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Terrible Customer Service. I feel I have been scammed. Have been a customer for almost 10 years and they are charging me a $115.00 deposit! No true customer service phone number - had to call the emergency number and waited over 20 mins. Rude, condescening customer service reps. I got hung up on 3 times, which I honestly beleive was no accident. Cannot reach a "corporate" office. Very dissapointed with Teco which I thought was a reputable company.

Worst company I have ever had to do business with. Customer service is non existant, they schedule an appointment where someone has to be home between 8am and 5pm and if you miss it they charge you but if they miss it they do nothing. I am now waiting on day three for my service to be turned on (actually day five but they don't hook up on weekends) and I was just told that service might not be restored till tomorrow. I discourage anyone from using this company unless they absolutely have to.

Owner and President

This is the most poorly design phone reference system that I have ever encountered. I literally spent an hour trying to make contact with a human being [I was unsuccessful]. Instead I just was run through endless loops of meaningless drival. I was trying to obtain information to purchase approximately 34,000 MCF of natural gas per year for a project in Tampa. But no more. I will be going somewhere else. Its unfortunate that you can go no lower than one star.

Called 7 times in order to get gas turned on. Have not spoken to a human in less than 9 minutes of waiting time. When I did, it seemed pointless. I literally returned my gas range and am going to go electric because FPL (surprise surprise) has never given me a problem and TECO has given me tons of aggravation... and I am not even a customer !

I have been calling every single telephone number I find in the internet to speak with Teco People's Gas Corporate Office Headquarters and all calls are directed to Tampa Electric but no one has been able to help me with a telephone number of Teco's Headquarters. My case has to be brought to a higher level since no solution to my problem has been given in Miami Beach where I live. Why is it soo difficult to get the telephone number for Teco People's Gas Headquarters? I think that as I paid customer, I deserve the right to be able to reach the Corporate Headquarters is no solution to my problem is given in Miami as well as I have the right and obligation to inform the Management of what is going on with some of your employees, i.e. Mr. Eloy Gonzalez who works out of Miami. Sincerely, Jeannette Varela

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