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Thomas Hampton the General Manager at Staples in Frisco, TX-75034 at HWY 121 and Preston denied me to use 2 coupons against a monitor i intended to purchase even though on the first coupon it clearly stated that the other coupon to be scanned first and then this coupon which mean that it allowed for stacking the coupons. Even when the coupons were scanned by the cashier it was allowing stacking of the coupons but the GM said the cashier not to allow stacking of the coupons. On the slickdeals forum lot of people throughout the country wrote they were able to stack the coupon. Even another store in the neighborhood was also allowing to stack the coupon but they didn't have that monitor. The manager at that store said that he allowed the same coupons to the previous customer who bought the monitor. I had a feeling that the GM Thomas Hampton at the Frisco Store seems to be racist from his attitude towards me. If Staples continues to hire this kind of people then its going to turn away customers. I am for sure never going to Staples after my experience and share my experience with my friends and family so that they may also think twice before visiting that store. I hope that the corporate guys are listening to the customer feedback.

Staples treats their Retail Managers and Assistant Managers like dump. They do not respect the hard work and money they make for them.

I am a family member of a current and very dedicated staples employee at your 86th and Lexington store,#0653 to be exact. This family member has been constantly harassed by your current general manager Frank Perry. He is a very dedicated worker who has been with Staples for over 14 years. He has gone to the extent of changing his schedule and altering his family life to fill in where others have fallen short. Currently his job is on the line because he has had a couple of deaths in his family for which he was not given the appropriate bereavement time as well as sickness in his immediate family. He was written up on several occasions for taking time to grieve his lost loved ones or take care of his sick family. it is a shame that a company that a person has dedicated so much hard work and time to can see no error in this. He is not the type of person to complain or make a scene, however, if this harassment should continue we will employ the proper legal help. I strongly advise that some course of action be taken to rectify this situation. I also will be calling the New York State Department of labor to file a complaint against staples. Thank you for your urgent attention to this matter.

I will NEVER UPS ship through Staples again. If your package is lost you will only get a run around and no payment for your loss. On March 5, 2010 I shipped a small package to my great granddaughter that was never received. The tracking number 1Z00286F0333346591 was of little use. I found that UPS declared the package lost with the claim number of 282231 and notified Staples in Lady Lake, FL regarding the loss. I also wrote to Staples in Florida. Staples insured the package for $100. I have yet to hear from Staples in FL nor have I received payment. If Staples doesn't follow through on a small matter, how can they be trusted in larger matters?

REG. Store # 1207 Good morning. We had purchased two computers, one desk top, and one small laptop. The sales person, Sergio, who is extremely knowledgeable attended us, and we were and are happy with our purchase. When we had a problem with one of the computers, your Manager Dan Fox and the three techs, Sergio, Pedro and Mike were very patient with my wife and resolved the problem. Staples is very fortunate to have these gentlemen on their staff. They are pleasant to their clients, knowledgeable in computers, and a pleasure to do business with. These three people have made us a Staples client, and they are to be recognized for a job well done. Sincerely, Shelly & Maria Baum Naples, FL

I WILL boycott Staples until that irritating WOW commercial is pulled off the air.

We had a very negative experience today at Staples in Trussville, AL with the store manager, Nancy Tolbert. We were returning an HP printer cartridge that was a lemon, we had the receipt, but it was a double pack, the other worked fine and was used. She said she would not do anything because we did not have both of them. I understand now from speaking to corporate the policy on printer cartridge exchanges why she stated what she did however, the manner in which she spoke was unacceptable. We are a business customer and do all of our business at this store, and we have never received poor service from any staff member in the past. I think I liked it better when "customer service" was the big craze!

I went to one Staples store to buy an ink cartridge for my printer. The price tag said $16.99 each. Since I had previously purchased the same cartridge at another Staples location for $12.99 I questioned the store manager about the difference. He had multiple explanations. The first one he offered was that the cartridge could be purchased online for $12.99 but not at the store. The second was that different stores price the same item differently according to the "affluence of the area", suggesting that if you buy a McDonalds hamburger in a poor neighborhood you'll pay less than if you bought it in a "wealthy" one. So much for customer satisfaction....or the manager's competance. If his comments are factual and reflect the company's pricing policy, I predict the demise of this chain in short order.

Is that guy in the ad supposed to have Turrettes Syndrome or something?? How obnoxious! I too will wait until it is off the air--and out of my head--before I return!

I returned a recent purchase and went to Best Buy to replace it (a memory card for a camera), because your current "wow, that's a low price" ad is so irritating that I am compelled to quickly change the channel every time it appears. I'm dead serious. I will not set foot in your store until I am absolutely convinced that I will never see that TV commercial again. It is so loud and disruptive - intentionally so, as you are well aware, (due to the production tricks in creating silence in between the shouts), that it wakes up sleeping people in the room who otherwise are comfortable. I don't see how you buffoons thought it would attract customers. Low price is so...1979, anyway.

We brought a computer into a store in Warren, Ohio that had some type of virus that had attacked it. My problem is the lies that the computer tech told. I feel that we got the run a round by the store. The tech told me that the electric was off at the store and that was why he could not complete the work with the problem on the computer, but earlier when I talked to someone else I was told that the electric was supposed to be off and the tech went home and would be back at 5PM and the electric that was supposed to be off never was turned off. I come in and talk to the tech and he tells me the electric was off and he could not do anything because of that fact. Then he said he should have the problem fixed in two hours so I hang around and then the internet goes down so I take the computer home because of the need to do some reports. The tech tells me if I go home and get on the internet that the program that was working might continue to work and it did but it did not finish without problems. I am taking the computer back to the store on Thursday morning to see if this can be resolved as the tech was off on today. The store had our computer for five days at this point.

After lack of response to an issue, and 7 weeks later still no resolution (or correct product) I will never darken the doorstep of another Staples location, even if their closest competitor is 50 miles away. They have no sense of responsibility to their customers, or resolving their own mistakes.

My company has stopped buying at Staples because of your wildly obnoxious WOW Commercials. I suppose the marketing moron who approved this thinks the hugely negative response to this campaign is funny, but I consider it very disrespectful to scream in my home. We have started TIVOing programs on Fox so we can fast forward and bypass your ads. I hope Staples quickly goes out of business and these ads stop.

A good friend of mine who works in your railto,ca has been let go after 19yrs of serive to your company because of performance that person is not the only one let go I know this family real good this person is the most decated person I know never miss a day just to miss never talk bad about stables and that person is let go you would thing that after 19yrs you would not have to wrroy about your job but I guess stables does not care about ther serior workers who gave them 100plus all the time even when they tell them that there machines are not working correctly but who cares about someone who knows more than there machines right! anyway I have started to tell me people about this and some companys I work with to stop buying from stables and go with the other office supplys and also the ceo of staples should be ashane

I have shopped Staples for years and will continue to do so, but I will NEVER AGAIN buy your extended warranty It's bad enough that the printer was only 1-2 years old, and died, but then I had to call the warranty company. After the 8 day wait, I was not happy with getting the identical model simply refurbished. I'd have gladly returned it locally, paid extra to get an updated printer, and walked out a happy customer. Instead I found when I just went to print a receipt for an on line order the paper kept semi jamming and coming out the back end of the printer. Someone forgot to insert the rear clean out door which apparently also directs the paper into the upper part of the printer. I actually found this out when I wanted to print out an alignment page and obviously could not do it! Now it seems the "warranty company" is in the east, so when I called, it was 1 minute after 3PM PDST ! Not too good for those of us on the Pacific coast. So now I'll be w/o a printer for who knows how long. I'd already tossed the green Staples warranty folder so I didn't know that they only catered to the people east of the rockies. I have an Office Max closer than Staples, but I have always favored Staples. I am REALLY ticked off !!

I find thoroughly annoying your "WOW" commercial. I too change the channel when your ad appears. What jerk would really do that in the store. Not attention getting at all.

I will not step foot in a Staples again until you pull the exceedingly annoying "Wow!" advertising campaign.

What meat head decided to go with your current ad campaign? - Every time I want to watch t.v. or listen to the the radio, I have to listen to an obnoxious idiot screaming - this causes me to change the channel that I had been watching or listening to. - Because of this very irritating ad, I will shop at Staples competitors from now on.

Over-all I like Staples. My complaint is ...... Your Copy Centers do not have Adobe Photoshop on their computers for your copy specialists to use. This is really crazy since Photoshop is what most digital art is created with. I asked the store manager why he didn't have Adobe Photoshop. He said it is a corporate decision. It would cost too much to purchase the software for every store. This remark is simply stupid. I am a multimedia producer and I teach digital communication. When I take my finished art to your Copy Center to print it is always frustrating for me, as the customer, and frustrating for your employees as the Copy Center Specialists. YOUR COPY CENTERS NEED TO HAVE THE SOFTWARE MOST PEOPLE USE!!!!!Why don't you get smart and help us all out. Your stores would make more money with happier customers and happier employeed who don't have to restructure every jpg image. Your employees are spending twice the amount of time completeing most of their customers printing because they don't have the proper software. GET SMART STAPLES!

would like to send a note of appreciation for the service we received at your store #1625 Ft. Myers, FL . There was a family tragedy and we needed help with the set up and printing for the memorial service announcements. Cara was the Service Tech that assisted me and my daughter-in-law. Cara not only was well trained and knowledgeable of her department but she showed kindness and concern of our needs. When you come upon a person who makes a difference we need to take the time to say thank you for making my world a better place to live in and to continue to pass it forward. Angels in The Wind, JM Lovatt

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