by what I am seeing in the store many people have become sick due to the air quality in the store and also the bird droppings. As a multi-billion dollar company I feel that something should be done. 20 people have become sick in this store. I became sick when my immune system was low due to meds I was taking and because of the bird dropping in the outside garden area I think that led me to get Histoplasmosis. Since then I know OSHA has been involved but the air quality in the store is still getting many people sick. PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS WHAT WILL IT TAKE SOMEONE TO DIE TO HAVE THIS RESOLVED. I still bleed orange but, if something is not done soon, that may change. Take care of the people that work hard for you, don't brush it under the rug.

I work at a home depot in louisiana and when I first started they stated that they have core values. Like taking care of their asscociates. I used to like coming to work everyday but not now. Whoever invented this new schedule (FaST) didn't read the core values page. Only the select few get what they want, the ones that work the hardest get screwed. Before I use to get weekends off every now and then but not now you have to request them off and sometime you may not get that too. And the more you complain the worst it gets. I would like to see all the ( SM & ASM )work this schedule all the time and see if they like it. I think they should be moved from store to store to see how others work. My manager talks to us like we are 5 years old not adults. It seems like they are trying to chase the full-time people out.SHAME ON YOU HOME DEPOT. It seems all they are interested in is making millions instead of helping their own employees. I always thought that Home Depot took care of its employees, but was I wrong

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