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Gayla, I have been curious. I have never seen any iniormatfon posted by you that would really give someone a good idea of exactly where you live but do you ever get concerned that one day you will find people lounging around your rooftop garden, checking out your hard work in person? Or waiting on your doorstep to ask you questions and get an autograph?

I think the -7b0 feels like temperature is the best way to ptapiciarte in a No-Pants event such as this. In hot summer weather, not wearing pants doesn't seem too big of a deal in the winter, you get a lot more looks.This was my first time participating in the No Pants ride. I've been wanting to for years, but haven't been able to (even in Chicago) due to being in the middle-of-nowhere Minnesota over Christmas breaks.Some of my memories of today's Chicago Event:My first thought, while approaching the meeting point, was if there are only like 10 people there, I may just keep walking by And at first I was worried I'd have to, until I noticed about 100 people huddling behind a building. About 150 people showed up in-all.It was well-organized; the city police knew about the event, so that helped everything go off without any hitches. I'm pretty sure it will be appearing on most of the local news stations this evening. (Look for me in a few shots I'm very tall! ;)I loved seeing riders who had their faces shoved in books couldn't decide if they were trying to not look, or were completely unaware of the pantless fiasco.Rather than getting off of my car and waiting for the next train, at my designated stop I hopped on the car in front of mine. This was nice because everyone else on that car who was going pantless had already left, and many people asked me what was with the underwear today. I told them I didn't know what they were talking about and that I had just been very warm on the other car.Other than that, we were able to peer-pressure a businessman into removing his pants. Two other memories to take back were having an entire train singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody on the way to our party-restaurant afterwards and seeing a restaurant (with full glass side-windows) filled with pantless people!Mission definitely accomplished here.

Went for a sandwich at the 4000 W Riverbend Ave. at 5:30 May 17 there was two people in front of me havin a sandwich prepared by a female that started coughing into the bend of her arm. She coughed 4 times and I asked her if she needed to take care of it. She said she was ok. She continued to cough 4 more times at which point I left and will not be eating there. She was the only one there. I am concerned for the couple in front of me that got those sandwiches. How many coughs by the food preparer is ok? and how many are unacceptable? Subway appears to put a lot of effort in facility cleanliness how about the employees. All I know is of the many choices to spend my money this will always be in the back of my mind, I was at a Buger King In Barstow using the rest room. A man was in the stall I heard a flush and out came a buger king employee did not wash his hands and went back to work. I mentioned to the Manager and he looked at me like I was nuts. That happened in 1996.

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