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I have terrible service at my home in Dewitt Va. I own 49 arces nearby and want to know if sprint would be interested in a lease agreement to put a tower on my land. My email is Cuhullian44@yahoo.com Please message me if you are interested

I have been with Sprint because the coverage in our state is good and we like our phones. Our issue is with call centers inconsistencies, unprofessional, and down right stupid and lazy call center associates ,with an exception of a very little few. It seems Sprint has dropped the ball on training their employees on PROPER process and KNOWLEDGEABLE about product. A monkey could do a better job. We have never had our problems resolved with call center support. It is a shame that employees don't value their job enough to WANT to resolve or at least make a VALIANT effort to resolve an issue of FIND a suitable answer instead of "let me transfer you" or hang up on you all together. I really hope that Corporate would take a better look at training employees to know what they are talking about, and how to handle customers with CARE. Sprint has dropped the ball on caring for their customers after all the hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars that are spent everyday on product and service. Shame on Sprint and LAZY, employees. I would like to let sprint know of a outstanding job done by a Store sight employee named Lori at the Rio Rancho NM site. But I shouldn't have to drive all the way over there to get help with my account. What was funny about this is that she had an ENORMOUS amount problems with the call center and was hung up on as well. So I guess it is everyone. That ISN'T ANYTHING TO BE PROUD OF SPRINT.

I made a mistake by buying another sprint phone from Port Orange, Florida. I have been with sprint over 20 years. I bought from Spring store in Port Orange, Fl. Do not buy from any spring store in Port Orange, Fl./ Mbragg

i am currently using Evo 4g....Waiting for Samsung Galaxy S2....Stop draging your feet....will not upgrade to Motorola...if that is what you think.....Samsung galaxy s2 is the best phone out there...hate to move to another carrier to get what i want....so far i am very please with sprint

First off - 1 star is one too many for Sprint. Sprint has screwed me around for months now. Second - my Samsung Moment just stopped working. They proceeded to send me 2 replacements. With the first, the keyboard hardly worked. The second, the mouthpiece didn't work. Seriously? Is that a joke? Then you tell me to mail in non working, 2nd replacement in and you will send me a new one. Um - NO. I am the sole care giver for my 87 year old grandmother. I pay for a service and I expect to pay for a service that I can use. I took my phone in so that Sprint could transfer my numbers, pics, videos etc and YOU LOSE half of them. NOT acceptable. Finally, you replace my phone with one that works - 3 weeks later. Yesterday, you disconnect my finance's service without warning. When we call, you tell me there is nothing wrong with his line. However, Sprint charges him a $37 reconnect fee and ONLY credits his account $25 for THEIR error. I am SERIOUSLY done with them. Thank GOODNESS I was able to get them to break my contract a year and a half and waive the termination fee. Good riddance Sprint. You'll be the next MCI at this rate.....

My tale beings when I was 18 and got my first cell phone. Things were great at first. Then I upgraded the phone to a nice and shiny HTC PPC6700 with the whole windows mobile office suite. Things were good until the phone's touchscreen stopped working. So i contacted sprint and they sent me a refurbished phone. two months later my phone's screen again stops responding to my finger and stylus. I call sprint again (#2). They send me another refurbished phone. I have this next for for like 6 months and I think that everything is cool, wrong. I call sprint again, demanding they send me a new phone. I ask for the manager of that person, and the manager of that person...they send me another refurbished phone (#3). I keep that phone for 2 months..and then my phone starts cutting off during phone calls or just freezing. I CALL THEM YET AGAIN...they give me more bull and they send me one more refurbished phone (#5). This phone showed its behind when I was out and about and lost one day, so i try to bring up a map and gps my location...the phone shuts off...So i turn it back on and proceed to call a friend that knew the area that i was in. The phone attempts to dial her, and i'm in perfect sprint coverage, and then shuts off. So i'm out, lost, in an area i'm not familiar with and with a phone that is worth 699.99 that can't even help me get home. I completely lost it. I finally find my way home and decided to go to sleep to calm down. Next morning, I call sprint up and ask to speak to the highest person there. She promptly informs me that all she can do is send me another refurbished phone. I tell her, "you know i'm in maryland and our lemon law states 4 times..." she proceeds not to care and tells me that the only thing that I can do is pay for another phone outright. I hang up the phone, go to the nearest AT&T store and proceed to get an iphone. I got my number ported, Called sprint and gladly paid the early termination fee. I have been a happy AT&T customer for 3 years now and I don't even care that my bill is 105 a month or that my calls drop occasionally. I have a working phone that has never faltered and I just upgraded to the iPhone 4. Lovely still. FUCK YOU SPRINT!!!!!!!!!!


I have been a Sprint/Nextel customer for sometime. In Jan 2011 I purchased a Samsung M360 phone and was quite pleased with the phone and the wonderful reception that I received (inside) and outside my home. Then about the first of June, my phone just quit working inside me home. When I called customer support, I was told that it was probably due to my location even though I explained about the prior service months. It should be noted that over the past three or four weeks I have talked to a Sprint Rep (several) and have received everything from a tower check to see your local Sprint Rep, etc. The bottom line is, MY PHONE DOES NOT WORK INSIDE MY HOME, and that is just unacceptable. Especially since it did work and now I am told it is my location, etc. I can receive no satisfaction from anyone at Sprint. Can someone at corporate headquaters do the right think and let me out of my contract, so that I can move on with another company. It is not fair to me, nor is it good business practice, to handle a matter in this fashion. Surely there are a lot of satisfied Sprint customers across America, however, I am not one of them. If it is, as you say, due to my location, then do the right thing and let me go with no additional fees.

With my own personal nightmares with Sprint and all of the ones I'm reading about posted here, I'm wondering if anyone has ever thought of bringing a class action suit against Sprint. I have a beef with them right now and if it does not turn out in my favor, I'm definitely looking into legal action.

I have had my ups and downs with Sprint over the years, and have remained loyal throughout, however recent events have caused me to to have a change of heart. I purchased music from the Sprint music store made available on the Instinct Sprint phone. Thought it was ideal since I carry my phone everywhere. I recently decided to upgrade to HTC Evo for which I had to pay a substantial amout. After receiving the phone I replaced the HTC memory card with the one from the old phone and to my dismay the files were not recognized. After a lot of back and forth and wasted gas going to the various Sprint stores, i am being told there is nothing that can be done. Had i just downloaded 10 songs, I would consider cutting my losses, but I purchased over 150 songs from the Sprint store and am being told that the best they could offer me is a $50 credit. Well im not going to accept anything less than what I deserve, and if after several years of service, and loyalty Sprint is not able to relpace the songs for me or give me the credit for the songs I purchased, then Sprint is no longer a carrier i want to be associated with. With that i have decided to sever all ties with Sprint. As a customer, i dont think its too much to ask that I be compensated for something I already paid for on their network......Sad really.

Sprint is the best company by far. Affordable rates and excellent reception in Virginia. What we need to do is to email Dan@sprint.com and ask the CEO to improve on the plans for the long time Sprint customers. How about 2% off our bill for every year that we are with Sprint. I have an old plan that is very affordable but is limited to the proprietory phones with Data added on. I don't want to double my bill for an Evo,,but would be willing to upgrade to a newer plan that supports this phone only if I get an understandable credit for the years with Sprint. Sero plans pay $50 a month for the Evo. A long term customer pays $69 plus $10=$79.....Sero was open to the public when I was a customer. I feel that those of us in a similar situation should be able to get a discount for every year with Sprint or the pricing of the Sero plan,which is $50 per phone,,,,,please email Dan@sprint.com if you agree...

Today was my day off, at 2pm the screen on my Sanyo ZIO phone quit working. I had the function of the lower buttons but unable to dial, text, recieve e-mails, ect. I went online to Sprint where Amanda P was my chat agent, after being online with her for 1 hour and 15 minutes we achieved nothing except that I could not go to my local Sprint retailer 8 miles from my house but rather she wanted me to go to Coldwater MI 26 miles from my house to which was not even a repair center. She did offer a $10 dollar credit and after several attempts to remotely reset my phone my fiance and I left to go to the repair center on Beckley Rd 5466-C which once we arrived and the very rude Asst Manager waited on me to let me feel very inferior with my phone purchase, he as well let me know that the complete care insurance I requested on my phone at time of purchase in March of this year was not on my account, this was no suprise though because when I went to the Sprint Center at 5285 Beckley Rd in Battle Creek a week and a half prior the salesman let me know my employee discount from my work had not been placed on my account as well from my purchase date. The salesman did immediately fix the issue with my discount. Meanwhile as todays nightmare unfolded I started out online for an hour and 15 minutes and the to the repair center for 1.5 hours and talked down to then on the phone with customer care where I experience out sourcing at its best because I could not understand them and they could not read their script and understand me, this went on for 1 hour before we became "disconnected". So again for the third time I call back and again have to explain the entire situation again to a gentleman named Ray and then he sent us driving to Kalamazoo, MI while he put us on hold several times before coming back on as we are 10 miles into our drive and he tells us that it would be a waste of time because the Corp Sprint store will not be able to help us either. So we turn around as he tells us to call the manufacture of the phone and have it replaced under their warranty. Are you with me so far I have been on the phone with Sprint customer service and Customer "WHO" Cares for 3 hours so I have a total of 5 hours wrapped up and $20 dollars in gas gone and so far no answers and a $10 dollar credit. Here is where it gets good, I call the manufacture of my phone KYOCERA per the instructions of Sprint, here a girl answers the out sourced phone call of mine and after a 35 minute talk she tells me to send my phone in to them and they will let me know something in 7 to 21 business days, yes I said it correct. I asked if she could send me her phone and do without it for 7 to 21 days. Now let me say that the phone has already been checked for water damage and there was none nor was it sun damaged but was determined to be a software malfunction at the repair center. So then we are on our way back to the Sprint retailer at 5285 Beckley Rd where the Manager and Asst tried to do all they could to help us this while I was on the phone with KYOCERA's warranty manager who was on a speaker phone with Sprint's customer care Manager about getting me a loaner phone and the Sprint Customer Care Manager said that Sprint quit giving loaner phones due to 90% of customers not returning them. Go figure! if you get one that works keep it! So from 2pm till 8pm I am still with a phone that doesn't work and have to wait 72 hours for the escalation team to approve the warranty I should have had in March and mean while I have two conference calls to be on tomorrow and Thursday so I'm wondering if the CEO of Sprint is as good at customer service as he is in his commercials about how important we little customers are. Because today I found out that you can buy the phone and plan at Sprint third party retailers everywhere or online and either will take your money and make their quota but when it comes to the customer after the sell you are invisible or you are passed like a football till you are mentally tired. I just added my fiance and her son to my plan and am scared to death of how this is going to progress before, during, and mainly after the sell is finished. And believe me if you get mad a quit them it will only take a few days to come after you with collections more quicker than they will fix your problems as a customer. So yes Sprint you need some major overhauling on after the sale service because we are bringing 2 phones over from Verizon to help pay your employees to continusly tell us you can't help us. Sorry for the spelling I'm just tired it's been a very long day with my cell phone provider. I would like to see though if anyone from Sprint actually reads these though. If so call me xxx-319-01xx Charles R Jones Marshall, MI it's on my account. Or just listen to your "may be monitored for quality" phone calls it has my info 6 or 7 times.

I have been with sprint for many years. I recently had to purchase a new phone when my Rumor 2 went out. I wasnt up for the full upgrade so I had to pay full price for the phone. I puchased the Samsung Transform in Novemember 2010. In December of 2010, I started having problems with the touch screen. I sent out the phone and was given a refurbished phone. In January 2011, more issues have been happening on the phone. This time it took us 2 months of talking to reps over the phone and going into sprint stores to get a new phone. Finally they shipped me another transform (refurbished.) Immediatly upon recieveing this phone we had issues. Droped calls, Random vibrating. I had to drive 1 hour to one location where they refused to help me I was told "Its 4 o'clock we close at 5, our tech cant help you. Hes not helping anyone anymore." Funny thing was is that I just heard him transfer someone to his tech. After this I came home livid for being treated this way. Had to wait till the next weekend and drove another 1hr and a half to another store. There they had the tech service my phone, they told me that there were problems with the phone, but to them they didnt warrent a new device. I came home, told my husband and he called Sprint told them what was going on and how I was treated at these locations. He said that we were going to cancel our service. Their response was "No, dont cancel, we will send you a phone free of charge. You dont have to send us the old phone back or the new one." They sent me a phone that is going on 3 years old. Its a utter slap to the face from what I have now. How do you go from a Samsung Transform to a Blackberry 8530??? The screen is to small, buttons are small. Doesnt do HALF of what the Transform does. I am very disappointed in their Customer Service, and their lack of treating their customers with respect.

This company has pulled me through hell and back. I Would not reccomend this company and after reading this you will understand. I was with t-mobile for two years never late on my phone bill and the only time I had to speak with them was when it was time for an up grade. I started with sprint in early March. First I was told that there would be a overnight ship on the phones, when that did not happen I went into my local store here in Spokane and was told that the phones I oredered where bad phone and to call and cancel then start with different phones. That I did, no real problem there. On March 18 I realized the plan I had choosen was simply unlimted and was charging me 266.00 a month, way to much for a phone bill. I went to my local store and had the plan changed.i also Decided to start a wireless card for internet. The part they forgot to tell me was that I can only download 5 gigs a months (Whatever that is) I watched netflicks then caught the fact that my bill had gone up top 1170.00. I went and cancelled the wireless card and somehow it was never cancelled, at that point my bill went up more. They finally got the card returned but it was still billing to my account. I was shut off at least 4 times in one week, now they did give me an extention but those where never up held. I was told by several representative not to pay the bill untill all the charges where cleared up because my phone would continue to get shut off because I was over the speneding limit. It is now May 20th and my phones are shut off and charges still apply. I HATE this company. Every dept has a different story and some reps do not note the account when needed! they are rude and cold NEVER GET SPRINT!!!!!!!!!!!

12 years ago I left Sprint because of poor customer service. 2 years ago I reluctantly came back because of my business and the great corporate discount I would receive on my phone bill each month and the awesome deal I recived for the purchase of my high tech Smart phone, I have the HTC PRO 2. Well because of this awesome discount I was able to have 2 additional phone on my account, this all seemed great! However, two years later my account is coming up for renewal and the additional users haven't been so responsible in paying their portion of the bill, therefore I was anxiously awaiting for the termination date of my existing contract which is September 2011 to terminate the other 2 phones off my account. Recently, one of the account holders went into a store purfchased a new phone andWITHOUT MY SIGNATURE SPRINT ALLOWED THEM TO UPGRADE MY CONTRACT TO 2013!!! THE REASON EVERYONE WANTS TO TELL ME IS BECAUSE I HAD GIVEN THEM THE PIN NUMBER TO PAY BILLS & OTHER SERVICES BUT SPRINT SEEMS TO THINK THAT A PIN NUMBER IS THE SAME AS A WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION. MY PREVIOUS SERVICE WAS WITH U.S. CELLULAR and in my 13yrs with them THE ACCOUNT OWNER ALWAYS HAD TO APPROVE ANY CHANGES WHEN IT CAME TO THE CONTRACT!Now Sprint customer service reps are telling me i am stuck in A CONTRACT UNTIL 2013 BECAUSE OF A PIN NUMBER & NOT MY AUTHORIZATION, MEANING SIGNATURE!!! SINCE WHEN IN AMERICA CONTRACTS ARE AUTHORIZED WITHOUT A SIGNATURE, EVEN IF IT'S AN ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE? THIS NEEDS TO BE CHANGED!!!

Ready to switch? I did on www.5linx.net/modeerf, the phones are discounted and the plans are the same, port your existing number easily.

I have been a Sprint customer for over 10yrs and the only thing that kept me with them is there phones. Sprint customer service is horrible. Every time I call, I have to stay on the phone for HOURS at a time. The representatives always promising you something on your account and when you see they never did and try to call back they always say it wasn't in the " notes". Today 04/07/2011, I have been on the phone with sprint for over 3 1/2 hours and got hung up on once normally they hang up on you about 3 times. I spoke with Sasharina, Venita (is a manager and is also RUDE and tried to get sarcastic), Talandria (she hung up on me)Tawanda (she was nice and tried to assist me as much as she can) Curtis, Anthony (fast talker) then his manager Fraser. What a waist of time. Basically they kept repeating the same thing over and over. The manager Fraser want me to just let go of my complaint. Now if he was in my shoes he wouldn't let it go either. Back in February I was told I would get a discount for all of the confusion and problems I kept experiencing with my account and of-course when I called back they are saying its not in the "notes". Corporate office granted me two hundred bonus minutes about 3yrs ago and then they took upon themselves to remove it and saying they can't put it back. The managers are refusing to accommodate me. Sprint representative are rude, they talk over you and will get mad and hang up the phone on you, it never fails. As of now, I am seriously considering another provider.

I called 8 times 2 get my issue resolved. I have been a customer of sprint for approximately 6 yrs. They had great customer service til they merged with nextel and now it has gone 2 shit. They say they can't help u and always say they r sorry like they know you. I spoke with about 6 different people yesterday on 03/26/2011 for a total of about 4 hours and still didn't get my issue resolved 2 my satisfaction. I spoke with a floor manager by the name of adrienna tippens in the multiple device replacemnt department and was given very poor customer service. She talked over me and started yelling at me. She said all she could do was send me a refurbished phone unless I wanted 2 pay full retail price for a new one. Sprint customer service reps and employees of sprint r only working for the company 4 the money

I couldn't pay my Sprint Bill so it was Suspended from Nov to Feb I paid all bills and fees that were in arrears, got my phones back on and signed up for Auto Pay! BIG BIG MISTAKE! After paying my PRORATED BILL > fees for non usage from Nov thru Feb < And my Regular Monthly Bill Via - Auto Pay. there is no Negotiating Auto Pay they take the money no matter what even if you call WELL IN ADVANCE. And THERE WAS NEVER ANY MENTION OF A PRORATED FEE during Numerous contacts with Sprint to get my Service Back on. So checking account overdrawn plus several check fees! (bill was 2 times what my normal bill would be) and My Kids and I don't Eat this Week. So you say if you can't afford a Cell Phone why have one, well a Regular Cell phone bill i can afford, But not a SPRINT BILL with all there prorated fees.

I have been a sprint customer for over a year and had to have a rant cell phone replaced three times because of the phone being no good once in use and received after two weeks. I have now just been told that when I had to pay a $50 deductible, that the account services department gave a discount of a $25 deductible and a $10 a month discount for a year and that there was a verbal agreement to extend my contract for an additional year, THIS IS TOTALLY UNTRUE, I WOULD HAVE NEVER SIGNED AN ADDITIONAL YEAR WITH SPRINT, SPRINT IS THE WORST CELL PHONE CARRIER I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!!!!!!!! and I will never, ever, ever, ever used sprint again. I don't know how my bill continues to increase over $50 - $70 every month and no one has an explanation excpet that I have been late several times on my bill and that's the reason, which is also totally untrue.

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