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Also, to add onto my lost about Warner Robins location, the Steak N Shake on Tomhill Sr. Boulevard in Macon, Georgia is also horrible and extremely greasy. Both locations have horrible food and Tomhill has super slow service from employees who I feel socialized more than they work.

I worked for steak and shake from Nov 98 till Nov 2002. I had the pleasure to work with 3 different GM's. First GM let the employees run the store and did not follow policy and proceedures, The second GM Scott and I got off on the wrong foot, we talked it out came up with several good solutions and he taught me everything I needed to know to go from RM to GM, he was an inspiration. The third GM was a total lazy slug! He came into work everyday late! Sat in the office doing God knows what on my laptop which I used to forecast sales and budget employee hours, meanwhile I was working the production line every lunch and dinner. When I stopped bringing in my laptop he got even by writing me up for no reason at all, if Ifired someone who would not do her job, I had to do her's and mine.( why would I want to pay someone to hold up a counter.) He got even by giving all late nights and 3pm to 1am. Now mind you I earned my position as restaurant manager by working hard and following policy and proceedures. I did not deserve that treatment! I decided to give my 2 weeks notice and he called the reganalmanager who told me to finish my crappy hours and I would no longer be needed. I cant believe Steak and Shake treats their good employee's like crap while the ones who are lazy and don't even know proper proceedures and policy's to fire someone who believes you should work your butt off for the company to prospere. I love steak and shake and know I could run circles around even the reginal managers but I can't get that chance because one useless GM had the power to put me in the non-rehirable statis. WTG corporate! You lost the most hard working loyal employee you ever had! i still eat at Steak and Shake in Port charlotte but the evening crew has no clue as usual and of course there is never a manager to see....... You all need to rethink your policies. I can be reached at katlady62@yahoo.com if you want a great employee. Laurel Szaryc

Steak and shake springfield pike cincinnati ohio 3pm saturday apr 28 experienced worst customer service ive ever experienced. Drive thru wait was around 25 mins. The sandwiches were smashed. They gave us the wrong order 3 times and the girl at the window was very unpleasant giving us disdainful looks. I guess she wanted us to be happy with recieving somebody elses order. they didnt have time to get orders right but thedy had plenty time to joke around

I hope u all no that steak n shake in sullivan missouri has a suppose id illegal immagrant working there she was talkin about it on her cell phone instead of helpin her fello coworkers and tellin them its not her job well i think this girl needs to be fired not mention her lack of respect and ger rudeness toward me and my family i was very upset with this her name was dorian and she was so worried about some part instead of her job so there for steak n shake has lossed my biss forever

A Steak and Shake located on Alpine street, in Grand Rapids Michigan has terrible take out service. I understand that it being takeout it probally wont be as good as eating inside the resturant but literally everytime I order out there my sandwiches or burgers are completely smashed in the bags and difficult to eat, they are falling apart. I wish something was done about this because steak and shake take out is way more expensive than places like mcdonalds and I feel like I am getting mcdonalds quality food. I used to love steak and shake but something needs to be done about this.

Steak n Shake located in Wyoming, MI has horrible management running it. When I worked there, I would call in to get my schedule for the week if I wasn't working the day schedules were posted, and more than a few times I was told the wrong schedule. I noticed that the manager was rude to customers that had a problem with the order they recieved. It was very difficult during training because I was thrown around and nobody really had anything to do with me, so I was forced to teach myself. As my ending point, I was in the process of filing my income taxes and misplaced my W-2 form. So, as any normal person would do, I searched for it, couldn't find it, and called the Steak n Shake I'd worked at to get a copy. When I called, I was told to call back later, which I did, and the manager I'd talked to wasn't there, and I was told to call again the next day. When I called back the second day, I was AGAIN told to call back. When I did, she wasn't there, AGAIN! So, I'm now forced to call corporate office and see if there's any way I could get a copy. Yes, I understand it's my responsibility to keep track of my w2 form, but the manager could definitely be MUCH easier to work with. That manager is the reason I will never work at Steak n Shake again, and I probably won't be wasting my money at one again anytime in the future.

Thurs. April 5,2012.. Lake Mary Blvd. Lake Mary Fl. Waited at the counter to give a take-out order.A man came in after us and a waitress rushed up to take his order so we waited some more.0rder was taken and cooked and set aside so we waited some more while the cook started to add condiments but left them to go cook some more orders. A woman asked what we were waiting for and explained, the previous batch of french fries burned, she had to make more. There sat our cold burgers while we waited some more. My daughter insisted they cook a fresh order so we would have hot food, meantime the milkshakes melted.During all of this most of the staff went out the back door.This is not the first time there have been problems in that store, but it will be the last for us.Sorry..Sorry way to treat customers.

The drive thru in Altamonte Springs Florida has terrible service. I placed my order and the girl at the drive thru told me to pull up and wait at a stop sign at the end of the drive thru and my order would be out very soon. After 20 minutes of people behind me receiving their orders and me just sitting there-I became very upset-basically, I was forgotten about. I drove around and complained about not receiving my order yet. The girl said "they didn't bring it out to you yet?" I was so upset, when I finally got my food I tossed it to the ground. It is not good business practice to forget about or upset your customers. I will never go there again.

Poor treatment by management when we found plastic in a milkshake. The manager treated us as though we were lying. She didn't offer any apology whatsoever. She said she would take the shake off of our bill and then slammed my debit card down on the counter for the cashier to finish ringing it up. I have NEVER been treated so rudely by someone who you would THINK would appreciate my business! Instead I was accused of lying! I would NOT recommend the Steak n Shake in Branson Missouri and I will tell EVERYONE I know NOT to support that restaurant. We have plenty of other options in our tourist town we can choose from for a quick dinner.

We visited your Cape Girardeau, Mo restaurant on President's Day. There were 6 of us, 3 adults and 3 kids. When we entered the store at 3:30 p.m. it wasn't busy. We waited to be seated and several waitresses behind the counter just stood and looked at us and whispered to themselves. After 5 minutes we assumed they didn't want our business, possilby because we had 3 kids who were giggling and having a good time. We left and went to D.Q. where we were welcomed. Those 3 giggly kids live 2 and a half hours apart. It is rare that they get to be together, and we did not appreciate the way we were ignored at your Cape Girardeau restauraunt. My husband called a few days later and asked to speak to the manager. He didn't think he was given the manager, if he was, she was very young. Anyway, he didn't even get an apology. We are very disappointed in Steak and Shake and wanted you to know. Thank You, Patty Hargett

I would first like to start off by saying to anyone reading these comments and wondering if all steak n shakes are like this...the answer is no. The only this with no-compensation response is ~95% of the time, it will all be from people who had horrible experiences. Maybe a few of these people really did receive as poor as service as they really stated, but humans in general have a habit of throwing things out of proportion. Also, I would dare to say that most of these people had very poor attitudes toward the steak n shake managers and/or servers. And OF COURSE if you come in at 11:00 at night and there's only ONE server on and 12 tables, your service will be a bit slow. Just try to understand what it would be like to be that one server and understand a little. And honestly, if you have a really poor experience at one restaurant and you find yourself in another area, try again. Also, I'd say it'd be best to visit again to the same one at a later time, give it a second chance. As for my own experience, it wasn't great but was still pretty good. I visited the North Kokomo Restaurant and while it took my food nearly 15min, I didn't get upset because I saw that they were busy. And when the sandwich came out with the cheese sauce used for fries instead of the cheese I asked for, I was kind when asking for my sandwich to be remade. Also my shake didn't have near as much toppings mixed in as the shakes normally do, so I kindly asked for more. Both times the server, Jennifer, gave me a nice smile and quickly corrected my order. Now please keep in mind I normally eat at the south kokomo location and my service is either always problem free, or quickly fixed. If you are kind when describing your troubles the management and even the servers will often bend over backwards for you.

Went i Steak and SHake Valentine's Day for lunch. I had been there before and it was preetty tasty so i decided to take a friend of mine for a lunch treat. They gave me the wrong ticket in the amount of $ 17.01. Did not tell me they used my debit card for the wrong amount and did not find this out until I looked at my bank statement today. Then they went in and made a reversal for the amount to clear the charge. Then they gave me the wrght ticket to me for $ 13.78 and I added a $ 300.00 tip making it $ 16.78/ Then I checked my online account and found they not only debited my checking for $ 13.78 but also debited my account for $ 16.78 which was the amount after I added the tip. So, I was sebited on my checking for (3) three charges. I called the restaurent and the manager explained that they reslized they had put through an auth. for $ 13.78 and $ 16.78 but only snet one ticket into their office and they the other one would fall off. He NEVER told me about he $ 17.01. I only found out that today when i looked at my checking account. Bottom line...3 charges. 1 auth. posted, 1 dropped off, and 1 incorrect auth. for the $ 17.01 did post and they reversed. What a total joke. THe manager got into this argument with me and said he was sorry and they there was ntohnig he could do. I told him he could call the bank and reverse one of the real auth. and he NEBVER even told me he put through a charge for $ 17.01 for someone else's lunch. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THAT PLACE. WE HAVE A TON OF GREAT BURGER PLACES HERE IN TOPEKA AND THIS WAS A TOTAL JOKE AND THE MANAGER IS UNPROFESSIONAL...I DO NOT WANT TO GET ANYONE FIRED BUT THIS MAN TRULY NEEDS TO BE REPREMENDED AND CERTAINLY COULD USE SOME PEOPLE SKILLS... 02/15/12 Visa Purchase (Non-pin) Steak-n-shake Topeka Ks $16.78 $265.96 02/15/12 Visa Purchase (Non-pin) Steak-n-shake Topeka Ks $17.56 $282.74 02/15/12 Visa (Non-pin) Return Steak-n-shake Topeka Ks $17.56 $396.95 $ 13.78 original amount $ 16.78 correct amount after tip $ 17.56 (was someone's elses ticket. So, as you can see...They really jacked this up. When I tried to explain to the man that I was on SSDI and that i could not have pending transactions on my accout as I paid all of my bills online and needed those funds available he said he could do nothing. I called my banka nd they could not do anything. They said when a merchant does something like this, it is their responsibility to calll and give them the auth number to reverse the auth. so the money would be available. I do not know about you but for me, being retired nad on a set budget, it makes it hard on me and sitting here not knowing what is going to post, when and then waiting for paperwofk fromth e bank to do a chargeback tot he company is the BIGGEST hassle i have ever seen for a burger joint....NEVER AGAIN WILL THIS COMPANY SEE ME OR MY FRIENDS IN THEIR RESTAURENT....WHAT A JOKE.............. This all happened in Topeka, KS. on Wannamaker and I-470. DO NOT GO THERE...YOU WILL BE SORRY...

Went through the drive through in Henrico VA. Ordered two salads that took too long and all the toppings were missing. We asked the lady who handed us the food if everything was in the bag (we just had a sick feeling) and she said yes. Once we got back to the office and checked the order was incorrect. We tried for an hour to call the store number but it rang busy. This was our first visit and I will never go again!!!!

Just went to the store at Sunnyside and Pendleton Pike in Indianapolis. The complete exterior of the parking lot is completely covered in trash on all sides of the building and even up in the trees. I took pictures and am sending them to the town of Lawrence. If I worked for S&S or even that store I would be extremely embarrased. Completely pathetic. If there is a regional manager who does site visits and hasn't done anything about this disgust they should be FIRED....

My family and myself are regulars at Steak-n-Shake in Sanford FL. But these last few times over the last 2 months we have been the service was HORRIABLE!!!! What I am about to explain is the exact thing that has happened to us 3 different times. We walk in and stand there for about 5 mins as the sign says "Please wait to be seated" after we are finally seated we sit for another 15mins and NO ONE comes over to help us!! We did not even get a drink order in so we got up and walked out and then the waitress and Manager working look at us as if we were rude and an inconvenience!! Are you serious?? One of those times though we did not walk out and after 15mins placed a drink order than waited 45mins for our food which was cold by the time we got it than after wards when we went up to the register to cash out. Another customer was up there complaining on how bad the service was as well. They say its because they are short staffed. But seriously it has been 2 months and YOUR still short staffed?? I love the food but serious the Steak-n-Shake in Sanford FL in the Town Center Mall Plaza seriously needs to get it together. I have heard soooo many people complain about this Steak-N-Shake and there only excuse is were short staffed! Than hire people because that excuse gets old really fast. How do you expect to stay in business when you run a business like this?

We attempted to eat at the Crawfordsvillr Steak & Shake this evening. Our granddaughter was served a chicken strip meal. She handed me a piece of chicken and said something was wrong. About one third of the strip was completely raw. We called the waitress to come to our table, and she contacted the manager. We had to wait several minutes for him to appear. He did apologize and told us that another customer found the same problem. He offered to remove the cost of her meal from our ticket. He did not remove the raw chicken from our table. Our onion rings were not thoroughly cooked either. I could actually wring the grease from them. The restaurant needs new management that will teach the workers how to prepare the food. We will never return there to eat, and we hope those who do watch the food very carefully.

For the second time in two trips, we were givent he worst service ever. The waitress left her station to work the register and forgot all about us and our food. 45 mintues later another waitress asked if we needed anything, I said our food and she told me that they were busy and I needed to be more patient. She was so young and stupid I could not believe my ears. We finally left without eating. We will NEVER eat at Steak and Shake again...NEVER!

I unsuccessfully tried the drive through in Olathe KS. twice. I should preface this with the fact I dislike online reviews like this because there are better ways to resolve problems, but after reading the onslaught of bad customer service, I imagine my efforts would be as pointless as the others. I love steak n shake and I don't want to see it go away, so I hope eventually someone who can do something will read these reviews and care. 1. First time a half hour after opening, all lights on, no service, no response on the speaker as rain is pouring in my open window. As I left I passed the window, with junk piled up blocking it's use. I imagine there was no intention of serving anyone at that time. 2. Three days later, this time there was a response. After inquiring about a menu item I was given a very short impolite useless response. I waited for a few seconds, thinking, they just .. ? who knows. Nothing. Awkwardness. At that moment, I thought to myself, if this is the service, how good is that food going to be. I drove off again and don't care to return. 3. This is for the Liberty MO location: I ordered a burger, very clearly stating and repeating no ketchup. The thing comes out with only meat, bun and ketchup. The line was long and I had no time to wait so I called and spoke with the manager. The manager offered me a refund, took my name, address etc and stated they would mail me some kind of gift card. Never heard about it again.

Goshen indiana steak and shake. My girlfriend ate a bowl of soup and a chicken sandwich and ended up with a severe case of food poisoning an hour to 2 after consuming it. This place is horrible, you best believe i will be filing a case with the health department

i worked at the s&s in leesburg florida. i was fired for being in the hospital with the person im the primary caregiver for, i called and let them know and asked if i brout a note stating that i was indeed in the hospital would it be ok. the gm said it would be ok. but apon retuning i was told to keep the note and that im no longer employeed there

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