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I entered the Gap Photo Contest at the beginning of April with a picture of my grandaughter. I wrote a short essay about her as well, as instructed. Took me a long time to do. got a reply back from Gap saying my entry had been approved and I should look up her picture in their Gallery. There was no picture. I looked every day, still no picture. After ten days I replied to their email, asking where the picture was. No answer back from them. I waited another week, then wrote them again. No answer. Now the contest has closed - still no picture of my grandaughter and no reply from Gap. What kind of scam is this?

Completely fed up with the Gap. Been wearing their clothes fro years and the quality continues to go down hill along with their customer service. I bought 3 ...yes 3 pairs in the last year and ALL 3 have ripped. I have had them for LESS Than a year, washing them in gentle cycle, and rarely wearing them. This is ridiculous. I am disgusted, and ashamed that I paid 69.99 for 3 pairs of jeans each, and they all are such poor quality. Gap online, refuses to help in the situation because they are more than 45 days old. 45 days old? Are you telling me your jeans should only last up to 45 days? What is up with this nonsense? I will never buy from the Gap again if this does not get taken care of.

Bitter people.. I have to say, anytime I've had issues with my Gap store, they are nothing but friendly, and try to work out the situation in a way that best helps me. The associates really are enthusiastic and love their product. They don't just unlock a fitting room for you, they follow up and even offer me new suggestions. They're little ego boosters! Love my Gap store.

I have just discovered what I consider a prejudicial practice of The Gap. I tried on a pair of jeans in a retail store that fit; they just didn't carry a short length in my waist size. In the same jeans for most other sizes they carried a short and long length. I understand - a store can't necessarily carry all sizes because of inventory issues. When I asked if that particular jean could be ordered for me and I would return to the store to pick them up, the store manager told me that wasn't possible. I would have to order them through the website and pay shipping. I've never experienced this before. If a retail store doesn't carry my size they gladly order it for me free of shipping. Doesn't this strike anyone else as prejudicial behavior toward certain customers. If they only carried one length in all pants then I wouldn't feel this way, but to be singled out seems wrong.


Let me save your store. I know sizes and good fit in fashion. The Gap clothing for women lacks in the most important area. Instead of a comfortable fit--the Gap has seamstress designers that have no ruler--everything is tight or big in the wrong areas. Nothing in my size fits like Macy's sizes. Macy's is smart--they make me feel thinner than I am. A size 10 in Macy's may fit like a 12--so I am skinny there. Conversely, the Gap makes me feel "FAT" everything is one size smaller--know the mind of a woman--we never buy a size bigger--hence is why you are going out of business--even the ballerina flat shoes--are 2 to 3 sizes smaller than the person's shoe size--you don't know WOMEN!!! We are fat and in denial--so make clothes that fit any big belly and you will become rich!!! It is that simple--fire your factories--get new designers and seamstress people that know how math.

I bought jeans from the Gap less than 3 months ago and they are already becoming threadbare. Gap jeans used to be the best. There is no quality now. Am in a battle to get my money back. My local Gap will only give me a store credit.Not acceptable.This was after being told by online that the store could give me my money back. Online says they will waive the $6.00 return fee{really - how kind - a fee for returning defective merchandise} unacceptable. I'm not spending any time or money sending this back un less I am sending it to the chairman of the board. The runaround between online and the store is ridiculous. It is no wonder that the Gap is in the shape it is in.

Gap, your policy on returns is probably one of the most complicated procedures in corporate America. Something which should be as simple as handing merchandise and a receipt to a sales representative and receiving the money you spent on the item back has been complicated by your uncanny rules. I went to return a pair of jeans today with a receipt and was delayed by the obstacle course you call a return policy. P.s your clothing is overpriced JCPenny surplus and looks like a knockoff Jake Gyllenhaal collection.

What happened to Gap jeans? The quality of your jeans stinks, they are poor material, feel like you could rip them with a sharp fingernail and look cheap. Whatever happenend to denim? Remember DENIM, the material gap jeans used to be made of? I understand that no one wants the heavy heavy denim of yesteryear but whoa, this is ridiculous! I don't shop there anymore because I refuse to pay 69.99 for a cheap old pair of jeans that look like you spent $1.00 to manufacture. Are the pinheads running the company really wondering why Gap is losing money? Quality. There's your answer, there is no quality anymore. We all know prices have gone up, manufacturing prices have gone up but don't think the customer is going to be loyal to a product that doesn't care about its quality anymore. There are better quality jeans at KMart or Walmart it pains me to say. It seems to me that Gap has lost its focus, what kind of store is it trying to be? A teenage cheap store like violet rouge, H&M or Old Navy? Or would it rather be a store known for its good hip fashionable quality jeans like it used to be? Can Gap be saved? Is it too late? Someone help the Gap before it goes down the sinkhole???

I just need to tell someone that I called the Gap customer service about reward coupons I had that were expired. I was told by 2 employees of the store I was shopping in that if I called customer service that the reward coupons would be replaced, all I needed was the number on the coupon. When I called I was told that they do not replace lost, stolen or expired reward coupoms ( what a reward). I just don't understand why the store employees told me to call and then I get no as a response. Doesn't corporate inform their employees about their policies??? I would not have bothered calling if I wasn't told to do so. I am not happy with Gap.

I was recently fired for the dumbest reason. I used my employee discount on my EX! We once dated when I was working at the Gap and they caught me once using it for her. Which I must add she was also buying me some items as well. I'm just really sad and upset with myself and the Loss Prevention because I really enjoyed my job and myself working at the Gap. The people I met were great and I felt like I really worked hard for something. I became apart of the Brand Team in such a short amount of time and that made me feel like I was working hard and good at my job. I just really want my job back and wouldn't do anything to jeopardized my job again.

FREE ROACH pet with purchase! I came home a couple of nights ago from the Pleasanton Gap Kids. Emptied my purchases and placed them next to the bag. My husband decided, before disposing of the bag, to make sure I had taken everything out. I'm so glad now that this time I didn't reach all the way to the bottom of the bag. When my husband looked in the bag, he noticed something in it. Yes, it was a ROACH! Not an itty bitty one, a good size one. I had to immediately wash all the clothes but the coat I purchased. The coat will be returned, sadly. But I will also inform customer service of the "free pet" sent home in the bag that night with me..

If I could give you negative stars I would. My complaint is with Old Navy. I got an Old Navy credit card recently and went on line to make payment about 10 days before the due date. I could not use any of my debit cards to make payment. Instead, they only accepted the check routing method. I input the number, paid my balance in full and got a confirmation number. I thought everything was peachy keen. I went on line about 10 days later to see when was the next billing due date. To my surprise, I found out that my payment had not gone through. I never got any notification from anyone regarding this. I called up and paid over the phone for which I was charged $15.00 Unfortunately, I was about 45 minutes late due to the time difference. Of course, I had had no idea that the payment never applied so I had no idea my payment would end up being 45 minutes late. By some miracle, the next day I got an e-mail from Old Navy telling me the original payment had never applied (was someone covering their butt??? funny timing there!). A few days later I got another bill for $25.00 for the late payment fee. I was incensed. So Old Navy ended up getting $40.00 from me because they were negligent and did not contact me in a timely manner about the problem with the check routing number. And subsequent calls to customer service were fruitless and one call in particular left me so angry I was shaking. So, this is the last time I am going to spend any energy thinking about Old Navy. I will reserve that for the day Old Navy goes bankrupt and I do a little happy jig. And, of course, I will urge my two daughters, their families and anyone else I know not to shop at Old Navy, Gap, or Banana Republic.

How is it possible that with so many issues that Gap is still in business? The quality has declined over the years. Poor service. Store policies that are not adhered to. Incompetence. Those are the good points! I shop at Children's Place now for kids items.

problems with gap store in amherst new york , boulvard mall, no one to help with your purchase, not friendly, walked out of store 3 times this summer without making a purchase,sales reps hiding, Gap 800 does nothing but yes yes yes shame on GAP !!!!!!!!!

I have been a long time Gap shopper until recently. I opened a Gap card...what a mistake. I recommend you NEVER open a credit card with the Gap. There are so many credit cards that give you great cash back and other benfits with a lot less headache. An electronic bill payment got to The Gap ONE day after the due date and they added $35. Not a big deal you say, call them and explain and surely they will take care of this. NOT THAT EASY!!! After a crazy number of collection calls to my house (over $35 late fee, the full balance had been paid), I finally called back. They reluctantly "removed the fee" plus interest ON THE FEE!!! One more month, another bill with the carried forward balance and yet more interest, 900 more collection calls and I have to call them back AGAIN!!! Of course the call center is in the Philippines and it's hard for me to even understand dear Michael, but finally he sees the notes from my last call a month before and says he doesn't know what happened and he can fix part of it but I have to be transferred. Now I'm assured again that it's taken care of. What do you think? I think there's a good chance I'm going to have to change my number! Just seeing the Gap annoys me at this point, I will have to find new favorite jeans. BTW, in case you were wondering...I closed my account:) Gap = awesome clothes but less than awesome credit card customer service!!! This day and age...customer service is what will make or break any company. Gap has some work to do in that department!!!

I am a loyal GAP-Shopper for over 10 years. I discovered GAP first in Paris/France and I felt in LOVE with the style. Now I live in Houston TX and I am so disappointed about style, fashion, professionality. Whats going on GAP!! I even worked for a store here in Hoston...the managment are horrible - sales persons change almost every week. I could not stay longer then a month...but I enjoyed to sale that fashion. GAP go back to the roots - the classic fashion mixed up with less young pattern - more combinations. For womans: stay with classic elements! you need to reach the clients in between 25 and 50 years - there is the money. Gap stands for better quality and higher standarts in fashion. A good designer can do it. I will do it! Good luck GAP!

I bought jeans from GAP for the first time four months ago. Within three months there were holes in them. You would think paying $65 for one pair of jeans the quality would be better. I have other jeans from one of their competitors that I have had for three years now and cost half as much. Still no holes in them. I will never purchase another pair of Gap jeans again. They need to check out the quality of their merchandise. Don't be fooled by them. The jeans are very comfortable but wear out WAY to fast!

My husband and I went shopping last weekend, Saturday, April 30, 2011 at Sawgrass Mills, Sunrise, Fl. I was looking for bigger shorts than were displayed, for our grandson, so I flagged a store assistant (?). Explained to her what I was looking for and she looked at me with a blank stare. Bottom line, she was Spanish and spoke NO ENGLISH AT ALL! So, I tried my little bit of my Spanish and said I needed GRANDE shorts (gesturing that I needed bigger shorts). She then said OH and called over another assistant. This second GAP assistant spoke NO ENGLISH AT ALL either. I have to say, I was a little shocked to say the least. I have nothing against anyone or where they come from or WHATEVER and I don't mean to sound hateful, but how can a company, especially GAP! hire someonne who can't COMMUNICATE WITH A CUSTOMER? I told my co workers when I went to work on Monday and these are Spanish speaking folks, but they speak English as well. They were surprised as well. But, I learned how to say I need bigger shorts in Spanish...um poquito mas grande! There, how hard is it for you at GAP to say, oh, you need bigger shorts, IN ENGLISH???? Shame on GAP!


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