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ARC doe snot care

Your paid staff screws over the volunteers and runs people off at rapid rates. I am a certified instructor for ARC and all the other agencies to include AHA don't charge the high fees you do, but nobody is listening that organizations have stopped using us. We cannot tlak to your "PAID" staff. I recently had to attend yet another orientation and now am told will have to wait for another back ground check, history checks ,e tc. as does the Mayor and City Council who was going to volunteer in Polk County Texas, but not now, because your "paid" staff does not listen and does not care. Changes need to be made but nobody is going to jeopardize their paid position for any volunteers now are they? The ARC is not what they represent to America.

What do we phlebotomist of the ARC Blood collection need to do to to get our blood pressure cuffs back on the blood drives? not sure what we did to deserve our most important tool for a successful blood draw taken from us.They do not work well and they're very uncomfortable for the donor. We are expected to make bricks without straw. We will gladly send you back all the worthless elastic bands you are forcing us to use. Taking a tried and true tool that has worked for years away from the people who make a very large % of an organization's income does not seem like the smartest thing to do. Maybe we need to get a union to help us get the tools we need to do our job. Yes, I understand you are saving a few dollors as the blood pressure cuffs have to have quality control checks and you have to pay someone to do that. but don't you think that our blood donors deserve a positive experience? Don't you think that every effort should be made to give our donors a comfortable and painless experience? After all they are our bread and butter. if you are a blood donor, strongly request a blood pressure cuff be used on you. There really is a big difference. Take it from a 20 plus year ARC phlebotomist. THANK YOU for reading this post

I hope that now that you have the 1 million dollars that was donated to the sandy relief, you will actually use it to help the people in queens, long island, new jersey, and staten island new york. Don't do what you didnt do for the victims of Katrina. Everyone is watching you closely! if it is given to the victims, then give it, keeping it, will only make your organization look sleezy and trust is already weak!

hi husband is a disable veteran who served his country who called for help from the red cross they said he had to be 60 being a veteran is enough we called 3 offices of the red cross never got a returan call

i have a new children's e-book out- teardrop head jed you can view info out on youtube- how much would your charge me to advertise teardrop head jed on all red cross sites-of course i would share a large percentage of the profit with the red cross- this story is unique to any other story-six stars without question- thank you for your time-dwight osborne-760-310-6150

I think any organization has their problems. The Red Cross is no different. However, they are made up of 90% volunteers (do the math). If you have a good chapter they will work with you. But, at the same time, you have to work with them. There are channels in every area and everyone has a boss. Be sure to use your chain-of-command. There are things I don't understand or maybe not even like. But, they know what they are doing. Hang in there. Thr Red Cross does so much good for the people in need. Negative talk helps no one.

The Red Cross is losing out because you do not answer your phone. Put a human on the line and not a recorded message.

I was laid off on 6-30-2011 and I have het to get my benefis and unemployment straightened out. What a shame that a company who take millions in as donations do not even take care of their own prior employees. I have spent the last 41 days trying to get this fixed to no avail. I am now going to call National headquarters for help.

Pay for a certificate? Red Cross seems to be all about money and less about compassion

My son enrolled in CNA course in July 2011 and attended just one day. For family issues, he had to drop off from the course. Now considering enrolling again in September. The price went up from $500 to $1250 in a blink of an eye. When asking why the price difference, I was told the course now includes a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, finger printing, the fee for the test and some other miscellaneous which was not included a month ago. I told them the white pants/red shirt uniform was used ONE DAY and not even wrinkled to which I refuse to pay for again. All they have is a lady reading from a piece of paper and says uniform is included in new price. Can someone make some sense to these people? I refuse to pay "again" for uniform when in fact it was just used ONE DAY. I am willing to pay the extra money, but give me a break here.

I am having a horrific time with my WSI certification and getting NO HELP from the Greater NY Chapter, can someone please help me nancymiller618@aol.com

Highly disappointed with the red cross! My daughter took a baby sitting course in march that I paid 50.00 for and I still have not recieved her certificate. I have made several attempts to get in touch with the right people regarding this matter and I get the run around or no return phone call! I would not recommend the red cross for anyone needing classes. What a shame!!

I work for the red cross in little rock arkansas and was injured on the job and have been forced to return to work with doctors orders not too.but this office does not care about their own workers or future injury to their employees so i am working against doctors orders and have had to hire an attorney just too get medical treatment,which red cross refuses to aprove 501-612-0956 if any one can help red cross has denied me any medical treatment what away to treat your own EMPLOYEES

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