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Lost my car title!!!!!

I had a loan thru TD Bank for my vehicle. I went into the bank and paid my loan off in July 2012. Its now Nov 2012 and still no title!!! I called the bank numerous times and each time a different story. Now my car is sitting in my driveway with expired tags because I cannot register my car without the proper documentation that the bank cannot seem to find. I will NEVER do business with them again!


TD Bank is not america's most conveinent bank, they are the worse. Especially to business customers. They suck and don't care about their customers, the problems with the online banking and most of all the branches have the MOST RUDEST IGNORANT PEOPLE WORKING FOR THEM

Payday lenders are crotiders just like banks and credit card companies (Although they are generally an even bigger ripoff).Almost all crotiders subscribe to the credit monitoring services ( your credit score ). Every creditor who is a member also reports their activities to the credit service by social security number.If you check your credit history, you will likely see your Payday loan at all three credit agencies.

Payday lenders are cridteors just like banks and credit card companies (Although they are generally an even bigger ripoff).Almost all cridteors subscribe to the credit monitoring services ( your credit score ). Every creditor who is a member also reports their activities to the credit service by social security number.If you check your credit history, you will likely see your Payday loan at all three credit agencies.

i have been w/ this bank since 98' n they seem to careless i just went n got another banking acct do to this problem

I had my car repoed because of crisis and the bank refused to let me pay what was delinquent. They said they couldn't because I was a third party. I would have to either pay the loan off or refinance the car. Neither couldn't happen, so they are going to put the car up for sale. I thought they would try to do their best in helping resolve issues. They were very blank, and they refuse to help. I pleaded with them and that didn't help. It is ashame with the recession that is going on that they won't help when people are in a jam. I hope none of them need second chances form someone. Tables do turn. I really want my car back so I could pay the payments and get this over with. According to them, it impossible because all the doors shut in my face. This is pretty sad.

Today I had a phone interview with a TD Bank recruit (Jessica Bower). It was a really bad experience. She was rude from the beginning of our conversation, thus made it a really bad experience. As a result, I’m not interest in working for this company. It hurts to know that many other people will interview with this person and it makes me feel sorry for them.

If would be nice if the employees were compenent. They should spend less on building and more on training employees.

I had a truck loan with td bank, and paid it off on the due time. I then ask for a payment history on the loan. The payment history showed I over paid by 900.00 when i called the bank about it,the reply was there were other fees to the account. But was never produced, in return they sent me a statement showing how convenit the figures all work out to the last dollar, then conpareing the figures with the payment history report. You could tell they had been fabracated to fit. Thats the problem with banks and corporations now a days they will robe you any chance they get. I DO PLAN TO TURN THIS OVER TO A HIGHER ATHURITY AS WILL AS THE BBB,AND IRS as a 1099 for the amount owed to me.

On 8/5/12 I went to my local TD Bank branch to use the ATM and as usual, it was not working. I sent an email to the corporate office a few months ago about this and was informed that my complaint would be addressed. It was, the branch manager informed me that the branch would be installing a new machine in July. I guess I failed to ask what year because the same old (constantly breaking down) machine is still there. I was contacted by phone and was asked by the branch manager to call him personally should I ever have a problem and he would address it himself. TD Bank should put more energy into customer satisfaction than hireing hasbeen TV personalities (in my opinion, really don't have any personality anyway) to read scripted crap that TD Bank wants them to spew. Oh, should TD Bank ever read customer feedback. Then they will know that I will no longer have the need to use their ATM. I will be closing both my personal and buisness accounts and go to Wells Fargo next door.


2 months ago, we received our usual money in the bank. We used about half of the money before we went to the store the day after using some, and went tio make a purchase, there should of been 1000 in the bank , we made a purchase for 200 and the card declined due to insufficent funds. We called the bank and thney said that there was a issue due to the card freezing. So with that being said we got another card and they assured us the money would be returned within in 24 hours, that was 2months ago. We are now heading into the 3rd month of this, weve called over 15 times, and heard the same crap every single time, 24 hours, 12 hours, even within 2 hours we heard!! abosolutely disgusting, i have a 11 month old child to feed and instead im worrying about how to get my money back fromn the BANK!!?? the worst excuse for a professional company. They have 1000 dollars of my money, and it takes u m ore then 2 months and i still havent seen it?? now let me ask you this, if you had an outstanding credit cvard payment, you would be called and harrassed by them, let alone charge ridiculously for missing the payment, just a little thought of the hell they put you threw when its THERE money at the line, what about mine!!??

I needed to refinance my mortgage so my sister found a 3% rate at my bank ...TD. I called and asked that the manager call me back to apply. After 3 days and no return call I start the application online at 7 am. In the process of applying the thing kicks me out and the rates are raised .25 %. I call and finally get the manager and he gets me a " special " 3 1/8 %. I agree and he finishes the online application. I have been a td customer for years w a lot of $$$$ in my accts. come to find out, the "special" rate was for " new customers. Ones who never banked w TD. Wow. What a favor. Anyway, after months of dealing w a processor in NC , Kimberly Wink, and faxing her repeatedly the same documents over and over after she claimed she didn't get them they send me a notice that I have withdrawn my app and the are charging me 750.00. I have left numerous messages w Kim Wink and she doesn't even return them. Now they are charging me $750! I am reporting them to the controller if the currency and closing all my accts there Today! Done w them. Worst bank EVER!!!!

My wife is refinancing our loan with this td bank today. after 1 hr we recieved electronid documents and need to be sign. and there is a number to caal if you need help. we called that number wait time is 2 mins. somebody answered after 5 mins. and told me its a different department . and transfered me to that specialist another 5 mins on hold. and when i finally got in unluck that somebody answered our call she said i need to wait for 15 days for there loan officer to call me and ask what kind of documents they (need for the loan). 15 days to wait just for the documents needed for the loan? i think its so fast. most bank could give you a docs in 3 mins.

I have never in my whole entire life meant such a cruel bunch of people located in the mortgage department. My loan is now charged off and I called to see if I could pay less and they ask me why I was calling. Isn't that unprofessional rude and ignorant of them. When I was paying on time they were still rude I will be glad when this bank closes down no one on top does anything my loan was in New Castle Delaware I don't know where it is right now. I tried to call the 1800 number and it is out of order. I just pray there isn't a judgement against me right now. The young kids that work for the branch don't no what they are doing at all it is a crying shame to now they are protecting your money. I guess we will see what happens to this bank I hope they sink since they didn't try to help me when I was sinking.

Good Afternoon, My name is Jason. Your Td Bank at 800 Summit Ave, Union City NJ 07087 must have to worst management on record. I recently seen some of your employees joking around or wasting time while there is a line out the door. Or In this case have one of the most nicest, hard working associate that you have at this location handle all the work. I just found out that she was just let go from your location and it has to do with the favoritism(which is so noticable to a customer) at this location. I'm not sure how you run your company but I find it unfair that you get rid of your hard workers and keep your slackers. She was the only person I conducted business with because of her politeness and her geniune smile. Everyone else at the location seems to have an attitude or act like they do not want to work their. I just need to let your company realize that the employee Jason you let go, will be one of your downfalls. I no longer want to deal with this location because of its associates and want you to know that.

I'm very happy with TD Bank as far as my personal bank accounts are concerned but when it comes to mortgages, I will never recommend TD to anyone for a mortgage loan. I'm a real estate agent and have clients who decided to go with TD Bank for their mortgage. I have never represented a buyer and BARELY communicated with the loan officer. Loretta Jenkins is the worst! She comes across as if she doesn't want to be bothered and she's horrible when it comes to follow up. I tried calling her multiple times but she was always either on vacation or just wouldn't return my calls. Typically as an agent, I know well in advance whether or not a lender will be able to close a loan. With TD Bank/Loretta Jenkins, I didn't know ANYTHING until 5:30PM the night before our scheduled close date. Totally unprofessional.

I put $260 cash in an ATM. Not in an envelope..in a cash counting ATM. It says the funds are available the next business, which is bull, b/c if it's cash in a cash counting ATM it should be available immediately. It wasn't available for 2 business days and in the meantime, I spent some money, thinking I had it, and then I got hit with $175.00 in fees. These fees then put me into the negative and then charged 2 more fees for overdrawing my account b/c of the $175.00. This bank is horrible. They decided it was fair to give me back the 2 fees that came after. So they stole $175.00 from me. I live paycheck to paycheck! I can understand if it was a check or if it was an envelope b/c you don't know what is really is for until you open the ATM...BUT IT WAS CASH AND THE ATM COUNTS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TD Bank will not allow you to pay off your cash advance first and then the purchase balance second...of course not thats because the cash advance interest is 23% and the purchases are 14% they want to make more money on the 23%. I owed 6,000 on the card 2,500 was a cash advance and the balance was purchases. I made a deposit of 3,000 and said to the branch manager that I want to pay off the high interest (2500)first and then put the balance towards the rest that was owed. Of couse she yesed me to death and said don't worry no problem. Well as I expected several days later the account showed that the deposit went to the purchase amount not the cash advance amount.When I called customer service they told me you cannot pay off the cash advance first, any payments go to the purchases first OF COURSE SO THEY CAN MAKE MORE MONEY..TD BANK is unfair to not allow you to pay off the high interest first...SHAME ON YOU TD.

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