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Poor excuse for Barteneders

e have been to your local Texas restaurant three times now and last night was our last! The first time it was fine. Second time we witnessed the bartender having an attitude with a customer. The third time a different bartender had an attitude with us! It started when I ordered a drink, Captain and coke with a lime, asked the bartender to make sure the pop was not flat. We had problems the last times we went there, heard some lame excuse from the manager and heard the same lame excuse this time. She got cocky with me stating "she got it out of the back. Then went to get more coke, showed me that it was not flat and stated she just wanted to make sure I saw it. It was her whole demeanor, attitude that set me off! Honestly if I order a drink with soda in it I don't expect it to be flat. That does nothing for the drink! I finished my drink she made with the soda that was not flat half way through my dinner and sat my glass aside, figuring one of the bartenders would come ask me if I would like another one. Sat there for 10-15 minutes and neither bartender asked me if I would like another one. After another 10 minutes or so the one with the attitude finally asked me, after I hesitated for a few seconds I declined! A good bartender will not let your drink set there empty. I declined hoping she would ask me if I wanted something else to drink, and nothing! Both these bartenders are the same ones that have been working each time we go there. They are like robots, only asking what they are suppose to, they have zero personality, don't smile very much and are just rather cold. I am sorry but if you are in the customer service profession than act like it! We will not go back and will be writing to corporate about this situation.

Wrangling Up a Meal at Texas Roadhouse

My wife and I are retired and I suspicion that we probably are not of the generation the corporate heads at Texas Roadhouse tend to target as prospective customers. If your seeking a meal at a quiet corner table while listening to the music of Mantovani or Chacksfield then I would heartily suggest another location. On the other hand if you’re up for some relatively simple American food and you don’t mind walking to your table with the sound of peanut shells smashing under foot then you might want to drop in at the Texas Roadhouse in Willoughby Ohio. I, of course, can’t recommend a restaurant other than a place I’ve actually visited so I’m not about to endorse other locations. We have eaten at the Willoughby Roadhouse four or five times now and we return because we’ve not, as yet, found something to complain about. We like the food and we’ve always had decent service. When we’re in the area we nearly always consider having the cowhands at the Texas Roadhouse at Rt.91 and Rt.90 in Willoughby wrangle us up a lunch or dinner.

Horrible managers. Rude!!

I went to the my local Texas Roadhouse in Columbus indiana. I have noticed lately they the place just keeps getting worse. On this trip to the restaurant my steak was not cooked right they brought it back out and it was fine. But the women manager who brought it out was rude. I also observed her being mean to her workers as well. She yelled at our waiter when it was not her fault the stake was cooked wrong. Felt bad for our waiter. Couldn't he over how menanthe women manager was to her workers. Feel bad for anyone who has to work there. Never will go back. I don't suggest anyone goes there to support managers like that

Is it your policy to steal money from customers?

Went to Texas roadhouse in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and everything was going great...that is until the waitress decided to keep the change from our bill. It was a measly 64 cents, but do all waitress's do this?! Since she decided to keep the change without giving it to us, we decided she preferred this over her 15% tip we were ready to leave. She was so nice, but what is up with keeping the change?!?!

Metal blade

Found a razor blade in my sons meal. Under investigation at this time by Kitchen Manager. I will not go back!!

Horrible experience

Went to celebrate my anniversary and steak was not good. When I complained the manager was rude and yelled at me. We paid and left. This was the worst anniversary dinner ever I wonder if the owner knows what a terrible manager they hired. I will never eat there ever again.

i went to the roadhouse in springfield mass on sunday the 24th of march and we were waiting by da steak station and we witnessed a big guy most likely a manager throwing sides at 1 of ur cooks and we watch him not say n e thing wrong or react to wen he was gettin yelled at we felt bad for da kid so we talked to the kid for a little bit to c if he wanted a lawyer, we just thought we should address it because we love the resturant and the food but will refuse to go if people arent treated with respect there.


Steer clear of the Texas Roadhouse in Temple - Texas, worst experience in dining & customer service I ever had. Still waiting, over 3 weeks, to hear back from manager/staff on the less than desireable experience I had.

texas road house

Hi my name is Connie Barnes I went to texas roadhouse saturday around 2pm of a party of 6. When we walked in our waiter seated us and that was that she did not greet any of us or nothing after sitting us down. After sitting 30 minutes we still never ordered and nor did the waiter come back. About 45 minutes later a new waiter came an we explained what was going she told us that the first waiter didnt take our order because she knew in 10/15minutes she would be getting off but that wasnt are problem so finally after we ordered we recieved are food everybody except one person food was hot.

We've been to quite a few Texas Roadhouses. The food is very good, but they are always very dark. Yesterday we saw people using flashlights and cell phones to read their menu. Why is it so dark?

Used call ahead and still waited an hour. Had a party of nine and after they took the order and brought the food, the service was over because the waitress knew she was getting an automatic 15% and never came back. One steak was over cooked and only gave back $8 of the $19 steak price and did not offer to cook another one correctly. Table never got cleared for our birthday celebration. Just terrible service all around.


I went to Texas Roadhouse on Valentines Day. I called in a carry out order and when I arrived the building was very very crowded. People were actually waiting outside of the doors to be seated. I walked up to the carry out section and told them who I was. The lady swiped my credit card and said it was declined. I then asked could I pay half with cash and half on the card, she said it was declined again so I paid straight cash . When I arrived home my steak was cooked medium rare when I asked for it to be cooked medium well. When I woke up the next day and checked my account. I find that the company took 16$ out of my account when I paid cash. So I called my bank to make sure that it was actually taking out before I called up there, and it was. I called TexasRoadhouse and asked to speak with a manger. I told him the situation and he looked it up and said he didn't see it so that I should wait a couple days and it may go back in there. They made my food over but I feel he didn't do enough to get me my money back.

Love Texas Roadhouse!!!

In Elkhart Indiana we must have the BEST Texas Roadhouse of them all!!! I have never had a bad experience. My wife and I and my family eat here at least once or twice a month. The food and service are the best of all the restaurants in our area. The entire staff even though it changes over time is consistent and always friendly. Love the steaks! Love the experience. Keep up the good work!!! Ryan

Worse service ever

We went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate my sisters birthday, we called and made reservations for 15-20 people and we waited 1hour to be seated and then half of us had to stand another 30-45 mins waiting to be seated. What is the reason for making reservations? If you can't sit together or be seated timely?

Rushed out

Today a bunch of co-workers and I went to Texas Roadhouse and to have a nice lunch. The food was good, but it appeared we were being rushed out of the restaurant, Candice our waitress came up to the table a couple of times and asked if we were all set. Then a couple of other staff members came up and asked the same question. Now all of us were from the New England area down in Little Rock for some training and because they knew we were from up north, they didn't want any Yanks in their restaurant. I'm serious about this, this is how the staff made us feel. Terrible service!! Store #219.

bad experience

The store in Aurora Co lost our business and four others tonite. The resturant is poorly managed and very rude. I will be passing this info to friends and posting our exprience on facebook. The store is not child friendly and they make you feel that you better eat and get out. Shame on them.

Not Handicapped Supportive

Used the call ahead seating option, notified them of my diability and the fact that I would wait for a close table/booth. Got there 30 minutes early the place was packed. The floors were slippery and there was just nowhere for the people to wait. I checked in, waited for my time and was seated about as far away from the front as you could get. Waiter and servers kept knocking in to me and telling me that I needed to speed up. When we reached the table we were rushed into ordering as we were told people were waiting. When we left the same shoving and bumping occured. Finially an employee saw what was happening and put his had on my shoulder to keep me from being knocked down. As we passed the hostess desk to leave one of the hostess made a remark that maybe I shouldn't have come since everyone knows how busy they are. What, because I am handicapped I should stay home? This experience has prompted me to work on starting a blog for handicapped persons and how businesses accomodate them.


I bought a fundraiser coupon for EAST HIGH FOOTBALL in Sioux City,IA. The coupon reads "YOU PICK TWO: Pick your choice of two smothered steaks or two loaded potatoes, or one of each." That to me is NOT only free toppings! That to me is a free steak or potato! When we turned in the coupon they said it was ONLY for the "free" toppings! They would not honor it!! I'm DONE with that place! I will NEVER recommend this place in Sioux City,IA!

Texas road House is thw worst company to work for. The New Ames location is a joke. All of the managers are dating each other, they want you to upsell everything and not eventell the guests that it costs extra. They have poor management skills. IT took me 30 mintues to have my employee discount taken off when I went in to ea with my family. WORST JOB EVER.

I recently went to The Texas Roadhouse in Fayetteville NC. While standing at the section to place a to go order for app. 7 min while the young lady stood and chatted with one of her coworkers. I finally for her attention only when she realized that the phone was ringing. I asked to speak to a manager who came to take my order while the other tough lady was on the phone. Later while waiting on my order the manager and the young lady was laughing and carrying on. I assuming it was about my complaining because of the stares I received.

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