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Customer Service

All I wanted to do is exchange a office chair that piston was starting to fail. No one at customer service, the cashier had to call that manager, who after I told them the problem, had to go ask someone else. Then came back and said they couldn't do anything at the store level. I need to call some number. What happen to personal customer service Staples? Standing behind your product?

Shopping carts

Today sitting in my truck at a staples parking lot,, a staples shopping cart aimlessly hit my driver side door. It had left two red scratches and a dent. Wail me and my fiancé were wondering what stuck the car so hard. We look up and see the cart hit two more cars and finally stopped. We looked at our door, take pictures and take pictures of the cart,and went into the staples store, as we talked to the manager, she claimed that they weren't responsible for any damages out side there building. All we could do is make a complaint and she would file it on her computer. So now we are left with a dented blue truck with red scratches that we have to pay for.


Buy from staples all the time today spoke to the manager in the Baldwin hills store and he refuse to do a return for me, these people are ignorant and should be sent back to school for customer service skills. As of todays date I will never buy from them again I do not care how much the item cost and if it is on sale, I will pay more for an item rather than spend my money with this store.

Handicap costumers

Staples in are area have handicap parking but have no wheelchairs available in there stores, I asked why they had handicap parking. If there was another store to buy are tablet we would have went there.We live in the Franklin Pa area.


i would like to know, are your managers college grads...because at your staples at berhshire square,,wyomissing pa...there's some idiot manager that thinks he can, ever since that shopping center opened, there has been a place for shopping carts,,the sign is still there, but this idiot put a staples sign on concrete, that says for staples pick up,,so in a shopping center you people think you own parking spaces,,let me know,,because i will take pictures and put them on face book,,,,u tube,,,who ever wants a laugh for smart ness..thanks...

Great Service

Everytime I visit your Westfield, MA store I walk out with exactly what I was looking for and am thanked by a smiling representative of your company. The folks in that store wrote the book on good service, particulary in the computer dept. (RJ is the best). We just had some office equipment assembled in my office by an exceptionally nice gentlemen who worked quickly and effectively. He was so NICE!

poor and unfair hiring practices

Someone should look into the current hiring practices of Staples. They taylor job postings towards individuals they want to hire, not people that have qualifications. Memos have been sent to hiring managers requiring that they look toward a "younger" and more "fit" applicants. These are just a few of the most recent instances. Obviously some people are aware of the ridiculousness, as newly hired managers failed to show up for work. Perhaps lawyers should be involved.

Terrible Customer Service

I am a frequent shopper here at my local staples and have always been pleased with the service. Today however I was a little shocked with how I was treated. I got to the counter with my things, was greeted nicely, however when it came time to pay my debit card was declined. Shocked as anyone would be, I was taken back by the way the cashier laughed and snickered because my card was declined. I asked if I could swipe again and she said why would you swipe again you were just declined! I said ok what other option of payment do I have? She said do you have another card I said no! I asked if could write a check and she said is it from the same account your card was declined on? I just was speechless!

management @ store 1693

I am a frequent customer at the Elmwood Park Staples. I always receive wonderful service in the printing department. However, they usually are very busy and understaffed. On several occasions I have seen the manager there, however, I have never seen him proactive in the approach of helping out the copy and print department. in fact, I have seen the workers ask him for help and he dismisses them. The result being poor customer satisfaction. Fortunately, what he lacks for in management and people skills, he store makes up for with an efficient and courteous copy and print sr staff.


I visited my local Staples store to purchase an Epson Artisan 1430 Inkjet printer, which was in stock. There was a demo printer sitting on the shelf and a couple of boxes of the product underneath. I asked to see a demo of the product prior to purchase and something printed by the machine which would demonstrate its quality. Even though it was turned on and sitting there, I was told by the "salesman???) that he could not demonstrate it!!!! So, obvioulsy, I didn't purchase it!!! Some customer service!!!!

I'm Happy with the Corporate Office

I had problems with the Staples in Elyia Ohio and I called the Corporate office and they are fixing the problem. I'm Happy with the out come. Thank you Corporate!

return policy

Called the Glenmont NY store to return a 3 handset AT&T telephone 19 days after I bought it because one of the handsets stopped working. I got someone who told me they dont accept any returns after 14 days.I had to go to AT&T . I told the manager if that was the case I wasn't going to shop there any more. He said " we'll miss you terribly good-bye" . I am really never going to go there again.


Went to the Store 0165-Long Beach, California. I placed an order for 400 double side copies, Associate quoted me for .12c/copy, When I went to pick up the order I was charged .19c/copy, Spoke to the GM JAMEIL LEWIS, who was very unhelpful and full of excuses, poor manager and people skills. All I needed from him was to take care my order as it was quoted in the beginning. Called the "Executive Office" placed the complaint but they didn't seem to care either. EXTREMELY DESSAPPOINTED!!

hit my credit card twice

Staples hit my credit card twice with my permission had to cal and call still not resolved. I have emailed 10 times and called 5. Never will I shop at Staples TERRIBLE SERVICE

Horrible Customer Service

Receive horrible customer service from Staples in Baldwin Hill,Ca .Spoke to Corporate Headquarters no follow up. Very disappointed.

staples corporate ofc. worst than .com!!

When I had an issue with a price disprepancy on Staples' part, the retail store managers refused to honor the lowest price on office furniture. Despite the fact many others were able to obtain the product at that low price, my appeals to corporate were met with no responses to my repeated voice messages. Are you impressed with that type of corporate management "customer service" that Staples supposedly takes pride in? 'Nuff said!!!

I took my son's custom made game computer to staples for a diagnostic, they explain to me that they don't to repairs and I was ok with it, I just wanted to know what was wrong with the computer. I called them a few days later and they told me it was ready. They thought it was the motherboard. Not to pleased with the results went to another place to get it done, and the first thing they told me was go get your money back, $69.99, they did not perform a complete diagnostic on your computer and what they told you it was wrong with it, is not. It was the processor. I called the store to informed them what I was told with no help at all. I want my money back!

Customer Service

The Staples store here in Grants Pass Oregon has the WORST customer service of any store I have ever been in! I received my Staples reward money in the mail so went to purchase some ink at Staples. First off the young girl - Chi -did not even acknowledge me so I said Hi but she still said nothing. As she was ringing it up and entering the info for my reward coupon, I said that I had some old ink to give her. She got ticked and TOLD me that I am suppose to give that to her BEFORE making a purchase. I apologized but boy was she ever a snit. Purchase completed, I thanked her and said to have a nice day. She NEVER made eye contact with me at all. Very, very rude. I will drive to City of Medford next time and go to Office Max.

don't ever leave your pc with them

my pc has been in staples for 5 weeks. it took them 3 1/2 weeks to tell me they couldn't get rid of the virus and would need to wipe the C drive clean and reinstall drives. i brought them the discs they would need same day. I have called many times and even gone in when they sent me and email saying it was ready and to come pick it up. it was not ready and still is not. they claim their head tech had a death in the family leaving them short handed and yet they continue to take on new customers. (when asked why my pc was on the work bench one day and back in line the next, they replied that they must stop working to wait on customers. also, they never told me it might take this long until i had already paid them the diagnostic fee. i will be picking it up today, work completed or not and give them a piece of my mind. i am a very patient person but this is ridiculous . i will never use them again.


First let me tell you the service in Ocala staples store is the worst I have ever encountered. the manager of store argued with me, practically called me a liar. What happened to the customer is always right? well, now I am having a issue with my apps on my new computer, and the store says they wont help me over phone, not their policy, wouldn't even suggest a support phone # .. Please don't purchase anything from Staples in Ocala, Florida.. they are the worst example of a business, only want to rip people off. want to charge me again for service, can you believe that? after spending a lot of money there.

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