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I have worked at Steak and Shake for almost a year until today. For 5 months my general manager has harassed me. Several people have called in more than work their shift and have been extremely late on a consistent level. My general manager has let them get by with it. I have called in because I have problems with my bladder and kidneys always becoming infected which can cause me to get sick, even though I have taken in Doctor Statements and so forth, I was wrote up for calling in. I was vomiting constantly one day and still showed up to work, even though I could not stop vomiting long enough to get in the door to show them that I was there, my step father had called and told them I was vomiting outside in the grass and another employee seen this as well, they told him to take me back home and then when I felt better and went in a couple days later, I was written up. I have always had probable cause for calling in while others call in just because, yet I still have been the only one wrote up. A few months ago we were told that if we could not work our shift to either call in 4 hours prior or to make sure that someone else was covering our shift. I did this yesterday to finish my homework for college classes. A co-worker covered my shift. I went in to work today and my GM sits in the office from the time I get there until we start to get tables. I had two tables I was waiting on and my GENERAL MANAGER wanted me to walk off the floor to discuss yesterday with him, when I told him I had a table I was waiting on, he walked out and gave MY table to another server. He has one employee who can sit in the office while we bus her tables and make sure her guests stay satisfied and many times have completed her sidework while she sits back in the office chatting away. She even sits back there on the clock, when she is supposed to be clocked out, and just chats away, milking the clock. We have brought this to the GM's attention on several occasions and he still lets this go on and won't say anything to her about it. He has put me down and made me feel worthless. He has nit picked me to the point that I dreaded going to work the next day because I knew I would be working with him. Isn't this a form of harassment? I was told to clock out and leave because I told him today that I was going to call corporate on him and file a complaint. I lost my job because I was honest and told my general manager who has been treating me unfairly, that I was calling corporate today. If corporate does not do anything, then I will go to human services and if this does not work better business bureau here I come.

I usually go to the Ashtabula,Ohio store and have always found the help to be pleasant and helpful. The place is always clean and welcoming. I have also gone to restaurants in South Carolina and have also been pleased with the service.

This is about the current advertising campaign. Did corporate have this receive the green light from the advertising psychologists? Watching the large tear drop suck back into the eye looks like snot. It is so disgusting that my husband and I get grossed out just driving by a steak n shake. We cannot stomach to eat there at all...ever again. This is like the rats on the Quizno commercials a few years back. Totally disgusting. Pancakes, uh...no thank you. No thank you to eating anything there ever again. Just plain gross!

i live in louisville the bardstown rd location i was given a dirty plate and i made a complaint and called the health dept . the investigater was told by the mrg that she did not know about this claim. i think that i deserved a call . i think a mrg that doesnt know about this she should lose her job. my plate had 2 mustard under my fries and ketup on the side of the plate im eating my fries and i discovered the mustard but the mrg doesnt know anything about this . the server said it loud I NEED A TRIPLE BURGER AND FRIES BECAUSE HIS PLATES DIRTY. THE ASS MRG, AND THE MRG WERE PRESENT SHE WAS IN THE BACK STOCKING I KNOW THAT SHE HEARD MY SERVER YELL OUT.

been a steaknskake customer for over 60 years , and you cannot get a hot cup of coffee anymore, the old time Steaknskake had coffee so hot you had to wait until it cooled down a little before drinking it. the cantor system you have now is not worth my time . please do something about it. its just not one steaknskake its all of them regardless of location.

I often purchase food gift cards to give to my friends and family. I have purchased Cracker Barrel, McDonald's, Subway, and several others. I have never had a problem with any of the gift cards not being accepted EXCEPT Steak and ShaKe. I have purchased them exactly two times and both times the cards were refused! Of course this was quite embrassing for the gift receiver as well as myself. There must be aproblem with the gift cards. I want to warn anyone who purchases one, be sure to keep your receipt and give it to the gift receiver. As for myself, I am not buying any more. There are too many other restaurants available that do not present a problem. Steak and Shake has lost my business.

My daughter@I went thru the drive thru.Special Steakburger fries@ soda.Buns soggy/fries bitter(Oil was too old).The only thing I can't complaine about is the soft drink? Very dissappointed,one thing I could always count on was your great fries,You had the best fries in Butler County(bar none)WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOUR FOOD? Or is this just the drive thru? Main Street Hamilton,Ohio 45013 You no longer have my business Oh @ excuse me,do you no longer put napkins in the bag?

I would give less stars if there was a choice. I can tell by the rest of the complaints that this is probably going to fall on deaf ears. It's obvious this company does not care about what their restaurants do. It's a shame because you have a good product but unbeleivably poor management. I generally do not go to the steak and shake in LAKELAND FLORIDA if I am in any kind of a hurry because they are so slow. I mean u make burgers and fries, it's not rocket science!! what takes so long? Well I thought we were covered we had about 45 minutes well boy was I wrong. We left without getting our food, had to make a quick stop at McDonalds to feed my grandson so he wouldn't go to bed hungry (this was after church on a sunday nite)I did go to bed hungry. That is the final straw with this place. I've had other problems in the past. I've worked at many restaurants in my life, I can truthfully say none with the lack of organization and bad management as this restaurant. There are people running around everywhere and it is the worst place for service I've ever seen. I could have gone to a steak restaurant and been served faster than this. I will never go back

Poor place to work!! They do not pay you for all your hours worked and when you ask a manager about it they say they don't have time to go back and look up your hours and that you are just out of luck! I will be telling everyone and posting comments everywhere possible to tell people not to work here and for that matter don't even eat there if this is how they treat their employees.

my fiance has been working at steak and shake since mid august this year...she has worked over 80 hours as a server and making few tips. she once worked an 8 hour work shift and make 6 DOLLARS IN TIPS!!! she told the manager Ila at the larkin Joliet store that she is supposed to make 6.50 working the overnight shift as per the employee handbook.. he said he was giving her 8.25 an hour. ok so payday finally comes and she checks her card givin to her by the company and her pay is JUST OVER 200 DOLLARS FOR 80+ HOURS OF WORK!! so she tells Ila with nothing being done about it she goes to payroll corporate and they promise to fix it.. Ila finds out what happened and fires my fiance from her job..now mind you we have two babies and trying to get a place of our own... he specifically fires her for "going over his head" saying "im your boss and this is MY store" she asks him "then your telling me i CAN'T call corporate?" he says "NO!" so she asks him to come back cuz we REALLY NEED THE MONEY..so she goes back and she checks her times today 9/25/2011 and she worke 2 days ago for 8 hours overnight and is working today 5-12 and she just called me saying that Ila has manipulated the times and she only has 1.75 hours on her timecard for this week!!! i dont know WHAT to do we have called corporate and i dont know what legal action to take im just saying if your considering a job at steak and shake on larkin in joliet...for your sake.. RECONSIDER!!

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Second time they have failed but I have learned my lesson between services and the food. We were a table of four, we ordered four guacomole hamburger, we recieved four burgers without guacomole. we asked the waitress for the guacomole and she returned with four small sauce cups with guacomole, the guacomole was black. we told the waitress the guacomole was old and she yelled to her manager "they are saying the guacomole is bad". manager came and told us it was not bad, that it is made fresh every morning. it was midnight!!! morning was over twelve hours and she stated that because of the heat from the kitchen after we continued complaining we told her that we should not be charged for the guacomole which then the supervisor said ok.what really upset us was how the manager was rude, what happened to customer service. not even an apology until we went to the cashier. we then had to explain everything that happened to Operations when the waitress did not explain why they were deducting the guacomole in which he also that it was there since the morning. I have definetly learned my lesson, you cannot play with guacomole .. I wonder how many other old things we eat that they claim are "new" just because they are hidden under bread...

I just got a job at steak and shake in northeast ohio. I was hired as a server and told i would receive minimum wage, plus tips. I have only been there for a week, and have not been allowed to keep any tips. The way they get around this is by not letting you take care of a table on your own. If you seated them, took their order and served them, they will walk up to the table once to ask how the food was, then tell the manager that I was the one who helped them. They would not put my employee number into the system, so I was unable to ring anybody's order in without asking someone else to use their id, and if the customer paid with credit card, thew tip would go to whoever's id I had used. I have 4 years experience serving and have never seen such disrespect to a server until I joined this place.

The steak and shake in Ellisville MO us a joke and disaster. The manager Tyler is an incompetent idiot. After waiting 30 minutes for food this morning they were out of butter pancakes and shredded hash browns. He looked at me like I was stupid fir walking out. This is the second and last time I have had problems with there poor service and food. Where do they find their help??? Stay away from this steak and shake

I did a small experiment there days three orders same stake and shake. 1st day Dbl stk burger with American chese 2. Day Dbl stake burger with pepper jack chesse 3rd day dbl stk chesse burger sub pepper jack chesse Result Day one and day two I paid same price Day tree about 50 cents more with tax Asked mng why said that's the way it is set up 50 cents won't stop Mr from coming to stake shake but I fell there is somethin wrong here I think there should be a button on register that subs chesse with no extra charge Wouldn't you agree thanks

Steak n' Shake takes 25% of my paycheck in taxes. how great. and we have to even sign up online with this foreign payroll company and also for even our pay stubs. 1/4 of my hard earned money is being stolen from me. granted I am always going to have to pay taxes but i thought in Missouri it was only like 8%? correct me if im wrong

Steak N Shake IS the worst place to work. I worked for them for over 4 years, they took away all benefits, and any extra way to increase ones income. After 4 year and learning all of the positions I was still making minimum wage. The managers, and even the CEO could care less about their employees. I was told that we had to pay for all food and drinks while working. Payroll was changed from checks to a debt card which costs money to use. Health codes are only enforced when big wigs or state officials are there. Oh and the servers are charged to receive all of their credit card tips. Since I have been let go, and I am FIGHTING to get unemployment, before being fired I was told that management would do anything to get rid of me because they just did not like me. Please everyone I would love to see them go out of business ASAP, and I think they should be investigated for everything from food handling, to employees rights

The Page Field Store in Fort Myers, Florida will fire any employee who decides to go to college! Florida is a right to work state...if you do NOT understand the concept it means any employer may fire you at ANY time just because they feel like it!!! Hope you guys at Steak-N-Shake like negative press! Steak-n-Shake is anti college student! Don't believe it find out for yourself!!!

I ate at the SNS Gastonia NC if you are not a colored person than forget about good customer service. I ate their about 4 weeks ago. My burger was soaking in grease. 5 minutes after eating the burger I started itching really bad stomach started to hurt. I did not think a lot about it. One week later I went to the same SNS ordered the same thing. With tomatoe,mayo,pickle's,onion's. After I got halfway home I decided to pull over to eat. The bun was soaking in ketsup,mustard it's like they poured a half bottle on the burger. I also did not order it this way. Before I finished eating the burger I was itching real bad on my arms, Stomach started to hurt and since the pain has moved to my lower right side. And I have been having real bad sinus and allergies problems sneezing. It's like I have a real bad infection again this started after I ate at this SNS. When I paid and received my food the same people were working colored girl working the drive thur, Colored guy cooking and the assistant manager was colored guy in the kitchen. They were all laughing and acting unprofessional. The girl taking my money was laughing so much she had to close the window and was talking to the cook and manager. She did not want me to hear what was been said, Never will I go back. Everytime I have been there only a few customers are their. Now I know why.

We went to Steak and Shake and purchased four shakes, one of them being a butter pecan shake. I started sipping the shake through a straw, and then attempted to eat some of the nuts on top of the whipped cream. When I crunched down, I noticed some of the nuts did not feel like nuts. I spit the nuts out in a tissue and noticed clear pieces of glass that had been laced all inside my shake. I became upset and did not finish drinking the shake for fear that I had swallowed the broken glass. We immediately phoned Steak N Shake and they were apologetic and refunded our money for all four shakes. They claimed they got rid of all of their ingredients to guard against more glass entering anyone else's meal.

I was at steak n shake in mooresville nc n the mngr was really wired acting n lookung I suggested she take a break I will not repeat her response does you guys let anyone become management I got her full name from a sever n looked her up maybe you guys should do that also may I say the mug shot says alot never will visit that store again her name was stephanie fuller steak n shake should b able to provide better mngmnt drug test or better background checks hope u guys take this in consideration

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