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Illegal charges

After Chapter 7 discharged home equity loan, bank made harassing phone calls, charged late fees, etc and turned us over for debt collection - threatened with foreclosure.


Bank in GA cashed a check from Foot Smart that was should have gone to NJ, but was cashed by someone in this bank in GA. They do not check, just cash checks. I do not know of any bank that does not ask for account number before cashing check. Do not know why check ended up in GA. to begin with. Why bank cashed check with no ID. Do not do business with this bank.


I opened up our SunTrust account a month ago I have direct deposits going into the account the account has never been overdrawn never had a fee assessed to it all is we've done is set up our direct deposits and kept it in a positive balance without reason provocation or overdraft they decided to close my account reject my secure my direct deposit causing me total undue harm


Terrible customer service No return calls Took forever to process loan with many errors, over 800 score They paid insurance late=late fee

The worst refinance EVER!!!!

I would not recommend anyone to go with Suntrust for any banking needs much less a refinance. We started our process back in July and have still not finished the process. They have been going in circles not following through with dead lines that they have set. I just LOVE the response about everything, call back and see if it's been done. I'm sorry , I didn't realize that I was working for them. When they need something from me I have to have it to them by a certain time or pay a penalty. I'm so sorry I went this route with them. Trust me, I will never do anything with them again!!!!!!!!! They are the most unprofessional business I have ever delt with. If you are considering refinance, DO NOT GO WITH SUNTRUST. YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!!

Stealing from customers

This bank will hold pending items waiting for To get close to a Zero balance. Then they will Arrange said pending items so you have NSF fees. They do it to everyone. I have banked with them For years. My finances have changed from excess Funds to barely getting by and for suntrust To steal from me and eat up my bill money with Uncalled for NSF fees. How sad that a trusted Bank has been doing this. There are thousands Of these same complaints from people just like Me who live pay to pay. Suntrust preys on us and STEALS from us. This has to be stopped.


I closed my account back in July as i no longer need a US account yet this bank still insists that i didnt and continued to pay a utility direct debits. how can such an incompetent bank still function

Cancelling accounts

This company has started cancelling accounts of loyal customers just because they have a gun business. This is a type of intimidation. I am surprised they would give up loyal customers to make a political statemen

Suntrust Allows Employee Affairs

It is amazing that Suntrust Corporate office does not reprimand supervisors for having adulterous affairs with their employees. In one case they have allowed a married supervisor having an affair with a married subordinate to do that employees year end review and determine not only their yearly raise amount but the amount of that employee's yearly bonus....all after having received complaints of favoritism from other employees in their department. I wouldn't want those Suntrust employees making my financial and business decisions.


With reading all the negative comments, Why would anyone even want to bank there. I'm glade that I read them, I was going to some transaction with them. Changed my mind quickly.

Please note that I am not a political person, but since Suntrust has decided to drop business with the Benham Brothers, as a believer in free speech and association we are going to reevaluate our relationship with your bank.

Change of direction

Now that Sun Trust has become Satans Trust as explained on afr.net to pay satan is just wrong.

Horriable Extra Fees

They charge extra fees which is Horriable. You have no Idea the fees are being charge until you review your account and money is missing. I am leaving Suntrust. DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH SUNTRUST!

My wife applied for a car loan and with a credit score over 800 and clean record was denied. Went with Wells Fargo and obtained a loan in less then 2 hours.

Don't Do It!

Don't wast your time with Suntrust. they raised my corporate rate for banking with them and I have no reason why, nor did I get a notice. Furthermore, I went to the Suntrust Bk in Ballantyne, Charlotte, NC on Jan.3rd to get a money order, which I had been receiving for Free from other Branches. This Suntrust Teller attempted to charge me a $5 to $8 fee for a money order. I am definately going corporate on them. Never had a problem at Kings Dr, nor Mallard Creek location and opened my acct in 2009. Always good to have more than 1 bank! Be wise. I'm looking to leave this bank a.s.a.p.

customer service

Each time I call my branch I am on hold for over 5 mins. Funny because I am in a small town and the branch is not THAT busy. I have had an account with them for about 20 years but will change that next week. The tellers also talk with each other while you are waiting in line. It's just not the same as it use to be. I waited in the lobby to see someone about a money market account and had to leave after waiting way too long.

Worst bank ever!

I advise anyone not to get any kind of account from this bank. Very unorganized and unprofessional. Since I have had an account here I have had countless problems and I'm tired of it! Missing money, unknown fees, bad baking period! Do not get an account here I'm warning you.

SunTrust Bluffton, SC 29910

I have never dealt with a more unprofessional group of bankers. Our house is going into foreclosure because of job loss and we speak to people who say they will call back and they never do. We have debt collectors calling at all times of the day (as early as 8 AM EDT). We have sent them faxes telling them not to call and they claim they don't have them in their possession. They're employees at the branches are unprofessional and do not know what they need to know.

Thank You

I recently opened a checking and a money market account at the Blakney office in Charlotte, NC. I was very satisfied with the way my accounts were handled and wanted to thank you for having such a great staff at this location. Thank you again

WARNING!!! Suntrust is duplicating transactions on my debit card and after talking to 4 people (3 Supervisors) they will not release the funds. It is an obvious error but I do not have access to my money until the INVESTIGATION is complete! The last 2 supervisors said my only option is to snail MAIL a letter to the Office to the President. I think I have another option, I will be busy writing reviews online until the funds are released.

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