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Just went to the store at Sunnyside and Pendleton Pike in Indianapolis. The complete exterior of the parking lot is completely covered in trash on all sides of the building and even up in the trees. I took pictures and am sending them to the town of Lawrence. If I worked for S&S or even that store I would be extremely embarrased. Completely pathetic. If there is a regional manager who does site visits and hasn't done anything about this disgust they should be FIRED....

My family and myself are regulars at Steak-n-Shake in Sanford FL. But these last few times over the last 2 months we have been the service was HORRIABLE!!!! What I am about to explain is the exact thing that has happened to us 3 different times. We walk in and stand there for about 5 mins as the sign says "Please wait to be seated" after we are finally seated we sit for another 15mins and NO ONE comes over to help us!! We did not even get a drink order in so we got up and walked out and then the waitress and Manager working look at us as if we were rude and an inconvenience!! Are you serious?? One of those times though we did not walk out and after 15mins placed a drink order than waited 45mins for our food which was cold by the time we got it than after wards when we went up to the register to cash out. Another customer was up there complaining on how bad the service was as well. They say its because they are short staffed. But seriously it has been 2 months and YOUR still short staffed?? I love the food but serious the Steak-n-Shake in Sanford FL in the Town Center Mall Plaza seriously needs to get it together. I have heard soooo many people complain about this Steak-N-Shake and there only excuse is were short staffed! Than hire people because that excuse gets old really fast. How do you expect to stay in business when you run a business like this?

We attempted to eat at the Crawfordsvillr Steak & Shake this evening. Our granddaughter was served a chicken strip meal. She handed me a piece of chicken and said something was wrong. About one third of the strip was completely raw. We called the waitress to come to our table, and she contacted the manager. We had to wait several minutes for him to appear. He did apologize and told us that another customer found the same problem. He offered to remove the cost of her meal from our ticket. He did not remove the raw chicken from our table. Our onion rings were not thoroughly cooked either. I could actually wring the grease from them. The restaurant needs new management that will teach the workers how to prepare the food. We will never return there to eat, and we hope those who do watch the food very carefully.

For the second time in two trips, we were givent he worst service ever. The waitress left her station to work the register and forgot all about us and our food. 45 mintues later another waitress asked if we needed anything, I said our food and she told me that they were busy and I needed to be more patient. She was so young and stupid I could not believe my ears. We finally left without eating. We will NEVER eat at Steak and Shake again...NEVER!

I unsuccessfully tried the drive through in Olathe KS. twice. I should preface this with the fact I dislike online reviews like this because there are better ways to resolve problems, but after reading the onslaught of bad customer service, I imagine my efforts would be as pointless as the others. I love steak n shake and I don't want to see it go away, so I hope eventually someone who can do something will read these reviews and care. 1. First time a half hour after opening, all lights on, no service, no response on the speaker as rain is pouring in my open window. As I left I passed the window, with junk piled up blocking it's use. I imagine there was no intention of serving anyone at that time. 2. Three days later, this time there was a response. After inquiring about a menu item I was given a very short impolite useless response. I waited for a few seconds, thinking, they just .. ? who knows. Nothing. Awkwardness. At that moment, I thought to myself, if this is the service, how good is that food going to be. I drove off again and don't care to return. 3. This is for the Liberty MO location: I ordered a burger, very clearly stating and repeating no ketchup. The thing comes out with only meat, bun and ketchup. The line was long and I had no time to wait so I called and spoke with the manager. The manager offered me a refund, took my name, address etc and stated they would mail me some kind of gift card. Never heard about it again.

Goshen indiana steak and shake. My girlfriend ate a bowl of soup and a chicken sandwich and ended up with a severe case of food poisoning an hour to 2 after consuming it. This place is horrible, you best believe i will be filing a case with the health department

i worked at the s&s in leesburg florida. i was fired for being in the hospital with the person im the primary caregiver for, i called and let them know and asked if i brout a note stating that i was indeed in the hospital would it be ok. the gm said it would be ok. but apon retuning i was told to keep the note and that im no longer employeed there

The steak n shake in forest park has the worst service ever all employees just stand around its rediculous worst service ppl who havent eaten are walking out.....something needs done ......! !!!!!

Sally, the manager at the S&S in Viera, Florida should be fired. She is the nastiest, most rude human being that I have ever encountered. When I took my drive through order back into the restaurant because it was missing a burger and I showed her my receipt. She then told me that the order was correct and that I had simply stolen the burger and put it in my car. When I asked to speak to her superior she threw me out of the restaurant and told me to never come back again. Is there something wrong with this woman? She acted virtually insane. Is the job too much for her. Please fire this woman so I can go back to Steak and Shake!

So today at the SnS on Lawrenceville-Suwannee Rd in Lawrenceville GA 30043, I watched a manager dress mine and several customers steak burgers without any gloves on. Who knows where his hands have been? I will not be going back there ever again. Yep never all thanks to one jack off who thought it was ok to dress without gloves.


I visit a Steak n Shake in I'Fallon IL; and Boi could I say it was the best. It was .nice n clean every server help out each other but I also feel in love with my server I had her name was Danielle Curry and she kept a smiled on her face the whole time made me feel like I was at home and I was just so comfortable. I will visit this steak n shake again

Steak and Shake in Richmond KY.has really went to the dogs.For one don't go and eat there Late night because you might get caught in a transaction gone wrong.The African American manager I guess you call it can't work for running out the doors to smoke his pot.I said what the heck Hun lets try and eat there during the day.Even more sickening our poor young server was being followed by A manager named named Chris like A dog in heat.The restaurant was right down nasty unclean staff not all but most.Foul language at the drink station with sexual discussion's.I mean seriously was I at a strip club or family dining.I loved eating at Steak and Shake for years but this new management team is a joke.

Just made a second visit to the brand new Steak & Shake location in Covington, LA and I can say with absolute certainty that it will take an act of God to get me to spend another cent at that place! My first visit took 40 minutes total to get food and the second over 50 miniutes. I know that the restaurant is new and that people are all excited to try the food to see what all the hype is about, but let's not pretend that this is a brand new concept. Steak & Shake has been around for a while and at this point should have a handle on how to open up a new restaurant! All they're making in burgers, fries, tenders, shakes... What is so complicated? And let's not forget to mention that there are 20 or more employees inside and not one (including the manager) knows what is going on...!!! Save your money and your sanity and visit your local Burger King, Mc Donald's, Wendy's or any other local fast food place!!! You'll be gald you did...

I am sitting in the Steak n Shake at the Sanford Mall in Sanford, FL. The salad I ordered was watered down, the waitress didn't check on us til the end of the meal, we never got refills on our drink, thw dries were cold, & the cashier was playing hostess, so we had an extremely long wait to leave. The salad was taken off the bill, but the manager never came to talk to us. A totally poor experience. I don't recommend this place to anyone.

A friend an I ate at the Steak and Shake on Outer Loop last evening. We both had a coupon for the steak burger dinner with a shake and 2 sides for 5.99. We were ask if we wanted cheese on our burger. We ask if that was included on the 5.99 coupon and she said yes. We then ask which shakes were included on the 5.99 coupon and was told any shake. I ordered baked beans as one of my sides which looked like they had been under the heat lamp all day. The burger tasted like the grill had not been cleaned for awhile. When we went to pay for our meal we were charged 7.49, not 5.99. Seems we were given wrong information about our meal. We were told we ordered a specility shake which cost more and cheese was an extra charge. We explained to the manager what we were told and she said you pay for what your ordered. We have several good eating places in the area of Steak and Shake so we will be eating at one of those in the future. No more Steak and Shake for us and forget the coupons as they have too many loop holes to be worth while.

I have been a constant customer of s&s for 20 years-decatur, ill. The people who work there are among the best. Fast service, courteous and friendly. The store is well maintained and clean. Having said this I am sad to say the food quality has continued to decline to the point that I am no longer a steady customer. A cup of chili is now 1/2 to 1/3 - a bowl is a cup. The meat pattie is pressed so thin its like crispy tissue paper. I could go on but you get the drift. I think the new heads at corp. are raiding an old well established chain for all it,s worth.It started quite a while back. I also don't think they care what these blogs say. Am I after free food No, just good food and being sad!!

My daughter worked at the Altamonte Springs restaurant in Florida. THe place was so unorganized she quit after only 3 days. We are still to this day trying to get paid for the measley 3 days she worked....Ridiculous...just another reason why not to work there.

would like to know is there anyway possible to get a steak-n-shake in the Hampton Georgia 30228 area I love eathing there but have to drive 20-25 min to get to one. their is a a lot area ther to build on Please please please look into this . I think your co will do very good in this area .

If I could give a negative amount of stars for the service and food we received at Steak and Shake in Youngstown, Ohio this evening I absolutely would. There is no management with any type of qualifications that work there. We were seated immediately, never ever did anyone come to our table to take our order, my husband had to go speak to the manager who sent someone over to the table. She took our order, which came to our table completely WRONG and then she laughed and said Oh that could have been my fault. NO MANAGER addressed this situation, you have LOST our business! Not that I think that it will matter but it does to us, and we will let everyone we know they also should not spend money in a restaurant that is run in this manner. Your company sucks!

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