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Subway 2.00 sandwich

I was at the Sun City Center subway in Fl-33573 when I was told I could not buy the 2.00 sandwich without the meat, I could not believe it when I asked to hold the meat, since I am. Vegetarian. so the vegetarians of America you are being discriminated by subway, I suggest that Corporate Headquarters look into this matter.Thanks Pam Krishnan.

Bring Back The Picles

All Sandwiches are great, BUT BRING BACK THE CLAUSEN PICKLES!!!

food poisioning

i went to subway on nov 21 on thursday evening around little after 4 pm got a cheesesteak sandwich went home to eat it around 430pm a hour later i got sick the manager anita trying ti turn it around like it is my fault.i had heaaches fever throughing up,stomach pains i went to medexpress in my area the doctor said i have food poisioning.


You advertise sales on your supbway sandwitches but then i go to our subway shop and they done give the sales whats wrong you dont like the people in Hawaii. Why is it not in hawaii.

Thank you for reading my email. I eat lunch at the Subway store on Route 27 near Kendall Park, New jersey. The town has seen an influx of citizens from India since I relocated in 1997. I'm a local contractor and it is a pleasure to work with the Indian people. However, in your store the employees play Indian music all day long. May I suggest a mixture of many different types of ethnic music, afterall, your store IS located in America, not India. Hopefully, the next time I pay for my sandwich, myself and all of your customers can enjoy more than one kind of music. Sincerely; Brian Kent

The Subway near me seems a bit skimpy on the stuff they put in the sandwiches. TOGOs puts more on theirs. Also the Subway TV ads with adults as small children was cute at first but is now quite irritating.

just went to one of your stores in yuma az. in the old frys shopping center off of fortuna rd. I am not a winter visitor in yuma or a snow bird as i know how they can treat employees of any of the local businesses here. your food is always very good for teh prices you charge, it is not about the product. the first girl that waited on me had a very bad attitude very cold and short almost to the point of really rude, no hi, hello or even kiss my ass, it was what do you want, thankfully the other girl finished up my sandwiches at the end or i would have said something to the first girl, but i did ask the other girl who was very nice and plesent "who pissed in the other girls corn flakes" sorry cant give you names but the nice girl was waring a name tag the one with the tude was not. i dont want anything from your company, but being out of a job recently and still, some should appreciate that they are in fact employed and it may not be the costomers fault that they are having a bad day. just wanted you to know as i am sure this is not the image you want for your company or its franchises. no disrespert meant. sincerely, john stocker

I think subway should jump on the bandwagon there are way to many people finding out they are allergic to wheat gluten. These people get tired of eating salads, subway needs to join the rest of the world and make gluten free bread so that everyone can enjoy a sub sandwhich. When I go into a subway franchise and order a salad I get charged full price for a sub without the enjoyment of eating a sub so wake up corporate you can make bread without gluten it can be done.

After I went to the subway in anaheim by disneyland and the one by my house in san diego there is no doubt subway has work to do with there managers. I love eating a subway sandwich but the times that I went to these 2 subways really made me an upset customer. Sunway store #3061 is very poor management. They had no provolone cheese,no swiss cheese,no vinigar,no dr pepper, no coke. And still had the nerve to give me trouble on my coupon when they messed up. Very poor cutomer service... The subqay by disneyland was just nasty... The veggies were warm. The employees just threw the food on the sandwich like it was trash. Around the veggies area it was dirty.nasty. I threw my sandwich away.

[10/14/2011 1:30pst] I just stopped by Subway Store #48510 1244 W. Baseline, Suite 8, Rialto, CA 92376, USA 909 874-7000. I don't go to Subway much (prefer the bread at Togo's) but I heard about the $5 foot long deal in October. I asked the young man behind the counter to make me a roast beef $5 foot long. He informed me they were out of roast beef,well sort of, it was in the back still frozen. so I asked for a club, he told me they couldn't make it because it also has roast beef on it. I said so you can't make the Roast beef, the Club and the Philly? He said we can make the Philly I said OK and he started preparing it. just to make sure I said so that is a $5 foot long right? He said no it's $8.50. I stopped him before he started it and told him I came in for the $5 foot long deal and asked him what other options I had. By now he seemed irritated and said "You can always go to another Subway." I asked him if he was trying to make me leave and he just smirked and said "I'm just saying". Since there was no manager on duty I decided to let the corporate office know that I find both the unavailability of meat products and the attitude of the employee unacceptable. I never plan to choose to go to another subway sandwich shop.

Just to be clear, Subway Restaurants headquarters are not in Oregon. Doctors Associates, the worldwide franchisor of the Subway brand, is headquartered in Milford, CT. Doctors Associates licenses various regional Development Agents to sell local franchises. Contacting the above listed office may reach a regional Development Agent for Oregon, but it's definitely NOT Subway headquarters.

i went to my favorite sandwich shop subway.i was behind a black man.he could not speak proper.he was from some other country.i waited..the girls acted as if i was not here.he asked about things that were common and he was keeping me from ordering my food and i was very hungery.i even asked the lady making the sandwiches for help. i was told the line starts behind that idiot.i waited,again.i got so agervated that i gave up and went and got me a bag of chips.we are lucky i didnt tear his and there head off.i should have been taken care of differently.

Yup, that'll do it. You have my aprpeciation.

Gee whiz, and I touhght this would be hard to find out.

I just saw your comercial with Carl Edwards, Apollo Creed, The olympic swiming gold medalest, and the pro-footbal player regarding the avacado. It was a really good comercial. Thank you.

We went to the Greer Subway yesterday afternoon... We were the only people there at the time. The girl was CLUELESS !!!!! She didn't know whether to toast e flatbread before or afternthe meat and cheese went on.... THEN AS WE WERE LEAVING.... we were walking back from the grocery store area, looked in the window to see her sitting and eating her lunch at a table..... That's fine.... Only she had 3 young guys WITHOUT SHIRTS ON EATING AS WELL!!!! Totally DISGUSTED.... that was our FIRST and LAST TIME THERE!!!! GROSS!!!!

I am a truck driver and I just wanted subway to know that you will probably be seeing sales dropping at all truck stop locations as the prices have suddenly increased by 50@ercent. I will never eat at anyone of them again, there is no such thing as a five dollar footlong anymore so I would much rather get fat a mcdonalds over going broke at subway trying to eat healthy. What a joke that you could let all these stores get away with this and I do mean all truck stop locations have done this!!!!!!!

I need to know who to contact for bad customer service and food contamination. This is the Perry,GA exit 135. Subway store #32235 Across from the GA Agricenter grounds This girl was so nasty to me I was quite taken back. She took racks from the counter behind her and put it on the white cutting board next to the unfinished sandwich she was preparing for myself and my mother. Then picked up meat (steak) that she spilled next to the rack on the white cutting board and put it back into the sandwich. The girl was so nasty. I cannot believe that the owner of that franchise would be o.k. with paying their employees to be nasty to their customers. If she is unhappy with her job she should be in another profession. I was told that the police were called as I asked for the corporate phone number. There was NO manager on staff so they said.So when neither one would give me the store number I walked over to the register and looked on the reciept. 32235. got it. Thanks. This was a young african american girl and a older asian woman(which could not have been nicer) But the younger girl was full of attitude and ready for an arguement. I thought I was the paying customer. I did not think it was a big deal to ask for a sanitary surface to make the sandwich on. I am sure it is all on camera as all the stores have them. The older lady did offer to make me a new sandwich but at that point I did not want anything. You know the employees lean on the counter behind them and when they do not have gloves on they are touching it with their bare hands. When you set something on a surface that is not sanitary, then put that on the board that had been sanitized, it has now contaminated that surface too. And that would mean it should be sanitized AGAIN BEFORE putting food on it. I thought there were company policies and procedures to follow. I did not realize that they are allowed to make up their own. It is a real shame. We love subway. But it will make me think twice about what I will choose the next time we go out. You do not know where ones hands have been. They could be picking their nose or itching somewhere down there pants. Or maybe they did not wash their hands after changing a tampon or pad in the bathroom. That is what I think about when I see someones bare hands touching things that should be kept sanitary. I have never been to a subway where they pick up spilled meat and put it back in the sandwich. Especially after putting racks/tray on the surface next to the sandwich being made. Usually whatever is off the paper the sandwich is being made on is pushed to the sides to the waste container. I have never been treated like that and I would hate to see anyone else be treated like that too. In the end I told her to eat the sandwiches as I did not want them.

I need to know who to contact about poor management of the Subway in MS at Clark gas station.

After ordering a sandwich at the Elma Subway, I came away with an all together different opinion than that which is displayed in the ads shown on TV. I found the service to be poor, the sandwich not even close to being worth 5 dollars and the employees downright rude. When I called to talk to the manager I encountered a hostile employee that was more concerned in covering her employees butt than listening to my complaint. When did Subway stop teaching customer satisfaction as the most important part of business. I guess its more important to get that smoke break so they can sit in front of the store and play suck face with their significant whatevers. I like the sandwiches, however, I refuse to frequent an establishment that condones this type of service and behaviors. Shame on you upper management for letting this store deteriorate to this level and even more so if you don't fix it.

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