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Need A Stein Mart in My Area

Please bring Stein Mart to McDonough, Georgia.

The Manager at Suwanee location is setting you up for a HUGE lawsuit. Get rid of her.

Steinmart needs to be in the Northwest ease open them in Portland Or and Seattle Wash please please please


my store manager took the time to answer a question I had about my paycheck. when she answered the question I felt duuu. The point I would like to make is that ---------------with inventory looming ------------ she did not hesitate to take care of my small problem. this was huge.

Credit Card Charges

I applied for a credit card. As snowbird I had to leave the US back to Europe before my credit card arrived. I tried ti pay over the phone but no chance. The e-mail communication options are poor and do not offer an option for payment. My card could not be activated form outside the US. I called in in time to withdraw the ballance from my US Bank account. They gave me a confirmation number but charged my account with a 50 % penalty. This compny is not serious acting.

Disappointed/bad management

Painting dressing rooms during the day when customers need to try on clothes. Not marked "closed," but had 'wet paint' (sm. signs) around......trying to be careful, I went in stall, [and lo & behold] I laid my clothes, jewelry, & bag on bench & when I went to redress, I had paint everywhere!!! Only got 20% off (2 items) from the store manger! I purchased (6) items and I SHOULD have put them all back...........Tried to call Corp. office to NO avail.

I went to Stein Mart in Ashville yesterday and they had 'wet paint' signs on wall into dressing rooms, but they were 'open.' I carefully went into stall to try on two tops and 'laid' my clothes, jewelry & bag on bench inside. When I went to put clothes back on....PAINT on everything!!! Ruined slacks & handbag! Manager wouldn't do anything about it, except give me 20% off (2) items only! Got home & tried to get paint off my slacks & bag and it won't budge. I am furious....Tried to contact Corp. office to no avail....Lost my 'love' of one of my favorite stores to shop! If they don't try to please their customers then they don't need my business!!! :(


Stephanie at the cherry hill store is a terrffic asset. She is khowledgable..knows her department friendly and courteous. Because of her talents my family and I are shopping more and more at Steinmart

Credit card overcharged

My credit card was charged twice at the Charleston SC. I went back to the store the very next day, explain to the asst manager what happen, at first it seemed like he wanted to give me a run for my money. He kept on saying that it will drop off and I would have only one charge. Well I had to call him back and explain to him that they had to reverse the charges. Well he followed up at the corporate office and the corporate office called and contacted my bank and it was resolved Iess than 10 minutes, thank you for resolving the problem .

Love this store!!!

I shop many locations and have yet to find a store with better prices, more sales and superb customer service. They carry a fine line of product. For those of you unhappy with your present shopping experience you should visit the store in Palm Springs, CA. Palm Springs is also a great town to vacation and dine.

Store "policy" should be against the law

I recieved a sweater from my mother for Christmas. She purchased it in November. The sweater did not work for me. Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances I was not able to return the sweater until February. I realize many stores have a window of time to return merchandise . Steinmart's policy states when you return an item past 60 days you will recieve only the sale price. After spending 90.00 on the sweater I recieved only 48.00 in store credit.As far as I'm concerned that is flat out stealing. I returned the item with tags intact and reciept. This should be against the law.

Rude Manager

Went to Steinmart Royal Palm Beach, FL. and removed a shirt from a clearance rack marked $14.99 red dot clearance. The cashier rang up $21.99 and when I showed her the sign on the rack and the red dot on the ticketr she called a salesperson over who told me it was $14.99 and up. I asked where the "and up" was on the rack and it only said "Clearance Red Dot $14.99" no and up anywhere. He called the store manager who repeated the same speech. It's $14.99 and up. After a long discussion with the rude manager she finally threw the shirt at me and said "OK take it for $14.99 it will be one less shirt in the store". I said I didn't want the shirt with an attitude. With my experience in that store manager and with the personnel they lost a good customer.

i hate it here 90

My store manager is very unprofessionally, my department manager doesn't know what she is doing. There is a lot of favoritism at a store in Louisiana. They don't follow their workers availability at all. I rather go back to fast food than stay here and work. Store manager think she's better than everyone and talks to her employees like they are trash. The assistant manager is rude and you can't ask her anything without her telling you she doesn't have time to listen.

Come Shop in St. Louis

I came accross this site while googling preferred customer benefits. I was shocked to read all the bad reviews! I started shopping at Steinmart when they opened a new location by our home. The staff could not be more helpful, or nice. The clothes are lovely, and the prices are good as long as you have a coupon.

Black Friday Stein Mart Scratch Off Deception

Store in North Hills, PA. Received a flyer with scratch off for Black Friday stating to bring this into the store and save $10, $20, $50 or $100 off your purchase when you scratch & save. While driving to Stein Mart I asked my daughter to get the flyer out of my purse. She saw that it stated in large print SCRATCH & SAVE so she scratched it off and it was for the lowest amount. This was right when I was pulling into the Stein Mart parking lot. Anyway I found my purchases and the cashier stated the scratch off was voided since it was scratched off. The cashier was extremely rude and cranky since it was obvious he didn't want to be there at 7:00 am. Also I guess I am suppose to overlook the large bold print that emphasized "when you scratch&save". In tiny print it read "must be removed by sales associate". Did not see anywhere about it being VOIDED if I or you scratched it off. The ad is so misleading and pretty much egging "you" on to scratch it off. This was the very first time I was in a Stein Mart and will be the last. I did see a lot of nice items with great prices and when I was shopping actually thought I need to come back to this store. Won't be happening now especially with such rude sales associates and deceptive advertising practices.

Going Bye-Bye

With Stein Marts poor mis-management, rude customer service and pinching pennies accounting practices at the sake of both their customers and employees, I see Stein Mart going on the chopping block soon. I see them going the way of Circuit City and a bankruptcy filing in the near future. The way this company is now run shows many, many signs of a company in trouble. I still bet the CEO has a huge salary and more than likely a golden parachute, so what does he care?

embarrassed at store

I was denied use of my stein mart credit card because they were sending me a premium credit card even though mine expired 9/13. People were behind me when they told me I could not use my card. I was extremely embarrassed and will not use their card again and prpbably not enter the store again and I was a very good customer who paid on time all the time. I have told many people about this.

I love Stein Mart. However, my entire family were treated rudely at the Stein Mart in Venice, Florida. I have never been treated that badly by a store employee before and when we asked to talk to the manager we were told that was who we were dealing with and her staff defended her. We were trying to purchase a large Santa and none of them had prices on them so before we tied up a check out lane we asked then to get a price- after waiting about 10 min we got in the line where she has placed this large Santa after waiting another 20 min she came rushing up and said I just got a call from an employee that needs an over ride on the computer ( we were told that was her daughter) so after waiting now 30 minutes she tells us she didn't have time to check and wouldn't check. I am calling corporate on Monday. We were embarrassed in front of the entire store which by now had probably 12 or more people backed up waiting to check out. They wouldn't look up my preferred number as I didn't have my card. We are from St. Louis and the employees are nice there

Had very bad experience with the asst mgr at the Mcallen Tx Steinmart just this past Saturday. Have to drive for an hour to that store as i leave 60 miles away. I have been an elite preferred customer for many years. Never have i been treated so rude in all the years of have shopped at Steinmart. My husband passed away 2months ago and my 35 year old son passed away on October 7th. This man knew about this and continued to be rude and showed no compassion. I doubt that i will continue to shop at that store as long as this asst mgr is employed there. Mary Kersey 210 843-9611

I am very disappointed that after being a prefered costomer, I can no longer get a discount unless I use your credit card. I visited the Steinmanrt in Centennial, Co frequently. I am a cash only customer. I will not get a credit card to get a discount. I will stop shopping there unless this silly policy is changed! JFH

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