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The stupid associates tried to accuse me of stealing when I didn't.

I live 60 miles from the mall in Lithonia Ga, I had 1 day out of twelve to do my Christmas shopping. I bought 3 items from Spencers 2 of which the store left the sensor's on and I did not find untill I was home and about to wrap the present. I called and asked to speak to the manager and called the district manager that never called back. The manager said she talked to the district manager Garland Thompson and he told her to give us a discount the next time we visit the store, but I do not go to the mall to shop much because it is so far. I know people make mistakes, but that was carelessness leaving the sensors on. I do not have the time or the gas money to drive 120 miles round trip. I should be compensated at least for the gas to get there and back because they made a mistake I was just Christmas shopping. I will not be back in there to shop ever again.

My son went to the Galleria in Crystal Run (Middletown, NY) to buy me a tapout t-shirt. He saw a design he liked and bought it.. When he left the store (within 2 minutes and when he opened the shirt - he saw it was for a child not an adult) - Keep in mind he is 14. He spent 19.99 on a shirt for me and it was the wrong size. He immediately went back to the counter and wanted to see if he could return the shirt for the correct size. The guy behind the counter was great.. He started to write up the form for a return.. He showed her the paperwork and then the - Let me quote this.. "The Manager" - I will say that loosely.. Tells the guy it was from the clearance rack and that they will not accept it as a RETURN. My son tried to say that he made a mistake.. Ill assume this "manager" never made a mistake.. Leaving him with 2 shirts..and now not enought money to buy his Mother something.. CLASS ACT SPENCER!! YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS! Time to stick to Amazon.com.. 1 more buyer GONE! Learn the basics.. Or you will end up like.. Linen and things.. Blockbuster..etc.. EXTINCT!

I just purchased a laser party light and before I did so I asked about the return policy, she employee told me I had 30 days. After I got in the car I looked at the receipt and it said no money back on any type or purchase, I called the store to ask why I wasn't told that at point or purchase or when I asked the return policy. The manager told me that they can't do cash back only store credit, She then asked the person who I asked about the policy and she rudely yelled in the background that she told me there was no cash back, told her she was a liar and I would be contacting corporate. I will be calling when they open tomorrow. I don't think I will ever shop spencer's again.

My daughter was accused of taking an item at the store asked to empty her pockets and demanded to know where the item was. She had simply put the item down in the store. Prior to this they wouldn't even return an item when she had a receipt. . . contacting their legal dept.

I recently visited the store in Fort Smith, Ar. It was my first time and last in the store. The manager on duty Melissa was very rude and hateful. She even pushed a minor who is a cancer survivor!!! I'm appalled that someone with no class would be allowed to work period much less with the public. She is very power hungry and throws her authority around. She should be removed from her position swiftly. Her shoving a minor could cause the store a law suit!!!

I witnessed what happened with the little girl in the Fort Smith store. That large woman who was the manager made a child cry. It was unreal.

There is an assistant manager working at the cool springs mall store in franklin Tn that has a DUI. it is my knowledge that it is against company policy to keep an employee with such a charge, and no reliable transportation to get to work. her name is Danielle Woods, also going by Dani Marie Williams.

Dear Sirs, As part of a continuing job search, I have been attempting to apply for a position at your Spencer's Gift location at the Fashion Mall in Charlottesville Virginia for several weeks now. Each time I have been informed that there were no paper applications available & have been instructed to apply on line. When I access the Spencer's website, there is no acknowledgement of a store even existing in Charlottesville Virginia, or anywhere in Virginia for that matter. I am a serious job seeker looking for part-time employment. I would appreciate information on how best to apply with your company. I can be reached at danco@regionten.org. Thank you in advance for your time & assistance, Sincerely, Craig Lawson

Spencer's Gifts in Ridgemar Mall Fort Worth, tx. has the suckiest return policy what so ever. It doesn't matter is you bring something back in 24 hrs. or 3 wks. They will find any excuse to accuse you of breaking it or whatever is wrong with something you purchased, it's your fault. It's ok to go in and look at all the cool things but don't buy nothing there if you find that you might have to bring it back. If they would hire intellegent people and not potheads to work there, it would be a pleasure to shop there.

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