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The Best Commercial ever!

You just put out the best commercial out there! People get off the phones and get back to life!

Excellent service

Today I was assisted by Ilona at the Farmington, CT store & without her help I would not have found the running shoe that was the correct size as well as a better insert.

Lack of Customer Service

Walked into a Sports Authority near the Paradise Valley Mall looking for Golf sandals. There were 4 guys in red shirts gathered around the checkout and saw us walk in. Not a one asked if they could help as we made a turn into the golf dept. Every one disappeared except for the employee at the check out. I will not go back. The guys in the red shirts were not to be found as we moved around the store wanting to ask a question. Back to Bid 5.

HORRIBLE Customer Service

Rude and unprofessional sales person named Marian at Cobb Parkway, Akers Mills Atlanta, GA location. Wake up Sports Authority- all the other major retailers have made customer service their focus with the economy. Employees like this one will hurt your business, will not shop at this location again.


I had a pleasant shopping experience, that is until I walked up to the cashier she was loud, continuously said the F word while ringing up my items, didn't talk to me at all, and when I was asked if I wanted to sign-up for a points card I respectfully declined for personal reasons and she became short with me, threw my items in a bag, turned around and shook her head at one of the other employees, and said she hates working there. Her name is Brittney, she has dark hair, a piercing below her left eye and works at the South Jordan Sports Authority. If she is ever working I will not be shopping at this store, I will only purchase items if she is not working.

Open on Thanksgiving

Did you really have to give in and be open on Thanksgiving?

place sux

i bought 2 exercise bikes 300 bucks then later 650 bucks from 2 different locations during the same day ,,one was missing pieces and the other completely broken...had to wait in line to return and a 2nd time to get my money back ,,,not a sorry not a nothing ,,,never will I shop here again


will never buy from s a again would not take back new soccer cleats that hury my boys feet worn for 5 minutes plenty of other stores

will never shop here again

I bought an air mattress, other camping equipment, and left for the mountains. The air mattress was an obvious return. There was a hole in the mattress, no patch kit, and no storage bag. When I contacted the store, upon my return, was told since I hadn't saved my receipt, I had to call an 800 # and they would fax one to the store. Spent hours on hold the 1st day, left 4 messages, and no call back. Called the next day, at corporate, talked to a manager, and finally got receipt sent to original store. Can't get my money back, just in store credit, so I can buy more faulty merch. Will not shop here again and will advise everyone I know to shop elsewhere.

excellent customer service

Cortland, an exceptional employee, of your store in Sand City, CA was phenomenal in his customer service skills. He helped me so much with a purchase of an exercise ball that I -beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much Cortland.

SA Expansion

A Sports Authority store is desperately needed in the rapidly growing community of Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Bought Treadmill

Had a horrible time getting treadmill dilivered to my home.

No fishing equipment?

How can sports authority one that operates approximately 2 miles from the ocean in west long branch NJ stop selling all fishing equipment???. I'm an avid angler along with my brothers and we will no longer shop at any SA. We will go to dicks. Unfortunate because u lost my gym clothing, sport equipment for my son business as well. Bad management call

No fishing equipment?

How can sports authority one that operates approximately 2 miles from the ocean in west long branch NJ stop selling all fishing equipment???. I'm an avid angler along with my brothers and we will no longer shop at any SA. We will go to dicks. Unfortunate because u lost my gym clothing, sport equipment for my son business as well. Bad management call

a happy customer

The Tysons Corner store is not closing- just renovating and will be open during renovations. I always find what I need and am always asked if I need help finding anything. Nice people work here.

Return policy

So i recently tried to return a pair of walking shoes to the store in San Diego at the Mission Valley location. The shoes hurt my feet so i cleaned them up and went to the store and the sales person a tall guy told me to go into there bathroom and clean the shoes before i could return them. I was upset felt like they were making a excuse not to take them back ,well after washing the bottoms off i returned to the same sales person who processed my return and gave me my money. i would feel better as a customer if you had a better return policy on footwear and just took the return back with a smile and a thank you to your customers.

I don't want your service

I this Urban comapny from the mainland they call 1 am in the morning when I am sleeping and they hire guys who can't even put my machine together if don't use somebody else, I will tell the whole community to not go to your stores I am a community director and I speak to alot of people and rate companies

Current Employee

I started working at Sports Authority in Encinitas,CA. as a holiday employee in 2012. I moved back to my hometown in Michigan after the holidays. The store manager called the S.A. by my house to put in a good word for me. I've been working at this one since and have no complaints whatsoever about my time here. Being an athlete, working around all the cool sports gear is fun.

Online Update

To Whom it May Concern, I was trying to purchase items on the website and multiple items I was trying to purchase turned out to be out of stock, but was showing In-Stock. I thought maybe your web page was having difficulty after 25 minutes of my time, so I called the number located at the bottom to only find out they are out of stock and they have to update and it will take 2 hours to do so. Now I have to go to my local store and take a chance at finding these same items and sizes. Very disappointed and better off going to Dick's Sporting Goods.

Excellent and Truthful!!

Yesterday we had gone shoe shopping for my son who needed baseball cleats and track shoes. We had an employee Ramon that had spent a good 30 min. with us helping us out but we could not find the right sizes and styles. He told us that we could order on line to get the sizes we needed. The clerks up front were more than helpful and had checked on-line and several stores for us until we found the shoes! When we left my son realized that the $20.00 bill that he had brought with him was missing. About 30 minutes later we went back into the store where he was frantically looking for it and Ramon came up and asked us what we were looking for and Ramon handed the $20.00 bill right back to my son! What a great guy and employee you have working for you!!!!! We will definitely keep shopping at Sports Authority!!

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