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The worse Company ever! I have had nothing but trouble out of them. They say you have to have their cost added to your phone bill. I told them I didn't want their services anymore but they did it anyway. I told them I would not be paying for it and in turn they had my phone and internet turned off. They want me to pay them $792 for something I told them I didn't want and I have emails to provide it! Don't ever even give them your phone number they will charge you!

The Berry Company is the worst company I have never delt with. My company didn't even advertised but charged my company. I called numerous msg but customer service was "no customer services" finally called coporate office found someone to help named Darleen Walker, customer relations took her over 4 months to clear things up but not only that I had to pay half of cost ad we didn't sign up for... I thought my company is done with this useless no customer service company but I was wrong. I just received $755 monthly bill from them (ad my company didn't even signed up for) I am so mad ready to sue this useless company.

The Berry Company is the most incompetent company I have ever dealt with. Many problems with print ads and on line ads. Trying to get the issue resolved is imposable. I am writing a letter to the President and CEO but I am not hopeful that my issues will be resolved.

i feel like we are wasting our money. it is impossible to ever contact anyone at berry who has the power to cancel this ad. a little digging online and now i am very concerned that i will never be able to resolve this. i am scared.

We moved our offices and changed our phone number. I contacted the Berry sales person. She said the new book would show the new info. I never heard from her again; however, today the new book came out with the OLD INFO! I called Berry and they first hung up on me. I called again and got a customer service person who admitted that their computers showed the new info. They opened a claim ticket. We won't pay a penny for incorrect info. I also work for another person who has been overcharged for his ad for the last 4 months, to the tune of $1150! And they keep charging late fees on top of that. He also has a typo in his new ad that came out today... they got the website address wrong. Stay away from any advertising handled by Berry.

This company is absolutely terrible! We did business with then five years ago and they messed up our ad, but still charged us for it for over a year. Then we get a call in May of 2010. They tell us they've changed and have new people and asked that we give them a chance again with our advertising needs...Like idiots we fall for it! Now, here I am in Feb 2011 still trying to get the ads fixed. Katy Pauluk P: 608.392.1551 F: 866.835.0053 M: 612.210.1008 Katy.Pauluk@theberrycompany.com Katy is suppose to be my account manager. I have several emails and phone calls from her in which she is stating she will get back to me with answers...That was in Dec 2010 still nothing. I've been calling her manager Michelle Grover at 612-616-1650 and have still received no answer. I've spoken with several of the offices across the nation. They just direct me back to these two idiots who never do anything about the situation. Take my advice

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