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This company is horrible/ the forest park office is very rude and mcdonough office is too. I have worksman comp light duty and they have told the insurance comp o am working light duty/but when i reported to light duty at ups mail inovations i was informed that there was no job for me due to my restrictions.. you cant reach anyone ,the personel sucks, I will hv to retain a attorney to get paid.... Donot let this company take advantage/i will be filing a report with the better business burea/ if i locate home office info i will post it

Anyone have the corporate address and phone number to Staffmark? I want to send a letter to them on a complaint.

Well I haven't even started working for staffmark yet, and I see there's a problem with the people they have representing them, I live in ga and the forest park office is rude and nasty to people. I tried to get some info about the company and they act like I was bothering them

These people are horrible. They are rude and very unprofessional! I am working on my criminal justice degree and need something to tie me over till I get it. They turned me down becasue I am small built and have never worked in a factory before. They were rude and did not even give a chance. I know tons of people that have never worked in a factory and got a job there. Do not work for these people.

I work for staffmark in new jersey,and I will be on vacation in a few weeks. I would like to know if you have any jobs in memphis tn ,and do you have an office in memphis tn.

These people are lying bastards! I was promised a check this week, and guess what? NO DAMN CHECK! I will no longer be a contract employee with this company. They can KISS MY ASS!

Staffmark in Nashville sucks because they never return your email, just string you along, and are so unprofessional. DO NOT WORK WITH STAFFMARK!!!!!!!

I am really tired of not getting paid on time. I have worked for this company since before it was staffmark and never before had a problem with my pay. I am a temp employee which means I do not have steady money coming in and I need my pay when it is due. This is a poor way to run a business. The branches that have messed up my pay are middletown ohio and springdale ohio.

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