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Worst customer service I've ever had to deal with. Debited my credit card for something I wasn't even subscribed to and then for two days was told we can't refund your money. Go somewhere else for your cell service " NOT STRAIGHT TALK"

disappointed to the max

every month, after adding my card to the account, i have to call customer service and have them update the account. I am told to call the *22980 about 5 times, then told to enter codes into the prepaid menu, and was even told to turn the phone off for two hours.for it to update. All i get is attitude from them, when i asked to speak to level two technical support the "supervisor", which probably isn't a supervisor but a floor walker or lead said she would only transfer me if she thought it was necessary. I told her turning my phone off for a couple of hours to update was unacceptable, hung up and called back

aio wireless is way better tha Straight Talk

Straight Talk is a lying cheating con company go with aio wireless

After being throttled never was able to get unthrottled even in new months service start date , and even they scammed me on that, was pre paid till 3/1/14 then suddenly its now 2/3/14 and no resolution on getting unthtottled and stuck with 0.01-0.05 Mbps speeds that take forever to load pages or download, if i can at all.


Throttled from 4g to 0.01-0.05 Mbps during last billing cycle, new billing cycle still throttled with no resolution of getting unthrottled ,was prepaid till 3/1/14 till yesterday when they changed service end date to 2/9/14, so i lost a moth of prepaid and service is basically unusable at 0.01-0.05 Mbps speeds


I am sorely disappointed with the lack of a credible system to address consumer's problems. Each personnel addresses a problem with a different answer and in my case fail miserably until I, at last, gave up. Recommendation: Check with another carrier. I am assuming that the ratings don't go lower than one star.

Worst Supervisor customer service

I was without a phone for 2 1/2 weeks because supervisor Sean couldn't find my phone in his computer system. Whenever I called him he'd call me back 2-3 days later. I told him I wanted a refund for those 2 weeks. first he said no problem. Then he called back and left a message saying they weren't having that deal right now and couldn't refund my money. Worst Service ever.

Customer Service

Hi; Straight talk has the worst Customer Service. Very rude and unable to answer specific questions. Complained to a Supervisor today about my service from Jaleta. I was told that it would go no farther because the people that review telephone conversations don't have an extension. How are you to know about the customer service if we cannot talk to you? I am very disappointed in the customer service you provide your customers.


This is the worst company, I had identity theft from one of their costumers using my bank card. They are un-willing to refund the money, will lie and tell you one thing then another the next time you call them. Will not provide the information so I can prosecute the person. This makes them just as guilty of identity theft as well.

Unlimited plan

I had straight talk unlimited plan for over one year and just recently they decided to shut me down due to too much data use. I have not even used it that much, in fact I would turn off my apps after each use and still that was not enough for them. When I call them about this issue they answer somewhere in India transferring me to automated answering machine which tells me pretty much "If I don't like it" go elsewhere. Bunch of crooks

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