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Haha, thanks for the cemomnts you guys! It makes me very happy that people are dance-blog-reading on a Sunday afternoon! Thanks for the reminder about those videos, Philip I keep forgetting! And so exciting about the PBS telecast. Michael, I'm glad you enjoyed Coppelia last night. That's one of my favorite roles for Megan. I know, isn't she perfect in that second act!

Wow, Shaun. I know amazing thngis are happening. I just stopped what I was doing and said a prayer for you and your family. I don't expect you to drop everything and say a prayer right this instant (I just did because I so totally know where my son's ADHD comes from and if I didn't stop right then and there I would have forgotten).Anyway, after struggling for years to work full-time, go to school full-time and raise a son all by myself through a bachelor's and master's program, I'll be leaving my secretarial job in four weeks (gasp!) to get ready to begin a paid teaching internship and (hopefully) long career as an English teacher. When I struggled and fought against being a teacher thngis were so hard and everything went wrong. When I finally admitted I should be a teacher thngis went right and were much easier, even to the point where I got a paid internship when all around me teachers with expereince were being laid off. I know God's hand was on me through it all. But it's still frightening and scary to be making such a big career change. A prayer for strength and less anxiety would be much appreciated.(Sorry I hijacked your comments. )

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