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hey usdollar,i have been thinnikg about this alternate count for sometime now simply because if the market does start to pick up steam on the downside, then authorities will be sure to throw more money at the system... but eventually this triangle will break lower with wave 5 once we start to see the money ink is out :-) At this point i would think the bear market it over... around 2014 - 2015... but for now i will give the count that we are primary wave 3... either way, in a couple of days we will know what the hell is going on!

You didn't wear your Booth Babe T-Shirt! Oh well. Since you obviously know about E-Readers, will you be oreffing the book in an E-Reader format? (I've already bought 2 copies in traditional , tree-destroying format, so I can give them to friends who cosplay SG-1 & Doctor Who, and can have them sticking out of their packs or pockets at events.) It would be cool to bring it up on a Kindle at an event as well.

I am presently in the ARC program and I am very dissappointed. I am in the one in San Antonio and I have seen drugs being circulated arround the facility with warning from beneficiaries who are now presently in the program. I have seen men who were tossed on the street who have been misled by the adminstration and employees there, I have seen scams of theif that have been overlooked by administration and core officer. Now the reason for this letter is because I have been up the ladder or should I say the chain of command and been reprimanded about my responses, which later became true. I have never been written up in this ARC, and I have requested to go to certain trips , and was repeatly been denied to be able to go to any of the outtings because I am one who is not their favored. The only request that I had was to be able to go to the Bible Conference that the Salvation Army is having in August, and I was REFUSED, for no apparent reason. I have been there for 5 months and never once was allowed to go to any of the outting, but the men who has been to other outting throughout their time there has been to several of the outtings, and I believe that this is not right. I have moved in 9 different positions in the facility and not once complained about the work therpy, please help me understand why this is? I have been hit with a pool stick, and they hire the guy as a manager, I lost my son , and the call my wife recieved last month upon his death was rude, and questionable about his death, I am not from San Antonio and my wife wanted to come down to see me and I put in for a pass and they told me that they would not be able to because I had to do my work therpy, please help me understand?/?? I currently work the front desk and I found stolen merchandise on several people and they do nothing to these beneficial, like all acceptable, I have not been to church in 3 sunday now, because of my work therpy. The resident mgr talks rudely to me when I call him at the front desk like if I am a pest, I am doing everything that is told to me and it feels as if I can not do anything to be able to be in comfort there, all I want is to be able to be in peace and GRADUATE. I woke up the other morning with someone spat on my bed. I love the Lord with all my heart and all of my might but this christian life here is harder than I had imagine, and I truly believe that the Salvation Army is a Christian Based Center, but I ask, to whom ever this may reach, help me understand????

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