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I am a manufacturer of ladies garment located in Los Angeles. My main items are blouses, tops and dresses made in China and Viet Nam. Can you e-mail me at steveksjun@gmail.com the address of California buying office of TJ Maxx and contact person?

I went to the new store in Yulee, Fl this afternoon. Had I known the store was not equipped for handicapped (wheelchairs available) I would have taken mine. I thought this day and time all businesses would be required to have then available. I asked at the desk and was informed that "I have worked at several stores and we never furnish wheelchairs." It would seem a company the size of TJ Maxx should be required to furnish chairs.

I am an employee of the TJ Maxx store in Eatontown,NJ. I was hired in September 2011. I was given one of the hardest jobs in the store to do. It is known as the INFIELD. it is every womens department....jr's, fitness, petites,casual, career, clearance, coats/bathing suits....and usually girls and boys are included as well.I have to run the fitting room clothes back to the departments as well as customer returns. When I would work at night I had to do this alone, as well as CLEAN the department(customers put clothes out of place and on the floor.)I would be given 30 hours of work a week and did this alone until around Thanksgiving when they would have two of us do it. Well come Thanksgiving the store is soo slow that there is hardly enough work for two, while I was overworked for months by myself. Also at night they will call me up to open a register for one customer. I had to turn in a Dr.'s note because i have a torn ACL as well as a torn meniscus on the same knee. Ms. R refused to take the note and said I had to do the work I was hired to do. I eventually got a Dr.'s note that put me on bed rest during the christmas weeks. I am 51 years old, I am disabled and need a knee surgery (but haven't found the right surgeon yet). These managers do not require anyone my age to do this work, only younger people. When I came back from my bed rest I was given Fitting room and cashier duties(like they give to the other older women). Starting this Sunday they are putting me back in the infield alone.I am not sure if I should quit or be fired. I doubt that I am up to this duty. The managers have hired women with back conditions and they don't make them do back-breaking work. I realize that i didn't know about my knee condition when I was hired, but I do know about it now(and so do the managers.)Also Ms. D (the store manager) talks to me and others in a very rude way, and she does this in front of the customers. One time I was on the sales floor and a customer I knew was shopping and she asked where some merchandise was. She is also i friend, so I spoke to hear for a couple minutes. Ms. D was soo rude, yelling at me in front of her. This customer works for someone in the Bon Jovi family and I was TOTALLY embarresed...this store has a totally negative vibe. I was told many times while I was working the cash register that the customer wished other employees were as pleasant and professional as I am. What starts with managers trickles down to the employees that work with the public......so should I quit or be fired?.....xox

To whom it may concern: I had purchased an item from your Gilbert Commons store in Arizona which was clearly defective to which one leg of children's shorts was 3 inches longer than the other. I didn't realize it at the time of purchase so I had to return it back to the store. When the cashier asked me if anything was wrong with the item I chuckled and showed her the item. She was very rude and said "what"? and gave me a dirty look. I asked her if that is how Puma shorts are made or are they defective? She rudely began to tell me "NO, thats not how Puma shorts are made and that everything sold in TJmaxx is defective in some way or the fact that the items cannot be sold at other store so they bring them to TJmaxx". I began to tell her that I have never heard of that before. She said "oh well", and she threw the pen down at me to sign the copy of the receipt for the return. I looked at her and said "really??" She said nothing. When I was walking away she started talking about me to another cashier. So needless to say that left a bad taste in my mouth and I will not be driving the 25 miles each way to go to that store anymore. Plus if what she says is true I don't want to waste my time shopping at that store that has defective merchandise. numbers on the receipt if needed are 0201 1052 02 8703 03/06/12 16:32:23 1091 barcode number is 910520287031540

My name is Yolanda M. Johnson and I am the Employment Readiness Program Manager for Schofield Barracks/Fort Shafter Hawaii. I managed a program for Military Spouses. Schofield has over 20,000 Soldiers and Families, and Fort Shafter, Tripler has another 12000 Soldier and Families. I have resorted to using this forum because I have called the above # and it sends me to an automated (800) 208-chat number and it is not a voice or service that I think represents TJ Maxx. I also wanted to find out if I could be contacted using this forum. I am trying to reach the VP of Human Resources/Hiring official/Recruiter for the new Hawaii stores. I would like to have the recruiter/HR personnel contact me as soon as possible. My contact information is 808 655-4788. I will wait to hear from someone on the TJ Maxx staff. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I work for the cleaning company that services the Hicksville NY store. I work a few hrs every morning 7 days. Im always ontime and say good morning to the mgrs. They either respond in a nasty way or not at all. Im new to the cleaning business but am trying hard to do a good job. The mgrs are constantly complaining and speak to me very rude. I dont see the reason for that. They talk to me like Im a dog. Everyone works with fear. One mgr asked me if I swept one isle. I said yes I did, he said I hate to say it but it doesnt look like you did and just walked away. I was about to say put on your glasses. Every word out of there mouth is critical never supportive. There mgmt style is terrible. TJ Maxx should have a ppl skills class for mgmt. I cant work in fear or walk on glass. Im an educated, intelligent person who has been working for 20 yrs. I try to have a good attitude and do my job well. I was told through the grape vine that if im not replaced the they will change cleaning companies. They should change mgrs. This behaviour is unexceptable as far as im concerned. Hopefully corporate will read investigate. Im so annoyed and im not afraid to stand up for myself.

I currently work at Tjmaxx in Groton, Ct and I love my job. I could not ask for anything better. The environment is incredible and all three managers are amazing. My only complaint about working here is recently I found out my store manager will be leaving. I completely understand the reasons why the company is switching managers around the district and region, but as an associate it is very frustrating. My store manager is not only the best manager I have had the pleasure to work for, but she has become a mentor in my life as well. Knowing that she will be leaving brings a lot of distress in my life; knowing that when I go in, she won't be there anymore. I love the company as a whole, but I think there is much needed improvement. The company needs to start caring about the employees and the relationships that are created within, and stop being so focused on stagnant managers. This company greatly stresses the importance of a team and teamwork; it is very hard to be a team when a main part of that team is frequently changed.

I hate working at TJ Maxx. I have a manager called Miss W who is crazy. She brings down the moral of employees almost as soon as they walk through the door to start working. I work in Mt. Kisco, NY. She is the worst manager on the face of the earth. She is mean to everyone, everyday. I asked for a transfer today due to her horrible managing of all the employees. Our store manager is oblivious to whatever is going on in the store, Mr. Press. He either cannot hear what employees are saying to him or he doesn't care at all. No one approaches him because they are certain that he will forget or not respond to their needs ever. Anyway corporate, if you are out there, please believe me or visit TJ Maxx in Mt. Kisco, NY on a normal day when they don't know you are there. So far they always know when corporate are coming and the very frightened managers start yelling at everyone to do everything right and tell all the employees to make sure everything they do is exactly right on that particular day. I have much more to say and will finish tomorrow. Please investigate this very horrible workplace.

I reopended my TJX card at Christmas to get a 10% discount on my purchase of over 100 dollars on that purchase was a wallet by Steve Madden for 12.99. I came back twice more before Christmas and spent nearly 400 dollars on gifts. The first week after Christmas i needed to exchange the wallet because the zipper broke, had my receipt, got another wallet same brand and same price for 12.99. Only to be told i would have to pay the 1.30 cent difference on the wallet that should have been an even exchange . I asked to speak to the manager who came at me like a junk yard dog,baggering me constently about the wallet and threatening to call the police if i did not leave her verbal expresions were crude and her stance toward me was threatening. She did not let me explain anything, never looked at my reciept, she approached me screaming like a banshee for no reason over 1.30 cents. Her manner was innapropiate,, shocking and threating. Only when i said i know longer need the 40 dollars in merchandise i was going to buy did she allow the girl to make an even exchange on the wallet. All the while yelling at me to get out of the store or she would call the police and that i was not leaving fast enough. I was humiliated, embarressed, and threatened with the police, i am a good person, i left in tears . who wants to shop in a store over what should have been an easy return only to be threatend by the police. You are cutting off the hand that feeds you. Over 1.30 cents. I can only hope the customers you get from now on will be the ones truly taking advantage of you by lying and stealing. This took place at the LAKE ST. LOUIS STORE, IN MO. THE ONLY ONE CAUSING A SCENE WAS THE STORE MANAGER WHO COULD HAVE USED SOME RESTRAINT, BUT CHOOSE NOT TOO

I have been shoppigng at tjmaxx, marshalls, homegoods to name a few [my family also, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins to name a few we dont even go to the mall anymore, last season I found a black fox hat that I absolutly just had to have, the price point was a little steep, I have three small boys and of course I would do without, BUT my question are there any more of these and I am trying to find a muff to match. The price point was about $99.00, and I just bought a blach head wrap but its not same. Could some one let me know where these are, if there any left, and how do I get ahold of one, the hat for sure and if at all at possible the black fox fur muff. I really do thankful for this and if you can possibly help me know....AGAIN THANK YOU.....SAMANTHA SHANNON, MOGADORE OHIO. ONCE AGAIN MY FAVORITE DEPARTMANT STORE OF ALL TIME......


I was at a TJMaxx store while out of town on business in South Elgin,Ill. My second oldest daughter lives nearby and I was visiting her and we decided to go shopping. I was greeted by a woman as soon as I entered the store. She was simply walking by and said hello! What a nice way to start a shopping experience! I don't remember her name just that she had the most illuminating eyes I have ever seen! We spent about two hours shopping, and this same woman greeted several people throughout the store while I was there. I have worked in customer service all my life and I have never seen such an act of sincerity before. I told the cashier about my experience and he asked me what this women looked like. I said I remembered that she was blonde and probably in her 40's. He told me that it was the Manager on Duty! Good Job TJMaxx!

I am truely embarassed to say that I work for this horrible company. Thay're all about team work and its a bunch of bologne. I do markdowns for the store along with 3 other girls. Out of 9 machines, we dont have ANY that work properly. We had told all 3 of our managers and they keep passing the buck to everyone else. One of the managers came up tp us yesterday and said "I dont know what happened on Friday, but you guys were SLOW!!" I told him, "Look, I've already spoken to *Mark and he said to talk to *Moses. We've talked to *Moses twice about it and nothing is being done about NONE OF OUR MACHINES WORKING!" He got pissed and walked away. It sucks too because we get blammed for everyone else in the other departments not doing their job. They expect us too, ontop of doing our job, to do everyone elses when it should've been taken care of BEFORE we came. To make it worse, we get the shit end of the stick everytime and get the least amount of hours of anyone in the store. Sometimes its only 4 hours a week and they see nothing wrong with that :( I wouldn't recommend ANYONE working for this crappy company *names were changed

I agree with what you wrote below. They (DM's and above) are a bunch of hypocritical bullies. With all the focus on bullying and the emotional damage it causes, TJX should take a good long hard look at their corporate executives and the way they treat the employees at store level. They should be ashamed of themselves for such strong-arm practices. May they all end up in retail hell . . . oh wait. *smacks head* Madeline wilson 12/1/10 You allow your managers to treat your employees with disrespect. These employes are not treated any better than the customers in the emails. You have longtime employes who are afraid of there managers. I have one friend who is afraid to make a Drs. Appointment and she is sick and needs surgery.

I always had a good time shopping at TJ Maxx. Recently, I bought 8 Bormioli Rocco Sorgente Cooler glasses in RED. Upon washing the pricing material off the color started to come off. TJ Maxx has not contacted me and I cannot get in touch with the Bormioli company. What am I to do? This is a horrible example of customer service. I didn't know it then, but I bought six glasses (not in a box) which I shouldn't have done. I want some answers and I want them in a reasonable time period. I have been patient but the patience is wearing off. Can you do something or give me some references which could help? Waiting for some kind of reply.

I love shopping at T.j. maxx on 9/26/2011 I was going to pick up my layway that I had started my early Christmas shopping for my kids and grandkids my layaway was worth $400 I mostly had the designer clothing Ralph Lauren. When I went to pick my layaway up they could not find it this is the second time this happen to me everytime I put Ralph Lauren for kids on layaway alot of people or starting to beleive the workers are taking the layaways they want and making it seem they could not be found this is the TJ maxx in Baton Rouge,La zipcode 70810 its getting riduculous you cant even put decent clothes on layaway for your kids at the TJ maxx in Baton Rouge,La because you will fear they will lose them I hope someone do something about this matter.All the srore manger can say is sorry but that want bring what I wanted for my family back then I had the receipt. I feel something should be done.

The manager Michael Calcagni at 595 shelburne road in Burlington, Vt was yelling after me when i was shopping and i did not make anything wrong at all. I asked him assistance to find something and he never give me the assistance asking and he answered me that i had seen everything i should had seen in his store (I was there for an hour) and i should go now to the teller to pay and was again yelling. I am a very good client and the teller told me he is always like this. So this is an unacceptable service provided by the manager of this store. We do not talk to clients like this. I was so upset that he was yelling after me twice. I wish you will replace him this is more than urgent.

I am so livid about the little girl clothes. They are way to adult-like for my 2 yr old. This is why our society is so messed up and their are child Molesters and perverts. This company should not put so many Mature outfits for children. I am def not one to complain nor am I some Christian freak but geez c'mon put some regular clothes out For little kids. I'm embarrassed and won't be returning.

I wanted to bring to your attention that your location on 1 North State Street, Chicago, IL 60602-3307 (312) 553-0515 has a huge problem. My sister, a single parent of (3), went on an interview today excited about the opportunity to work for your company. What she received in return was pure racism. She was interviewed by your standing "District Manager" named Perry Morrisey. Not only did he ask her personal questions about her life, but showed utter disrespect and was completely unprofessional. My sister is not very knowledgeable about how people like this get into positions of this nature, but I am. Not only will I launch a formal complaint against this Manager, but I will continue to call and write EVERY TJ Maxx executive that can do something about this. My sister left her interview in tears. I will be a writing a letter and posting this on EVERY complaint site that I know of until something is done. Please feel free to e-mail me at chrisprince3@yahoo.com.


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