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9/11 commerical

I just reviewed the 9/11 commerical featuring a person flying into two upright Subway sandwiches representing the TWIN TOWERS on 9/11. This commerical is in poor taste and very demeaning to all the AMERICAN HEROES that perrished on that terrible day. How dare Subway present a stupid and ignorant commerical as this to your customers. My wife and I have been customers of Subway for years and now we no longer will no longer frequent your stores. Ray Lefferts

The constant comercial is annoying.makes me not want to go buy sandwiches and support a kinda harrassment.enjoy subway always but come on.is it really nessesary to pound our minds.no its not.so slow it down a bit please

Hello subway corporate my named is Leon Doniphan I am a active duty coast guardian and former subway employee I will be transistioning out of the service with extensive food service , leadership and management skills and obove and beyond excellency in the service and as a former subway employee I would like to find a position in the Kansas city, mo while im in school until im an officer email is leon.a.doniphan@uscg.mil and my cell phone 816 516 9508 thank you very respectfully Leon Doniphan

BION I'm impresesd! Cool post!

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