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My wife fell on her left hand at the Texas Road House in West Haven Ct on 9/23/12. Texas Road House will not pay one cent. We have ate there many times and I still think the food and service is good. If you should get hurt at Texas Road House call the police,call the emts, get names of all the people that saw accident do not do what l did care for my wife on the floor.

My husband and I ordered our dinner and I had salad and ask for grilled chicken with no seasoning and forgot to tell the waitress to put dressing on side so when whe crought the salad it was so over drenched with salad dressing that I brought it to her attention and she just looked at me like I was stupid so I ask for a to go box and she brought it. She never offered to fix it and the sevice was terrible. I tryed to contact the manager four times and could not get him to call me back. When I ask about the District Manager I was told they did not know how to contact him. I will never go there again and after the experience I had I know why they are not busy most of the time. Mobile Alabama is no place that needs Texas Roadhouse Grill.

At last, seoomne who comes to the heart of it all

very bad food service and manager sent me a coupon for dinner for two for $30.00 dollars byut we are a party of 7 and spent way over $100.00 dollars

I love our Texas Roadhouse in Brooksville, Fl. The one thing you need to add to your menu to make a 5 star rating is sweet potato fries!! Please, please, please add these to your wonderful menu!!

I purchased a Texas Roadhouse coupon for two free smothered steaks or two free smothered potatoes, when I went to the Sioux City Texas Roadhouse to use the coupon there was a sign on the door explaining that the coupon was a misprint and that the coupon was for free toppings on two steaks or two potatoes. For a $20 dollar donation this seems a bit inadequate. This is not the first fundraising issue I have encountered with Texas Roadhouse in Sioux City, IA. My family used to enjoy dining there on a regular basis in Florida. After being totally unsatisfied twice now with their "miscommunication" issues, I will let anyone and everyone know of this situation as well as NEVER step foot in a Texas Roadhouse again.

The Texas Roadhouse in Johnson City, Tennessee is excellent. Manager "Brandy" always makes sure everything is just right. Server "Jessica" kept everything filled up and warm. They offer one pork chop on their menu where others require you buy two, which I can't hold. Keep up the good work, Johnson City. You are great!

I was at Texas roadhouse in Fayetteville nc last night and had the best service I've ever had. I travel a lot for business and this is by far the most I have ever been wowed. My server Stefanee was excellent. I always get the same thing and she talked me into a few menu items that I would had never tried on my own. That girl defiantly knows her alcohol! I felt like I was very important when Katie came to check on me to make sure I was satisfied. I will be returning to this roadhouse every time I'm in town. Your service blows the socks off of the competition!

Order not right; rare instead of medium well; wrong dressing..This is the 4th time in a row!

I am totally upset with Texas Roadhouse, Hickory, NC!! I live 10 miles away and here on a Sunday night, I called in an order for a 12 oz prime rib,sweet potatoe, and salad...When I got home in the rain and opened the plates, I found the wrong dressing and a rare prime rib, NOT medium WELL but rare and tougher than nails that I could not eat but a couple of bites,,,all FAT and NONE of it tender enough to eat! The sad part is that this has happened 4 times in the past couple of weeks! There was a scant crowd to eat in...no wonder. For $17.42 I got NOTHING worth eating. The place always seems to mess up the order and if it is correct, the meat is not edible! Many are complaining that their food there is not so good and I AM NOT going to pay that much for any meal there again. gailcarpenter@bellsouth.net

We went here tonight for my daughters birthday. There were 12 of us in total. We got there and signed in at 6:45 and were told it would be about 45-1 hour before we could be seated since we had such a large group. We accepted that. After 1-45 min we approached the desk to inquire how much longer it would be and were told 5 mins...after 20 mins I approached the desk again to see how much longer and were told they didn't know and that they couldn't make people leave. I in turn requested to speak to the manager. She come to me and I explained to her I understand that with the large group we might have a long wait but not this long. She said give her 5 mins and she would get us a table. She did and as we were to be seated they had someone else to sit at the table and had to make them move. We were seated and there were two servers to take our drink order. As soon as the last drink order was written down they ran to go dance. Then they wanted to know if we want appetizer's told them that wasn't necessary since we had eaten a barrel of peanuts in the lobby waiting. They took our order and it took another 30 min before they brought our meal. We had to ask for more rolls, refills, etc. then to top it all off they came back to the table and refilled every ones glass at the table but mine, never asked or even gestured to me about a refill. I had water of all things. Upon receipt of our bill I was so disappointed that they had the nerve to add a 15% tip to each ticket we had there. My experience here was the worst I have every had in all the years I have been an adult and eating out and that is more than 30 yrs. I will never grace their doors again. I intend to find out exactly who is responsible for this store and let him know. The girls at the front desk were rude and rolled their eyes at my daughter when she inquired of the wait times upon the initial entrance. The manager after getting us seated never came back to inquire of our service or anything. When she seated us she told us that she would give us two free appetizers and when the servers were told this they acted like they didn't believe us.

I went to the Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Matthews, North Carolina last night with a friend for dinner. During the course of the evening found out from our server and from the Supervisor that Texas Roadhouse does not give military discounts. It really upset me to know that they (corporate) can't show a little support or patriotism by giving our military men and women a sign of appreciation by giving them a few bucks off a meal. My grandson is now serving in the Middle East. He along with all the people he is serving with are putting their lives in jeopardy to keep people like this free to do business and be prosperous. Shame on whoever (or whatever) runs this corporation. I was a frequent diner at Texas Roadhouse, not any more, I won't be going there again and I will make sure to let my friends and acquaintances know about this.

just a joke, its assahme how some great restaurants turn into chains and go so south. it did used to be amazing now average at best. you had your run now i recomend louisville real spots. Decca & St.Charles Exchange for a real dinner. all you have here is kids trying to maintain what once was a good night out!

Im from bourbonnais il n they just opened a texas road house here ive eaten at the up north n loved it but have no desire after being disrespected by the mngr n owner I work at olive garden and no sooner did I tell the mngr that was he all over it calling my gm a moron mind u this is at a bar where both gentleman were drinking w their employees in my opinion it was completely.unprofessional n it made me really upset enough to write in about it if this is the way u guys run things w mngrs dating employees n going out drinking w them and insulting other sucessful business then I want no part.its setting a bad example. N I would never.work nor want my kids to work for a place like that

Service at Lafayette store #194 was awful....server and (2)managers were very rude and disrespectful. I was in Lafayette due to being displaced by Hurricane Isaac. Will never eat there again!!!!!

Dirty glasses,bad service!returned a alcohol drink when it came back it was a non alcohol one for everyones information a black straw is alcohol a white in non so a I had to pay for that! The waitress was rude and when we were leaving asked for a military discount she wasn't happy about that! YOUR WELCOME FOR MY HUSBANDS 25 YEARS OF SERVICE!Then I asked for a to go container What I got was a dirty container with a hole in it. Thanks Jen kepp up the good work! the warwick store must be so happy to have you!We will never go back to your filthy,rude store.

I am certain that you would want to know what transpired on Wednesday August 22, 2012 some of my family members got together for an impromptu dinner. I do not want gift certificates, all I ask is that you look into this matter so it doesn’t happen to anyone else I was asked to call the Texas Roadhouse in Warwick, R.I. to see if they could accommodate a party of 14. I was assured by management that would not be a problem. I stated/emphasized the fact that it was a family dinner and would like one long table. If possible close to the dance floor if not no problem as long as we were seated at one table. I was given the same assurance by management. When we got there we were seated in two booths with a child’s chair at the end of each booth. That was unacceptable. That was just the start of the night. It got worse. We changed tables and were to bring our bread, napkins, and drunks to the next table. I have had to move tables in other restaurants’ but never was asked to take my bread, and napkins. We were still not together we took up3 booths and a table. Now I’m starting to see red. They had one server for our party who did his best; they should have assigned 2 servers. One brother waited 45 minutes for a drink another of my brothers kept going up to the bar ordering drinks and paying for them but when my other brother went up they refused to serve him not because he was drunk, because he was sitting at a table. If you were drinking someone else was driving. My brothers are big drinkers. Now my blood is beginning to boil for they stopped drinking also refused to order dinner. When the bill came it was 320.00 which would have doubled/ tripled if we had been sitting all at the same table. Until Wednesday I have never seen/heard of not including an automatic 15% tip added to the bill for parties of 6 or more. Needless to say the night was a disappointment. Unfortunately we will never step foot in a Texas Roadhouse again because of this.

Is there not a dress code? There are girls walking around in the north little rock, ar store with their was hanging out of their shorts, and when I said something to the manager he laughed at me!!!!!!

As an employee of the Chesapeake texas roadhouse I have immense pride in our company. I have worked with this company for a few years now and I know the ins and outs of front of house service. I believe that the company has plateaued. The Chesapeake Texas roadhouse simply isn't doing enough to continue pulling in customers. I believe that the training has slipped therefore our service has diminished. I challenge you to take a closer look at the Chesapeake location management and service. I would encourage a weeding out of a few key hourly positions and bringing in fresh new ideas. Thank you for your time

Texas Road House in Cross Keys Plaza in Williamstown NJ. Not only was the filet tough but on our way out a server with a large tray of hot food almost knocked my friend down, instead of asking are you OK to see if she was hurt- burned- she gave her a dirty look like she was in her way. administration better take a look at all of the one star ratings they are getting. With everyone cutting down on eating out and a lot more choices of where to do it my advice is don`t waste your money on this chain

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