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Steak N Shake IS the worst place to work. I worked for them for over 4 years, they took away all benefits, and any extra way to increase ones income. After 4 year and learning all of the positions I was still making minimum wage. The managers, and even the CEO could care less about their employees. I was told that we had to pay for all food and drinks while working. Payroll was changed from checks to a debt card which costs money to use. Health codes are only enforced when big wigs or state officials are there. Oh and the servers are charged to receive all of their credit card tips. Since I have been let go, and I am FIGHTING to get unemployment, before being fired I was told that management would do anything to get rid of me because they just did not like me. Please everyone I would love to see them go out of business ASAP, and I think they should be investigated for everything from food handling, to employees rights

The Page Field Store in Fort Myers, Florida will fire any employee who decides to go to college! Florida is a right to work state...if you do NOT understand the concept it means any employer may fire you at ANY time just because they feel like it!!! Hope you guys at Steak-N-Shake like negative press! Steak-n-Shake is anti college student! Don't believe it find out for yourself!!!

I ate at the SNS Gastonia NC if you are not a colored person than forget about good customer service. I ate their about 4 weeks ago. My burger was soaking in grease. 5 minutes after eating the burger I started itching really bad stomach started to hurt. I did not think a lot about it. One week later I went to the same SNS ordered the same thing. With tomatoe,mayo,pickle's,onion's. After I got halfway home I decided to pull over to eat. The bun was soaking in ketsup,mustard it's like they poured a half bottle on the burger. I also did not order it this way. Before I finished eating the burger I was itching real bad on my arms, Stomach started to hurt and since the pain has moved to my lower right side. And I have been having real bad sinus and allergies problems sneezing. It's like I have a real bad infection again this started after I ate at this SNS. When I paid and received my food the same people were working colored girl working the drive thur, Colored guy cooking and the assistant manager was colored guy in the kitchen. They were all laughing and acting unprofessional. The girl taking my money was laughing so much she had to close the window and was talking to the cook and manager. She did not want me to hear what was been said, Never will I go back. Everytime I have been there only a few customers are their. Now I know why.

We went to Steak and Shake and purchased four shakes, one of them being a butter pecan shake. I started sipping the shake through a straw, and then attempted to eat some of the nuts on top of the whipped cream. When I crunched down, I noticed some of the nuts did not feel like nuts. I spit the nuts out in a tissue and noticed clear pieces of glass that had been laced all inside my shake. I became upset and did not finish drinking the shake for fear that I had swallowed the broken glass. We immediately phoned Steak N Shake and they were apologetic and refunded our money for all four shakes. They claimed they got rid of all of their ingredients to guard against more glass entering anyone else's meal.

I was at steak n shake in mooresville nc n the mngr was really wired acting n lookung I suggested she take a break I will not repeat her response does you guys let anyone become management I got her full name from a sever n looked her up maybe you guys should do that also may I say the mug shot says alot never will visit that store again her name was stephanie fuller steak n shake should b able to provide better mngmnt drug test or better background checks hope u guys take this in consideration

I am a fellow employee at steak n shake in pickerington ohio. Today i was scheduled to work at 4pm until 10pm. i went in as usual and begain my duties on drive thru. about 2 hours into my shift my manager came to me and rudely demanded me to wash dishes. at the time i was serving a customer and picking up after HIS mess in the drive thru station. i tried to explain that i was busy and that i would go wash dishes after i was finished with the customer. he rudley told me to stop argueing with him and to do what he said. so i did. while i was doing that he pulled one of my fellow employees to the office and begain saying that i looked, acted, talked and WAS garbage. he also said that he was sending this garbage home (referring to me still) and that she needed to fill in for me. then he came to me and told me that i needed to clock out and leave immediatly. after that i demanded to talk to his boss and the owner of the store and he rudley refused, continuously demanding for me to leave the store. after arguing back and forth for about 5-10 minutes, he finally agreed to call them. after i talked to his boss a meeting was scheduled for weds. that week and then i left. i was completly offended by his comments and by my understanding managers should NEVER talk rudley about employees to other employees. thats highly unprofessional. once i was leaving he pulled that same employee back into the office and continued to talk badley about me. i kno this because that employee told me everything that he had said. i am in disbelief of how i was treated. no one should have to deal with a situation like this in their own work enviornment. situations like this have happened more then once.

I used to be a S-n-Shake Asst. Manager and I visit the S-n-S in East Peoria,IL. I went in there this morning for the all you can eat pancakes and when my food finally came it was only 2 pancakes instead of three that they start you out with and they were overcooked and when I informed the waitress about this she did nothing to correct it. And all I kept hearing the waitresses talking about was that some other employees had called off work. Why not focus on taking care of the customers that are there to the best of your ability. Also while waiting for someone to bring my coffee(which took ten minutes) a woman who was a manager I presume came in and started helping to cook the food. She used hand sanitizer and put gloves on but why does she not have to cover her hair. Watching her flip her head around up there over the grill made me not want to eat. Cleanliness and a sanity work area was always a must that I can remember when working there. Other things I heard from customers while there was them asking if others at tables if they had even taken their orders yet and how long they had been there already waiting for service.

I went to the Gastonia NC steak and shake. I went to the drive thru one time and ordered the scrambled eggs with bacon. The assistant manager said you have to come inside to order that. What they sell breakfast at the drive thru but if I want eggs and bacon I have to come inside. The assistant manager is black and everyone cooking and working the drive thru were black, Are they doing this because I am white ? I know I ordered something different. And they were laughing and jumping around, I went their about 4 weeks ago, The same people were working. I ordered a burger and when I took it out of the wrapper it was soaking in grease. Its like they poured an ounce of grease on it. Also I started itching real bad for like four days. One week later I ordered a burger told the girl what I wanted on it. She repeated my order. They were laughing and acting stupid. After I got home took the wrapper off and it was soaked in mustard and ketchup which is two items I didn't order on my burger. It had so much on it that the bun was soggy. I took the burgers off and put them on a new bun and ate it. 15 minutes later I was itching. I like Steak And Shake....But I will never go BACK Unless they get rid of the manager and the rest of the employee's he has hired. Thinking about sending this too an attorney. Its sort of like the Dominio's pizza employee who was putting stuff on ppl pizza, and sandwiches. It is a felony to put something on or in food. I lived in Missouri for a while and never had nothing but good service. Gastonia NC store was okay until they hired this Manager or assistant Manager that works between lunch time and 4:30pm he has hired nothing but ppl who act immature like himself. If they cannot act like adults and stop playing games with customers food than they do not need to be working their.

I am not too surprised to see that comment about Sandra at the Casselberry Florida SNS. That was a true and very clear description of just how nasty Sandra truly is. Over the years I have seen good waitresses that fat slob is jealous of get fired because of the lies and rumors she spreads. I stopped eating there because of her.


I have been frequenting the Steak N Shake on Phillips Hwy in Jacksonville, FL for the past 3 months. I work right aroung the corner, so it is very convenient. Dining there is always a pleasant experience. I went in today for my lunch hour and had my family meet me there. When I told my server, Stevie, that it was my lunch hour, she went through extreme measures to assure that our food was out in enough time for us to enjoy it and for us to have time to talk with one another. Day in and day out, the people in the Avenues Steak N Shake are very accommodating and friendly. It is my pleasure to recommend this restaurant to all and want to thank each and every one of them for the continued, great service.

I personally know that Steak N Shake employees and managers indulge in drug activity both purchasing and consuming while on company time. One mngr was stealing money from the register to facilitate their drug habit. Once I turned them in and they were fired I am now discriminated against because the remaining staff were friends with said offender as well as being involved in the theft situation as well. Now I work in a hostile environment with mngrs and employees who want to see me quit or get fired and are aggressively pursuing anything they can to remove me from employment. Nice way to treat a good employee who wants to do the right thing...stealing for drug money is wrong so...why am I the bad guy? Because everyone else is doing it too....lol wow what a world!

Read alot of the other posts. I must agree with the past employees. Is a very poor company to work for. Nothing you do is appreciated. I fell in the freezer and was hurt. Tried to work, but they did not abide by my doctor's limitations. I am 54 yrs old and was told by a manager trainer who was 20 to "suck it up!". I was not supposed to use my left arm/hand. When I went to work I was expected to put a glove over my splint and dress the burgers and operate the fryer. Was even expected to take out the trash. Also, had the same experience with the clothing. DON'T ever apply at this company. I now have an attorney to pursue this matter.

I go to the Steak N Shake on Doorthy Ln, In moraine in Dayton, Ohio. And I have noticed that there is one employe that works there that all the other employese were treating her badly, I even seen there manager her names LINDA she also treats her unfairly, I want to say the females name is Katlyn, They talk down to her I just don't think you should have people working for you if your going to treat them that way! My husband has also eat there and ask on of the guys there why she was doing all the dirty work and his responce was I am making her, I think that someone needs to do something about this. Because what is going on at your store in Moraine Ohio is not fair to the employes!

A friend and me went to your Steak and Shake in Huntsville Al this morning. We decided on the bluebery pancakes. They were overloaded with blueberries which made them so sweet that were inedible. The waitress asked how they were and we told her they were way overloaded with the blueberries and to sweet to eat. She said I saw the cook making them and wondered about that. We go to register and the Manager took our money and asked about how the pancakes were. We told him the same thing. He said "Sorry" and also said he saw them being cooked and "wondered" about the amount of blueberries being put in. He did not offer to make it right. It is not the $3.99 obviously but the lackk of customer service on an item that was inedible. Will be my last time there.

The Steak and Shake in Morrow, GA has the worst service of any restaurant I have ever been to in my life. You would think that by all of the reviews they have recieved, it would be different. They are always understaffed, every employee always has an attitude (including the managers), the wait to just have your order taken is about 30 minutes. Once you actually order, they don't bring your food until about 30-45 minutes later. I asked the MOD for the district or corporate number and with an attitude he stated that he would have to go to the office and get it cause he didnt have it right there at the register and he had other people to take care of. All he did the whole time we were there was stand at the register, whether he had a customer or not. I walked out the door while he was still talking to me with his rudeness. While we were ther at least 6 other parties got up and left while waiting to order or get their food. I will not be back for a very long time.

Been working at steak n shake for three weeks now and have not recieved a paycheck... Someone tell me why if the man running my store is not competent enough to take care of these things why is he still running it....

I went to the Steak n Shake in Aurora,Ohio on July 22,2011 around 5pm. The server was a thin blonde haired girl and she was very rude. She rushed us while we were eating, and asked my mother while she was still eating if she wanted a box. We never requested a box. She gave us our bill and pointed to the register and told us to go pay over there. The new manager there was stalking and looking at the table the whole time we were there. As we got up to pay he ran to the register, like we were going to do a dine and dash. It made me wonder if any Black people came there earlier in the year and did this, so they were at a RED ALERT on Black people. At the time of our visit we were the only blacks eating at the time, and no other tables were getting the same rude serve as we did from blondie. I spoke to another manager the next day and he informed me that this was not the case. He knew who the server was and stated she was there for 3 years and how they hire blacks there, but I knew the manager was going to defend the staff no matter what. I guess I will never revisit this location again. It's a burger place not a 5 star 100 dollar a plate restaurant.

memphis tn/service wonderful...the manager at 11am shouldn't be a manager. Only whene his manager is in from corporate does he talk to the customers. HE LETS ALL THE EMPLOYEES do things. It really makes my husband and I don't want to go there but, the food is wonderful and the staff is friendly. He never ONCE says hey there or bye ya'll. Just thought that I would let corporate know. Especially when you have come out of church and you are in such a good mood and try to say say hey...and we are ignored. It's not right. please say something to this manager. He's the one in the blue shirt always. thank you.....

I've worked at SnS for about 3 years (this is the olny job that works with my school schedule). I've worked in pretty much all of the SnS's in the Atlanta group. Working at SnS is probably the worst thing anyone can do. They have no respect for their employees at all. The kitchen staff can barely speak english, management are complete idiots. It's awful but the worse thing....I thought that it was illegal to NOT pay time-and-a-half once a worker has completed more than 40 hours in their work week. Well not SnS, they pay us our regular wage. Managers go to the back and constantly change wages and change hours to make their labour look good. SnS doesn't care if you have a life outside of their business you still get called in on your off days. If you're lucky enough to have off days anyways. As many people posted above they talk down on us like we're nothing. And people wonder why servers are so rude? it's cause management treats them like crap!!! In addition to not being a great place to work at, SnS doesn't not comply with current laws at all. they are always hiring illegal workers cause they work "harder" than the rest of us?? I think not, but they don't gripe when they come in making 7.25 and hour for 8 years! Unfortunately I don't think that no one can do anything about that. This business will always be like this. I hear the corporate store is better to work at though, maybe I can get a transfer in or something.

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