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They sent a bill to my old address. I hadn't lived there in three years. By the time I realized the bill never came, it was late and already going into disconnection within a week. No one could explain why the bill went to the wrong address. TXU will disconnect you if you are two weeks late; most companies will wait at least 30 days. I paid the bill immediately online at their Website, then called two days later to double check on it. It hadn't gone through and my bank said no payment was presented by TXU. TXU said they couldn't tell me why it didn't go through, and they also refused to verify the checking account information I had on file for security reasons. They told me this after I had paid the bill AGAIN on a Friday OVER THE TELEPHONE WITH THEM, in an attempt to keep it from being shut off that coming Tuesday. Within three hours of making the payment, I received an email from TXU stating the bill was still late and the service could be shut off. I called again, and got the run-around for an hour. Then I was finally told that the payment was not good enough; the money actually had to have been taken from my account and received by them. On TXU's end, they do not have a system to instantly debit your credit card or checking account. This, from a company that will cut your electricity off if you are two weeks late and have been a customer for seven years. They purposely do this because they want to cut your electricity off, leave you in the dark for three weeks, and then charge you to have the electricity turned back on. They don't care about doing this because they know if you try to go somewhere else, the new company will be told your service was shut off for non-payment and they'll make you pay a deposit. I now have to drive to their office on Monday and make a THIRD payment in CASH because basically everyone who works in customer service that I spoke to, lied, and I don't believe they have any intention of putting the prior two payments through if they can shut off my electricity and get more fees. Their other incentive is they get to increase your rates after a disconnect. That's why they do all of this. They even went so far as to show a zero balance being owed online, but if you click on the current bill button, it showed that it was late. By the way, the customer service person gave me an amount to pay that was the CURRENT bill, not the one they refuse to put through for payment in a timely fashion. TXU even covered their disconnection bases that way, because the difference was $5 and even for that amount -- the service still would have been shut off. Be very, very, very careful with this company and make sure you mark your calendar for when each bill is coming. I would NEVER use their website for payments. I'm going back to mailing the bills in -- then what? They'll say they never got that, too. Don't ever trust them or their customer service. They're all a bunch of liars and will try nail you for a lousy reconnection fee in any way they can. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE company and even worse customer service. You can bet your life that after I settle this with CASH on Monday, I'm switching to Reliant Energy.

I live in Houston and TXU allowed someone to set-up an account under my name in Dallas. Immediately when I received the documents and noticed that there was a Dallas account linked to my name I notified them immediately. It took TXU three weeks to investigate and even now after over a month, they still have not told me the status of my account. The payment for the Dallas property is still listed as "due" when I go under my account on the website after I told TXU that I would not pay when they falsely setup an account in my name. I have been with TXU for over two years at the same Houston address. The fact that they are still "investigating" this situation is unbelievable to me and I WILL be changing service providers. If they report the account to collections, I will not only be pressing charges, I WILL SUE!

I have been on the average billing plan for many months. However, my last bill was just a few dollars less than my current usage. This is not average billing. I switched to another energy provider and my final bill from TXU was $404.00. This is another sign that I have not been on the average billing plan. The reps blame this on the computer but computers do nothing other than what some programmer tells them to do. I am a senior citizen living on social security only. Of course, TXU cares nothing about this.

It will go the some way as Block Busters. My bill for two months this Summer was over $1,000.00 dollars! I said good bye to TXU.

i have soooo many problems with txu it's uterly ridiculous! i thought that txu was the best company to go with as far as electricty was concerned...i was wrong.i have a fraud amount on my bill that i have been disputing since dec. '09 that still hasn't been resolved. i have sent in the proper paperwork and a police report and still i get the disconnect notices every month. i am so angry i cant see strait. even the different departments im transfred to i gt treate like crap. if this is not resolved then i will have no choice but to conact the media so there can be an investigation of the people. after all i have all the proof need to prove my case. fax transcripts, current bills always paid on time, call in info, ect,ect. this company makes way to much money for them to have so many problems. it's all about power, literally!

txu has got to be the most unprofessional company i have ever dealt with, customer service -0- understanding -0- communication -0- does txu even have any locations here in the states- every person I spoke to was from overseas and when i asked to speak with supervisors i was hung up on, when i finally spoke with supervisors they also hung up- mind you i never used profanity or even raised my voice. their should be a law against this 4real- these people have control of our accounts and they know how important lights are so they do whutever they want without regard to peoples family. txu should really take a look at their company and make some changes- i was simply attempting to transfer my lights but when i decided not to move which was the same day i requested the transfer i called and cancelled the transfer- well the light were still tranferred and txu demanding that i pay another deposit in order to retore services

I have always been a loyal customer of txu,at one time I had 16 apartment buildings, my business offices and 2 homes,but I will be changing. the customer service is awful, it is unbelievable that the company I have done business with for so many years now is one of the worst.

TXU is the WORST company ever. and you would think after the posted complaints have nothing positive to say they'd try to improve as a company. maybe they think they are too good to provide better service. please txu dnt think you are the only electric company. because ive dropped you and got better service with my current provider ive never had to call in and go over my bill ive never been double billed or yet tripple billed in one month as i have with you. i see why jay stafford is upset because i went through the same thing. this company is a load of crap and thats my nice way of saying it. you people need to do better because my lawyer and i are all most done with the documents to SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TXU has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I work for a call center & I know customer service b/c we are rated number one. I have to call TXU EVERY month and then NOW in the month of August I have TWO bills DUE IN ONE MONTH FOR OVER $200 AND I LIVE IN A ONE BEDROOM APT THAT I ONLY SEE FOR 3HRS A DAY B/C I WORK, SO MY THE ONLY THING ON IS THE A/C... The service is over priced for what it is. The customer service is horrible. The management is horrible. And there is much room for improvement!!! I could list the things wrong with the company!!!!

Txu has the worst service. I'm on call #6 with txu. txu says they will call back and never do. My account is now in collections for $19.25 for service they were not to provide. They left me hanging on the day they were to hook up. I called to find that I didn't have a permit and no service. I called Reliant and they gave me a lot of info to get the job done. They hooked me up but I got two bills. One from Reliant and the other from txu. This is not right. They are making this very hard and don't seem to want to make it right on principal alone! Stay away from txu! they are liars! They only want money anyway they can get it!


Worst customer service since enron. Willing to get rid of txu shares even at loss. Due to bad service both home and customer service.

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