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the great shirt dresses

Hi. I purchased several of the shirt dresses when you had them available last year - a blue & white print, a white and a navy blue. I wear them ALL the time. Unfortunately, I cannot find them anywhere anymore. Do you have some hidden in a vault somewhere that I can purchase? Tons of compliments, tons of wearings, lots of GOOD PRESS FOR THE GAP!!!! Please advise - I would really love to get a couple more of EACH of these. THANK YOU!!!!!!


Am disappointed gap 42st st 3rd st Nyc is now all men's store!

Quality on women's cotton long and short sleeve t- shirts

The quality of the t shirts are flimsy and plain poor. The fabric is cheap feeling, the hems fall apart, get tiny pinholes in front of shirt and neck area. I have been a customer since the 80's and have seen the quality going down hill in the last 5 years.

50 off store wide

So if the store says there is 50 percent off store wide then it should be! If some items are not then don't bring them out during the sale. Manger needs to get a grip! Iwent to buy my 1 year old 2 hoodies thinking they were 50 percent off. Went to pay, nope just the clearance price which was only 20 percent off. Humm manger says o that's not on this sale. Just lost a customer I will shop at the gap but not gap kids in Dallas Texas!

Risk Management

I was at an Old Navy store on April 5 this year. My son tripped and sliced his forehead open. I filed a claim with their risk management and here we are almost 3 months later and I have yet to hear a response. My insurance refuses to pay and the Rick manager just doesn't return calls. This is very frustrating.

Impossible to reach anyone at corporate

I have spent thousands of dollars at Gap. Recently I ordered from: Orvis, Amazon, garnet hill, Macy's and the gap. GAO refused to take back a return due to a few days outside of their ridiculous return policy. I returned to all other stores listed above which accepted and thanked me If gap clothes sizes were accurate ( same pants different color and completely different size) I wouldn't have to return. Also it is the order date and sometimes they don't ship right away. I am so frustrated by their lack of customer service, I find myself hoping they go out of business. Impossible to get anyone at corporate office to talk to......but then it is obvious they don't care about customers Susan

I just had a bad experience in which I had a sweatshirt with pin holes in the front. I had the original tag and did not think I had to dig a receipt out. They had the same sweatshirt and did not exchange it. Now I threw money away. I called customer service and she wants me to drive over 30 minutes back to the store to speak with the manager. They lost another customer.


Ditto comments by Tyler on the return policy. I can't believe how complicated it is. The store I went to, to return the jeans I bought gave me a hard time (tags still on jeans, return labels provided, original packaging.

I have a STACK of t-shirts from GAP and Banana Republic with tiny holes in the front. It is just very strange. All my t-shirts come from these 2 stores, and sometimes Old Navy....but I am thinking I might have to go elsewhere since I am loosing a lot of money purchasing from you. Is it possible to be compensated for these ruined t-shirts?

-1* collecting all the tee shirts and clothing with small holes after 2 washings ( delicate cycle) I have a pile ! Where should I send them? Gap used to be a regular 'go to ' stop for some fun quality fill in clothing. Where has all the cotton gone?

The branding is awful. GAP is lost. Who are you?

The quality in GAP products has gone for good. GAP jeans used to last pretty long, the used to be made with pretty good cotton, and the spandex helped to fit, especially in the curvy styles. Now, they continue to be elastic, but the cotton quality is so bad and thin that in 60 days a pair of jeans can become threadbare. And it's not an exaggeration: they just don't last, and they are too expensive: GAP prices in Old Navy quality. I absolutely agree with the previous comments, and I understand that clients stop buying there. It's really a pity. GAP jeans were a "must" in every wardrobe. Now you "must" put them in the garbage. And it's like this in many other products: little holes in T-shirts, no lining on coats, fading colors, deformed shapes... The costumer service in the store is not much better. I want to be left alone when I am in the store, but I expect courtesy in the moment of paying, or when I am looking for another size, or just if I have any question... they just don't care, they don't have any commitment to serve the client. I wonder how those employees in the store are treated and paid to act like that. In NYC they have closed some stores, but they have unnecessarily renovated others. It's stupid. You, GAP managers, you are ruining your own company.

I visited Gap Outlet on the North Milwaukee Ave. location in Chicago. I recently visited Gurnee Mills the previous day and was told by an associate in Gurnee that my coupon that I left at home was still redeemable, just return to an outlet close to home with my receipt and the coupon, and they would add the difference back to my Gap Card. Well sounds easy right! No even, I was there the next day at the outlet with my receipt to only be told that they had given me false info and that I needed to bring in the merchandise. I didn't feel like I was treated like a loyal customer even when the manager tried to scold me for not having the second page to my printed coupon and that if I would have read it properly, I would have known that I would have to bring the clothing with me. I again told her that I was told by the associate in Gurnee to do this. She finally agreed and gave permission to the associate only the find out that the coupon that didnt have a expiration date located on it, was expired 4days prior. Then it started all over, now there was a new coupon and they didn't know the code so that they could at least appy it. So I was told they couldnt help me at that point. So I asked for all their names and wrote them on my coupon print out and said I was going to call the corporate office and thats when things changed. I got the adjustment to say the least, but i was disgusted with the lack of customer care. Only one associate went over and beyond to help me understand the misunderstanding and her name was Sharon. I was mad when I left, and may cancel my card with Gap. I deserve the end result at the beginning instead of the poor service from a manager and cashier.

I returned my jeans that i bought because they are made cheaply compaired to all the ones i bought before. It has been over 15 days and still no money back. The receipt said to give 6 to 10 business days. I called and no one knew how to help me. Said i have to call back so they can start an investigation..first off i hated the produce sent it back and i want my money. I dont have millions of dollars Im a military wife and we live on a budget. The fact that this corporation takes no accountability is said because it USED to be a good store. I know my friends warned me but i bought anyways and I will let the rest of my friends know not to buy from this scam of a store and i will also start a thread on facebook to spread the word. If it was the customers fault they would have to take responsibility but the company can do whatever they like. Its really gross and now i have to go to my back and press charges on these people which sound like heaven. The only thing is i want money not any of your products because they are trash. I can find better quality at target.

I have never been so upset with a manager in my 60 years of life.I purchased a shirt and tried to return it in less then a week from purchase... Manager told me that the item number on the receipt was different from the item number on the price tag... Price tag was attached to shirt never removed and correct receipt paid with my Visa Card.Sales girl could not bring up my Visa card on the computer and I was refused a refund.. After arguing with the manager that it was not my fault for the mistake It was on their part.. The girl must of keyed in the wrong item number or something.Called customer relations and argued the same issue and got not where with the girl with a nine-year-old voice and a mentality to match... I then went to another Gap and it took less then two minutes to get my refund. The said the sales girl must of keyed in the wrong number.. They found my Visa Card in their computer and applied the credit. Will never shop there again...

I have been a loyal customer to Gap for years ...unfortunately, my shopping days there are over. Every shirt i buy rips, small little holes in the front. 3, 4, 5 shirts. The quality stinks these days from Gap and they are way overpriced. Whoever is designing their clothes, needs to go back to school cuz they are lookin way ugly. Gap should close.

I think that after a lifetime of being a customer I am now a former customer and that will include all your stores - there are far too many better quality stores for the same price that we should have to tolerate your billboards catering to "alternative" lifestyles. I might remind you that I would suspect that a very low percentage of your revenues are generated from persons living "alternative" lifestyles. I think you had better hope that all those "cool" (insert sarcasm here) people you were trying to impress start spending a LOT more money. Goodbye.

I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years, what horror stories I am reading here to see I am no longer alone. The quality of their clothing has gone down to zero!!! I bought 3 pairs of jeans in 1 year and all have ripped pretty much before the year is up??? Since when do their jeans or any for that matter wear out so quickly? My last pair ripped in 30 days. NEVER WILL I BUY GAP AGAIN.

I just went to exchange something at the Gap on Black Rock Tpke in Fairfield, CT...what do I see, a woman with one of those head wraps on planning on waiting on me. I find it very offensive!!! First of all, she has make-up on, including mascara, along with Gap clothes, but she had to have that head wrap on. I will make sure I never shop at that store again; better than that, I will try not to shop at gap anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They want to Americanized, but they can't get rid of that head wrap....shame on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Completely disgusted....how dare you charge my account for an order and still have the same funds held on my account....this is beyond irresponsible and presumptuous. These are difficult times for many and to hold on to funds that are Not rightfully yours is an outrage...I am done with them! Buyer beware!

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