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Create a Spicy Chicken Double Decker Volcano Taco

Worst TACO Bell

1131 W government Street in Brandon MS is the worst location I've EVER been to. My food took too long and when I got my order oit was horrible. Tacos didn't have any meat. Way too much sour cream. It was messy and sloppy. The employees didn't care how the food was prepped. This location needs a new crew.

Taco Bell Taco Salad

There taco salad is now full of filler such rice and croutons with no flavor. Use to be the best taco salad. I went to make a complaint and they wanted to charge me a $25 fee. Can you imagine that.

Cashier had selective hearing The order was for 2 bean burritos w/NO red sauce. Guess what?!? There was red sauce!!! The manager backed her employee, imagine that!!! There are few Taco Bell's in Dayton, Ohio that can get an order correct!!!

Volcano menu

Bring back the volcano menu now! Seriously what is wrong with you people?

Bring Taco Bell back!!!

Please could anyone tell me who to talk to about getting Taco Bell to come back to our small town in Illinois? We have a group on FB and everyone in the town really loves Taco Bell we have been so sad since they closed down years ago in our small town for reasons no one seems to know. We are located right along Interstate 80 and I can assure you there are plenty of towns around that would frequent. The response on FB has been overwhelming! Please Bring Taco Bell back to our town in Princeton, Illinois!! Do you have a name of someone who owns Taco Bells in Central Illinois that I could contact?

McPherson KS

My husband and I went to Taco Bell tonight, here in McPherson Kansas. Once we got our food they did NOT add the cheese and lettuce to the double decker, my potatoes where HARD and cold, we didn't receive enough meet either on our burritos . HELP MCPHERSON KS Taco Bell. Taco Bell is my favorite place to go and McPherson Kansas Taco Bell has gone DOWN hill :(

fresh face

Was just at the Taco Bell at 1284 W Warm Springs Rd and the crew leader gave us the nicest greeting followed by great service. Our wrapper even said "Enjoy! =)" on it. Was definitely nice seeing someone happy about their job.

Poor service

My sister went to the taco bell on Warren H Abernathy Highway here in SC to get our dinner and not only did the lady cut her off and not let her finish her order they also wouldn't let her finish ordering at the window. Then when she got home they gave us the wrong food. I'm not usually one to complain but I work in a restaurant and that would be absolutely unacceptable at my place of employment. You should really work on your customer service. Mixing up food happens but bad customer service keeps people from coming back

Steak stacker

What they serve and what they advertise are not even close ,very disappointed in what I ended up with

Piss poor attitude

Taco Bell blackwood nj bad service kept saying my card was declining I told them my card was beat up it happens here and there and the manager was like oh well and there's plenty of money in my account they'll hire just anyone at Taco Bell I would hate my life too if I had to work there

Triple steak flat bread

The commercial shows the opened end open fills with steak and cheese. Went and got one because the commercial made it look big and good. When I got it I had to peel back the tortia just to find the filling I felt cheated especially due to the price I felt that I was ripped off. And will tell everyone it's a lie and they cheat you never buy the triple steak and cheese. For what little u get was good but for the price I would b happier with a sixpack

Rude service BAD food

We stopped at Taco Bell in Greenwood on November 19th at 3pm. The tacos were put together with hardly a taste of meat on them and the beans were cold and dry. When I asked if I could please get some cheese on my beans the people behind the counter were VERY rude. I won't go back and I would NOT recommend anyone to go here for a snack unless you want to be hungry when you leave, disappointed and treated like you are a nuisance. These people don't seem to realize without the customer, THEY won't have jobs.

Long wait

We visited the Taco Bell on Durango in Las Vegas today. Arrived at 6 and barely got out of there. Huge order that should have been told to pull thru. So stupid. Not fast food. Fast frustration


several of my friends said Ardmore store was filthy dirty and needs better management. maybe i need to try out for it. I worked in different resturants for 40 yrs and seen nuttin like it

Shortages/ whats the deal

Me and my coworkers work the night shift at a local factory in Carthage, MO and we have found the two of your stores in town are out of basic items All the time. First is Taco Bell who for the 5th time in a month is out of beef for tacos( I went there tonight at ten pm ) this happens all the time, why is there not any body there who can keep a correct quantity one hand to keep a buisness running. 2nd is Pizza Hut who we order pizza from on any day of the week and have deliverd to our facility (Schreiber foods). This restrant in town can not seem to keep pan crusts on hand or stuffed crusts so they lose our buisness and we go to other pizza places in town and we have them all here in town. I just want you all to know how much buisness your loseing just from our facility and from me and my friends. thanks

Every time we go to the taco bell in Hermitage TN they mess something up. Normally I do not complain but I'm sick and tired of the slow service and forgotten items. Tonight my husband went through the drive thru and ordered some tacos and an order of nachos... he gets home and there's no cheese in the bag and I guess napkins are a menu item at thus store because we never get any.

bring back menu

good, but many would wish you would PLEASE bring back the chili cheese burritos.

Bad service

On July 3, 2013 I came through the drive thru at 9:50-9:55 pm. I read the drive thru hours were till 10 pm, so I waited for assistance and at 10 pm I still had not been asked for my order. So I left, I then googled the store number and called. I told the associate who said they were a manager what happened and she insisted on asking me what clock I was going by and that she was on drive thru and took all the cars. Then mentioned I must have came after she took off her headset. So my question is if you know drive thru ends at ten why did she take off her headset before ten and argue with an already disappointed customer?

doritos locos tacos

pleace make a sunchip taco shell too replace the doritos locos taco shells taco bell has no right too make the doritos locos tacos it was someones ideal and not taco bells so take the doritos locos taco of the menu for good

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