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high prices

The stop and shop commericals are so false, when I go into the store their prices are too high. Even their sales are too high. They won't get my business!

lobby area too crowded with redbox

When I went to the winsted stop and shop, I saw the redbox was moved! Where? In the lobby area in the main enterance! It's too small of an area, and there's too many carts in that small area! I hate the new location! Why don't they put the redbox outside where's more room, or put back in the old location by the pharmacy side where there more room too. I guess I'll go to CVS where there a redbox and more room to get to it.

employees and holidays

I thought this company cared about the employees. .I am starting to believe that less and less. Why are the stores staying open later on the holidays? Don't u know that we gave families too? What's next are u going to be open on christmas too? Enough already!! This place is starting to be like pathmark which by the way is going down the toilet. So keep it up because that is were stop and shop is headed.

employees and holidays

I thought this company cared about the employees. .I am starting to believe that less and less. Why are the stores staying open later on the holidays? Don't u know that we gave families too? What's next are u going to be open on christmas too? Enough already!! This place is starting to be like pathmark which by the way is going down the toilet. So keep it up because that is were stop and shop is headed.

Music & Advertisers?

The only thing I wish they'd do, is change the music that plays there to include more songs that I can understand (such as songs by Taylor Swift, Elton John, Billy Joel, The Beatles, Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, Zac Brown Band, and most of all, Lady Antebellum). I also wish the people who advertise on the speakers were replaced with new people soon, because I'm getting sick and tired of hearing their voices. Other than that, this is a great place to shop! Good deals on prices, good food, helpful service, you name it!

You need to hire more help!!!

Stop and Shop has a great marketing campaign. I often get coupons in the mail and they actually have a good price for Evian water. That said every store seems to try to make you wait in the self-serve lines. I actually waited in line at the Ridgeway Stop and Shop in Stamford CT for a half hour. The next time I was there I saw three managers going to have lunch in a room.l told them they needed to hire more cashiers to which they laughed as they walked into the room. Hire more people. Your stores are filled with customers so you are obviously making enough money and it will probably stop people like me for going to Shop Rite. I don't work for Stop and Shop I will not go to the self service lines out of principal. Actually I think you owe a lot of people hourly pay for ringing up their own purchases.

the lines are too long

When I headed to Winsted stop and shop this morning, there was one cashier and a long line! How dare they put one cashier on in the morning especially a saturday morning when it's the busiest day of the week. I had to wait for a long time to be waited on! I guess they will not get my business!! I'm heading to price rite where's enough cashiers and great help.


The Ladies Bathroom at The Bklyn . Store in Flatbush is always disgusting. When asked if someone could clean it, there never seems to be anyone available. Was informed they have a new manager when ask to speak to him/her person never showed. Also tried calling the store for some information and the customer service phone rang for at least 15min.and was not answered. You take our money however where is the service.

I am writing regarding a employee at the stop and shop in Seymour ct. her name is Sharon and she works in the prepared food dept. she is by far the most courteous and patient employee there. I needed something made because I had a death in my family and she went above and beyond her work expectations for me. she should be told that she is a wonderful asset to this store. thank you again for your gracious help.

less going on at stop and shop

when I go to stop and shop, I've noticed less help, less bags, what is going on here? they are trying to save money? Not really, they are really too high.

why they open on holidays?

Why are they open on holidays? They don't care about their employees. They care more about getting that last dollar, then close a few days a year?

sick of the high prices

when I go to stop and shop, their prices are way too high. I will do my shopping elsewhere, yet they don't pay their help enough money. Their commericals are false, they are too high. Price rite here I come. I will do my shopping with them from this point on. Good thing price rite is close by.


stop and shop, take notice, walmart lately has been showing their lower prices. Stop and shop has too high prices, and walmart here I come.

sick of the cut hours

Why are they cutting work hours at stop and shop. I've been working there for a long time and they keep cutting my hours. Other part timers are getting their hours cut too. What is going on there? Why don't they stop this!! Most people can't live on their part time hours. I know I can't!!

loss prevention officer

They are misrepresenting store shoplifting policy, claiming arrest of individuals, when the state law says otherwise, which would make stop and shop responsible and subject to law suits. Also they refused to accept payment for alledgedly stolen property, along with the promise to never return to store. Even though, by state statute the maximum punishment is a civil fine, which denies the store chain great potential profits. loss prevention officer laura boone, from springfield, ma. store is greatly damaging stop creditability with law enforcement, by forcing arrest of individuals that by law can not be done, and a loss prevention officer should know that before making the chain responsible for her actions.

not enough bags

Why is it when I head to stop and shop lately there's less plastic bags around at the registers? I don't like one bit, because I don't always bring reusbale bags to the store.

congested store isles...

I have to shop early in the morning so I encounter all the restocking and floor cleaning folks. The isles are already to congested with those cardboard stand featuring various products. Restocking congestion continues way into the day at times. Then, there's the issue of insufficient paper grocery bags. While all of this might regional it still reflects on overall poor management or control from the corporate offices. I would have like to address this with my store manager, but I see him as too ineffective to do anything about all this.

Fired for noreason at all

I was a recent employee of Stop and shop in south bay. I was doing so good and got hired because of my great communication, high potential and confidence. I recently got fired the day before my 30 say over nothing, I felt like I got treated unfair , so does the CDH and employees. I feel as though if there was a problem I should of been told as a warning instead of getting fired and treated unfair. Now I'm jobless without even knowing what the problem was. Stop and shop claims they want people with great attitude and people who can treat our customers with respect and keep them as a stop and shop customer but treating the employees unfair and not giving them a chance to grow. I have witness that can prove stop and shop in south bay mass is an unfair place and I feel as though I shouldn't of got fired

their prices are too high

I can't afford to shop and stop, they are too high on their prices. As result I must head to the next town over where there's a price rite. Their prices are much better and I do all my grocery shopping there. Price rite has my business, and I've shopped there for over 17 years.

Refrigerator system

Needs to be controlled at store level. This is ridiculous as all your precious organic produce is too cold, which ruined it and now who wants it?? This will go to prove to you that no one wants to buy it and then you will remove it even further. Plus, people want an option other than store brand for organics. Do it right!

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