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Would Not stay at this hospital or use any of its contracted doctors if my life depended upon it! St. Luke's bought out our local county owned hospital and ever since it has been a living nightmare trying to get medical services. They have within a couple of years become a monopoly and their "procedures" are insane. After thirty years of seeing my doctors, now when I walk in I have to show my drivers license, answer personal question while in a lobby full of people, and even though I am the only person in the state and in their computer with my last name, I have to give them my date of birth, driver's license and other identification. They hire only people who will blindly follow rules without reason. People who can not and will not think. The bureaucrat that is making their rules I would love to meet in a dark alley. If you want to be called a lier, have your integrity impugned, intelligence insulted by a 22 year old receptionist with an IQ of 40, then go to St. Lukes. Just make sure you bring lots of ID, be prepared to be treated like a criminal and comb your hair because they will insist on taking your photo. If my doctor of 30 years can't recognize me without a photo ID then it is time to get another doctor. Now, because I won't follow their ID procedures, I can not get medical care in my own town. Today, I was refused medical care because I refused to give the receptionist my date of birth. Too bad, I have insurance that covers 100 percent. I refuse to be forced to constantly prove my innocence. If you have probable cause to believe I am not who I say I am, then present it and quit calling me a liar. What is next, tattooed numbers on our arms?

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