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Texas Road house manger in Columbia South Carolina Frank

I have never in my life have heard of a sicken display in my life! My girlfriend works at The Tilted kilt Columbia it is there opening week and things are hectic. There were no spots left in there parking lot so she parked right next door at Texas Road house 400 Columbiana Drive Columbia South Carolina She was told that since she wasn't eating there nor work there her car would be towed. A place who had plenty of parking will tow a car why because the "competition" ? Is this company afraid of new business

baked potato rolled in pork fat

how many innocent vegans and others have you tricked into eating pork? seriously you cant coat your baked and sweet potatoes in oil?


I am sorry but I have been to many of your locations and I have to say the Durham, nc store is terrible! Please DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!


I was at Texas Road house in Monaca Pa. Our meal was terrible and I asked for a manager. She came to table and asked what the problem was. I told her my steak was dry and tough. She offered me a small discount but what bothered me is the way she treated her employees. She stopped to yell at a boy that seemed to be working hard and doing his job. He was cleaning a table off and she not only embarrassed him but treated him like he was just standing around talking. I was so bothered by this. She is a poor excuse as a person let alone a manager. Very irritated she uses her authority to belittle hard workers. Food lousy, very poorly managed.


Monaca Texas Roadhouse has the worst lady manager I've ever seen. She is rude and treats employees with little respect. My family will never step foot there again. Instead of dealing with the issue of my meal being dry and over cooked she cared more about embarrassing an employee who seemed to be doing his job.

No Salt Please

We will not be eating at the Henrietta, New York Texas Roadhouse ever again! Everything comes heavily coated in sea salt!!! What makes you think that everyone can eat all that salt or that everyone even likes the taste of that much salt??? When I requested my meat and potato without the salt coating, it was taken away and "washed" under a faucet and returned to the plate and brought back to me. Really????? Waiting for most of an hour--with reservations--and having the meal "washed" and served......No Thank You!

Family Member/Business Owner

This was the WORST experience going to this place, I only been there one other time which was good, took the family there after a Christmas deal of my grand daughters school, the waitress was ok, the manager either needs to go back to manager school or needs another profession, waited a hour and still no food, so canceled the order and left, the manger stood there and lied to me face to face.

Veterans meal

I wish to sincerely thank your company for the fine meal server to us veterans last Monday (l11/11/13), It was a very wonderful gesture and greatly appreciated. The service offered by the staff a the restaurant located in Modesto, Calif.was excellent. Again, THANK YOU! Richard Hesse, former Tech-Sgt. US Air Force

Veterans Day

I Volunteered at the Texas Road House in Arvada Co. on Veterans day. I was owner of a bar and restaurant for 32 yrs. We sold 3 months ago. and having be going to the Aravada Road house once a wk for about two years. I want you to no They make me and my husband feel like family ever employee was wonderful. Your staff is just one of a kind. John and they other mangers do the best job. I want to tk you for all the warmth and comfort we get from there. and Thank you so much for letting me help out on such a wonderful day. Its awesome what you do for the community. Tracy Guildner.

futuresite of new rest.

I live in Athens,Ohio and i 'm a vendor at the Athens Farmers Market why can't your company work with the board of the farmers market and come up with a plan so that we can keep our spot where you are wanting to build your steakhouse. We have been in the mall parking lot for 40 years. and we have a very good market. Abrios brick Oven, at 859 E.State St. here in Athens, just closed and is up for sale. this resturant is the same size as your steakhouse. just remodel it to suite your needs ,and plant the trees and you have a resturant with all the parking you want.

worst dinner ever

Went to Texas roadhouse in San Antonio tx off Ingram..waited about 1 hr to be seated .another 1hr for are food ..worst manager I have met didn't seem to care about customers ..will never visit again....

Last visit

Can't remember the servers name at the RH on Powers Rd. C.S.CO but he was rude and the 4 of us felt we had to ask for everything. He rushed us thru our meal by dropping the bill off as soon as our food arrived. We had wanted to enjoy a beverage from the bar after our meal but we felt we needed to leave. We will never return. Too many other restaurants around with fabulous customer service and better food. bye bye

Quality down, prices up.

When they first opened up, aside from the noisy atmosphere, this place was very, very good (Grand Island, Nebraska). Now, their prices have gone up and the quality of their food, the meat in particular, has went downhill. Not at all what it used to be. I'll stay home and cook my own steaks.


I just left the Texas Roadhouse in Stow Ohio. I went to eat in Jennifer's section. She is honestly the only reason why I go to Texas Roadhouse. She is always so paditive and inviting. I have been going to see her every weekend for a long time. She just really puts coustomers first. She is more then an order taker, she is an experience maker. Owners of Texas Roadhouse should be very proud to have her representing the restaurant. Today Jennifer was very busy with working the whole bar and five tables and to go all at the same time. But with Her positive attitude and coustomer focus everyone was well taken care of and had an enjoyable experience. Thank you again Jennifer! I will be back, the steaks are pretty good too! Rebecca Brown Hudson, Ohio (Stow, Ohio Texas Roadhouse)

Plastic In Salad

My family visited the Snellville location on 8/12 for my sons birthday. Everyone ordered & my meal came with a salad & I begin to eat the salad but my 9 yr old daughter asked for the rest of it. Nect we see is my daughter pulling plastic out her mouth. I called the waitress & adviced her to notify the manager. The manager didn't come out immediately& when she did her response was would you like another one & I don't know where that came from because we cut up our own salads. Applauded by her lack of empathy that child could've possibility hurt herself and provided no apology & walked away. I asked waitress for my bill & she apologized. This was our & last time at this business, which we only went because people from our church referred us. HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT & FOOD WASNT WORTH THE MONEY.We'll go back to Longhorn

Visited the store in Louisville, Ky on Dixie Hwy. I asked for a house salad, but wanted it when my son got his steak so I could eat with him. The server brought it to me early because he forgot about my request. He said he would return with another salad when my son received his steak. When I got my salad, I took a couple of bites and noticed there was quite a bit of water in the bottom of my bowl. It was the color of milk and quite disgusting! I waited a long time for my server to come by our table. By the time I told him about my salad, my son had finished his meal. I just told him to take it off my check. I was very concerned due to all of the illnesses because of lettuce issues. I was very disappointed this visit because we usually have a better food and service. I still tipped the server more than 20%. The manager did say "I'm sorry."


me and mom had been there for a previous visit and i got sick on the prime rib. so i called and keith sent me a 30.00 gift card. me and mom went there today around 4 for an early dinner. very unorganized hostesses. i ordered the country fried sirloin and mom had the grilled shrimp skewers. absolutely horrible. so much salt it was disgusting. my mother couldnt get the shrimp off the skewers. it takes 3 minutes on each side to cook shrimp. loaded with salt. i returned my country steak and got the 8 oz. sirloin medium rare. it was rare but by that time i was disgusted. me and mom decided we will never come back again. we are done. thanks but no thanks!!!!

Bad Judgement

I visited the TR in Champaign IL yesterday evening. Apon entering the parking lot, my car was backed into by one of the workers leaving. The issue I have is this worker had no ID. The police was called and responded. The officer had to get the manager involved because the gentleman did not speak English. Manager did not have an ID on file for this man. Nor did they have a valid name or address. The officer deemed this man an illegal. I will be making many phone calls to report the many others that are currently employed by this TR.


I was ripped off by one of your waiters they charged my credit card a extra 5.00 in tip that I did not authorize. he should be facing criminal charges I will never again go back to this place. have since found out this seems to happen a lot at the location. it happened at the ROSENBURG TEXAS location

Blooming ton location should close down

My wife & I always enjoyed going to Texas Roadhouse, several things from the great food to the friendly helpful employees, We just revisited our local store and I realize things can happen but from the time we were seated and our waiter came to order we began noticing things were strange. The waiter barely spoke loud enough to be heard and acted like we were a bother to them. The peanuts were soggy, the rolls were dry and the cinnamon butter had no taste, I ordered the pulled pork dinner and it usually was wonderful but when they brought it out it looked like big chunks of ribs. A manager came to the table and said they would bring me another order, it was more like before but it was dry and lacked taste like the rest of the food I had, I will not be back to this store,

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