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Had lunch at Shadeland Ave store in Indianapolis, my wifes steak was tough and she could not eat it. Told the waitress and she said she would send Manager, well no one came and I mean no one. They avoided us like the plague. After about 30 min. we had enough . At home I emailed the customer service tab on their web site, twice. They didn,t even bother to reply. I must conclude that is their company policy. We have not been back to any location. Reason I rated it a 1 is nothing lower.

One of the best ever.

While traveling from Illinois to Seattle we stopped in Billings, MT overnight. To our pleasure there was a Texas Roadhouse right across the street. One of my favorite steakhouses. This one did not change my option in the least. Friendly greetings, great wait staff but the Manager went over the top to greet us after he heard we were out of towners. Wish I could remember his name, do know he was the kitchen manager in training for a GM position. Treated us to a free app. and presented a card for an other app. for further use. Great staff, great food. Corp. should be proud of this store.


We stopped at the Texas Roadhouse in Peoria, AZ, 16079 North Arrowhead Fountains Center Drive, and were surprised to learn it's their policy not to give you back the change portion of your change. I asked the manager about it and she said we would have to go to the bar to get it. We had waited 45 minutes to be seated, 30 minutes to receive our food, and 10 minutes for our check to be brought, We did NOT want to wait in line to receive our coin change. If this is your policy, who gets the unclaimed change and how is it reported to the IRS? In a year's time this adds up to a lot of money. We will not be returning to Texas Roadhouse.

Service / Attitude

To Whom It May Concern; We were very disappointed with the attitude of one of your young hostess's at your Port Orange, Florida, restaurant. Although we are all well aware that your policy is to play the music loud, my husband made the remark that the music seemed exceptionally loud this evening. Your hostess replied, “Well!, that's the way “WE” like it.” then she proceeded to ask if we were going to stay or not. Needless to say, the four of us walked out, went around the corner and had a very pleasant meal at the Malibu Grill. Dissatisfied Customer

Bad dinner

After driving 13 miles to get to the TRH in Hanover Pa. After ordering a sirloin steak MED-WELL pink in the middle. The server brought the meal my wifes steak should have been mine. The part that really gets me is the cook ( no way a chef) actually cooked the steak dry it was dry when the expeditor passed it thru to the table. They wanted to get me another meal( by the time that would have happened my wife would have been done. They removed my dinner from the bill. This is a terrible waste of time, money, and food not to mention $$$ The cook and asst mgr should both be repremanded. Try a new moto GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME EVERY TIME.

Dining complaint

I had a chunck of broken salad plate in my saladand without knowing I bit down onto it and throught I broke my tooth! Luckily my tooth is not chipped or broken but it is still sore a day later. And all the manager did was take off two $3.00 drinks and a $2.99 side dish. I ate part of a broken plate and that was all they did, I was pissed and still am! I work in the food industry so I understand how the policies work and that is another reason why I am so unset. I will never eat at this establish again!!!


My husband was going to start at a texas rd house in iwa. We were expecting our first child and he showed up to work early on his first day. He was taking into the office right away and LET GO simply because he asked if he could recieve 8.75 instead of the 8.25 that they offered. This was only because we are expecting and could use a little extra money. Sadly they would rather fire him persay then helping him out. Furthermore the only reason why he thought he wasn't asking much is because our friends work there and state their pay is 12-13 $ an hour very upset with this

Asheville experience is always great!

We've never had a bad experience at the Asheville location. The food is always great, as is the service. Our only disappointment: You don't have coleslaw as a side.

texas roadhouse , gastonia NC

texas roadhouse in gastonia NC has employees working there using drugs on the clock, me and my family used to enjoy the place up until I seen two employees snorting pills in the bathroom , called the managers and was told they do not drug test ! Even tried to take up for his employees . needless to say we will never be back ! Something needs to be done about this & the managment .

Over cooking my steak

I ate at the Texas Roadhouse two nights in a row 5-28 and 5-29 --I am in Waco Tx on business --I order my steak M/R --both nights it was medium , I don't like to send food back I like it cooked correctly the first time --I will say the bartenders are great but the cook needs more practice --my tab was about $42.00 each day and each day I tipped the bartender over 8 bucks it just wasn't their fault

Customer Service

Ate at your Aberdeen NC location last Saturday, May 25. It was a horrible experience! Not only were the hostesses rude but our waitress didn't wait on us more than 3 times during an almost 2 hour dining time. Hair was found in some of our food and the management didn't bother to apologize for any of the poor service or food. I do not recommend this location to anyone!


Being in the hospitality industry myself... Customer service is everything! Well not at Texas Roadhouse! This will be our last time wasting my hard earned money at your establishment. Fort Myers location is terrible. Save your money!

Under cooked

If you like under cooked raw meet, the Walpole , Ma establishment is for you. If you like a manager with no manners , the Walpole , Ma establishment is for you.

Not a Family Environment

Went there for Mother's Day with a party of 11 and was never told that we could not sit together as a family until being seated at 2 different tables. I asked to put 2 tables together as we have done in the past, but due to remodeling in the NC restaurants, the small flimsey tables are bolted to the ground so they cannot be moved. When I expressed by dislike of not being told before waiting that our family would not be seating together, I was told by a rude waiter that we were accomodated by allowing us to sit near each other. The Manger of the establishment wasn't much better because he didn't seem to think that this was a big deal. I can tell you this, my family will not be going back to this establishment for any type of function.

poor service

We just got home from texas roadhouse here in west haven; we were not impressed with our treatment. We went there to celebrate my 11yearold daughters birthday thanks to her God parents. Our server seemed very irritated fron the time we were seated and also when we told her that it was my childs birthday she seemed uninterested. She brought our bill even though we did not ask for it and when the saddle was brought for who we thought was for my girl, she went by our table to the lady two tables down to wish her a happy birthday. Because of this we gave our server a 10% gratuity. We told her that she forgot about my child and she said "oh well", very unprofessional.


We eat at the Roadhouse every chance we get, anywhere we are from sea to shining sea. I am just absolutely amazed at all of the negative posts. I have never experienced anything like the items I am reading about but you never know, perhaps one day I might but since 2006 everything has been wonderful and I recommend the Texas Roadhouse to everyone! I am actually bummed out when I go to a city an they don't have a Roadhouse.. I would choose Taco Bell over any of the other national steakhouse chains.

a lot of break-ins

Somebody break in my car at their parking lot. I called the police to make a police report, apparently the police said it happens all the time to this particular location. The manager was aware of it but don't do nothing to protect the customer. I mean the restaurant is always packed how about putting a security guard to patrol the parking lot. They just lost a good customer.... 2893 Cinema Ridge San Antonio, TX 78238


FYI for all Texas RoadHouse guests. If an accidental meeting takes place on the way into the restaurant and each couple has a coupon - take up two tables side by side and talk across the aisle - do not sit together at one table (freeing another table for other guests) so you are both able to use your coupons. (CORPORATE POLICY: ONE COUPON PER TABLE). No common sense at all!

Worst Experience Ever

After arriving and being told we had to wait until our entire party got there to be seated (even though we called ahead), we patiently waited in the common area while the rest of our party showed up. The area we were waiting in hadn't been swept up in quite a while. You couldn't take a single step (or sit down) without crunching on peanut shells. It's fun to eat the peanuts, but there really should be a better way to dispose of them if nobody is going to be cleaning them up. All of our party was present when they gave our table to another party that arrived after we did. We ended up waiting an hour to be seated. We should have left, but we had hungry kids with us and really just wanted to have dinner and be done with it. We were seated in the back, and they put a high chair at the end of the booth, so we were blocking the walk way. Other customers were not happy with this, so we had to deal with their comments the entire time. Going to make a long story short here and say this was the absolute WORST experience we've ever had in a dining establishment - EVER. The only good thing about it was the one margarita I ordered. Wish I would've ordered two more, as I might've enjoyed myself a bit more. When we asked the manager to fix all the problems we were having, she simply argued with us over EVERYTHING. I didn't eat my food, nor did one other in our party. The baby, known as the human vacuum, wouldn't even touch the chicken. It was undercooked, so I'm glad he didn't. The manager didn't seem to see a problem in this. When we were leaving, I handed the manager our tab and I said "Please make this right. We had a horrible dining experience, and we will definitely never be back. But you know, and I know, that we should not be charged full price for food we did not eat. I'm not asking for anything for free, I'm simply asking that you make it fair." She took 10% off the bill and threw it at me. When I asked for information for corporate, she refused to give me her name. The server we had was wonderful. The bar tender was great. The manager needs to be fired. You've lost not only our 4 families as customers, but many others just because the manager refused to make things right.

Very Disappointed

My husband and I went to get a table for 6. We were the only two there at the time and we were refused a seat because the whole party wasn't present. I am very upset but more than anything I just think it is very bad business. You just lost out on at least a $200 if not more sale. I don't think it's right to treat paying customers in that manner. Not only will I never go back to Texas Roadhouse but I will be sure to tell others they way we were treated. I like Longhorn much better anyway!

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