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I used to work for the cheesecake factory in downtown Chicago. Their cooks work extremely hard for the low pay, its very fast pasted. I was in a car accident and was off work for 3 1/2 months, and we I was able to go back to work they said and i quote "Glad to have you back, we miss you. What ever you need to make your return easier just let us know." i told them that i would have to come back on a set scheduled. And they reply again i quote " no problem, we can do that. Not a problem." "You have to be retrained on your station again" i told them ok and they put me on to work 3 days of retraining and when i was done wit that and was off the next few days, so i waited for the next schedule to come out and found out that i was not on it, so i waited a week for the next one to come out and found out that i wasn't on it either. So i called and left messages with my chef (Freddy and the other kitchen managers) but my calls were never returned nor did i get a release letter or call. they just let me go and didn't say anything. The management staff in the kitchen and the way they ran thing in their was a joke. at lease have the decency to let a person know that what you were planing instead of just ignoring somebody.

Pretty junky place to work at,the location I worked at was frequented by a huge percentage of locals from foreign countries or tourists who would leave you no tip after spending $100-$200 on filets for the whole family,yeah even the 6 year old kids would eat filet and because the table was less than 6 adults you could not put automatic gratuity on it.If you were lucky you might get a 10% tip which after tipping out the other staff members would leave you with 5% or paying money out of your pocket if you got no tip or not enough to cover the tip out on the sales of the check.The problem is that many days this happens 2,3,4 times and management or corporate can't figure it out that locations that draw many foreigners should have an automatic gratuity added on as tipping in other countries is not like in the US if they tip at all.Many days you would run around like a chicken with your head cut off possibly selling $800 to over a $1000 and leave with like $70-$80.The restaurant had other issues but for the most part this was the biggest problem that led to bad morale in employees and many new employees quitting a month or two after getting hired.

NO response from them, after sent the below letter three times, and that was over three months!!! Good thing I cut and pasted it; and saved it into a word document. Please enjoy the following letter they never responded to: I travel a lot for work, but managed to be home tonight to celebrate my mom's birthday, and where else would we go but The Cheesecake Factory? After a night of shopping at the North Shore Mall in Peabody, MA we were seated and Amanda was our server. I am pleased to tell you how polite and friendly she was; a definite knowledgeable and professional addition to the Peabody Team. She wished my mother a happy birthday after I advised her of her special day, who just turned 61, as we proceeded to order a light dinner: two Chinese Chicken salads. After about 15 minutes, our food arrived looking delicious as ever, as we both indulged into the heaping mounds of rice noodles and delicious grilled chicken (we always order it that way). We don't usually just get salads, but tonight we were both really feeling it. Other than noticing the lettuce had been a bit ... brown, almost like the edges of the leaves had been sort of aged, two minutes through my mom's salad she noticed a large piece of ice (about three inches long and flat) in her salad. We both kind of laughed and wondered how it got there. We signaled attention to Amanda how also look surprised and told us it could have fallen off the side of the cooler where the lettuce was stored... but she didn't know for sure, so she went to ask the manager on duty, as she apologized and walked away with the plate filled with whole wheat and molasses bread crumbs and the ice specimen. A few minutes had passed and we were greeted by Lee, a supervisor or manager on duty that evening. He apologized for my mom's discovery and thanked her for "bringing it to our attention". As you could imagine, a salad with some foreign matter inside of it that could have possible fallen off the side of a refrigerator or cooler isn't really appetizing as my mom set the plate aside. I didn't finish mine not only did I feel like I had too much to eat but also wondering what could be in my salad as well, or if the salad was somewhere it shouldn't be stored and what could be lurking in it. Amanda came around and collected our dishes and offered my mom a happy birthday desert. Since we were kinda over the whole thing, we didn't want to be rude and my mom asked her what they were offering the other table, which had been a Kahlua cheesecake. That sounded good to her, and I ordered a coffee. The desert came, as dressed up with whip cream and all its glory, and then the check...$40.45. I was kinda surprised Lee didn't authorize a refund of my mom's meal or something else to eat instead which we found to be pretty rude and unprofessional, and a certain treatment we're not used to when dining at TCF; kinda spoiled the night since we really didn't eat our salads. Upon leaving, i left Amanda a $5 tip, since it really wasn't her fault... but shame on Lee. I had to say something to Amanda before we left in confidentiality and she completely felt bad and really understood like she had demonstrated a genuine concern for the satisfaction her Customers. Lee on the other hand, not so much. Kind of insulting and rude... especially on my mother's birthday. I am writing to you just to ask for your opinion and wondering where I fell short, and what I did wrong. It would have felt weird to ask a manager to take an item(s) off the bill, when that should have been something that should have been automatically... without question. And the real kicker... we were charged for her "birthday treat"... what happened here?

Went to the CCF on the Plaza, K.C., Mo.on 7/15/12. The waiter was so unprofessional. We had no silverware, had to ask, we were given one bread and butter plate and had to use it for bread, and two different apps. We had to ask several times for a water refill, which never came,and our dirty plates were NEVER removed. We sat the entire time with the table full of butter wraps,empty glasses, and dirty plates. Not to mention, we were sat at the outside patio in 100 degree heat. I went to speak to the manager explained my experience and he said he would take care of it. This never happened, I had to go find him again and asked him to come and see our table. He knelt down and told me that my table was fine and that it was CCF policy to issue only ONE plate for bread and apps, even if you ordered several different kinds. He said seperate plates would only be brought if you made a special request. He said this was also the policy for water refills. At this point we paid and left to go have dinner accross the street at the Brazilian Steak House, best decision! I found the CCF uncaring, rude, and unprofessional. Made a comment on line at corp. website and never heard from them either?? Now tell me, what's the big deal about the CCF?

AVENTURA, FLORIDA CHEESECAKE FACTORY should be rated -10000 with managers like Jason running the show. I ordered 4 things. The only thing that was correct was the slice of cheesecake. I ordered mini crab bites which 2, had a bite taken out of them!!!!!!!!!!! A turkey blt no tomato. They gave me a baquette that was very hard, stale and had actual mold on it and there was 2 slices of turkey and and tomato seeds from the left behind tomato. no white toast, mayo, bacon?? The french fries were missing completely. The third item shrimp scampi no tomato extra sauce. Shrimp raw, no sauce on dish and a little sauce on side filled to the brim with tomatoes. Called JASON manager there(cant believe this is who is in charge) laughed and said he would not help, didnt even sound appauled. I asked for a higher up and refused to answer and hung up. This after waiting 35 minutes to speak with him. what a waste of time and 50 dollars. wasted 3 hours, starving and putting in frozen pizza as we speak. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

We ate at the CCF in Woodfield Shopping CTR SCHAUMBURG Il. We were celebrating my daughter's 16th Birthday. My husband had to ask for his soup twice. It arrived about 2 minutes before his dinner. My dinner came with his but our two daughters each rec'd their dinners 5 minutes apart. When the waitress cam back to see how are dinner was, I told her were not eating yet because my daughter was still waiting for her dinner. She requested her leftovers wrapped to bring home,but when we opened the box the next day it was someone elses leftovers. Gross!

I am a former employee at the cheesescake factory in Short Hills Mall NJ .On Tuesday june 8 2012 I was fired for telling a supposedly fellow employee Oon how I felt when he pushed me deliberately, this was not the first time he pushed me he is noted for being rude and pushy but nothing is said to him I told a manager once before about him and he was told ,but the harassment continued .I do not think this is fair I was terminated but he continues to work and be able to provide for his family I am a father and provider too just because he is a prepcook and I am a dishwasher does that make him better than me I think management needs to rethink this decision and decide who do you want a loyal and hardworking individual or a person who has no respect for his/her fellow worker.

I was hired at Cheesecake Factory - I have lots of food and beverage experience. I was stunned at the training process - the trainer was an absolute jack-ass and was always talking about her personal life and she told us her age about 15 times per day and that she walks 5 miles every morning...who cares!!! I could not believe the dirty dishes that were being used for guest service - run your fingers across the plates and they are bumpy with old crusty food. AND they deducted $50.00 from my paycheck for shoes that I never received. I sent a written request for reimbursement and they assured me it was coming...that was 6 weeks ago and still nothing!!! What a garbage joke of an establishment - stick to your mom-n-pop restaurants - these big chains are theives!!!

We dined at the Cheesecake Factory in Danbury, Connecticut on May 30, 2012, sitting at at a table in the bar. We were given a basket of bread with our dinner, which we did not eat. Our server, Mercedes, asked if we had touched the bread. We said we had not. She promptly turned around and gave the basket to a couple dining at the bar. In our state that is a health code violation. Having seen that, needless to say, we will NEVER dine at any Cheesecake Factory again. There is no telling what is going out of sight of the customers.

I’m very disappointed in the manger at this location. My office frequents this location monthly; if not twice a month. On Friday the 25th our supervisor treated our staff to a working lunch to celebrate a co workers birthday. I unfortunately was not able to attend so my lunch was ordered (at the table packaged to go). Once I was able to eat my lunch it was approximately 4pm. My order was Firecracker Salmon. I started eating the lettuce and felt a string in my mouth, or so I thought it was. I spit the lettuce out however; the string remained in my mouth. I pulled out a long blonde/brown hair. I immediately called the restaurant. I expected someone to check the remaining lettuce for additional hairs, a verbal conformation that it would be inspected. As I explained to several employees what happen I was finally transferred to the manger and he was of no help. The first thing he said was “NONE OF MY SERVER’S HAVE BLONDE HAIR.” He further went on to say he thought that what I was saying was odd. He basically called me a liar. I returned his accusing tone with “NONE” of my coworkers have blonde/brown hair. So how did it get in the inside of the container? To make matters worse as I waited for him to take my call I noticed another short hair in the box. As we talked I found him to be the most hostile manager to be representing a national restaurant chain. I work in a location that it is not convenient for me to leave and find parking to replace my meal. His only suggestion was that I could come get another lunch or he would refund the money depending on how it was paid. I told him that it was paid for on my supervisor’s card and please refund him the dinner. I’m emailing because as I stated before for the last 9 ½ years I have worked in this area and enjoyed this dining at this location because of the serve and food quality. The location is in a horrible spot but normally the parking and wait is worth it. In my wildest dreams I would have never expected his response to be that or his manner harsh. I do have a picture of the hair and the food has not been touched so if anyone bother to retrieve the food it would show that this was a bad experience not a customer attempt to receive anything free.

Today 05-19-12 I went to the Cheesecake factory located in: 7497 N Kendall Dr Kendall, Florida 33156 Food was not the problem. Problem was the waiter, (Fernando G.) swiped my credit card twice. So instead of my dinner costing me $59.67 it cost me $119.34 + the tip that I left. When I called to speak to the waiter, it so happens he had already left for the day (my luck). I ask to speak to a manager, his name was Scott, as I am telling him the story, he puts me on hold 2 times and comes back telling me, Oh, I am sorry but the my login is not working to check the system to see the charges... I get placed on hold yet againnn for another 3 minutes. He comes back to tell me I have to speak to another manager... Finally speak to the 2nd manager, named Tony, I explain the story and as he checks the credit card transaction, of course he only see's one charge of $59.67 + the tip I left. I clearly tell him that I have consulted my bank and they confirmed 2 charges (pending) for the same amount of $59.67. Tony basically didn't care to help me at all. I have filed a dispute and now I have to wait 10 days, to get my card back, because of this error they committed and cannot not even admit of the mistake. THE SERVER WAS: FERNANDO G 1ST MANAGER: SCOTT 2ND MANAGER: TONY ALL 3 SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THEIR POSITIONS IMMEDIATELY!!!!! **WORD OF ADVICE, DO NOT EAT HERE AND IF YOU DO, PAY WITH CASH** Henry Gil 05-20-12

I received salmonella food poisoning from the Marina Del Rey Location which required medical care and lost work. I am considering filing a lawsuit against CCF since instead of taking care of my medical bills, they sent me a gift card and denied wrong doing. They were provided with a letter and medical records from my doctor indicating my illness was food borne in nature and most likely caused from eating there. If CCF would like to contact me regarding this matter before suit is filed and they incur legal costs and pay court fees, they may do so at Chat_the_races@yahoo.com. Also, if anyone would has any information on this kind of incident, feel free to contact me. 310 429-7456 and I would be more than happy to discuss the issue. I asked for them to do what is right, if they cannot respond, then I will ask a Judge to order them to pay for their poor management and public safety issues.

I ordered my food and my chicken was cold. I asked to speak to a manager, I ended up with Isreal. Isreal gave me a line about the quality of food and was quite rude. I told him I would never go again. Our company gives gift cards or comps meals to employees and needless to say this place will be off the list.

I am a regular customer at the cheesecake factory in brentwood, california Today,the waiter misplaced my friends platinum express card and put the bill on my card instead of us splitting charges. It took us at least 20 minutes time and aggravation before card was finally found. My friend is leaving for europe this week and needed his card. He had to cancel it in order to get another one before leaving the country. My friend felt that we should have been comped for our inconvenience and returning late to our jobs The manager very reluctantly agreed.She was kinda put out. We are not desperate for a free inexpensive lunch.It was just something she could have handled differently to 2 regular and loyal customers

As a regular patron of your Rancho Cucamunga, Ca store who dines at least twice a week at this establishment I was very displeased in the management. Each time I have chosen to eat here I order a glass of wine or two and it never fails the glasses are dirty (as I wonder what's left on the plates that's under my food). I decided to let the management know. The "Manager" Israel came to my table and after I explained my concerns he informed me that they wash there dishes with very hot water and chemicals so that should kill anything that was left on the glasses. He could even show me all the records they have on the company that comes in that's responsible for the way the dishes are cleaned. He let me know that this company is even better than the Health Department since they only come in twice a year. He continue to let me know that it was my choice to dine and spend my money at the Cheesecake Factory and that I could go somewhere else. Israel also educated me that perhaps every time I order a glass of wine I should ask for a clean glass. I thought this should be a given when you eat off of something at a restaurant. Israel also told me that he would not want to discount my bill (that I never even asked him to do in the first place) as he would not want to offend me. Now, what I pay for a glass of Pinot Noir Mark West for $7.95 a glass, I could buy that same wine for $8.95 a bottle and get four glasses of wine. So with purchasing two glasses of wine at your establishment I just bought you two bottles of wine. With this mark up on the wine I hope that you would retrain Israel on how to speak to the customers that make his paycheck possible. He was right I have a choice and he just made it easier for me not to come back to this establishment. It sounds to me The Cheesecake Factory has an issue with the way the Managers treat the customer. I will go back to my own company and use this experience as an example how not to treat the customer. So with that I'd like to thank Israel for showing me how poor customer relations can loose a customer.

On February 17, 2012, around 8:00 p.m., my wife and I ordered clam chowder and calamari and we got very sick afterwards. Our stomachs were in much pain and we did not sleep very much last night. Fortunately, we got through it but it was awful. I called the Cheese Factory this morning to make them aware and warn them about a possible bad batch of clams or calamari. The servers were good and the food tasted good, but it sure did a job on my wife and I. Watch out! We are pretty healthy people but if you are not so healthy it can really hurt you.

My husband works for the Cheese Cake at the Parks in Arlington Texas and they never give him a break he works his eight hours or more and he never gets a lunch last time i checked it is against the law to work your employees without a lunch.i feel that this matter needs to be taken care of everyone is entitled to a lunch break when working eight hours.my understanding is that they only give the servers break. The managers there also treat thier people like crap and dont pay good. i feel that this is a great place but they should not treat thier employees like that. i myself am a store manager and i would never treat my people that way. i will be taking this further till i see results at this restaurant!!!!!!!!

I dont work there but I know 5 people that do they say its hell in one just got fired 411 not going on new years eve but never called out previous to that. I hear managers are so unproffesional and the salary sucks.to think I wanted to work there noway its nothing but a horror story the things I hear

The food is overpriced and mediocre at best; which is on of the contributing factors that made this the worst job I ever had. Not that CCF is super expensive, but when people spend $18-20 a plate plus $8 for a piece of cheescake, they expect it to be good. Of course when they were disappointed in the average food, they would blame me as if I cooked it; and tip me the usual CCF 10%. The management, I'm sure in all CCF's, are a bunch of cookie cutter managers. They don't have any flexibility or original thought, and follow corporate rules to a T, in fear of their own jobs; which also makes this a terrible place to work. The uniforms are silly and degrading! haha. I worked there for 3 months while I was finishing up grad school. It was a great experience because when you see Hell, you run in the other direction. This experience really motivated me to finish school, and get a real job. Life is good these days, especially when I reflect on the worse job I ever had.

I was very disappointed with my takeout meal I purchased from the new cheesecake factory in pembroke pines Florida . First and foremost ,I've alwayed love to dine at other locations across the us. But I really was flabbergasted when I got home and saw what I thought I ordered......salmon crusted salad for 17+dollars. I got maybe someone's leftovers really. The lettuce was old and must of been portion controlled .i was not on a diet. I found avacoto skin in it. The 3 slices of tamatos were old and Mushed !!!!!!!! Yuckie. Shame on you . I'm really disappointed at my first hometown experience . Oh as for the salmon not even going to take you there!!!!!!!!!

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