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sick of the carts on the sidewalks

I am sick of the carts on the sidewalks at the Winsted stop and shop, when it's hot out the shopping carts are so hot to touch! Get them inside where's it cooler. Makes more since sense, the other stores have their carts inside where its cooler and they aren't so hot.


New manager @ S&S Cromwell. Was helpful, listened, and follow-up. Took my name and phone and when item was available, set it aside and called to tell me. The best service ever and the follow-up was amazing. Should me an example to all employees!!

sucky managers

newburgh ny stop&shop has the worst mangers. the store manager steven telmar and assistant manager bob koza are jerks. they treat the employees and customers terrible. complain complain to corporate to get rid of these jerks.

get new managers

get rid of bob and steven the managers at newburgh ny store. they are terrible and rude to the associates and customers. many of the employees hate them. they want joe d back the original store manager. the place is so different now. i asked for help one day finding an item. the store manger steven said he was new and didn't know where anything was and walked away.

the same

What is when I go to Winsted stop and shop, there's always a long line ahead of me? There's not enough help in the mornings. I had to wait too long. I got fed up and left my stuff behind. They can't get more help in the morning. Please then I will head to another store like Price Chopper

hate seeing the cats outside

I hate seeing the carts on the sidewalk at the Winsted stop and shop. Also those carts are hot when you touch them. They should bring them back inside.

hate seeing dead plants outside

I hate seeing the dead plants outside on the stop and shop in Winsted, they need to take better care of their plants. Not only that, they are too high on their prices.

manager jerry

HI, it's been five years working for stop&shop store 637 in stamford ct.On Monday one a customer hit me with a bag, i go to my supervisor told him that, i was schedule for 7:30 by the time that happened it was 7;30 i punched out and go home, because of that i got suspended.. when a customer hit you, do i fight back or walk away?

Grocery Manager

I was in the Shelton, CT store last week. I saw one of the Grocery Managers treating one of his employees so rude and nasty. There is NO reason to treat people like that. Some of these managers think that they have the right to do this, and I think its terrible. You get much further with your employees when you treat them with respect. The Grocery manager's name is George Constantini, and from what I can see, he needs to be disciplined by someone. Shame on you George...grow up, your just a glorified stock boy.

Shelton stop & shop Sucks!

I cant begin to tell you how much I hate Shelton CT Stop and Shop. The managers are the worst. They are unprofessional and have no respect for the customers, their own employees and even the vendors. I dont understand why these guys have to be so nasty. Ive had more than one run in with a few of them. You need to consider cleaning house in that store, and getting some decent management who dont have sticks up their butts with people.

hate carts on the sidewalk

I hate seeing the shopping carts on the sidewalk in the Winsted stop and shop. It' looks terrible put them back inside the store because that's where they belong, not that crap in the lobby area by the pharmacy. What if it rains and customers can't get a dry cart. Hello, put them back inside.

I like the stop & shop I've been to. Personally I feel as though customers expect the employees to wipe their behinds and do everything for them. Be more self sufficient and life won't be so difficult for you. The workers are there to assist you NOT be your personal slave. Treat them with respect and they will be helpful. Your adults stop looking for people to do everything for you. And for everyone complaining about the Jimmy Fund how are they to know your on a budget they have to ask its their job. They ask everyone not just you so get over it and politely say no and walk away!!!!!

Service Desk Hours

I can't believe that my local Stop and Shop in Ansonia CT, now closes their service desk at 8:30 pm!!!!! I went into the store tonight to cash my pay check, get some lottery tickets, and do a bit of shopping. I was shocked when I asked to speak to manager and a very young man came out to the desk. He was borderline rude to me and I ended up leaving the store. I would like to know how one of the largest grocery store chains can keep a store open until 11 pm and have the service desk close at 8:30?!? I won't be going there any longer!

Sick of moldy food

I'm tired of shopping and receiving disgusting unsanitary moldy food... Deli, produce, bread salad Etc ... I sick of buying food for high prices and then going returning them the next day this has to stop .... The FDA needs to do something about this right away ....

sick of long lines

What is when I go to Winsted stop and shop, there's always a long line ahead of me? There's not enough help in the mornings. I had to wait too long. I got fed up and left my stuff behind. They can't get more help in the morning.


I have a picture. There was mold all over the loose stuffed grape leaves. I showed the deli person, who didn't care. My family, myself, and my company will be shopping elsewhere.

sick of the long lines

On monday, I had to wait at least 20 minutes to get checked, out there was two cashiers! What is going on here, it's a hoilday and there should be more help. Shop rite here I come

Gourmet Food section?

I'm English and I live in Litchfield - across from the S&S on West St. I also have just arrived back from the UK where fantastic pre-prepared gourmet food products abound in Tesco's, Marks and Spencer, and my favourite Waitrose. These products are a huge hit in the UK, so why not do something similar and start the ball rolling; be the first. I just know that it would prove to be extremely successful, plus introducing people to new (and more exotic?) cuisines. I also noticed that these large box stores had opened smaller versions in gas stations and on suburban street corners (bodegas?), and doing a great business. Hope these suggestions "get through" to your head office and marketing Depts?

employees with attitude in deli dept.in most stop&shop stores

your co. is loosing huge amt. of money due to improper personell, lack of proper training, poor display of supplies, apparently your district manager is doing a poor job for in not seing this problem.

sick of the jimmy fund push

I'm sick of the cashier pushing jimmy funds tickets, because I have a certain amount of money to spend each time when I go into the store. I don't have the money every time to "donate". I am sure it goes to a good cause, but I have only certain amount of money to spend and need to care for my family first.

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