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SPRINT Misrepresents

Pleae be aware that Sprint is dishonest and does not tell potential consumers that they can buy a nice phone but that phone will not work. The data will almost never work. Then to add insult to injury when you try to return the device the store you buy if from most likely will be an affiliate and claim they are not sprint and they do not honor Sprint Promotions on returns. They give you the run around. When you try to return the device to their Sprint corporate store you get the run around there too. This is by far the worse service and experience I ahve ever experienced. Only matched by T-Mobile. We pay premium prices for services from Verizon and AT&T because we do not get hassled. Returns are easy....and headache free.


Sprint does not take ownership of their mistakes.

Living a life of dreams

your commercial is driving me crazy. The lyrics are ok but that strumming guitar sounds like a 3rd grader. I grit my teeth all the way through it.


NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use sprint!!! or go to any of their franchise stores. There's a company morewireless.com which goes back to Western New York wireless here In upstate New York - lie, cheat, steal, fraud only begin to describe this Sprint franchisee. And absolutely do NOT deal with the Eastview Mall, Victor, NY store or kiosk...


Spriomer. Service. Is lazy or incompetent al you get is the runaround. Lied to by all service reps. They should all be fired.

Will never use Sprint

Your current commercials with FRAMILY are the worst ever!! If your people can come up with this garbage I would never consider using your product.

Rude service rep

Sprint was known for worst customers service which improved a few years ago. The company was able to regain the public trust by improving their customer relations. It didn't last long because they reverted to the old routine of mistreating the customers, charging them unreasonable fees, and lying to them. That's why I switched. The representatives are too bold with their impertinence. I had enough. Sayonara sprint

terrable company

Switched to sprint cause I was told buy the sales person they offered service to my location that was a lie My bill was $347 for roaming. Tried to call corporate off all numbers have been disconeceted I was told I would receive a call back many time never did I once receive one Staw away from this company

sales reps trained to lie

sprint is rated a o in my book , but a rating of 100 for all the lies the sales rep give to new customers, so Please stay away from Sprint. does anyone every tell the truth in this world today, i guess not they just take your money and offer very bad service.

sprint the worst

We have been complaining about the service in the Mpls / Burnsville / Eagan, MN area for weeks. We have been on the customer service chat line and promised the "identified problem" would be fixed by Nov 15. Everyone on our account - still dropping calls on a regular basis. When is someone at Sprint going to elevate this to a higher level.

Coming soon

In a very short time there will be a Facebook page called........."Sprint horror stories". I am living one now and it's a doozie. Three defective phones in 4 months and that's just for starters

Bad Use to be GOOD

I have been with Sprint forever from NV back to Illinois and nothing but problems w/customer service poorly trained you have to explain over and over and they still get it wrong. I keep getting credits for their mistakes rather have good service. Next no long time customer discount but if your a big corporation they give them the discounts next poor phone selection. Need I say more.

Worst service

I have been with sprint for about 11 yrs and its getting worst by the day. Every time I call I have to explain everything all over again then they transfer me to someone apparently high then them (customer service) and here I go again explaining. So many drop calls, no network available, not able to get on to the Internet, can't send messages, can't receive phone calls but they tell me that nothing is showing that I was having problems (really I am lying). I wanted out of my contract because of the issues I am having and Sprint tells me that I have to be having trouble for 3 months before they can do anything. Oh, 4G won't be available for another 6 months, sorry Spint should of updated long time ago. No wonder so many are leaving to other companies. Don't sign up to Sprint......

I think they are the worst

they have took my money and i never receive any service . NOW Sprint have sent me a bill. I keep getting the run around.i

Bad Service

Customer for 20 years. Keep getting pushed to a sprint store and calling Sprint Service unable to keep my discount. This is the worst service I ever seen, surprised there still in business

Virgin Mobile

Sprint owns Virgin Mobile and they are one and the same. I have just had an experience with their customer service representatives (7 of them!) that was borderline criminal. They absolutely do lie to you and apparently steal your money. I am without a phone and out $60 bucks. I was looking at my online statement right in front of me as multiple reps insisted that the charge was never made. I was told to wait 2-4 hours for a response. That was 20 hours ago. They simply do not give a damn. Oh, and good luck understanding the broken English which adds to the frustration!

Virgin Mobile/Sprint/Nextel

This (these) companies are holding $335.15 of my money which supposedly was to pay for service. However, they cut off my phone on March 30, 2013 stating "lack of funds". They lied about that and also lied about my credit card having a problem (which they later rescinded)because I could prove them wrong. These companies want to keep what to them must be a small amount of my money. I suppose they have either spent it or doled it out to employees.

What a ripoff

Customer service is a joke. they have literally ripped me off $129.00 and looks like nothing I can do about it.

Shut Sprint down

Sprint needs to be shut down. After what I dealt with tonight I am so done with them. The customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. I have been with Sprint for over 4 years, and I called with a dimple problem. That turned into over an hour on the phone, calling them 4 separate times because I kept getting cut off when they tried to transfer me to a different department. Well by the time I got to someone who actually treated me like a human being, she said the hours for the department I was trying to call just ended, so I have to start all over again tomorrow. I am so glad to be forever done with Sprint. T-mobile has been amazing so far, and cheaper! I think we need to spread the word and get Sprint put out of business.

Solution for Sprint complaints!

I found that with enough calls to Sprint customer service they will eventually give in to reasonable demands, even when they say initially they can't do anything to correct. It will take many phone calls, and even being rude at times, but they seem to have a rule that after a certain number of calls they automatically make the necessary account corrections. So, just keep calling and be persistent. Also, I spoke with a former employee who confirmed this is a standard practice.

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