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The steak and shake in Machesney Park, IL has HORRIBLE customer service! They also serve old, nasty fries and have messed up my drive thru order numerous times! I do not recommend eating there!

Hello I am currently an employee at the Cookeville steak n shake in tennessee I am writing this complaint to talk about the slave labor I have to do I have worked for the past 9 days straight worked late to clean up the store friday then had to come in first thing in the morning on saturday when my manager who makes the schedule knows i will have to stay late to clean because friday nights are very busy for the past 4 weeks iv had to work without a break these shifts have consisted of 8 hours and a 14 hour I refuse to be completely worked to death I go home just to sleep and work then next day everyday for the past week and a half i dont even have a day off scheduled then the manager who came from another store comes in drunk and tells me if i go down you are all going down with me what kind of management is that? sns is suppose to be a CLASSIC AMAERICAN BRAND WHAT IS AS AMAERICAN AS WORKING YOUR EMPLOYEES TO DEATH!?

Hello I am making a complant on your store in Richmond In. Everytime I come in the restaurant it is alwqays dirty, the restrooms are always nasty. I have a family member who works there, the time u have to wait on your food is absolutely ridiculous. Even if ur only ording. A small soda. The way they treat the employees is sickening. The time on their schedules, is NEVER the time they get off.it is the managements problem.maybe they need to hire more people for the store.the management there is really needss some more training on everything, cleanliness attitudes, r very rude.and take advantage of the stong hard working employees and let the slackers keep slacking. That does not look good for your store.. when someone waits 10 mins for a milk shake, I find that ridiculous. And when someone has to wait on a employee to come out because management will not let them off because other employees are late the management should step up and handle the sit isn't the one who is workings fault

I am an employee of a Steak N Shake in Indiana. I fielded off a couple of attempts by a member of management to "cop a feel" and since then I have been given between five and 15 hours a week, doled out in split shifts where I work two hours am off two hours then work two more. They have me driving in today to work for two and half hours. I wont even earn enough for gas money. Steak N Shake as a company may be fine but this particular store is obviously disreputable.

I go too the woodriver illinois steak n shake and i just love everyone there every ones always happy and being friendly makes me go in there and think of them as a family they also make the customers feel like family.. a bunch of hard workers i can give names of all of them just wanted to make it a point to put that out there WAY TO GO WOOD RIVER STEAK N SHAKE YOU NOT COWORKERS YOUR FAMILY!!!! i LIVE IN ALTON AND DRIVE THERE TO EAT THAT SHOULD SAY ALOT

Two workers at Steak n Shake restaurants in Georgia are suing the Indianapolis-based burger chain for allegedly failing to pay minimum wage and overtime to hourly employees. The lawsuit, filed Monday in a federal court in Georgia, seeks class-action status against Steak n Shake Operations Inc. Plaintiffs Justin Beecher and Priscilla Cain are current Steak n Shake employees who have worked in various positions, including as servers and trainers. They claim the company directed restaurant managers to adjust the hours of employees who had worked more than 40 hours a week to avoid paying overtime. I you have not received proper compensation from a Steak N Shake in the United States, contact Diane Cherry, Esq. at (770) 444-3399 today to join this lawsuit. www.cherrylawoffice.com

A young new acquaintance of mine invited me to visit them working at Steak & Shake. Feeling a bit under the weather, and stuck at home all week, I decided to do just that. So, I come in, am warmly greeted and start checking out the menu. I'm not feeling all that well, but am enjoying the company. After a bit of a chat & share of a couple of old off-color jokes with one of the employees, I realize that I don't feel well enough to eat and that dining might make me embarrassingly & regurgitatively ill. I humbly step outside to get some air as it is cold outside, refreshing. I have no idea what time it is other than very late and after midnight. I stand there for a minute or two as two police officers enter the establishment. A couple of people come in from an establishment next door and state it closed and called "last call". I now know it is 2am. And then it hits me - wham! Stomach cramp. Not good. I kindly wave goodbye to wait staff and head to my vehicle to sit down comfortably for a few moments. I start the vehicle and turn on the air, check my phone, take some deep breathes, and then decide to head home. As I am getting ready to back out I notice that I am unable to put the vehicle in reverse as the two police officers are behind the car heading my way. And then here they come, they light up my vehicle and an officer decides to check my driver's license and make chitchat with me. He let's me know that he is issuing a trespass warrant as he's had a complaint from one of the employees.... "Don't come back?!?" I'd given a friend of mine a gift certificate for Steak & Shake a while ago. Good burgers and good shakes. Now an employee decides to make sure I don't spend any money where she works?!? Fine by me. I can do this easily... By the way, that college kid in their trying to earn money for school. She can thank the kind officer for recession & poverty. I'm pretty sure that makes GOOD business sense... No customers, no money. Where in God's name do we find these profit-killing chuckle-heads in uniform?!? Bye-bye Steak & Shake...

To whom it may concern, This past Thanksgiving holiday week I happen to be driving past one of your restaurants when I noticed they were open. I COULD NOT believe this was true, so I decided to take a closer look and in fact there were people working on a day that should be enjoyed with family & friends. I find this extremely disconcerting considering that these people are left to suffer a work day while most of the United States are off work for this day of rememberance. I thought to myself as I pulled through the parking lot, these people have family they could be spending time with & instead they are being made to work at a restaurant which had ZERO cars or customers inside at the time. I also thought to myself, I wonder if the corporate employees or those in upper management were required to work as well. (I tend to think not) Apparantly Steak N Shake has it's priorities completely backwards as a company, apparantly they need a good lesson in company morale & business ethics! I am also quite sure they made the positive numbers we all try to reach in business, but at what expense? To keep people from being around their families on Thanksgiving? I certainly believe that this will propbably will go no further than it needs to as complaints go, but I hope in my heart that someone, somewhere up the chain has a conscience to send this STRAIGHT TO THE TOP! Because if not, Thanksgiving and the holiday seasons have lost and so have the people who are not able to spend this time with the people who mean the most to them. Signed, A VERY CONCERNED AMERICAN

I hate to be writing this, but the Steak and Shake in Clarksville IN is awful at night. I went thru the drive thru and just wanted a simple turkey club and what i came home with was not any sandwhich on the menu. A simple turkey club has turkey mayo bread beacon tomatoe and lettuce....a 5yr old could make this. I came home with a sandwhich with a small amount of turkery no mayo, but instead that orange sauce that they put on that melt thing. No lettuce nasty beacon and the only thing they got right is that i didn't want tomatoes on it. woooooo A for effort (enter sarcasm here)

I went to the steak and shake in roswell ga and got treated like I was nothing people calling me black boy and the waitress yelling at me as if I was a slave.mangers going out with their workers letting them talk to the color guy like he was not even there wow I said if I didn't order and got my food st that time I would have left someone beds to look into that.thats really miss treatment on a person ment go back there

Concerning Steak n Shake's TV ad about a broken penguin and bribing children: "what penguin?" equals a "LIE" and teaches children, wrong behavior. Lying, Cheating and Stealing, not only is against the law, it is against my moral code and I "will not patronize" a business that promotes such behavior, no matter how subtle. I'm sure Steak n Shake's advertising staff, thought that the ad was cute, but it is very improper. Children are watching!

Too all...reading all these complaints has given me indigestion..as a former restaurant manager I can easily say 99% of all of you have never worked in a restaurant...If you did you would not complain about every little thing..Does anyone know what happens to your food if you are complaining? lol...My guess is all or most of you morons are after free food and/or free gift cards..I have seen it before..complain about the meal..get the meal free..call corporate..get more free..all of you make me sick..whats to funny is people keep going back and continue to complain about everything...think about this..i personally have done things to burgers when people complain..once a store knows who you are look out! lol...good luck next time you complain!

Last night (Nov 19, 2011) my friend and I stopped there to eat about 12:30 a.m.... It was horrible. First it took the waitress 15 minutes to even know we were there. Then when she finally came. Then she got our order wrong. We both ordered chili. His was brought a large bowl, mine was brought in a small one. We ordered the same.Then the chili was cold, she even agreed. So, she went and got us more.Then the burgers and fries came.. They were good and right. Well then I had ordered a chocolate shake, well they forgot that. So I got my shake after I had ate everything except a few fries. Then the big factor. The whole time we were sitting there, there was a table of teenager's saying dirty words and JUST talking horrible.. We tell the Manager that was there, he says he will take care of that and he appreciates us telling him that. Oh and all we got off the meal was the SHAKE..So then as we are pulling out the manager is speaking to them we could see him thru the window and they all looked out flipping us off and laughing at us.. He was standing by them laughing himself..What has happen to that place?? Everytime I go in there it is horrible. But last night, that took the cake.I might be old, but I know that isn't the way a business should be ran.And it was the FESTUS, MO steak n shake..


I whent to steak n shake in columbia,mo on clark lane they have a very rude manager I think her name is Heidi she chased a man out of the restraunt who was holding a baby she cursed him out and told him she would call the cops on him if he ever came back.I heard the way she yelled at some of her staff one even started crying and she continued to yell there was another time i was there and she threatned to fight one of the employes that she fired she threatned the woman and rushed her out the door with her body. I like going to steak n shake but that woman made me never ant to bring my family back to that place and we.some one needs to do something about the verbal abuse before it gets out of hand and becomes phyiscal

This is the worst employer I have ever had. I have been in the industry for 20 years and this sets a new standard for micro-managed, screw every staff member in the store. The complaints above are not necessarily the fault of the managers in the store. They are strangled from above. I was one of the strangled. The company keeps part of the credit card tips that the customers try to leave for the servers to "pay for expenses incurred". They defend saying it is a "legal" practice. Well SLAVERY was once a "legal" practice. That doesn't make it right, or an acceptable means of business. They are stealing. That is only one example. If you are looking for a career, look elsewhere!

I have worked at Steak and Shake for almost a year until today. For 5 months my general manager has harassed me. Several people have called in more than work their shift and have been extremely late on a consistent level. My general manager has let them get by with it. I have called in because I have problems with my bladder and kidneys always becoming infected which can cause me to get sick, even though I have taken in Doctor Statements and so forth, I was wrote up for calling in. I was vomiting constantly one day and still showed up to work, even though I could not stop vomiting long enough to get in the door to show them that I was there, my step father had called and told them I was vomiting outside in the grass and another employee seen this as well, they told him to take me back home and then when I felt better and went in a couple days later, I was written up. I have always had probable cause for calling in while others call in just because, yet I still have been the only one wrote up. A few months ago we were told that if we could not work our shift to either call in 4 hours prior or to make sure that someone else was covering our shift. I did this yesterday to finish my homework for college classes. A co-worker covered my shift. I went in to work today and my GM sits in the office from the time I get there until we start to get tables. I had two tables I was waiting on and my GENERAL MANAGER wanted me to walk off the floor to discuss yesterday with him, when I told him I had a table I was waiting on, he walked out and gave MY table to another server. He has one employee who can sit in the office while we bus her tables and make sure her guests stay satisfied and many times have completed her sidework while she sits back in the office chatting away. She even sits back there on the clock, when she is supposed to be clocked out, and just chats away, milking the clock. We have brought this to the GM's attention on several occasions and he still lets this go on and won't say anything to her about it. He has put me down and made me feel worthless. He has nit picked me to the point that I dreaded going to work the next day because I knew I would be working with him. Isn't this a form of harassment? I was told to clock out and leave because I told him today that I was going to call corporate on him and file a complaint. I lost my job because I was honest and told my general manager who has been treating me unfairly, that I was calling corporate today. If corporate does not do anything, then I will go to human services and if this does not work better business bureau here I come.

I usually go to the Ashtabula,Ohio store and have always found the help to be pleasant and helpful. The place is always clean and welcoming. I have also gone to restaurants in South Carolina and have also been pleased with the service.

This is about the current advertising campaign. Did corporate have this receive the green light from the advertising psychologists? Watching the large tear drop suck back into the eye looks like snot. It is so disgusting that my husband and I get grossed out just driving by a steak n shake. We cannot stomach to eat there at all...ever again. This is like the rats on the Quizno commercials a few years back. Totally disgusting. Pancakes, uh...no thank you. No thank you to eating anything there ever again. Just plain gross!

i live in louisville the bardstown rd location i was given a dirty plate and i made a complaint and called the health dept . the investigater was told by the mrg that she did not know about this claim. i think that i deserved a call . i think a mrg that doesnt know about this she should lose her job. my plate had 2 mustard under my fries and ketup on the side of the plate im eating my fries and i discovered the mustard but the mrg doesnt know anything about this . the server said it loud I NEED A TRIPLE BURGER AND FRIES BECAUSE HIS PLATES DIRTY. THE ASS MRG, AND THE MRG WERE PRESENT SHE WAS IN THE BACK STOCKING I KNOW THAT SHE HEARD MY SERVER YELL OUT.

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