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Brought laptop in for repair. Not Fixed. Sent out again. Talked to 9 techs, asst mgr & mgr: "sorry computer will be back soon." NO COMPUTER FOR 43 DAYS. Am out $439.98, $2000 laptop & 43 aggggravating days. CAN YOU AFFORD TO DO BUSINESS HERE


Warning!! Never purchase a cell phone from Staples.com! It takes up to 15 days if you want to return a phone and have your upgrade eligible reset. They lied to me 4 times about them transferring information to Verizon Wireless to reset my eligibility. I had to have a 3 way conference call with Verizon, Staples and myself for Verizon to force the issue with Staples. The Staples representative yelled at me and hung up on me. It is a shame that they outsource their customer service...this is another example that companies are a penny wise and a dollar foolish. I hope you take my warning and stay away from ordering your phone from Staples.com (the store didn't have my phone in stock).

IP address

I took laptop for file transfer only. your workers changed my ip address. i am with knowledge this does. now for ignorant ones. sstaples can alter my searches by any search engine down to the one millionth website acquision. most all cannot understand. i am coming after sstaples with all that i can legally.

"Easy" NOT! Who are you kidding

The stores are manned by unfriendly, unhelpful, incompetence. That make shopping at Staples anything but Easy. I have visited my last Staples for a long time for sure. In an emergency maybe but with all the competition why fall for Staples (false) advertising? Pompous and arrogant is no way to run a business. Someone should let the store managers know this is a loosing combination.

Inconsiderate Sales Rep

I was shopping in the Staples store in Greensboro, NC off of Wendover Ave yesterday. The sales rep was very disengaged and uninterested in helping me as I was inquiring about a laptop. He eventually walked off during one of my questions...stated he would be right back and never returned. As I was exiting he was up front at the register talking to another customer and never bothered to apologize or explain himself. I spoke with the manager who also did not seem to care. Now I realize why the store is always so empty....count me as one who will never shop there again!

Staples in Lake Worth, Tx

I brought ink cartridges for my Gateway Computer at Staples in Lake Worth. I inquired about why the store did not have a discount for military, and the clerk said no. She did mention that the Vice President of the company was in the store at this time, and I said I would like to talk to him. The clerk came back with a telephone number of the company Headquarters, which was not toll free. I felt insulted that the Vice President did not have the time to talk to me on this subject, and for him to suggest I call the Headquarters on a commercial line was even more insulting. In the future, I will look elsewhere to purchase items I need for my computer.


As you see fit to disqualify businesses from participating due to their Second Amendment beliefs, I hereby disqualify Staples. We will no longer enter a Staples store. What a bunch of wusses who can't stand up for what is right! You should be ashamed of yourselves.

I will be calling you tomorrow! You will no longer be selling me or my company anything! your attack on the 2nd Amendment and your anti-gun, anti Second Amendment stance! You can take your Staples card back. I don't need it. And after I call you, I will send you a letter stating . If you mail any of your trash to me or my company . I will take legal steps to correct you anti american --- !

As a business person who has been using Staples products, I am informing you that I will be shopping elsewhere for my office products and promotional items. Your disqualification of Maple Smith Gunsmithing from your Push It Forward Contest amounts to an attack on the 2nd Amendment. I guess Staples has now entered the political arena, just like JC Penney. And you know what has happened to that company.

2nd Amendment Discrimination

It has come to my attention that you have refused to do business with Maple Creek Gunsmithing because they are engaged in the sale of firearms and supplies. You must realize but don't care that this is a legitimate business that you are denying service to and to lump it in with dealing with illegal drug sales is absolutely over the top. This former Staples customer will tell everyone she meets not to purchase ANYTHING at Staples because of your outrageous decision. Shame on all of you.

Never Again

Because of your blatant liberal anti-gun, anti Second Amendment stance, My business will never spend another $1 at ANY of your stores again. Additionally, I will EVERYTHING in my power to influence anyone I can to so the same. Maybe you can sell all of your junk to Obama and Bloomberg. Not one dollar, ever again!

Non American

Now that you are officially a non American company, I will no longer purchase from you. You took the wrong position and you will pay for it and I hope you pay dearly. I am sorry your corporate views differ with patriotic Americans since you were a decent company.

Business Lost

Our Lubbock based company has used Staples for our weekly ink and hundreds of copies weekly. After you 2nd amendment trashing we will never use a Stables again. So average per week was 400.00 to 500.00. Ink, paper, copies ect. Not a huge impact on the mega giant but every little bit counts. I will do my best to stray my business partners away if they have not already. Nice work Staples. Now I know why the shopping carts make hard lefts with no notice.

Shopping elsewhere

Due to your recent attack on the 2nd Amendment (Fremont, Nebraska), my business will immediately stop purchasing our office supplies from Staples. Lumping illegal drugs with firearm ownership, disgusting. You have your "policies", we have ours.

Staples Prejudice

Staples bills itself as “the world’s largest office products company and a trusted source for office solutions.” That may change once word gets out that Staples refused to let a gun shop enter the stores’ marketing contest because Staples disapproves of its legal, constitutionally sanctioned business. Staples is in violation of the law in this matter.


It has come to my attention that you have banned Maple Creek Gunsmithing, Fremont, NB from entry into your contest because they are in the Firearms industry. If this is true, and it appears that it is, neither my dog training business nor our local dog club will be doing business with Staples from this day forward!

treatment of another retail store

Staples refused to allow a retail store in Freemont,NE dealing in guns to participate in a contest they were running. Talk about discrimination. Well, I will not spend anymore money with Staples. Hope they are happy

Hagerstown DC

Get rid of you new district manager before the associates go union. Take a survey on him with the core associates who have carried that place since it started if you dont believe me.

no returns

Went to exchange an item that was never opened and the package showed it was with a staples label. They would not take it back because the wrong slip was in the bag. Can't understand their policy. All I wanted was an exchange

CEO Three Nations Trucking

After reading your email rejecting a gun stores entry into your contest I assure you I will take my business elsewhere. My trucks will not haul any of your products and my Logs will be printed by an American Company.....

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