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I went to the Steak n Shake in Aurora,Ohio on July 22,2011 around 5pm. The server was a thin blonde haired girl and she was very rude. She rushed us while we were eating, and asked my mother while she was still eating if she wanted a box. We never requested a box. She gave us our bill and pointed to the register and told us to go pay over there. The new manager there was stalking and looking at the table the whole time we were there. As we got up to pay he ran to the register, like we were going to do a dine and dash. It made me wonder if any Black people came there earlier in the year and did this, so they were at a RED ALERT on Black people. At the time of our visit we were the only blacks eating at the time, and no other tables were getting the same rude serve as we did from blondie. I spoke to another manager the next day and he informed me that this was not the case. He knew who the server was and stated she was there for 3 years and how they hire blacks there, but I knew the manager was going to defend the staff no matter what. I guess I will never revisit this location again. It's a burger place not a 5 star 100 dollar a plate restaurant.

memphis tn/service wonderful...the manager at 11am shouldn't be a manager. Only whene his manager is in from corporate does he talk to the customers. HE LETS ALL THE EMPLOYEES do things. It really makes my husband and I don't want to go there but, the food is wonderful and the staff is friendly. He never ONCE says hey there or bye ya'll. Just thought that I would let corporate know. Especially when you have come out of church and you are in such a good mood and try to say say hey...and we are ignored. It's not right. please say something to this manager. He's the one in the blue shirt always. thank you.....

I've worked at SnS for about 3 years (this is the olny job that works with my school schedule). I've worked in pretty much all of the SnS's in the Atlanta group. Working at SnS is probably the worst thing anyone can do. They have no respect for their employees at all. The kitchen staff can barely speak english, management are complete idiots. It's awful but the worse thing....I thought that it was illegal to NOT pay time-and-a-half once a worker has completed more than 40 hours in their work week. Well not SnS, they pay us our regular wage. Managers go to the back and constantly change wages and change hours to make their labour look good. SnS doesn't care if you have a life outside of their business you still get called in on your off days. If you're lucky enough to have off days anyways. As many people posted above they talk down on us like we're nothing. And people wonder why servers are so rude? it's cause management treats them like crap!!! In addition to not being a great place to work at, SnS doesn't not comply with current laws at all. they are always hiring illegal workers cause they work "harder" than the rest of us?? I think not, but they don't gripe when they come in making 7.25 and hour for 8 years! Unfortunately I don't think that no one can do anything about that. This business will always be like this. I hear the corporate store is better to work at though, maybe I can get a transfer in or something.

Steak and Shake on 192 in Kissimmee FL. Walked in and the restaurant was half full and half the tables were dirty. There was a girls soccer team ahead of us and we were told that they had been waiting almost an HOUR when they finally were able to place an order to go, while we waited behind a couple who had arrived shortly before we us (They eventually left). A bus person spent 10 minutes clearing off ONE table, while the remaining employees visible stood around and watched as several more groups of people arrived behind us. No on offered to seat us, no one even acknowledged us. I asked the woman working the cash register for the manager she said she would get him. She never did. I went to the wait station and told the bus person that I wanted to speak to the manager. He said "gladly" and hollered for Joe to come out. Joe did not come out to see me, instead he approached the register and huddled with 3 employees, as still more people entered the restaurant. There are still 8 dirty table that I can see, and at least 5 employees just standing around. When I confront the manager he tells me that he is just one person and he was doing inventory and now helping a customer at the register. I asked why his staff isn't doing anything and he says he only has 2 people working the floor (There were 3 people in the kitchen area, 3 people working the registers, one bus person and 3 other employees just standing in the wait station area. . . and one person I could see behind the "employees only" door). His demeanor was arrogant and completely unprofessional. I had to leave this establishment because my anger was growing, and it was clear that nothing I had to say mattered to Joe. He clearly has NO managerial skills, nor does he care about his customers. You also have a staff unwilling to see to the customers. Not one employee made any attempt to clear any of the tables so that the, now trailing out the door, line of potential customers can be sat and served, until after we followed the couple who were in front of us out the door. Just awful. I'm guessing after seeing 2 parties leave and one large party decide to get their order to go, SOMEONE realized that meant money out of their apron pocket! I will never walk into that location again. And I will tell anyone who will listen to me, how horrible todays experience was (7/18/11 3pm EST). Should anyone actually care I can be reached at 407-973-4620; paramedsbc@yahoo.com. It will be interesting to see if posting this will have any impact.

We visited the Steak and Shake at Mt Zion Rd Morrow, Georgia today 07-17-11 at approximately 7:00 pm. The service was absolutely the worst I have ever seen. I have visited this Steak and Shake for several years and was appauled at how nasty the floors were. The waitress was incompetent with an attitude and we had to keep repeating our order. It took an eternity to get our food and when it was bought to our table the orders were wrong and not even close to what we ordered. To make matters worse they took even longer to bring my daughter a bowl of chili! The people around us came in long after we did and had finished their meals paid and left and we were still waiting for our food. The manager acted irritated that I came to him for assistence. He said I should let the waitress handle the problem I informed him it took forever for his waitress to do anything and we were not happy. To my amazement this manager did not even apologize for the poor service and did not seem to care at all. My wife is an attorney and she was furious at how we were treated. She said she will never visit this Steak and Shake again. We have been going to this Steak and Shake for probably 20 years but we will not be returning. UNHAPPY CUSTOMER IN MCDONOUGH, GA

Just a note that on July 3, 2011, I visited a Steak n Shake in Mooresville, NC. There was a lady sitting at one of the booths with a dashound in her lap. Not sure if I will ever eat there again. I know you can't refuse a seeing eye dog but this dog was far from one. She had it wrapped in a blanket but it's head was out laying down on the table. People were looking at her and just couldn't believe the staff let her stay with the dog.

We love Steak & Shake, but I'm going to check their rating out the next time we go. For those who have worked there, why didn't you learn how to spell the name correctly? It's not "Stake".......for goodness sakes!

I work at steak n shake on roswell rd in Sandy Springs GA I know our service is poor because the management team suck,One of the Mgrs is 21 smoke and sell weed on the clock pocket money not recording the sales but prepare the food corporate needs to come in and revamp the entire mgmnt team.

I go to woodriver illinois steak n shake all the time I love the whole morning crew they all make me feel very welcome i give everyone a pat on the back!!!! i think the managers need to tell all the workers they do one heck of a job and keep up the good work!!! Thank you your friend Todd Lee

I have been loyal to steak and Shake in Columbus, In. since it came to Columbus. Today, Sunday we went for breakfast and were promply seated, after that we recieved no contact. There were a few people in the restraunt but ther was also plenty of help. Needless to say after 10 min. we got up and left. Do'nt know if I will return.

Last evening we purchased an order from the Steak n Shake in Eureka. The double steakburger was 1 1/2 meat burnt. It was so bad my dog refused to eat it. It seems the steakburgers are getting smaller while the prices or getting larger. They are just thrown together and sometime accidently hit the bun. We are regular customers or should I say were???????? I feel when you go through the drive thru, nobody cares because 9 times out of 10 you don't return to complain. YOU just don't RETURN.......

i came into steak n shake for lunch on a saturday. the server who i usualy get didnt seem to happy to server me as she usualy dose. i asked her about whats going on and she almost started crying. she tells me she feels all she dose is work and she dont feel very apeciated. i am very concern for her mental and phisical heath.

your latest tv commercial is in poor taste. teaching children to keep quiet when dad breaks something by taking them to steak n shake, not good. i like steak n shake.

I live in moline they said they would replace our order and said next time it would be on steak and shake . Everytime I go there it's between 1 and 2 am cause me and my girl friend work late. The reason they said they would replace our order is cause one of the burgers was way under cooked... And everytime we go there they always forget something we order cheese sauce they forget it . They can never get our order right . Either something need to be done about this or I will no longer go there . On a average we spend between 20 to 35 dollars when we go there. And the worker that said he would replace are whole order is actin like he won't cause a manager is questioning him about it. The workers name is Justin. So if you want to keep us as a customer I believe I should get 2 or 3 free combo cards . If ur gonna mail them out my address is 3313 69th ave moline 61265

I work for steak and shake for about 8 months and the cook hits me all the time named nemo the waters text on phone all the time and make me do all the work and when i tell them they got a table thay act like that cant hear me and today danny training to be management wonted to punch me im mad and joe does not care i told nick im a very good worker customers say that finally got a good worker we will talk later

steak n shake needs to enforce that they have a no loitering policy. a girl who use to work with me there came in to talk with antoher girl who still worked there. i told her if she is not there to eat then she needs to leave. the other girl is there to work not socilize.

service was slow food was not to bad , but hash rounds tasted like cooked in old oil. forks dirty, trouble geating order right. i have always enjoyed eating at stake n shake but no more at the store in new castle in. this happen june 10 at eight thirty am. thank you.

i use to like working there. for the past 2 years things have gone down hill. my co-workers have no idea what there doing. the service is slow. after i quit or even get fired (whatever happens i dont care) i would tell everyone what i think of them and never return.

Walked into the stake'n shake on bardstown rd at the watterson x-way in Louisville, KY. The man behind the counter said "HI welcome to stake'n shake please sit anywhere you like". Didn't appear to be too busy, 15 minutes later, I walked to the counter and helped myself to the menus so we would be ready to order. 10 minutes later, a waitress finally showed up to take our order. In the mean time, other folks were being seated, waited on and receiving their food. 20 minutes after ordering (almost an hour after walking in) we walked out with-out eating. Several other customers had experienced the same issues we did and also walked out. The restaurant lost a lot on money this day. We normally go to waffle house. So sorry we strayed.

I recently went to the steak and shake in Greenfield, Indiana and found that their service was absolutely horrible! This week i went to the drive-through window to order two shakes,they said over the speaker that it would be a minute(without welcoming me to steak and shake). I waited for ten minutes without being helped before i just drove off. I came home called the manager and complained, he said that they were really busy and that I should come inside. And then I thought why then do you have a drive-through window! Without the manager apologizing i hung up!! A few days later i went back( this time to order inside ) a shake and two cherry sprites. believe it or not i waited a full twenty minutes ( which I timed) their service is Absolutrly,Positively,HORRIBLE!!!

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