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Customer or prisoner?

I went to the Humble , Tx location today. All I had was a 100.00 bill... The lady told me we don't accept this especially this early in the day . I was fine with that but it was all I had so I told her y'all should post that on the door. She points to a sign in front of the register. I said no the door so people don't park and walk in here. She says I'll tell them that . She never smiled or apologized ... It was like I owed her something. I said its ok I'll never be back though to which she replied OK... You have lost a loyal customer due to her total lack of respect!

Good fresh food

I am an old retired chef that enjoy the food at Souper Salad in Lewisville, Tx. The food is always fresh & good, staff friendly and the restaurant is very clean. I have one complaint, for the last two months they have not serve my favorite potato soup. I have never experienced the bad complaints listed above. I can only vouch for the Lewisville location, it's a classic restaurant, hold your head high.

NEVER BOIL YOUR VEGGIES! steam them if you must, but NEVER BOIL! boiling veegigs sucks out all the nutrients and flavor into the water, and some veegigs get bitter or off-tasting if you boil them. the only time you should EVER boil your veegigs is if you're making a vegetable stock, in which case, you're not going to be eating the veegigs after anyway.

Went to Souper Salad with my family (8) total and there were about 8 other people in the restaurant at the time. The salad section was in terrible shape. The food selection was extremely bad. They did not have everything on the bar, so the pickings were very, very poor. We stood at the cash register for about 5 minutes befoe anyone every came to take our money and then when we got to the soup area, a man behind the counter had on a baseball cap turned backward and looked filthy. He looked like he had not had a bath in 3 weeks and was handleing the food. There was no vegatables in the veggie soup, only what looked like water. No bread sticks or pizza and the whole experience was very bad. Several years ago we would eat at Souper Salad 4-5 times per week, but now I do not intend to go back there. One more thing, the chair that I sat in had chocolate icecream syrup on it and I got it on my white jeans. We had intended to take in a movie after we ate, but needless to say I did not want to go after getting the chocolate on my jeans so it ruined my whole night. I could understand the salad bar having very little food on it if they had been really busy, but they only had 8 people in there when we arrived so it was not like they were packed so full that they did not have time to fill all the veggies back up. I do not know if this is poor management or the fact that the employees JUST DO NOT CARE! But Souper Salad needs to do something before they have to close up more of their restaurants.

I did the landscaping at the 410 location in san antonio, and have yet to receive payment. It has been over 3 weeks, 25 days to be exact. I need and would appreciate a response from someone that can give me some answers. Better yet get me my payment. The managers keep giving me nothing but excuses. My next move is to go to the better business bureau.

I started eating at s.s. in dallas in 92, then started working for them in aug.94 in college station then transferring to austin for almost 10 years. Wow, you guys have really ruined a good thing. Bad change after bad change and now stores are shutting everywhere. Went lastnight to the round rock location and the worst experience. Out of every speciality salad, no pasta salads, no dressing bottles filled, no dessert, soups looked like they had been sitting for hours, dried up taco meat, old potatos and hard bread. WHAT HAS HAPPENED and NO CORPORATE NUMBER, REALLY!!!!

I wish there was a zero. It is clear posters like D & S from Houston are PR plants. I am wasting my time hoping there is one decent person at corporate. I have been going to SS for YEARS, since they came to Houston. I recently went to the Sugarland location. A rude young man said what do you want today ? I replied two salads to go. He rung us up foe two buffets ( cost more ). When I pointed out the mistake he said he did not know what to do to fix it. He called over an even ruder person. She swiped my credit card to remove the error MADE BY AN EMPLOYEE not PAYING ATTENTION again. Then told me my first 16 would take SEVEN DAYS to come off the credit card. It was still not fixed after seven days. When I went to the restaurant the manager stopped flirting with a female employee long enough to tell me he could nor fix it. He REFUSED to give me the corporate number. He refused to give us two free salads for our trouble. Bottom line, for nearly two weeks we paid 32 dollars for two to go salads. Because an employee--an arrogant employee--- wasn't listening or paying attention. We will not return. There is a reason this chain has had to close so many stores. Oh, yeah. I sent all this to corporate in an email. They never responded. Sad. They used to be so classy. The remaining stores will not last long.

Why doesnt the corporate number work? Anyone have any ideas? I was a former employee at the norman, ok store before it shut down out of nowhere. I need to get into contact with someone about the w2's to make sure they have the right address to send them to me.

wow to my surprise corporate people are really low and dirty cold people, what i'm i talking about i knew this and you just prove it thanks yvette,ron,and joplin who delivery the dumpster where you all three fit just fine in the dumpster

To Whom This May Concern: My name is Charisma Green. My husband's name is Sederick Green. We both worked at the SS in College Station, Tx. I found it so apalling that you would close our store down before Christmas this year. I want for you to know that we have a child and now thanks to you all not caring about your employees we will not have the Christmas that we should get this year. And my husband had his foodhandler's card in the establishment and they destroyed it and I think that was so dirty of you all. I guess this is how you treat employees that have been faithful in their service to you. May God Bless You.

I started working for Souper Salads in Houston Texas 23 years ago, I have always loved the food and my wife an I visit the store on 1457 Southern in Mesa AZ quite often. I am glad to see that for the most part the recipies have not changed and the same standards are followed. There will always be those that do not do thier job correctly and those that will complain and overreact to what comes thier way. Great job guys keep it up!!!!

Went to souper salads for lunch and when I went threw the line there was no fresh salad in the containers in actuality the containers where almost empty. when I finally got what I wanted I had to wait almost 15 minutes for a server to serve my drink. I asked for a napkin and never received one when I waited for a refill it was 12 minutes till the waiter came around. I am very disappointed in you service and will not eat here again.

I had received a FREE trip to Souper Salad via their website. I arrived at the restaurant and my daughter had to use the restroom, so I thought we would do that before we went thru the line. IT WAS DISGUSTING!!! So much so, that my daughter's skin NEVER TOUCHED any part of that room- don't ask me how I accomplished that. We come out to go get in line and in walking thru, there is FOOD EVERYWHERE- on the floor, which is carpeted! I'm already regretting this, but I have a 4-year old who is starving and has already seen the food bar. There is no one at the cashier to take my money- so I thought, well, maybe they will see us sit down and I can deal with that then- as I approach the cutlery and plates, I realize the silverware is NOT CLEAN- ANY OF IT!!! And that is when I took a screaming 4-year old out of that establishment. It was located on Memorial and Penn in a plaza. DON'T DO IT! IT WASN'T EVEN WORTH FREE!!!

we stopped at the arapahoe road souper salad (greenwood village, colorado) on saturday, july 23, 2012. a man was there cleaning the sticker off the front door. he said the restaurant had closed the day before. no signs posted. i sure will miss their chicken enchilada soup. we hope the excellent server, jose, and the others can find another job.

that one star is very generous. I went to the store on 61st and memorial in tulsa, OK. the salad bar was practically empty, the soups were disgusting, the service was horrible. I am sure P.O.W's get better service than we did. My drink was empty for 30 minutes and we had to ask for a refill. the waitress walked by out table and eyed my glass and the empty plates on out tables at least 17 times. She sat down to eat and didn't seem to care about any of the customers. she got up to bus a table and pick up her (undeserved) tip. This is not the kind of service that I, Randy Newman, would like to have when i go out to eat. I would prefer someone or someplace that at least pretends to care about the customers needs. the breads were overcooked. the only nice thing i can say about the restaurant, is that when it was 100+ degrees outside, it still felt nice and cool inside. other than that, i can't say anything nice about the place. The baked potato's had black and brown spots on them. the sour cream had mold. the cheese was stale. all in all, it was a very bad experience. and i am NEVER going back there again. Sincerly, Randy Newman

My husband and I go quite often to the Souper Salad in Glendale,AZ on west bell road. We usually really enjoy our time there but lately it hasn't been that great. For one things the last four times we have seen bugs right on our table or on the seats. Also the covering on the seats is peeling off alot and it looks quite tacky to say the least. I don't know if it's the newish manager or what. Also the place is starting to look rundown.

Today, my husband and I visited the Souper Salad in Lewisville Texas. We are regular visitors, about twice a month. When we left the tip, we accidently left a $1 dollar bill and a $100 dollar bill (thinking it was a $1). The $100 was my son's birthday month for tonight's party. An hour or so later after leaving, as I was buying my son's cake, I noticed the error. We are good tippers, but this was truly a mistake. I called the manager, Wade, and told him who the waitress was that assisted us. He said he'd contact her. After several minutes, I called back and the manager basically said "it's your word against hers" and she never reported that large of a tip. I was devastated. Why would I think that someone would actually be honest about it? I told the manager that it was my mistake, but it was a mistake. He said, "you can call our corporate office", and gave me the number. Needless to say -- the bi-monthly trip we make to Souper Salad, Lewisville, Texas will stop, so the waitress's choice to deny the tip, will cost Souper Salad alot more...well $40 a month for the last 6 years.

Norman Okla store. Store is dirty, counter has food all over it. Of 6 soup containers two were empty and two had luke warm soup. No Toco meat and was told it take 30 minutes. No soup bowl available , Lettus salad container empty, most salad dressing containers empty, Ice cream machine was empty. Poorly managed but servers are very good. This happened about a year ago but improved until recently. My wife and I go there about 3pm every Thursday or at lease we did. Had guest with us one time and was embarassed. Today (5-17-11) a company of two looked at the soup counter and left, also a company of three stood at cashier stand for some time and then left.

Took the family to Souper Salad on Mother's Day and was embarrassed! Neither the salad bar nor soup bar were filled. The items in the salad bar - cubed meats, pasta, peas, etc. were not cold. The pasta salads were not cold. The soups were lukewarm - I tested them each by dipping a little in a bowl and sticking a finger in to check the temp. The macaroni and cheese was too thick, but was cold - not even warm. When we first went in, the two Caesar Salad and Greek Salad bins were empty. I reported it to the two young men who had been working the cash register. They just continued to sit and eat. The ginger bread, corn bread, etc. were dry and hard. There were only two cool cheese bisuits on the soup bar. There were no taco shells - only crushed chips, yet it said, "Tacos." The ladies restroom had papertowels on the floor. There was no warm water in the sinks. The lock on the handicapped stall was broken. After I talked with the waitress about needing hot food for our grandchildren and family and that we had never seen the restaurant as bad as it was that day, the salad and soup bars were replenished with hot soups. I did not even retest the salad bar because some of the foods were already full. The lady who was refilling the salad bar apologized for the waits, etc. She said she had both bars to do. She was very kind. It was obvious that they were understaffed. The manager was on duty when we went in and there were several young men there. I don't know what they were doing, but they could surely have helped. There was only two or three other booths occupied when we went in and it was not a rush time. I'd think that all staff could have worked together to replenish their salad bar. I personally will never go back and cannot recommend it. I most likely will request the health department's investigation since people can become seriously ill off food that is not kept at correct temperatures.

Two weeks ago, I submitted a review about my positive experience with seven locations in the Denver area. Do you only post negative reviews?

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