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Company is anti military

Spirit airlines is anti military, treats soldiers like third rate cotizens

Human Error vs Being Human

Just check FaceBook and you will see....

Refund Woes

After cancelling a trip I could not take, I was given a $114 credit voucher. However, to use it I had to make a new reservation within 60 days. Since I had no plans to travel again for a while, I ended up losing my $114. Obviously, Spirit has no customer service commitment. It's a shame that an affordable airline makes it so difficult for everyone to use. Shame on you Spirit.


don't know why I still give this airline a chance they change aircraft from larger plane to a smaller plane then obviously they're overbooked -- will not compensate passengers who now have to wait 7 hours for next available flight. Who does this???

worst ever

They will rip you off in a number of ways, for me they put me as the passenger because I paid for my daughters trip, when I didn't correct this within 24 hours, I lost the $300 I paid for this flight, and it's a month before the flight. They don't care, they are happy to rip you off. Sick, sick, sick people, company.

Never again

One word..... Horrible

Spirit is worthless !

Funny you cant get ahold of ANYBODY to resolve an issue I had with Spirit Airlines. Good lucky people, spend a few more dollars and go with ANYBODY else !

nikel and dime airline

Spirit Airlines make you think that you are getting a deal to travel roundtrip somewhere until you soon learn that you will be charged to reserve seats, for carry on luggage and for every drink and snack that they have available. Your ticket then ends up costing about $50. more per person flying. And when they are late, they make no effort to offer any refund for anything ant won't even offer you a free soda or snack as some kind of compensation for your inconvenience. I plan to avoid flying this airline in the future and would advise everyone else to do the same.

Disappointed Customer

Spirit Airlines are unprofessional, not trustworthy, unreliable, and should not be included in any situation regardless of the urgency. I was warned on several occasions that this particular airline was absolutely not the airline to associate with even if it was the last airline around. I was so disappointed with Spirit Airlines and my experience was worst than the ones I heard from others who tried to get me not to travel with Spirit Airlines. I know that this will more than likely be trashed, but that's ok also. I will continue to write and encourage others through social media, that Spirit Airlines are the worst.


If I could give a zero star rating I would. These complaints are absolutely true. They are the worst airline I have ever had the displeasure if flying. On the way to a morning funeral, they were late so we missed our connector flight. We had to rent a car and drive 3 hours arriving at our destination at 3:30 am for a 9 am funeral. On top of this they lost our luggage, so we had no clothes, medications, and essentials that we had packed. Customer service in Ft lauderdale(where we were supposed to connect) was the rudest I have ever experienced. Acting as if they were doing us a favor to refund our missed flight!!! Which they could not print anything out to show this refund nor could they tell us an amount?!?! It was maddening at a very sad time for us. Do not fly Spirit.

Spirt airline delay on 4/17/14

They delay the flight. But don't tell the people anything first they said they will depart 11pm from fl to being and they say they will depart 12 and then past out food slips. Now they still don't say what's wrong. The people need to get part of there money back.

wrong corporate number

5867917300 is an inactive number

Horrible customer service

Trying to get the mileage credit promised. Website isn't working but tells me to call customer service. No live person at customer service but automated recording tells me to use the website. I have been trying to get credit for the miles for over 2 hours now. Ridiculous!


The "Customer Service" people are the most rudest people i have ever talked to! They don't care about anything but money! If you can, fly with a different airline b/c this one is horrible!!!!!

Worst airline ever

Hate them and will never fly them again!!!!


Still waiting on my refund for my fare club membership.they said it would be on my statement and haven't seen nothing yet.

Awesome Airline

All these complaints are not true!


I see from this site that you have the worst customer relations reviews in the business. Does that concern you at all? I was given two vouchers for two round trip FREE tickets anywhere you travel because i voluntarily gave up my seat since you were overbooked. Well....i tried to use them! Here is my sad story. Buyers beware!! it cost me $70 in order to use my ticket for 'taxes'..the whole round trip price was only $150 to begin with!!! with baggage, the 'free' trip was $120 approx....that would be nice for a $600 or so fare, but for $150? the taxes cannot be that high. my husband paid less and he just went and bought a ticket..

well well well looks like I am not the only one upset about spirit airlines. I brought my purse and luggage with the size they request only to be charged $100.00 dollars at the gate for my purse. What? yep my purse, they told me only one carry on. Really, so now my purse counts as a carry on not my luggage and a purse. Customer service? it stinks to!! Don't fly this bogus airline!!

the worst

Insensitive towards people's life events. Their no waiver medical policy is the worst. They teach their employees to answer the same insensitive way their policy stands for. Will not use their service again. Should have read the bad review they have that should be so alarming for them.

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