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Directv is.GARBAGE!

I will never have directv, the continually take advantage of their customers and tack on charges hoping we wont find out,they owe me over 130 dollars credit for something I never used! They are crooks and will never have service with them again,nor will I ever recommend them to anyone else. I will also advise everyone I know who currently has them to drop them,and most of my family carries them! DISGUSTING!!

Poor programming in bottom tier tv package.

I subscribe to Directv on a monthly basis now since my contract obligations have been fulfilled. My package is the most basic which includes local stations and primarily the religious channels. I watch little of the local networks and HGTV on a more regular basis. It is ridiculous to pay such an amount for little use. I plan to disconnect my service with Directv after purchasing a digital antenna for my television. Customer service representatives are definitely about sales to new customers but their loyal existing customers become much less important to please.

Hello and good day to whom it may concern, i have had direct tv since 2004 and have been fairly ok with them til the strange charges and now im have a temporary financial situation due to a childs illness and these people will not work with me. im just asking if i can make my payment on the 28th of september, so that the rest of the family may have tv. i planning to go with another provider.

Direct TV customer service is terrible, the worst I've ever experience. Not only do the customer service stink, the company is unethical in its business practices. First of all, before you can get service with them you definitely have to go through the background and credit check process. Secondly, you have to sign a legal binding contract. Well I am 4months into service with a signed contract and my service was disconnected for no apparent reason at all. After, talking to numerous rude and unprofessional managers and representatives, I was told that in order to get my services restored that I will have to pay someone else's past due account that has been "out of no where" linked to my address of record. Keep in mind, I am in a binding contract and it does not mention anywhere that I have to pay someone elses debt that might/possibly be linked to my service address. Directv refused to send me anything in writing explaining to me why my services are disconnected. However, they expected me to pay or have the debtor pay before resuming my service. I explained to them that firstly they should of given me this information before starting a contract with me. Secondly, I have/had every intention on upholding my 2yr contract with their company but as it stands they are the one's who are in breach of contract. They told me that they will not continue to provide me services until someone else's debt is paid and that I could not be released from the contract without cancellation fees charged to my account. Also, although they are saying my account is linked to another account then why not show the link somewhere in writing i.g., on paper and/or online. Long story short, because Directv is unethical with predatory business practices they have truly lost a customer and I will definitely continue to spread the word.


Installation problems. I just build a new house and Direct TV came out to move my services and drilled 7 house on the outside of my house and put cables everywhere on the out side when it was a new home and it was already wired for cable so there was no reason for him to drill all those holes through my new siding and put all the cables on the outside instead of the attic. I have been in a war of words with direct tv/ Dynamic Installs ( who direct tv uses for alot of their installs and that who installed mine) and all of the above keep giving me the run around. I am going to have to replace siding/ soffits and repaint my house. This has been going on for over a month and they keep telling me it take time. Now it is in the hands of Shelter Insurance ( who the person that installed has for insurance) this is all so crazy, they are trying to go back to the person who installed this craps personal insurance. How does that work? Are Direct Tv and Dynamic Installs for insured for these damages? Anyone have any ideas or do I just go ahead and get a lawyer and let them deal with this problem. Any ideas please feel free to let me know


I moved from my apartment into my house and I was told I was locked into 2 yrs at $34.99 and today I get my bill and its for almost $55, this company is worse then Quest, any one who knows who Quest is knows they lie to their customer, well Direct TV is the same way. I will never give a good review on Direct TV ever again, I use to rave about them and now all I will say is negative stuff. when I called to move they told me I didn't have to pay then they changed it and said I did this went back and forth for about 10 min then I spoke to a manager and he said that no I don't have to pay and I was locked into 2 yrs at $34.99 (lies), then I was called for the sports package and it was suppose to be free and it wasn't thank goodness I called because I was told if I don't cancel then in September I will be bill almost $400 after I was told it was free in August. Direct TV will always lie to their customer, best company to get cable TV will be COX, never had a problem with them ever. your manager told me at the end of July 2011 that I was locked in for $34.99 and now you changed your mind. I will be putting in a BBB report and will be spreading the good news on how horrible your company is and to just go with COX if you want to just have TV with no lies and deception from a company.

you are stealing my money. charging my credit card without my authorization, that is fraud. you put me on hold for 30 minutes and the you hang up the phone.

I have been on hold for 88 minutes now waiting to talk to a supervisor. Richard Employee# 100312961 is the supervisor on the phone with me after waiting for 90 minutes. Rachard disconnected my two receivers and told me to keep only Receiver # 8530. He also said tha he is going to refund my money (receiver lease charge for the past three month, HD service charge for three month) Richard also told me that Iill have three month free service credited to my account.

I have been having trouble with billing in NJ. When I asked for a supervisor, I waited 20 minutes. When I tried to explain the problem with my bill, (I talk loud due to hearing loss, she hung up on me). They are very rude and do not want to hear what you have to say. I can't wait for FIOS to come into my area.

Worst service I have ever experienced in my life - literally! They need competition. They are absolutely awful. I have a problem at least once a month and I've only been with them for 6-months. DOn't sign up with Directv!

bad customer service.**** I signed up for their service last month and was told that they can give me the triple package, but after signing up, I was told that my area was not served for internet and phone but yet they told my the day before that it did. I spend 45 minutes on hold trying to talk to a supervisor but never could get one to answer the phone.

I had been a customer for over 13 years, I have a mortgage company, and have on many occasions pulled credit reports on people with good credit only to have an outstanding collection from Directv. I recently quit my service, and lo and behold, the final bill was more than what was sent to me in the mail. I ask that anyone who has had this happen to them to contact an attorney, so these morons have to pay for representation, and it ends up costing them more then what they charged to their customers.

I indicated on numerous occasions over the past 4 to 6 weeks for Directv to pickup their box as I was not taking the box anywhere, and if they wanted it back they needed to pick it up as FedEx refuses to deliver directly to my apartment and it is not always convenient for me, nor should I have to go pick up a "return" box at my complex office and then take it back to have FedEx pick it up. They were the ones who disconnected my service and would not work with me for 1 week until I got paid where the account would have been paid in full as a regular monthly expense. They called me to explain their "return" policy and I would have to send the box back or I would be charged. I told them they are to not call me and refer to my legal counsel as I'm filing bankruptcy.. they called me anyway. I canceled my service with Directv and I went another provider who provides superior service and is willing to work with me on WHATEVER I may need. I will never again use Directv nor will I ever refer anyone one I know that company. I find it funny that their CEO did the show "Undercover Boss" to see how employees are doing and how to improve for them...He should try being an "Undercover CUSTOMER" and see what he can do on how we are treated.

I have never received such poor service in my life!!!! They charged me $210.00 because they claim I breached my contract because I upgraded to a new receiver! Little do they tell you that when you get a new receiver it starts a new contract! They deducted the money from my account after my account was already cancelled! Then they charged me $130 saying I ordered PPV movies which we NEVER did, never had a phone line hooked up and don't even have a landline! Well NOTE to self, if you have company and they accidentally try to order a PPV, even though a phone line is not hooked up, it still orders it and you still get charged! CROCK OF SH*T!! I requested my card be removed from and they reassured me it was. Before I hung up the phone I verified the card was no longer there, now about a month later, they took the $130 out of my account for the PPV, without my approval, NOTE: after my service was cancelled, after they reassured me my credit card was removed and after I had already called and told them I did NOT order any PPV!! I called and complained once again and told them to go back into their records and listen to the recording and then they say they don't record all phone calls (even though it says they do) and that it must have been a mistake that we were told our account was paid in full but will they give me my money back? HELL NO! I will NEVER go back to DIRECTV ever!! DIRECTV..............YOU SUCK!!

Directv has the worst customer service! I have a problem every month. I am enrolled in auto pay for my combined discount & Directv screws up every month by not deducting then I need to call spend way to much time then get late fees removed then I am told I will not have a problem in the future. When we started service we were told by Directv that the service was as Cox. Not true. Directv has weaker programming services & horrible accounting customer service. I hate my experience with Directv. The worst. David Gladstone

We have been DirectTV subscribers for 10+ years and received some terrible customer service. We use the Auto-Pay service of DirectTV and assume they would charge us only for the service we request, but apparently they take advantage of people on Auto-Pay as they will add on additional services and by the time you find out they are added its too late to cancel and and am out $50 for service we NEVER requested and NEVER used. They refused to give back the money they stole.

I'm no longer a customer of DirecTV but continue to have charges put through to my card that is on file. DirecTV says they are unable to remove that card...I find that hard to believe. I think the service provided by Direct TV is shady and I plan to escolate to all levels until resolved. I encourage anyone with similar problems to do the same. We can make a difference as I'm tired of getting the run around while my card number is active and being charged on an account that is disconnected!

On thanksgiving day i had the last of bad service from this company. i have had direcTV for years. On thanksgiving day my service was turned off. I called the company and asked that my service be turned back ond and let them know i would be paying my bill on this coming thursday. I was told by the repersentative that they could not turn my service back on, I ask to speak with a supervisor or manager. I was then tols that their was know supervisor or manager available. On that day I made serveral calls to the company to speak with a supervisor or manager only to be told that their was know managers or supervisor there, and one repersentative by the name of EM told me that it was no need for me to speak to a supervisor or manager because they couldn't help me anyway. This was thanksgiving day and I had family coming and I couldn't beleive that a company that i have been patinizing forn years could not work with me for one week! She also let me know that I was not a valued cutomer and refuse to allow me to speak with anyone other than her. I must have called directTV six times that day only to speak with repersentive with the same attitude. I don't understand how a company as large as this doesn't have available supervisors or managers on site. I don't understand how a company could allow repersentive to say to customers that they are not valued. I was truly hurt and disappointed with myslef for spending my hard earned money with a company such as this for years. I was disapoointed in this company for the quality of service it gave me! As of that day im know longer a customer of directTv and i will certainly share this experence with everyone I know so that can know what kind of company they are investing their money in!!!!

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