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Very poor customer service

The store in Los Gatos, ca has very poor customer service. In the heart of Silicon Valley. They should know news travels very fast in silicon valley. Home of Google, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo. The sales clerk Rebecca was just plain rude. thought this was a high class place

Wham bam thank you, ma'am, my qusetoins are answered!

The place on Parc is Micro-Boutique, with is an authorized reelsler but isn't a Mac store. The closest thing to an Apple store is in Carrefour Laval, but that's not a "flagship" store ("flagship" apparently being defined as having a second level).And yes, you can get everything there at Future Shop or any other electronics place, but Apple is all about branding, not common sense.

This rating is for the catalog viewing only. It disturbs me that the buyers at Sur La Table do not support more American industries like potters for example. When I see the La Creuset 16 piece dinnerware set priced at $199.95 it hurts. Even if it was on sale it still sickens me. This is mass produced in China. There are American Pottery Companies that many people would rather buy from. There are wonderful cutlery companies, plastic products etc. With the economy the way it is you would think that some of the retailers such as SLT would make an effort to help the country and business in their own land. You know help build us back up. But instead the greedy corporate retailers want to make their mega profits off of import markups and limiting the American consumers choice for American products. Retailers like SLT are part of the problem why American Companies had to fold. This typical retailer exudes money hungry greed at the buyers expense. If that was not true they would sell more American manufactured items. Another thing is now the hide what's imported from China by not stating imported after the product description. Wow! Is that really super slick marketing? NOT

The store manager, Randy Le Rue at Sur La Table, Chestnut Hill, M.A. is unprofessional, rude, and deceptive. On August 5, 2011, I tried to return a Blockhouse Quadro Glass Pitchers, size 2.1 w/ a white lid for %14.00 with a receipt but he said it did not have the price tag and refused a refund. He said that the store never carried it and he needed to do more research with the lost prevention team. Obviously Sur la Table carries it because it is on their website and I bought it at the store. He said he would call me within a week which he never did. After waiting for 2 weeks, I called the store and spoke to him, but he never returned my phone call. Therefore, I complained to the BBB and wrote a negative review on Yelp Boston. After a month and a half, I found the receipt and returned it to the store. On Oct. 22, 2011, I went back to the store to return items. He said I was grounded and refused to accept my returns stating that I was under investigation with the lost prevention. I did not do anything wrong. When I asked him for his last name he refused to give it to me. I said I would sue him and file a complaint at the small claims court. At that time, he threatened to call the security guard. His behavior as a manager is unacceptable and immature. It's a shame that Sur la Table hired such an indecent being as him to work at the store. I was very much embarrassed by the whole drama scene and his attitude in front of other customers. on Oct. 23,2011, I drove to the Natick Collection to return my items which Randy refused to accept. After few return transaction, my whole transaction history was wiped out. During the transaction, the associate said that my transaction history was wiped out and there were no more history. All of a sudden, another associate came back and told me the store manager wanted to speak to me. It is unbelievable such horrific scene is happening to me. My transaction history is completely wiped out and I cannot return items. It's a criminal act. If I cannot return items in an appropriate manner, I plan to hire a lawyer to settle this matter. Such negative customer experience should not be elevated to such a degree, where I am forced to write bad reviews for others to see. During my life time, I have never encountered such a horrible experience such as this with the store manager. It is a shame.

I have worked for Sur La Table for a few years now originally in SF CA Ferry. I want you to know that the company treats their employees horribly. Employees are given hours, hours are taken away, etc. If you are not a part of the mgmt staff don't expect much from the retail installation in terms of growth potential as they will not value you and the experience and contributions you make toward their sales objectives. I think what Sur La Table needs to be reminded of is that: THEIR EMPLOYEES ARE NOT ONLY THEIR BEST ADVOCATES BUT THEY ARE THEIR BEST CUSTOMERS AS WELL. I AM GLAD THE RETAIL STORE PLAYS GAMES WITH OUR HOURS AS I NO LONGER BELIEVE in the company and prefer NOT to support them. And please trust that I will tell everyone I know not to do business here. Besides all of their products are made in CHINA anyway. DO NOT SHOP HERE! & pass the word!

My sister gave me a pair of gloves. I have used them for approximately 3 months. Today I noticed mold inside the gloves--they were never wet inside. I have always used Playtex gloves and from time to time I purchase 99 cent gloves and have never had this problem. I'm glad I didn't spend the money for these. I think I'll try the "knock off" ones at Walmart and see if they do the same thing.

I was recently in your Los Gatos store and found the customer service to be impeccable, not only was I greeted upon entering the facility but throughout my entire shopping experience there were pleasant employees to answer any question I had. Thank you for an awesome shopping experience and excellent customer service.

Great service by Manager and staff at the Burlingame, CA location. I bought a coffee machine that I am very happy with. Thanks

(Copy to Mgr/Carlsbad): I am writing to commend Sur La Table Carlsbad, CA, employee, Lisa N., who is always cheerful, happy to help, knows the store products, and I never feel I am 'bothering' her with my many questions about items in your store. I never feel she is rushing me to make a decision, I always have felt her sincerity about helping me find a product. She also takes time to point out useful products that I might have otherwised overlooked had it not been for Lisa making me aware that your store carried these items. I know it is a team effort in running a store, but Lisa stands out as a shining star. She is an asset to your store, and ultimately, to your customer. An employee such as this will continue to make me a loyal Sur La Table customer!

We prer to make all our kitchen and gourmet needs fro Sur La Table instead of William Sonoma and for many reasons We purchased a Jura coffee maker and had problems with it Stacy who helped us at the Plano tx store was incredibly professional, helpful and took Excellent care of us. She truly understands what GREAT customer service is all about and we just think she is fabulous!!!! Major kudos to Stacy! Wm Sonoma does not keep a record of customers purchases and unless you keep all your receipts from YEARS past you are out of luck on getting help or replacements on the frequent high $ purchases you make. That is one of the many reasons we are Sur La Table "lifers!" Thank you!

Very poor customer service at carlsbad ca. More than once

One star is the lowest rating provided here. I would go to "0" stars if that option were available. How about minus stars? Zero minus *****. Inept "service" and an extremely rude manager qualifies the store at Chestnut Hill, Newton for the boobie prize in retail customer treatment and care. Just awful!

Well, I thought my experience was unique but after reading the reviews above, I realize that your corporate culture must promote rudeness for your in store staff. I have been to your new location in City Centre in Houston, TX, and both times the staff was so rude I couldn't believe it. A new store in a hard to find location? Seriously, you should be nice to me so I will tell others how to find this place because you have to work to find it, then to be treated so rudely? Never again. You just lost me as a customer at this store.

I was in your pasadena store lasdt week and was "helped" by a girl named Margaret and i really think she needs some coaching in her customer service skills.She was the rudest employee i have ever seen and i dont think i will ever go back to that store again.

I am very disappoined in your customer service. I have been trying at leat 1.5-2hrs trying so many Sur la table sites trying to get a phone number to call to place an order. You have the most outdated, non-helpful site. I tried at least 10 different wordage to get a # where I can place an order. Everyone comes back to me to put in my cell phone #. I do not have a cell phone, nor would I give give it to any business where I will get advertisement after advertisement! And why would you even ask for a potential customer's cell phone #, when that potential customer is trying to get your #? I placed a previous order, received it, am satisfied with the orfder and have another order to place. Do you want my business and a review sent in?

I am a customer at your store in Roseville, Ca and wanted to post this review. I want to expres my appreciation for customer service performed by Matthew. In this day and age where customer service is practically non existent, Matt proved there are some retail people out there really wanting to help customers. He educated me with my coffee maker and I was impressed with his knowledge, another thing so rare with sales people not being properly trained in products they are attempting to sell. I love your store and of course, you know, I will be telling my friends about Matt and your store.

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