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I work for steak and shake for about 8 months and the cook hits me all the time named nemo the waters text on phone all the time and make me do all the work and when i tell them they got a table thay act like that cant hear me and today danny training to be management wonted to punch me im mad and joe does not care i told nick im a very good worker customers say that finally got a good worker we will talk later

steak n shake needs to enforce that they have a no loitering policy. a girl who use to work with me there came in to talk with antoher girl who still worked there. i told her if she is not there to eat then she needs to leave. the other girl is there to work not socilize.

service was slow food was not to bad , but hash rounds tasted like cooked in old oil. forks dirty, trouble geating order right. i have always enjoyed eating at stake n shake but no more at the store in new castle in. this happen june 10 at eight thirty am. thank you.

i use to like working there. for the past 2 years things have gone down hill. my co-workers have no idea what there doing. the service is slow. after i quit or even get fired (whatever happens i dont care) i would tell everyone what i think of them and never return.

Walked into the stake'n shake on bardstown rd at the watterson x-way in Louisville, KY. The man behind the counter said "HI welcome to stake'n shake please sit anywhere you like". Didn't appear to be too busy, 15 minutes later, I walked to the counter and helped myself to the menus so we would be ready to order. 10 minutes later, a waitress finally showed up to take our order. In the mean time, other folks were being seated, waited on and receiving their food. 20 minutes after ordering (almost an hour after walking in) we walked out with-out eating. Several other customers had experienced the same issues we did and also walked out. The restaurant lost a lot on money this day. We normally go to waffle house. So sorry we strayed.

I recently went to the steak and shake in Greenfield, Indiana and found that their service was absolutely horrible! This week i went to the drive-through window to order two shakes,they said over the speaker that it would be a minute(without welcoming me to steak and shake). I waited for ten minutes without being helped before i just drove off. I came home called the manager and complained, he said that they were really busy and that I should come inside. And then I thought why then do you have a drive-through window! Without the manager apologizing i hung up!! A few days later i went back( this time to order inside ) a shake and two cherry sprites. believe it or not i waited a full twenty minutes ( which I timed) their service is Absolutrly,Positively,HORRIBLE!!!

We like everything about your restaurants; Good sandwiches, good service, good atmosphere and good prices. The only thing I wish you would do is have a choice of fries. Why not have regular size fries and steak fries as well as your regular "girly" fries.

service is terrible here food is terrible here place is filthy

My husband and I just returned from having beakfast at the Lake City, Fl. restaurant. The service was good, the food very bad. The glass was dirty with debris in it. The eggs we ordered over medium came out hard, dry, and brown. The waitress apologized and had them replaced. The replacement eggs were not cooked, the white was runny. The biscuit was hard and dry and the gravy was cold. We complained to the manager and his comment was, "sorry about that". We will not go back and will inform others of our displeasure. The cook needs to be retrained because he obviously doesn't know the difference between raw, medium and well-done.-

I worked at Steak and Shake for over a year and let me tell you not only was I harassed for most of the time by the Manager Kim Martin but I was also forced to quit. I called and left messages with corporate Human Resources and got no return phone call, I also sent an long explanatory e-mail about everything that I had to endure being 33 years old and having to deal with threats of getting my butt kicked because I'm not fast enough, or coming to work to be sent home because the manager doesn't like me that day...The Steak and Shake at Clarksville TN is a complete nightmare to work at, Managers cuss at the employees and get away with it the General Manager quit the District Manager quit all because it's a terrible place to work at...TERRIBLE! so glad I was only working for extra cash and not relying on this job to pay the bills...truly blessed to not have to work in a place as unprofessional as that Steak and Shake and for me to seek help from Human resources and basically get the door slammed in my face is quite a pathetic showmanship of leadership, you can't have happy employees if you ignore them no wonder employees act with poor work ethic and morals....oh and if you get into a relationship with one of the managers your sure to get a raise and a promotion status quick.

Will never return to your Rome, Ga. store. Rude serverrs and hostesses. We were there Friday May 27, 2011. Hostesses were doing nothing, servers goofing off. There were 15 of us and we were going to leave. The only reasin we stayed was because the male manager on duty. He made us feel welcome and important. We sat outside and watched him have to do their work. We heard almist ever customer complaining to each ither as they left. Saw people waiting for food. Saw him deliver food.. Loiked lik he was the only one working That was our third and LAST visit. Sloppy lazzy staff,

saw the manager at Sullivan,MO tonight smoking and drinking hes such a piece of work !!!!

working for Steak N Shake Moline, Il is an even bigger joke...the 30-something year old restaurant manager is dating at least one employee. The list goes on with that location let me tell you!

Employees are treated very badly too. The Brooklyn, OH Steak N Shake is not only dirty but after my spouse had surgery my manager asked me to have him go get her Taco Bell for lunch. Of course, I said no because of the surgery but she threw a big fit, made me do extra work, ignored me forever, and didn't allow me to switch to my new shift as I was previously sappost to. She was always doing things to the employees. The place is pretty dirty too by the way.

I was very upset by the fact that steak n shake is advertised as a family restaurant when they don't accommodate baby seats! I have a 4 month old son and had to jam his seat into a Booth. There were high chairs but was told that I wasn't allowed to put his seat on it because they will not be responsible if anything happens. This will be my last time visiting steak n shake due to the fact that I can't bring my baby here. I was offered to put him on the floor or on a table. This is very upsetting and very poor customer service.

I use to like Steak and Shake but the last time I was there (May 1, 2011) it turned out to be one of the worst times I ever have had in a fast food place. It was not even busy!! I ordered Chili and it never came. When I told the girl to forget it she yelled out to the back "Forget the chili, he don't want it anymore." The fries were cold and the girl ask me, "Do you want more." I said "Not if they are cold". She never brought more. I asked for a Shake and it toke 15 minites to get it. When she gave me the bill I looked and she forgot to add the shake. I told her about the mistake and she grabbed the bill and stormed off and brought back a new bill with the shake added and she never said a word. What makes this place a BAD place to visit is when I paid the bill and complained to the manager, the manager said the girl is having a bad day!!!! She had a reason for EVERY problem. Fries were cold because the heat lamp was out, shake took a long time because the machine is on the fritz and chili took so long because I was the first to order it that day...... When I was complaining to the manager the cook interupted me and said "Hey, pay the bill and leave ... this is a Steak and Shake not a 5 star resturant! Go complain somewhere else....." What a place to eat..... NEVER AGAIN!!!!! Where is this place: Steak 'n Shake 201 E. Euclid Ave. Mount Prospect, IL 60056 847-368-9122

I have worked at this steak n shake for 3 years now and i am finally fed up with the poor management that i witness everyday that I work. The list of unprofessional acts that I witness are countless and I have a hard time even gathering my thoughts as to what I would like to make known... First and foremost, I am unhappy with the fact that one of our newer managers(who is not even capable of performing some of the basic positions, much less training people) has recently taken to following one of our 18 year old servers around and grabbing her butt and flirting with her while avoiding his duties. The first time I witnessed it, I thought that maybe I had just seen it wrong out of the corner of my eye, but a few days later I saw him do it again. What shocked me the most is that the rest of the management staff acknowledged that they know hes doing it!!! My jaw is still dropped that a grown, married man with kids would even sink that low and that other managers would turn a blind eye to it. I am also unhappy with the way the other employees are treated. After working along side some of them, I know the most about how lazy and unhelpful some of the other minimum wage employees can be. However, even thought I am usually very frustrated with the employees, I would never treat them with the disrespect that both the store and corporate management use. Their idea of employee management is breathing down someones neck, while threatening their jobs and turning them into a nervous wreck or just plain out insulting them to their face and to other employees. The work environment created there is very hostile and instead of being a team, we all look out for ourselves. An example that happened just last night would be just a glimpse into their superb management skills Ex: It was prom night for two schools in town and therefore one of our busiest nights. During a small slow period in business, waitress was told she could take a smoke break after cleaning the dining room. She had been having a rough night as it was prom night and very busy. When the dining room was clean, she asked his permission to step out to which he said it wasnt clean enough. She was obviously frustrated and made a comment without using any profanity that it was never clean enough to have a break. He was offended by the comment and took her to the office to speak about it. So far, it had been handled fine, but the situation was then escalated far beyond where it needed to go as the manager went around telling everyone in the store that nobody would be allowed smoke breaks and that the waitress was the one to blame for it. Then being that he was the only manager on duty, he decided spend the next hour on the phone with the GM, while trying locate ohio state laws about smoke breaks just so he could walk around the store and tell each employee individually that it is his choice whether or not we get breaks... This was all during one of our busiest nights of the year and he decided it was best to put all of his energy into a small argument an employee. Completely unprofessional and immature. Another great example would be two weeks ago when i woke up with pink eye. I have no health insurance and cant afford a doctors visit to call off so I figured Id go in uniform and speak with the GM about it and be sent home for having a contagious infection and not being allowed to handle food... Strangely enough, I was completely wrong as I was required to work because the GM said it was fine since I just worked in the back WITH THE FOOD, out of sight of the customers. Once again... I am just flabbergasted and the only reason I didnt call the health department because I need the job. I could go on and on, but I just decided to write the problems I have witnessed in just this past month and maybe thats what I will do from now on. I will try to make a monthly report on the situation and see what comes of it. At the very least, its nice to just vent

I had a coupon for a buy one and get one free steak burger. I presented the coupon to the server before I ordered. When I went to pay it was the same server who had taken myt order. He charged me the full price. I didn't catch it before he had given me the change. When I brought it to his attention he said he couldn't open the register once he closed it. He gave me 2 cookies for his mistake. I called the store manage and he said the server may not have been able to open the register and no one in management may have been there. Is this anyway to run a business?

my family and friends in boynton beach, florida are disapointed that the CARD offering a 20% discount is no longer accepted!!!! ourfamily has been eating there frquently, but since the discount card is no longer accepted, we do not eat there as frequently!!!! please respond to me at 561-734-0181 or at "tennisgloart@aol.com"

i work for steak n shake. i feel like they are so cheap, and try to cut back so much it hurts the store. they only want to hire bare minimum so i don't know if you people realize it but there is no hostest to seat people at steak n shake, no busboys to clean tables and no permanent person on register.--- these are all things that most normal eateries have. literally all of these jobs rest soley on the servers, which say for instance you have four servers working and 3 of them are taking orders at their tables and one server is at register of course its going to take people at least 2 minutes to be seated. also, unlike other places we don't have wait times so even if we are getting slammed, were still supposed to seat people even when we know we can't get to them in at least 10 minutes.

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