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Do not shop Herbergers

Purchased a comforter set , Tried to cancel the same day and told me it cold not be cancelled. I received the item and returned it to the store, it had not even been open. Here it is six weeks later and my credit card still has not been credited. And this is after numerous calls, will not even let you speak to a supervisor. Just same old story and no results

90 day hold on Returns

How is it a long term customer(years) and credit card holder of Bon Ton (years) is humiliated in front of sales associates, that I have frequently worked with, by being given a sales slip saying I can't return anything for 90 days. And then, humiliated and angry, I call and am told I can only return once after 90 days. What is this? How about educating your customers on your new expectations instead of humiliating them in front of sales associates I have worked with for a long time? I don't see how I can return to Carson's after such a humiliating experience or to be treated in such a fashion. Why give us a credit card to your store and an open return policy if you are only entrapping your customers to take home and try before you buy. And then surprising them with this humiliation.


I over heard a couple employees of the bonton rake another employee over the coals. It was one of the worst things I have ever heard in my life and I was in the Ladies room. My heart went out to the employee. I ask after the fact and someone said the woman giving it to the one employee (name) she thought was Donna Hawk?

Oil city bon-ton has great employees but the manager and the high haha staff suck!!! Plus a women from corp. by the name of DONNA she needs brought down a peg or 4!!! will never shop there again!! cut up my card...

Excellent Help

After having trouble placing a order. I hung up and thought I would try one more time. I had the most knowledge, sensitive, experienced Person take my order. She was very aware of how upset I was. She took charge of the problem, talked me through everything she was doing. Her name is Debbie Walker. I hope you know how outstanding she is. I wanted you to know you have a very out standing person working for you. Allene Ofcky

Poor Customer Service

We recently tried to change the due date for our charge account (Comenity Bank) and were informed that it is impossible to do so. Their system is not set up to make that kind of change. Every other account we've ever had can do so. I think I will be not shopping at any of the Bon-Ton Stores in the future (Carson Pirie Scott in particular)


temperature controlled by a corporate office instead of on site is ridiculous-15 employees quit, customers complain, employees sick and no one will lower temp in herbergers north Dakota store. what is wrong with you people? Now you are short staffed as well and those still working are trying to do 3 other persons jobs in 80 degree or more heat

Carson's Orland Park

Never again will I shop on this sore , all that matters to them is $$$ If your going into the cosmetic department ..run as fast as you can!!!!

Horrible service

Horrible service. They don't care about the customer just the money. They do not coordinate delivery with peoples lives.

0 stars to the Bon Ton.


Please thank Juan & Jana at the Norfolk, NE Herbergers store for their awesome help in getting me a Christmas tree the day before Christmas - Juan was awesome in helping me buy the demo tree on the floor which was awesome! That store always has the best employees.


Great customer service!! Awesome store with high quality products!! Love it!!


I tried to reach someone concerning an item I think that they would be interested in selling in their store as it is in high demand. I did not get a person to speak with period.

They sold us a defective bed

In August of 2013 we purchased a bed and mattress set from Carson's in Lombard, IL. The one year warranty is three months past and they refuse to fix the bed. It has caused me a pinched nerve as the mattress now sags significantly. After placing umpteen calls all I get is that they can't do a thing.

Carson Pirie Scott in Lombard

I have become very dissatisfied with Carson's which I have shopped at for over 35+ years. Here are my reasons: They NEVER have enough small size shoes (One pair of size 6 for certain brands doesn't cut it!) They don't carry enough small petite clothes, especially in pants. You can't buy petite coats there anymore as well as pajamas in petite sizes. In the men's department in July, I could not find one small polo or henley shirt. Last but not least in the women's bathroom. It is a disgrace and needs to be completely done. I hope the powers that be take notice and make changes soon because you are loosing small women as customers!

contact us?

there never seems to be an easy way to contact this company or is that how they want it?

Dissappointed and humiliated

I was at the Grand Prairie location on 07/18/13 to return 2 out of the 4 dresses I had bought online. 2 worked and 2 didn't. I misplaced the packing slip but had a printout of my online order. I wasn't upset when she said I'd have to have a merchandise credit for the refund. I was however humiliated, dumbfounded, and furious over the fact that she handed me a "warning" for the return. I felt as though I were being treated like a criminal and I had stolen something! There were other customers within earshot too! I will never shop at Bergner's again! I sent in an online survey and haven't heard anything, of course. What a bad customer service experience!

Poor service

I have always shopped at the carson store by my house but this last experience has changed everything. I went to make returns for my brother and father for the items they purchased with the coupon they recieved and I got nothing but attitude and hassle from the employee and the store manager... Not only that but since thy made the purchases in a different store the store manager told me that since it was bought at a different store and not here I can no make the return for u.... What an inconvenience for me the customer to drive 40 mins away.

need air conditioning in store

the Sheridan Store is very nice and sales girls are great and helpful but you need to do something about the air conditioning.sometimes is so hot you don't want to shop.also the sales girls a re very hot.,try to do something about it or you will loose customers.nobody wants to shop in a hot store.


The Bon Ton store in Massena, NY is very messy and disorganized. This store always has alot of clearances all over the place, including on the floor. The carpeting areas are filthy and stained. The store looks like a bargain basement.

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